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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Superbooth 2024: MyVolts Alchemist 200W Isolated USB Power Hu

video upload by sonicstate

"Caroline from MyVolts introduced the Alchemist Power Distribution Hub (launching on Kickstarter today), highlighting its progression from prototype to production. This hub, designed with musicians in mind, offers five isolated outputs with up to 20 watts each, plus an additional output providing 100 watts, also capable of powering devices like a MacBook.


Alchemist can power various items, such as an Elektron Analog 4, Korg devices, and modular rigs from Intellijel, Pittsburgh and others with different voltage outputs through USB-C cables using the range of Step-Up tips including a new 15v converter.

The hub canb be powered by powerbanks an traditional power bricks, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of power sources. Caroline emphasized the hub's isolation feature, eliminating grounding issues common with other USB power supplies. There is also a non-isolated version available.

Additionally, Caroline showcased the evolution of their original *Crazy Chain*, now featuring a polarity indicator and a robust design capable of handling up to 100 watts.

The Kickstarter launch for the Alchemist gives early bird backers the opportunity to receive a free basic Alchemist unit (non isolated).

More info:
Alchemist Power Distribution Hub on Kickstarter"

MyVolts 'The Silent Alchemist' Isolated USB Power hub tested by @dasbefinden at Superbooth 2024

video upload by myVolts

"MyVolts is launching their Alchemist range of USB hubs for Guitar Pedals, Synthesizers, laptops, or whatever powers your mobile lifestyle.
We asked a myVolts power user who wanted to try a pedalboard USB power solution to try our product and let us know what he thought."

Press release follows:

myVolts launches innovative power hub for creatives: The Alchemist

Dublin, Ireland: myVolts Ltd launched today their newest products, The Alchemist and The Silent Alchemist – power hubs for musicians and other mobile creative professionals. The 30-day Kickstarter campaign kicks runs until 20th June 2024.

Over 6 months, myVolts surveyed its customers, gathering thousands of responses, to endeavor to fully understand gear power problems, and designed the hubs with exactly these needs in mind.

Also launched is a free browser-based app, myVolts PowerMyGear, that allows users to capture gear setups and learn how to power them. USB-C power has many standards and protocols, and this will help musicians learn exactly how to power gear safely and sustainably. The Alchemist is live on Kickstarter until 20th June 2024. Prices start at 199 EUR for the Alchemist Starter Kit. The products have been designed and developed, manufacturing will start during the campaign and product will ship to backers Oct 2024.

Features and Benefits

• Flexible input powering options: Power hub from either USB-C or DC.

• Anything in DC: Internal Voltage Boost Circuit Input allows input voltages of 9V. DC to 24V DC, any polarity. Even power the hub from an old laptop power supply.

• Full output voltage range: No voltage blindspots, USB-C outputs from 5V to 20V, regardless of input.

• No reboots: On-board chip manager for each port ensures no reboots when new devices are added.

• Chainable: Daisy-chain units together to expand number of available ports

• 24VDC output: 1x24 VDC output port, to power Strymon Ojay and other isolated pedal power boxes.

• Intuitive lighting system: USB-C output ports change to green when PD/QC protocols engaged.

• Flexible output options: Each USB port delivers PD-Equipped USB output. Change to specific DC voltages with barrel with Step-Up USB-C to DC Powertips.

• Chain devices: High power to allow stable chaining of multiple devices from single USB port with Crazy Chain Mk2.

• Isolated outputs: 7 isolated ports for noise-free operation [Silent Alchemist only].

• High power per isolated outputs: 20W per isolated port (usually 500mA for other isolated power supplies) [Silent Alchemist only].

• Macbook / Laptop charging: One 100W high-power port, charges even Macbook Pro.* SilentAlchemistonly.

myVolts has been solving the power problems of consumers and professionals for well over a decade, has six previously successfully funded and shipped Kickstarter campaigns, and served tens of thousands of happy customers on Amazon, eBay and their own webshop.

