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Monday, June 24, 2024

Ableton MODE & Roland D-05

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Ambient Works Book 1:
Mixer: Ableton Live (Skin:
Sequencer : Ableton M4L MODE (

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

minimoog & Ableton Hardwave Arpeggiator

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Hardwave style agressive arpeggiator for Ableton Live."

Monday, June 17, 2024

Roland JP-8080 with Hardwave Arpeggiator

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Hardwave style agressive arpeggiator for Ableton Live."

Friday, June 14, 2024

Heap MIDI Tools One - MaxforLive MIDI Tools for Ableton Live 12 by MGF Audio

video uploads by Isotonik Studios


"Unleash new rhythmic possibilities with this pack of 6 MIDI transformation tools. Designed for rhythmic experimentation, these tools let you explore polyrhythmic, polymetric, and generative patterns from your existing rhythms and melodies.

Weird Quantizer: Quantize MIDI to unconventional grids for off-tempo beats.

Weird Swing: Apply unique swings to polyrhythmic and tuplet notes, offering unexpected rhythmic variations.

Weird Duration: Set and round notes to fixed durations within advanced rhythmic grids.

Weird Shifter: Shift notes along non-standard grids for easy rhythm editing.

Clip Manip: Transform your MIDI notes with algorithms to generate new musical variations while keeping the original rhythm.

Fractional Stretch: Stretch MIDI by fractional and wide decimal values, beyond default capabilities.

Perfect for musicians seeking fresh inspiration and complex rhythms, these tools work together to elevate your music production."

Sunday, June 09, 2024

Mamotreco Studio Time | Analog Four, Octatrack, OP-1, RME Fireface, JV-880

video upload by Mamotreco

"All the music you hear in the background was made by me. Check out the links below for the full-length track videos and the 2-3 buck Bandcamp comp with all my music.
#studiotour #elektron #synths
Drop any studio-relatedquestions you have in the comments and I'll do my best to reply

00:00 Intro
00:23 Music Studio Layout
00:34 DAW side
01:11 Synth side
01:38 Teenage Engineering OP-1
02:02 Elektron OT/A4 and groovebox talk
05:44 Elektron sequencers and song modes
06:40 Elektron controlling other synths
07:20 Roland JV-880 the retro sound vault
07:52 RME Fireface UFX love it
08:23 Hardware vs software
09:30 Outro

Background music tracks (in order):

This is where you can find out most of the tracks above:

Shoutout to @EZBOT_ for his excellent Octatrack videos and template

Welcome to Mamotreco! This channel covers a lot topics: synthesizers, electronic instruments, making and listening to music and photography. Thanks for watching."

Saturday, June 08, 2024

/ Soon / Roland Jupiter 8 Factory Patches 1981 for Ableton 12 Version 2.0

video upload by jupiterbyjay

"Download VERSION 1.0 :"

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Immersive Generative Music | Max/MSP

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Monday, June 03, 2024

Soundtoys Sale & New Superplate Demos

SuperPlate: Plate and Preamp Styles & How To Use Auto-Decay
video upload by soundtoys

Soundtoys is currently having a sale. Check out full details at

"Hear the tonal character and sonic differences of SuperPlate’s five plate styles, their unique frequency-dependent decay profiles, and discover the differences between the three input styles as Soundtoys lead engineer Chris Santoro demonstrates.

Learn more about SuperPlate:"

SuperPlate: How To Use Auto-Decay

video upload by soundtoys

"Explore SuperPlate's exclusive Auto-Decay feature that dynamically controls decay time to help you avoid inharmonic build-up in long reverb tails. Soundtoys lead engineer Chris Santoro demonstrates how this powerful feature can make massive reverbs more manageable and musical.

Learn more about SuperPlate:"

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Roland D-05, Make Noise Strega & Ableton Live 12

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

Sunday, May 19, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Flowfal Motion Control For Ableton

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Sonic State had the opportunity to speak with Simon *from *Flowfal about their new application that enables music performance using movement data from your phone. The app sends data over Wi-Fi to Ableton Live, where it interacts with Max for Live plugins, allowing users to trigger sounds, manipulate VST parameters, and even control external equipment with effortless movement. Flowfal supports iPhones, Android phones, and soon, Apple Watches, making it accessible to a wide range of users without the need for extra hardware.

For more information and to try Flowfal for yourself, visit their website for a 30-day free trial."

Friday, May 17, 2024

Rhodonea: Radical Futures Performance Piece

video upload by John C.S. Keston

"On Wednesday, May 8, I debuted a performance piece titled Rhodonea at the Radical Futures conference at University College Cork, Ireland. At the concert I had the privilege of sharing the bill with Brian Bridges, Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, Robin Parmar, and Liz Quirke.

