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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Rob Clouth's Vocal Controlled Synthesis

Tech Talk 01: Rob Clouth - Electronic Music Production Process, Workflow and Creativity
video upload by MATTHS

Intro around 4 minutues in followed by a quick demo.

"I'm joined in this episode by: Rob Clouth

As a multidisciplinary artist working in the fields of electronic music, computational sonics and new media, Rob Clouth's motivations include searching for raw emotion amongst intricate musical structures, developing experimental audio software solutions and, in the broadest sense, rethinking the ways in how we interact with music and technology.

His latest work has seen him develop new software for both studio and live production that reacts to his voice!


Sunday, March 17, 2024

THE KIMOPHONE - Saxophone Meets Keytar by Kimo Lobo

video upload by kimo lobo

Note this viddo is from 10 years ago.

"The KIMOPHONE is a breath controlled MIDI instrument that is one of a family of new musical instruments created by Kimo Lobo. Also introduced in this video is a MIDI Melodica, a PIATAR and a PIACELLO as well as the two-manual breath-controlled KIMOCORDION. These instruments are all prototypes and are the only ones in the world."

Thanks to Tom at Palmer's East for this one.

Catching Feelings on the Kimophone

video upload by kimo lobo

"I was recently contacted by the tv show Shark Tank and asked to make a 10 minute video pitching my Kimophone to the Sharks. This clip is the first couple minutes of that video. It is me playing the Justin Bieber song CATCHING FEELINGS on the Kimophone using a tenor sax sound alternating with electric guitar. Unfortunately the Sharks never chose to have me on the show so I decided to put this clip on Youtube since I've always really liked this song. Hope you enjoy it."

And the PIATAR:

PIATAR by Kimo Lobo

video upload by kimo lobo

"The PIATAR is a new musical instrument developed by Kimo Lobo. The PIATAR in this video is the only one in the world. It features a two octave MIDI keyboard and six strumable strings in an ornate wooden case. The left hand plays chords on the keyboard and the right hand strums or finger picks the strings. Chords are re-voiced in any of three neck positions. The sound is limited only to the MIDI sample library available. This demo uses a Roland steel six string guitar sample from an XV5080. Thanks to Charlie Labs for their wonderful Digitar."

Thursday, January 25, 2024

NAMM 2024 - Artinoise - Re.Corder

video upload by sonicstate

"Founded just before Covid hit in 2019, Artinoise started a Kickstarter for Re.corder, an electronic wind instrument, which is a hybrid of a digital and an acoustic recorder.

Davide explained that can be played as a regular recorder, and should have wide appeal as the recorder and all its learning materials are taught in schools across the world, but Re.corder also functions as a midi controller, with pressure sensors and capacitive touch sensors around the finger holes, and its unique small and light form factor make it more affordable than its wind controller competition. There is also a lip sensor which allows people with impaired lung capacity to play the re.corder by touch.

It also has a teaching app for apple and android which lets you play expressive saxophone, bagpipe or even violin sounds through the re.corder.

Re.Corder Available now. Price 149 Euros 199 USD"

Friday, December 29, 2023

Dolores Catherino :: ContinuuCon 2023

video upload by ContinuuCon

"Dolores Catherino - Synesthesia and the Continuum"

Thursday, September 14, 2023


video upload by Holonic Systems

"Movesense sensor data (Magnetometers, accelerometers, gyroscope activity) sent to two miRack patches (an 808 emulation and a triple wavetable patch) running in AUM."