See the Kicstarter campaign for additional details.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Leaf Audio - Soundbox - Geophone Electro Acoustic Instruments

video upload by sonicstate

"Superbooth 2024 brought us some exciting new developments from Leaf Audio*, as *Manuel *introduced us to their latest advancements in contact microphones and sound design instruments. The classic *Soundbox has received an update with a new magnetic contact microphone that can be attached to any metal surface, now available for pre-sale through Exploding Shed with a 15% discount. The new contact microphone comes with two cables and a holder for versatile use, allowing for easy attachment to non-magnetic objects like branches or trees with the included rubber bands.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Leaf Audio also introduced the *Geophone*, specialized in capturing super low frequencies for intense and deep sound design. Available in two versions, the Geophone offers a unique perspective for sound designers in fields like movie sound and game sound. With the ability to pick up low-end rumble and seismic vibrations, the Geophone adds a new dimension to sound design. Both versions come in a box with accessories for flexible mounting options.

For pricing and availability, go to the Exploding Shed website"

Friday, May 17, 2024

Intellijel Metropolix Solo - Desktop Sequencer with MIDI

video upload by Intellijel

"INTELLIJEL METROPOLIX SOLO: CV and MIDI Sequencing on your desktop

We've set Metropolix free from the rack, in a small desktop case, allowing you to interface with your DAW or other hardware music machines without needing a full eurorack system.

Going Solo, but not alone

The Metropolix Solo Kit is available for current eurorack Metropolix owners that want to set Metropolix free to sit next to their modular systems.


Metropolix Solo has all the connections you need for USB MIDI, Serial MIDI (TRS or DIN with Adaptors) and CV/GATE for modular systems. Use CV/Gate, TRS and USB MIDI all at the same time.

Top Panel (CV/Gate)
- A/B Assignable CV Outputs
- X/Y/Z CV Modulation Inputs
- CLK Sync and Reset Input
- CLK Sync Output
- Track 1 and 2 Pitch and Gate

Rear Panel (MIDI/Power)

- MIDI TRS: In / Out / Thru
- 2.1mm DC for Power Supply"

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Nono - Major Tom Desktop Sequencer

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Filippo from Nono showcased their latest desktop sequencer modules, starting with the four-track CV gate sequencer boasts a strong focus on the percussive aspect, with the option to expand it with two-channel expansions and a CV-in expander for parameter control via CV. The six-track desktop version includes the CV-in expansion and offers detailed control over gate levels, lengths, dynamics, and more for creating intricate sequences. The sequencer features classic 16-step sequencing along with triplet options for added groove, allowing for easy polyrhythms and fine time shifts. With an analog approach and digital functionality, Nono's sequencer provides a user-friendly experience with minimal menu diving.

The video also featured the sounds of the Pocket Operator Modular and the crossover filter from *Buck Brands*, showcasing the versatility of the sequencer in action. The Eurorack version of the sequencer is currently available for pre-order on the Nono website, with a planned release date in August at a price of $726. The desktop version is set to follow in August or September, with final pricing details yet to be confirmed. For more information on *Nono's *sequencer modules and other featured products, check out the link below."

Monday, May 13, 2024

Introducing the Polyend Tracker+

video upload by Polyend

"Much more than just a sample-based groovebox, Tracker+ is our most powerful device. With four synth engines and a versatile new drum engine, 16 Tracks, USB audio and storage, stereo sampling and playback, and much more, the Tracker+ is your ultimate stand-alone device to compose, complete, and perform your tracks."

Polyend Tracker+ New Features

video upload by Polyend

"Tracker+ keeps the same workflow beloved by Tracker users. 14 tracks of USB audio, stereo sample recording and playback"

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Drum Rack Buddy - MaxforLive Sequencer for Ableton Live by Ned RUSH

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"Hey there, music makers! Today, we're diving into the world of drum sequencing with a powerful tool called the Drum Rack Buddy. Whether you're a beginner looking for quick and basic beats or an experienced producer delving into deeper, more obscure rhythms, this Max For Live MIDI plugin for Ableton Live has got you covered.

So, what exactly is the Drum Rack Buddy? It's a 16-track sequencer designed specifically for drum racks (or any instrument) to help you sequence drums and percussion with ease. Let's take a closer look at its features, starting from left to right.

First up, on the far left, we have the note trigger. Each track corresponds to a specific note, allowing you to trigger sounds in your drum rack. You can customize these notes to your liking. Plus, there's a handy Trig button for previewing sounds and a Mute button for silencing tracks during sequencing.