Rhodonea is a series of audiovisual etudes performed as a model of how we might collaborate with near future synthetic entities. Software feeds automated, algorithmic, projected visual cues, tempi, and low frequency oscillations to improvising electronic musicians. The compelling visuals, based on Maurer Roses, suggest melodic, harmonic, and percussive gestures that are modulated by data streaming from the generative animations. Throughout the piece artists adapt to the familiar yet unpredictable graphic scores and corresponding signals. The end result is an impression of how humans might interact with AI in a collaborative and experimental way.

I chose to perform Rhodonea as a soloist although it can be performed by an ensemble of up to four musicians. The generative and improvisational aspects mean that every performance is different than the next, but the piece has a consistent signature that leads the music. This includes modulation corresponding to each rhodonea that is translated into MIDI data and fed to parameters that effect the timbre and other aspects of the instruments. I captured the video below the day after the performance, which illustrates the characteristics of the piece.

For this international performance I used four instruments inside Ableton Live 12 to minimize the gear I needed to travel with. The Ableton instruments I used were Drift, two instances of Meld (a macrosynth new in Live 12), and Collision. In the video below you can see how the generative graphics are manipulating the filter in Drift."

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Ableton - Push

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Jesse from Ableton showcased the latest features of the PUSH playing together with synths. The focus has been on enhancing stability, fixing bugs, and integrating new functionalities. At the exhibition, Jesse delved into the realm of modular synthesis, demonstrating the intricate connections between PUSH and modular gear to craft unique musical compositions. By utilizing the expressive pads of *PUSH*, Jesse showcased how modular synths can be controlled and manipulated in real-time, offering a glimpse into the creative possibilities when combining these two technologies.

Jesse's setup featured a Trinity module by Modbap for drums, while showcasing the versatility of the* FH2 for CV generation and the *Expert Sleepers ES3 and ES6 for interfacing with modular gear. The integration of multiple voices, effects, and instruments highlighted the flexibility and power of combining the PUSH with modular synths.

Push Price: 879 GBP

Push Standalone Price: 1,669 GBP"

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Ableton Push 3 Is EZBOT's Synthesizer

video upload by EZBOT

"In today's video, we use the Ableton Push 3 as a synthesizer to be sampled in the Elektron Digitakt 2. We will take advantage of the stereo sampling on the Digitakt and the MPE synthesizers on the Push 3 to make some chill house music."

EZBOT resources available at

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Reductive - Live psy-glitch doombient - Push 3 Standalone, Perkons HD-01, Tasty Chips GR-1

video upload by Abre Ojos

"113bpm psy-glitch doombient

Live hardware jam with Ableton Push 3 Standalone, Perkons HD-01 and Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular Synth.

Perkons & GR-1 fed into the Push with some Roar and Hybrid Reverb.

Video processed live through Resolume

Shot with GH5 MKII

Dark ambient audiovisual stuff:"

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Drum Rack Buddy - MaxforLive Sequencer for Ableton Live by Ned RUSH

video upload by Isotonik Studios

"Hey there, music makers! Today, we're diving into the world of drum sequencing with a powerful tool called the Drum Rack Buddy. Whether you're a beginner looking for quick and basic beats or an experienced producer delving into deeper, more obscure rhythms, this Max For Live MIDI plugin for Ableton Live has got you covered.

So, what exactly is the Drum Rack Buddy? It's a 16-track sequencer designed specifically for drum racks (or any instrument) to help you sequence drums and percussion with ease. Let's take a closer look at its features, starting from left to right.

First up, on the far left, we have the note trigger. Each track corresponds to a specific note, allowing you to trigger sounds in your drum rack. You can customize these notes to your liking. Plus, there's a handy Trig button for previewing sounds and a Mute button for silencing tracks during sequencing.

Next, we have the sequencer itself, which can switch between Steps, Velocity, Chance, or Retrigger modes. This is where you'll craft your beats, adjusting sequences to perfection.

Moving to the far right, we find the Track Controls, offering even more customization options. You can set the direction of the sequencer, edit steps or constraints, randomize sequences, and more. It's a playground for experimentation and creativity.

Don't forget about the Pages tab at the top, allowing you to access different sequencing pages for fine-tuning your beats. And in the top right corner, you'll find the Global Controls for managing all tracks simultaneously, from clearing steps to randomizing patterns.

We've packed a lot into the Drum Rack Buddy, including features like scaling, shifting, and adjusting note lengths, to give you complete control over your rhythms. Plus, the Grid feature provides a visual aid for precise sequencing.

We hope you enjoy using the Drum Rack Buddy in your music production adventures. And if you decide to share your creations on social media, don't forget to tag us @nedrush and @isotonikstudios. We'd love to hear what you come up with! Until next time, happy beat-making!