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Haxophone - A Hackable Electronic Saxophone with Mechanical Keys

Javier Cardona, the maker of Haxophone wrote in to let us know about his upcoming instrument. Here's what he had to say followed by details from the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

"I'm excited to connect with you as the creator of the Haxophone, an open and hackable electronic saxophone. The instrument's design files and software have been available to the public on GitHub for some time now at

We are gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign for pre-assembled Haxophone units, bringing the magic of this instrument to a broader audience. The campaign is scheduled to kick off on September 7th.

via Crowd Supply

Haxophone is an inexpensive and fully customizable electronic musical instrument that resembles a travel saxophone. Under the hood, Haxophone is a particularly elegant (and fun!) Raspberry Pi HAT. The mechanical keys and custom ergonomics give Haxophone a unique and satisfying feel. The design is fully open source, hackable and OSHWA (Open Source Hardware Association) certified. This means that you can make Haxophone entirely your own, from changing the type of key switches to making your own note and instrument mappings. It is a good fit for musicians who are looking for a way to practice saxophone silently, musicians who are also hackers, and for hackers looking for a fun musical project that won’t break the bank.

While it is not a substitute for a traditional saxophone, Haxophone is accurate enough to allow saxophone players to rehearse both in silence and "on the go". Muscle memory when practicing on Haxophone is transferable to the traditional instrument, and vice versa. This means you can rehearse in all kinds of places that would be unthinkable with a standard saxophone. If it breaks, it is relatively cheap and easy to repair. And, Haxophone is smaller and lighter than any saxophone.

Haxophone has been designed to utilize standard mechanical key switches as fingering keys. In addition of being cool and unique, these are cheaper, more reliable and more repairable than the custom molded keys that you find on digital saxophones. Hackable Haxophone
Haxophone is purposefully designed to be hackable. Inspect it, modify the fingerings, change the sounds, add features like beats or LEDs. The software is written in Rust, a modern language that has been the most loved code language for the last 7 years (according to Stack Overflow).

Haxophone is designed as a HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) for the Raspberry Pi family of single-board computers. This HAT is a special type of keyboard laid out in the same way that saxophones are. We’ve also designed a mouthpiece and a pressure sensor to detect breath intensity. The HAT includes an audio amplifier, so Haxophone does not need to rely on the amplifier built into the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4. This means the HAT will work with the least expensive of the Pi family, the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Haxophone is fully repairable and customizable. Did you break the thumb rest or would like to use a different color? (3D) print yourself another one. The source models for all 3D printed parts are included in our repository."

You can find additional details at

Friday, July 28, 2023

Making of LinnStrument

video upload by Roger Linn

"I (Roger Linn) talk about how I created LinnStrument."

Sunday, April 16, 2023

How to Control modular synths with ChatGPT

video upload by

"Will ChatGPT make us lazier musicians, or can it allow us to master new instruments and even new professions without investing in years of study?
I continue my affair with ChatGPT and check if I can use it to program audio devices and create musical instruments despite my minimal knowledge of programming.
Watch the video, but hold on tight to your jaws, because they might drop!

Created by Izhar Ashdot"

Saturday, April 15, 2023

NAMM 2023 - Odisei Music - Travel Sax 2

video upload by sonicstate

"NAMM 2023 has brought us yet another innovative product from Odisei Music, the smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world, the Travel Sax. In an interview with Ramon, Sonic State got the chance to learn more about this portable tool designed for saxophone players. With the Travel Sax, saxophonists can practice silently by plugging their headphones into the mini jack input or play out loud using the small built-in speaker. This tool is ideal for practicing anywhere and everywhere, as it replicates all the keys and mouthpiece of a regular saxophone.

The Travel Sax comes with an app that allows users to switch between different instrument sounds, and it can be versatile MIDI controller as well sending MIDI volume and expression over a mini USB-C cable. The Trouble Sax is currently on sale at $600 or 650 euros, with an option to customize the key colors. Check out the Odisei Music website for more information.

Travel Sax Price: 650 USD / Euros"

Travel Sax 2

The smallest and lightest saxophone midi controller in the market. It will become the perfect companion when travelling, enabling you the possibility of practicing at anytime, anywhere.

Built-in synthesizer

Practice and play with 0 latency.

New stainless steel key mechanism

Mimicking the feeling of pressing real sax keys.

Plug & Play silently

Connect your headphones through the Aux-In input.