Next, we have the sequencer itself, which can switch between Steps, Velocity, Chance, or Retrigger modes. This is where you'll craft your beats, adjusting sequences to perfection.

Moving to the far right, we find the Track Controls, offering even more customization options. You can set the direction of the sequencer, edit steps or constraints, randomize sequences, and more. It's a playground for experimentation and creativity.

Don't forget about the Pages tab at the top, allowing you to access different sequencing pages for fine-tuning your beats. And in the top right corner, you'll find the Global Controls for managing all tracks simultaneously, from clearing steps to randomizing patterns.

We've packed a lot into the Drum Rack Buddy, including features like scaling, shifting, and adjusting note lengths, to give you complete control over your rhythms. Plus, the Grid feature provides a visual aid for precise sequencing.

We hope you enjoy using the Drum Rack Buddy in your music production adventures. And if you decide to share your creations on social media, don't forget to tag us @nedrush and @isotonikstudios. We'd love to hear what you come up with! Until next time, happy beat-making!


Monday, April 29, 2024


video uploads by Isotonik Studios


"This is a collection of 12 devices for making rhythmic music in Ableton Live 12. They are some of the first Max for Live MIDI Tools, which is a new class of Live device that generates and transforms MIDI clips.

I’ve always liked to make complex rhythmic music, but in the past I found the piano roll in Live to be clunky and tedious to use. MIDI Tools resolve this problem by allowing us to create simple devices that automate processes that would be tedious or impossible to execute manually. Every device in this collection is designed to help you make exciting, novel rhythmic music quickly and playfully.

The 'quickly and playfully' is really important to me. For me, making electronic music has always been about getting a pattern running, listening to it, then tweaking it with whatever knobs and sliders are available to me. Working this way puts you in a sort of dialog with the machine, where you’re acting, then listening, then acting, then listening, and so forth. This process works best when the cycles are fast, which means that the tools have to be fun and easy to use. They have to deliver results quickly.

I could summarize the practical value of these tools with three statements:

They generate ideas to get my creativity flowing

They all you to create rhythms (such as nested rhythms, rallentandos, and polyrhythms) that are very difficult to create using the piano roll interface

They help you create variations on rhythmic and melodic ideas, to make your music varied and interesting. I’ve also found that the power of these devices really emerges when you use them in serial workflows. By this I mean that you start with some initial MIDI (maybe from a Generator, or maybe not), then process the MIDI with several different transformers.

You can see an example of a serial process in THIS VIDEO, in which I create some rhythmic containers using the Blocks generator, then used the Divs transformer to subdivide those containers to create a new rhythm, then used Feel to dial in the groove. There’s tons of ways to mix and match the devices, which means lots of space to develop your own favorite approaches.

These devices all work with Ableton 12’s new Scales feature. When a scale is enabled on the MIDI clip, the device will only produce notes that are in key. If you disable the scale, then you can work chromatically. The devices are also aware of Live’s themes, so your devices will always match the look and feel of your Live set."

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Chance Pack FOUR - MaxforLive Device for Ableton Live by LDM Design

video uploads by Isotonik Studios

AVAILABLE HERE: "10 more functional and creative devices initially inspired by the scripts used by Brian Eno, refined and updated for full MPE compatibility. LDM Design has yet again brought another selection of useful but simple devices to alter the course of your MIDI streams and introduce a little chaos into your Live creations.

The Chance Pack FOUR includes devices for splitting and randomizing based on velocity or pitch bands, filtering and modifying notes, quantizing velocity values and triggering clusters of notes. Each of the devices is designed specifically to allow MPE data to pass through, and is fully optimized for controlling using Push or mapping to any midi controller."

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Gem, Jade & Adlias- MaxforLive Sequencers for Ableton Live by K-teck

video upload by Isotonik Studios


"The heart of Gem is a 12 bit Linear Frequency Shift Register (LFSR)

The 12 points represent a binary number which is then scaled to create a note value

Every step rotates the binary sequence by 1, changing the note output

The sequence can be played either every step or as a euclidean pattern"

DEMO - Jade - MaxforLive Sequencer for Ableton Live by K-teck


"Jade uses Interference Patterns (combinations of 2 or 3 regular triggers) to conjure up 128 rhythm patterns.