Sunday, May 05, 2024

Anton Anru - Silence Live at Winzavod

video upload by Anton Anru

"I gave a warm noise ambient live at the opening of the video art exhibition: Private//Public held at U Contemporary Gallery, Winzavod.
My video 'Silence' is also presented in the gallery. Soon the work will be available for everyone.
Camera: Anna Grusho"

Saturday, May 04, 2024

Displace - Live Beat-laced Psy-Synthnoise - Push 3 Standalone, Perkons HD-01, Tasty Chips GR-1

video upload by Abre Ojos

"92bpm Beat-laced Psy-Synthnoise

Live hardware jam with Ableton Push 3 Standalone, Perkons HD-01 and Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular Synth.

Perkons & GR-1 fed into the Push with some Roar and Hybrid Reverb.

Video processed live through Resolume

Shot with GH5 MKII

Dark ambient audiovisual stuff:
Noisy layered drone techno:"

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Using Playtime Engineering's Blipblox myTRACKS As a MIDI Controller

video upload by Blipblox Sound Lab

"The myTRACKS does more than just work as a stand-alone unit. It also makes a great MIDI controller. Here we use Ableton Live, and select the myTRACKS as the input over USB-C. We load up Native Instrument's Massive X synthesizer, and assign the levers and knobs to parameters on Massive X. Then we have Ableton Live play a simple beat we can play notes and tweak the Massive X synth while recording. Only 7 days left to get special Kickstarter pricing:"

Monday, April 29, 2024

Dark jam with the Ableton Push 3 Standalone and Novation AFX Station

video upload by Jay Hosking

"A live synthesizer jam performed entirely on hardware.

This is the fourth track I've made specifically for the Push 3, and the first where I've used Ableton Live to make the entirety of the song. Some of Live 12's new features, like the generative sequencer tools, can be a fun way to get quickly inspired. I still miss many aspects of Reason when working in Live, but it's fun to change things up.

Kudos to the amazing Novation AFX Station. This synth has a fantastic panel, is a great size (not too big, not too small), two levels of drive/distortion, two filter options, great either clean or gritty, excellent resonance on the filter, etc. The more I use it, the more I love it. It's been around for 11 years, and there are more expensive mono synths, but I'd reach for this one before most for something dark and interesting.

I'm either 40 or 50 percent through this particular album/set and really happy with the music so far. The Push 3 really allows me to create songs in a way that no other setup has allowed. And while there are many features I wish it had (especially more on the side of performance), I'm finding myself happier and happier thinking of it as my live-set device. Can't wait to take these songs on the road.

Ableton Push 3 — most sounds, effects, and performance
Novation AFX Station — mono synth melody/lead thing

Performed and recorded live, with EQ, compression, and limiting on the master."


video uploads by Isotonik Studios


"This is a collection of 12 devices for making rhythmic music in Ableton Live 12. They are some of the first Max for Live MIDI Tools, which is a new class of Live device that generates and transforms MIDI clips.

I’ve always liked to make complex rhythmic music, but in the past I found the piano roll in Live to be clunky and tedious to use. MIDI Tools resolve this problem by allowing us to create simple devices that automate processes that would be tedious or impossible to execute manually. Every device in this collection is designed to help you make exciting, novel rhythmic music quickly and playfully.

The 'quickly and playfully' is really important to me. For me, making electronic music has always been about getting a pattern running, listening to it, then tweaking it with whatever knobs and sliders are available to me. Working this way puts you in a sort of dialog with the machine, where you’re acting, then listening, then acting, then listening, and so forth. This process works best when the cycles are fast, which means that the tools have to be fun and easy to use. They have to deliver results quickly.

I could summarize the practical value of these tools with three statements:

They generate ideas to get my creativity flowing

They all you to create rhythms (such as nested rhythms, rallentandos, and polyrhythms) that are very difficult to create using the piano roll interface

They help you create variations on rhythmic and melodic ideas, to make your music varied and interesting. I’ve also found that the power of these devices really emerges when you use them in serial workflows. By this I mean that you start with some initial MIDI (maybe from a Generator, or maybe not), then process the MIDI with several different transformers.

You can see an example of a serial process in THIS VIDEO, in which I create some rhythmic containers using the Blocks generator, then used the Divs transformer to subdivide those containers to create a new rhythm, then used Feel to dial in the groove. There’s tons of ways to mix and match the devices, which means lots of space to develop your own favorite approaches.

These devices all work with Ableton 12’s new Scales feature. When a scale is enabled on the MIDI clip, the device will only produce notes that are in key. If you disable the scale, then you can work chromatically. The devices are also aware of Live’s themes, so your devices will always match the look and feel of your Live set."

Patch n Tweak
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