MIDI Controller

Use your Travel Sax 2 as a powerful MIDI controller and reach the next level of expression. Easily plug it into your computer and unleash your creativity by playing with any standard DAW.

Friday, April 14, 2023

NAMM 2023 - Instachord - Midi Instrument

video upload by sonicstate

"Daisuke Suwa introduced us to Instacord, a MIDI instrument that has 128 instruments built-in, allowing you to play various instruments such as the piano, guitar, and strings with just the press of a button. It comes with its own speaker and headphone jack output so you can play without needing an amp or a computer. It also has a USB out that doubles as a connection to your computer, and it's rechargeable with 10 hours of battery life.

The Instachord is both an instrument and interface and is designed to be used by musicians or beginners learning an instrument but without the long practice and sore fingers. New features, including a looper are being added, and the instrument will be supported with ongoing upgrades.

Currently only sold in Japan, Instachord is available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $370. If you're interested in a clever MIDI interface with 128 instruments built-in, this may be the instrument for you. For more information, visit their website or check out their Indiegogo page.

Price: available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $370.

More info:"

Friday, March 31, 2023

Erae Touch - A different controller has arrived - TUTORIAL

video upload by True Cuckoo

"Hello. The new Embodme Erae Touch MIDI controller is in my heart. This young and small French company is challenging the industry with something that works and flows incredibly well. I love it.

Erae Touch product link:
Use my code ERAE-CUCKOO10 for 10% discount your way, and a small affiliate cut my way.

01:33 Getting Started
02:14 Changing MIDI channels without the editor
02:55 Changing MIDI octave
03:09 Selecting layouts
03:37 Sequencer Layout
03:58 Erae Lab, the editor, the idea
04:48 Erae Lab, overview
05:24 Make a keyboard on a designated MIDI channel
06:16 Turning off pressure, glissando and such…
07:25 Setting the keyboard to the Auto Channel
08:41 Analog Rytm octave limitations
09:07 Bass keyboard
09:27 Creating a key pad for the kick drum
10:29 Introduction to Styles, button animation
12:58 Duplicating and setting up MIDI per element
14:14 Changing colours
15:29 Finalising and trying the layout
16:38 Fine tuning colours
17:03 Introducing the ALT layout
18:15 Creating an alternate layout for drum sticks
19:40 Push the layout to the Erae Touch
20:11 Turning off MIDI clock receive on the Rytm
21:10 I'm not a drummer, but let's play!"

Saturday, March 04, 2023

ARTinoise lunatica Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

"DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE."

See the Artinoise label below for more.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Introducing the Arithmophone

video upload by Arithmophone

"The Arithmophone is a new tool for exploring musical intervals from your computer, tablet or phone. It is a musical keyboard for touchscreen devices, you can play it directly from your browser using the built-in sounds or connect it to other instruments via MIDI.

To play the Arithmophone directly from your browser:

For more details and for using the MIDI version:"

"The Arithmophone is a new kind of musical keyboard, a rethinking of the way we interact with electronic music instruments. It provides easy access to many familiar and unfamiliar notes in colourful two-dimensional layouts and is a tool for exploring different kinds of tuning schemes, both just and tempered.

It currently exists in two forms:

The Arithmophone web app is a self-contained instrument that you can play from your computer, tablet or phone. It works best on touchscreen devices in landscape orientation (try an iPad or something of similar size if possible: the bigger the screen, the easier it is to play the keyboards).

The Arithmophone MIDI is a keyboard interface for controlling synthesizers. If you work with a DAW and software instruments, or if you have a hardware synthesizer you’d like to control through your (touchscreen) computer, this might be interesting for you.

Future ambitions for the Arithmophone project include a native iPad app with MIDI output as well as a hardware prototype.

I’ve made a manual that provides more details about the Arithmophone. I’ve also made an interactive guide to the building blocks of melody and harmony that explains some of the basic principles behind the Arithmophone in an accessible way."