You (yes, you) select sections of these patterns so that Jade can use K-Teck’s unique note generation engine to create stunning melodies, bass parts, repeated riffs… whatever you like.

And then… if you feel so inclined, you can activate Jade’s polyphonic shift registry for chords, arpeggios and stuff…

Jade is simple to use but very powerful. Whether you love to use step sequencers or just turn to them for occasional inspiration, Jade can do it all…"

DEMO - Adlias - Maxfor Live Sequencer for Ableton Live by K-teck


"Adlais VI looks like a simple Euclidean Step Sequencer – but it’s not…
Control over the distribution of euclidean pattern triggers
Both monophonic and polyphonic
Klee Register offers up to 64 monophonic pattern variations
Matrixed shift registers allow up to a further 60 mono/poly pattern variations"

Friday, April 12, 2024

WALKTHROUGH - Seqund - Sequencer by Alexkid

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"VERSION 1.5.6 NOW AVAILABLE! Apart from improving the user interface, we have added a few exciting features improving the workflow, the logic and the creativity.
New Ratchet lane
General Step Amount
General Step Shift
New MIDI advance Mode
Fit to Chromatic is now integrated when selecting the Chromatic Scale from another scale, allowing to maintain the same sequence and enabling all the notes.
Step Lock: Preserve the settings of specific steps in your sequences even when using the
randomize and reset functions.
What happens when you take the best elements from Alexkid’s MaxforLive Sequencers and want to share them with the rest of the DAW world? SEQUND is the answer, and now the best of the Alexkid M4L devices are now available for all main DAWs. Combining the favourite features from the polyrhythmic sequencers into one single AU/VST plug-in, and then added some more… The result? A unique and powerful tool…


Thursday, April 04, 2024

Ksoloti Gills Open Source DIY Desktop Unit

via Ksoloti

"Gills is a standalone desktop unit using the Ksoloti Core

Ksoloti is an environment for generating and processing digital audio. It can be a programmable virtual modular synthesizer, polysynth, drone box, sequencer, chord generator, multi effect, sample player, looper, granular sampler, MIDI generator/processor, CV or trigger generator, anything in between, and more.

Ksoloti is an environment for generating and processing digital audio. It can be a programmable virtual modular synthesizer, polysynth, drone box, sequencer, chord generator, multi effect, sample player, looper, granular sampler, MIDI generator/processor, CV or trigger generator, anything in between, and more.

The Ksoloti Core is a rework of the discontinued(?) Axoloti Core board. In short, Ksoloti aims for maximum compatibility with the original Axoloti, with some layout changes and added features. The Axoloti Core hardware board became unavailable at some point, but because Johannes graciously open-sourced the schematics (and since the global part shortage somewhat improved) it was possible to recreate a board nearly fully compatible to the original: enter the Ksoloti Core.

Using the Patcher software on your computer, you create your own sound patches by placing and connecting sound objects, or explore patches other users shared. You can edit any existing patches and even objects, or write entirely new ones from scratch. When you are satisfied with your patch, you can upload it to the Ksoloti Core’s internal memory – or save a collection of patches on SD card – so you can play it without your computer connected.

The fun really starts when you connect pots, buttons, LEDs or displays, sensors and more to control your patches and make Ksoloti a tactile and highly playable hardware instrument.

Board dimensions and layout aside, the two main hardware differences to the original Axoloti Core are:

Ksoloti Core does not have any audio and MIDI jacks on-board.
Ksoloti Core has more pins and functions broken out to headers.
Full information on getting started with the Ksoloti can be found on Ksoloti github here:"

Wee Noise Maker PGB-1 – The all-in-one open-source pocket groovebox

video upload by Crowd Supply

via Crowd Supply

"Wee Noise Makers PGB-1 is an advanced yet portable sequencer that lets you craft complex musical pieces anywhere. This all-in-one, open-source, customizable device is designed to empower aspiring musicians, seasoned creators, and makers. It isn’t just an instrument—it’s your gateway to the world of music production and audio synths.

Rock Out, Anywhere
PGB-1 has an open-source stock firmware that makes it a playful and powerful groove box. It allows you to craft complex musical pieces with drums, bass, lead, samples, reverb, bitcrusher, overdrive, and others.

Orchestrated by an advanced sequencer with conditional steps, repeats/ratcheting, pattern chaining, chord sequencing, song mode, live sequencing effects, and more. And it’s also a hackable and customizable device, with CircuitPython, C\C++, and Ada support for programming your own synthesizers, video games, or any audio based projects.

Features & Specifications

Processor: Raspberry Pi RP2040

16 MB Flash
Audio IC: Cirrus Logic WM8960 (or equivalent)

Up to 32-bit at 48 kHz digital audio link
On-chip Headphone Driver, 1 W Stereo Class D Speaker Driver
Up to 3 stereo Line-in/Microphone interfaces
User Interface

128 x 64 monochrome OLED screen
24 addressable RGB LEDs
30 tactile switches
1 capacitive touch strip
Input & Outputs

1x USB Type-C (Power & Data)
1x 3.5 mm Headphone/Headset
1x 3.5 mm Audio Line-in
1x 3.5 mm MIDI Input (TRS type-A)
1x 3.5 mm MIDI Output (TRS type-A)
Internal microphone
Open Source
PGP-1 is an open hardware project. Right now, you can browse the GitHub repo for the device’s firmware. Later, we will make the schematics available to the public."

Kebarp AUv3 MIDI Arpeggiator

via Keybudapp (App Store link)

"Welcome to Kebarp, the super quick arpeggiator app. Simply drag your finger to draw notes on the customizable grid in no time.

The numbers on the grid represent the notes in the scale. 1 is the root note, 2 is the second note, -2 is the note before, and so on.

On the control strip, adjust the minimum and maximum octaves, set the step count, and fine-tune the sequencer speed.

Easily adjust gate, velocity, their variety, and swing settings directly from the control strip.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Harmony Bloom VST by Mario Nieto

video uploads by Isotonik Studios

"Harmony Bloom, revolutionizes music creation with polyrhythmic MIDI generation and stunning visuals. Compatible with Windows and MacOS, it offers unmatched creative freedom for musicians and producers. An essential tool for innovative musical exploration.


"Harmony Bloom, crafted by Mario Nieto, is a groundbreaking MIDI generator that seamlessly integrates polyrhythmic patterns with stunning visuals. Compatible with Windows and MacOS as a VST3, AU plugin, and standalone app, it revolutionizes musical creativity by enabling MIDI data transmission to compatible devices, enhanced by its visual experience.

Distinct from typical MIDI generators, Harmony Bloom offers unique functionalities. The standalone version’s ability to generate audio, with five selectable sounds, broadens its usability. It features a comprehensive control set for musical creation, including a Scale Selector with 57 options for melodic consistency, and various offset controls for sequence customization.

The software’s visual component, the Sequencer Visualizer, displays intricate patterns of notes, enhancing the creative process. Key features like MIDI Capture and Export simplify the integration of sequences into digital audio workstations, making Harmony Bloom a valuable tool for music production.

Its adaptability is a core strength, with features like ‘Use Input Notes’ and ‘Root Mode’ ensuring dynamic musical responses and coherence. ‘Global Randomization’ allows for exploratory creativity, offering a blend of technical control and artistic freedom.

Harmony Bloom emphasizes user experience, providing easy installation, intuitive preset management, and up to three activations per purchase. This focus on accessibility and flexibility makes it an ideal choice for musicians, producers, and composers eager to explore new musical dimensions.

In essence, Harmony Bloom is not just a MIDI generator but a comprehensive tool for musical exploration and creation. Its combination of polyrhythmic generation, visual feedback, and detailed musical control positions it as a standout instrument for creative and professional applications."

Monday, March 11, 2024

ADD - MaxforLive Sequencer by LDM Design

video upload by Isotonik Studios

Walkthrough - ADD - MaxforLive Sequencer by LDM Design

video upload by

"Built on the idea of instability, this MPE compatible sequencer creates constantly changing patterns of notes with modulated note parameters. Each time the sequence reaches the end, the sequence length itself grows or shrinks, within predefined limitations, creating unpredictable rhythmic patterns. The changes in length can also be mapped to velocity level, note length, and MPE slide and pressure parameter values.