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Alex Inglese playing SWAM Trumpets with Sylphyo

video upload by Aodyo Instruments

"Alex Inglese, an Italian musician, gives us a great demonstration of the perfect combination of the Sylphyo as a MIDI controller and the fabulous SWAM trumpet plugin of Audio Modelling.
He performs three musical pieces and pilots Camelot, a virtual instrument sofware manager, thanks to the Sylphyo, switching from one sequence to another without having to touch the computer.

More info on"

Monday, January 02, 2023

Will Gregory: My Favourite Synthesizers

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

This one is in via John L Rice.

"Composer, producer and one half of Goldfrapp, electronic musician Will Gregory has an amazing collection of modern and vintage synthesizers, including the ultra-rare Korg PS-3300 polysynth. In our latest video feature, Will opens up about the instruments that mean the most to him — and shows us how great they can sound in the right hands. Did you know you could play a Minimoog using a Yamaha WX7 Wind Controller?

00:00 - Start
00:16 - Intro with Will Gregory
02:20 - Roland Jupiter-4
06:40 - Composition and Production Process
08:05 - Minimoog with Yamaha WX7 Wind Controller
13:52 - Improvising with Hard Disk Recording
15:48 - Electronic Dream Plant Wasp
18:48 - Korg PS-3300 Polysynth
24:54 - Unexpected Results
27:05 - Moog Polymoog
32:05 - Outro

Goldfrapp -
Moog Ensemble -"

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

[SOUNDMIT 2022] ARTINOISE RE.CORDER : Flûte à bec électronique bluetooth (et acoustique aussi)

video upload by

"Davide de ARTINOiSE nous présente re.corder, une flûte à bec bluetooth qui est aussi une véritable flûte à bec acoustique, qu'on peut connecter à une app ou un module pour déclencher son synthé préféré. Plus d'infos :"

"Davide from ARTINOiSE presents re.corder, a bluetooth recorder which is also a real acoustic recorder, which you can connect to an app or a module to trigger your favorite synth. More info: http:/ /"

See the Artinoise label below for more.

Monday, November 07, 2022

NuRAD / NUNOMO QUN mk2(v.3.80) - Telemann Six Canonic Sonatas No.1 . 3 Allegro

video upload by mkirino01

Berglund Instruments NuRAD Basic model
NUNOMO QUN mk2 (Firmware ver.3.80)

NuRAD / NUNOMO QUN mk2 - breath control test

0:00 1VCO SAW, cutoff MOD breath control (CC85), Glide=CC114
0:18 with internal stereo delay effect
0:48 FM knob (OSC2→OSC1 FM)

LinnStrument Theremin, played by Roger Linn

video upload by Roger Linn

"LinnStrument, theremin, Roger Linn, Roger Linn Design, MPE, MPE controller, expressive controller"

Monday, October 31, 2022

SynthPlex 2022 - Embodme Erae Multi-touch controller

video upload by sonicstate

"The Erae Touch from Embodme has slipped under our radar somewhat, as we've not seen it in the flesh before. We had a look at the unit at Synthplex and saw that there are some pretty cool features, using the large backlit control surface for some nifty interface chops. They've also managed to get the response time right down that makes it possible to trigger the completely configurable playing surface with sticks.

It puts us in mind of the Jazz Mutant Lemur crossed with the Roli blocks. Its fully MPE compatible and has an editor enabling user configurations aplenty.

Its in production and can be found at for order (3 weeks lead time). Price €700"

Also see this previous post.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

MUSIC BY HAND (Handtracking With Musikraken)

video upload by Perplex On

"Another testdrive using #musikraken for handtracking, using the opening of the hand as indicator for note pitch height and the hand tilt as midi cc for the filter cutoff. The midi notes are send to #steppolyarpunit triggering an arpeggio with quite low step probability, sequencing #isem and spiced up with #k7d delay. Served with audioreactive particle projection."

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