The device consists of 8 note sequencers with individual controls for grow mode, step size, minimum and maximum sequence length, growth amount, hold, and probability. It also includes the option to freeze specific sequences to prevent changes. Global controls allow us to set swing amount to loosen up midi timing and note pitches can be set using a scale selection.

ADD Features -

HyperSynth Hcard-101 Memory Card for Korg M1, Wavestation, DS8, and A1 Models

video upload by Hypersynth-Official

"Hcard-101 is an intelligent memory card with multi-bank and multi-device capabilities, purposefully tailored for use with Korg M1, Wavestation, DS8, and A1 models.

More info:"

See the HyperSynth label for addtional memorory cards for other synths.

"Hcard-101 is an intelligent memory card with multi-bank and multi-device capabilities, purposefully tailored for use with Korg M1, Wavestation, DS8, and A1 models. The Korg M1 synthesizer's voice memory is initially limited to 100 presets, which can be upgraded to 200 presets (1 extra bank) by utilizing a Korg 'MCR-03' RAM card. However, the availability of the Korg RAM card is limited due to its discontinuation, rarity, and high cost. These factors collectively render it a less favorable choice for enthusiasts in the modern era. The 'Hcard-101' serves as a seamless replacement for the Korg "MCR-03". It boasts the capacity to store up to 126 banks of data, all without concerns about battery lifespan and potential data loss.


Memory Capacity: Supports up to 126 banks, segmented as follows: (M1:64 banks, WS: 40 banks, DS8:24 banks, A1:16 banks)

Pre-Loaded Soundbanks: Comes with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, including 57 from Korg ROM cards. Additionally, it contains 11 Hypersynth categorized banks specifically for M1 and more.

Touch Pad Accessibility: Instantly switch between different banks using 4 touch pads.

Display: Features a 128x128 pixel OLED display (free angle).

Adaptive Display: Automatic rotation feature corrects display orientation if the card is inserted in reverse, especially useful for rack-mount devices.

Enhanced Memory Protection: An independent 'Memory Protect' option for each bank, offering protection without locking the entire card.

Customization: Allows user-defined names for banks.

Quick Bank Navigation: Easily navigate between banks via the bank list menu.

Efficient Management: Use the "Bank Copy" function to duplicate banks without overwriting the internal memory of the synth.

Battery-Free: Operates without the need for a battery.

Robust Build: CNC metal case sporting a scratch-resistant grey anodized finish.

Compatibility: Drop-in replacement for the Korg "MCR-03" RAM card.

Extensive Device Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Korg M1, M1-EX, M1R, M1R-EX, T1, T2, T3, WS, WS-EX, WS-A/D, DS8, and A1.

M1 Dedicated Features:

Format Decoding: Displays the format of the selected bank on the main screen.(100prg/100cmb, 50prg/50cmb/4200seq, 7700seq)

Capture Program: Presents valuable details about the chosen program, including its compatibility with M1/M1EX, or any requirements for an external PCM card.

List Program: Showcases 8 program names simultaneously, allowing for quick access and browsing of desired sounds.

Bank Info: Provides a comprehensive report highlighting the number of programs in the chosen bank that utilize M1 waveforms, M1EX waveforms, or External PCM card waveforms.

WS Dedicated Feature:

Dynamic Update: Automatically updates the card name on the Wavestation display upon selecting a new bank on the Hcard.


Hcard-101 comes with 73 pre-loaded soundbanks, featuring many of the rarest Korg ROM cards and factory preload data for supported synthesizers. On top of that, it includes 11 categorized banks specifically for M1, stamped with the HyperSynth signature. These banks offer 1100 programs, handpicked from thousands of available free banks for the Korg M1. The layout of these soundbanks makes choosing sounds a breeze.

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Blokas Midihub 1.15 Update: Practical MIDI Workflow Enhancements

Press release follows:

Lithuanian music technology company Blokas has recently released a significant update for their standalone MIDI router and processor, the Midihub.

At the heart of Midihub lies the concept of "pipes", sort of MIDI effects. These pipes can be seamlessly utilized using Midihub’s dedicated software editor, which boasts a versatile drag-and-drop interface for input/output configurations.

Version 1.15 introduces a suite of pipe enhancements and new features aimed at refining the MIDI processing experience. This update focuses on practical improvements that expand the device's utility and ease of use for producers and live performers, with each new feature aimed at solving common MIDI challenges.

Key Features of the Midihub 1.15 Update

Enhanced MIDI Mapping Capabilities

In this update, users gain the capability to control pipe parameters using MIDI messages generated within the Midihub itself, eliminating the necessity for physical loopbacks. This opens up a realm of intriguing possibilities for internal modifiers and self-modulation techniques. Moreover, the update allows for more detailed and precise manual MIDI mapping, enhancing control and customization.

Revamped Clock Pipe

The clock pipe, essential for tempo management, has been improved to offer more flexibility in its placement within the signal chain. New features like mappable tap-tempo and tempo nudge buttons have been added to simplify syncing with external equipment.

Precision Modulation with 14-bit LFO

A 14-bit LFO mode has been introduced, allowing for finer MIDI modulation depth and control. The addition of a Sample & Hold waveform for LFOs enables more complex and textured sound design possibilities.

New Dispatcher and Arpeggiator Algorithms

The update brings 7 fresh algorithms to the Dispatcher and Arpeggiator pipes, including "Entirely Up Then Down" and "Entirely Down Then Up" patterns. These additions provide users with more creative options for note sequencing and pattern generation.

By valuing community feedback and prioritizing the practical aspects of music creation, with the 1.15 update, Blokas ensures the Midihub remains an integral part of the creative process, simplifying MIDI workflows and sparking new creative possibilities.

More info on Midihub -
Full update changelog -

Monday, February 05, 2024

Function Suite - MaxforLive Devices for Ableton Live by Ned RUSH

video uploads by Isotonik Studios

"Functions are a suite of “sound transformers” that use a breakpoint function editor to apply modulation to the sound. Different from many standard audio effects with built in modulation capabilities like LFO’s or envelope generators, the Function allows you to draw in complex custom modulation shapes or multi-stage envelopes, which can then be indexed using a variety of signals, producing linear and non-linear modulations, designed to create interesting forms of movement.


Friday, February 02, 2024

New Auto Fills App by Cem Olcay

video upload by Cem Olcay

Auto Fills jam with Octachron and Hammerhead

video upload by Cem Olcay

"Auto Fills is a random MIDI generator app for creating drum fills."

"Auto Fills is a random MIDI generator app for creating drum fills for your drum synth apps or hardware synthesizers. It works as an Audio Unit AUv3 plugin with the supported host apps such as AUM, Loopy Pro, Logic Pro, Cubasis, Nanostudio, apeMatrix etc.

In Auto Fills, you are working with a drum kit. You can either create the kit by adding drum parts and assigning them MIDI notes/channels yourself, or you can select a kit templete from the settings menu for an app or hardware for quick setup.

- In Kit mode, you can assign a probability value to each drum part.
- In Velocity mode, you can assign a velocity to each drum part, and you can also introduce velocity variety for them.
- In Duration mode, you can set the drum fill length as well as the waiting time before and/or after the drum fill, in beats or bars.
- If you've set "wait before the fill" and/or "wait after the fill" durations in the Duration mode, the drum fill won't be played during the waiting periods.

If you have a favorite drum sequencer, you can route it through the Auto Fills, before the drum app, like
- Drum sequencer -> Auto Fills -> Drum App

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Yamaha Introduces SEQTRAK Music Creation Station

video uploads by Yamaha Synths Official

"Unleash your creativity anywhere with SEQTRAK, the ultimate music creation station. Lightning-fast workflow lets you capture ideas quickly and create original music using its two versatile sound engines. When ready, connect with fans using its powerful performance features and streamlined connectivity. SEQTRAK has everything you need. And more.

• Extensive sounds: SEQTRAK extensive library contains over 2,000 presets. You’ll find a vast collection of professionally crafted sounds – from rich pianos to shimmering synths and thundering drums. More will be available with updates to the SEQTRAK app.
• Quantize: Live input quantize automatically fixes timing while recording.
• Automatic Chords: Every chord you play will be in your selected key.
• Robust App: The SEQTRAK app enables you to create music and learn by doing instead of reading a manual. It supports iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows."


Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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