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Tuesday, July 02, 2024

CME XKey Gets an Update

Press release follows:

"ESI masters mobile MIDI controller keyboard market, introducing new 2024 models of Xkey 25 and Xkey 37 in close collaboration with Artesia Pro

LEONBERG, GERMANY: working in close collaboration with San Diego, CA, USA-headquartered electronic musical instruments and music production equipment specialist Artesia Pro, professional and semi-professional audio equipment vendor ESI is proud to introduce the new 2024 models of the already acclaimed Xkey 25 and Xkey 37 — famed for creatively combining portable, ultra-thin, rugged, brushed aluminium metal casings with polyphonic aftertouch to create the ultimate mobile MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller keyboards capable of going wherever their users’ music might take them — as of July 2…

So what, exactly, is new about the 2024 models of the Xkey 25 and Xkey 37 mobile MIDI controller keyboards, then? They are engineered with an exceptionally stable USB-C connection to ensure seamless, class-compliant interfacing with current PCs, Macs, and mobile devices for starters. Then their full-sized keys offer not only amazing response and velocity sensitivity but also provide polyphonic aftertouch, affording musicians access to unparalleled expressive capabilities. It is also fair to say that their intuitive smart buttons enhance playability, providing instant access to MODULATION and SUSTAIN functions. Furthermore, Xkey 37 boasts an adapter cable for 5-pin MIDI OUT, as well as connections for EXPRESSION and SUSTAIN pedals.

But both Xkey 25 and Xkey 37 include licences for Bitwig’s Bitwig Studio 8-Track — a trim and effective DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with which to start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro — and Steinberg’s WaveLab LE — an easy-to-use mastering and audio editing software to turn computers into an audio analysing, editing, and publishing studio — for PC and Mac, as well as Steinberg’s Cubasis LE — a compact version of the multi- award-winning, professional music studio app, providing the same look and feel of its bigger brother, Cubase — for iOS. In addition, Xkey 25 and Xkey 37 users gain access to robust cross-platform editing software, enabling comprehensive customisation of their MIDI controller keyboard’s parameters, plus ESI’s esteemed multi-client, multi- device MIDI driver for Windows.

“We are very excited that we have been able to work with the feedback from the existing Xkey user community when developing the new models.” So says ESI Audiotechnik CEO Claus Riethmüller, justifiably proud of his company’s latest collaborative achievement — advancing already acclaimed mobile MIDI controller keyboards to master a hotly contested market with new 2024 models made possible by working in close collaboration with Artesia Pro.

The new 2024 models of the Xkey 25 and Xkey 37 MIDI controller keyboards will initially start shipping in Europe — with an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of €149.00 EUR and €249.00 EUR, respectively — in July, followed by a global release about a month later. (Local ESI distributors can be selected by country from here:

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated Xkey 25 webpage here:

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated Xkey 37 webpage here:"

Friday, June 07, 2024

New FuncBud Generative MIDI Sequencer for iOS or Apple Silicon

via the developer Cem Olcay:

"I’ve released my new generative sequencer app today - FuncBud. It’s a unique and fun sequencer that uses simple math functions to generate patterns. You can create your own math functions with the function builder. It’s really fun to explore the possibilities, especially if you are interested in math."

Additional details via & the AppStore follow.

Make music with math!

Welcome to FuncBud, the generative sequencer that uses simple math functions to create patterns.

Create, chain, and repeat simple math functions to create complex sequences.

A simple x + 1 function would sequence all the notes in the scale in order.

But it gets more interesting when you use different formulas and chain them.

Build your math functions

The function builder lets you create functions using simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations, as well as square, square root, sum, and product operations.

You can also use parentheses to prioritize the calculation order.

The newly created function will be saved and accessible in the library across both the standalone app and AUv3 instances.

Function results are saved to the history. Sum and product operations utilize the history to perform calculations on up to 64 values.

∑3 would sum up the last 3 results, ∏3 would take product of the last 3 results.

Define your limits

FuncBud's sequencer generates the notes in the working key and scale, within the defined minimum and maximum octaves.

Min/max octave, key, scale and the root note can be defined on the top of the UI.

The sequencer rate, gate length, gate variety, velocity, velocity variety, and swing parameters can be defined using the slider at the bottom of the UI.

The loop detector can be enabled in the settings menu if you get stuck in a loop due to the nature of the math and want to break it.

Functions can be muted by swiping them to the left, and deleted by swiping them to the right.

Take advantage of the AUv3 Plugin

FuncBud app operates both as a standalone application and as an AUv3 MIDI Plugin.

You can create AU presets and use AU parameters of the AUv3 plugin.

You can control the patterns and all other parameters with AU parameters.

You can also change the parameters or change the patterns with PatternBud."

FuncBud is available in the AppStore here.

Monday, May 20, 2024

ESI - X SYNTH / Superbooth 2024

video upload by SequencerTalk

"Lucas from ESI shows the first prototype of their first Synth at Superbooth 2024"

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Vangoa S55 MIDI saxophone / EWI review

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"Here's a look at the Vangoa S55 EWI / MIDI Saxophone, which was sent to me for review. (Amazon DE | Amazon US ).

Some demos of the internal synth 6:36, using it as a MIDI controller for software plugins 8:20 and a Novation PEAK hardware synthesizer 9:40. Please excuse my lame attempt at humour. ;-)

5% exclusive discount code: 05FloydS55

Official Website:


Vangoa S55 digital wind instrument built-in 13 Tones, including alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, morin khuur, clarinet, flute, hulusi, suona, trumpet, violin, ocarina, bamboo flute, erhu and recorder. MIDI connects to Android, IOS, macOS Windows using APP and DAW to extend endless tones

Electric wind instrument includes 2*removable and washable silicone nozzles, 1*USB cable, and 1* portable cloth case, easy to carry and ready to use, perfect Christmas and birthday gift

Portable digital wind instruments include a speaker output, so you get the same playing experience as traditional instruments, and the headphone connection can ensure a better sound experience, so you don't worry about disturbing others

The mini electronic wind instrument has a built-in 800 mAh rechargeable battery, which allows you to enjoy 4 hours of playing after a full charge, and the compact and portable body ensures you can practice or perform without the restrictions of the venue

The electronic wind instrument is equipped two fingerstyle playing, and the electronic touch sound hole can better capture your playing changes, 3 kinds of adjustable blowing sensitivity, bringing better sound dynamics

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Synthux Academy - Touch 2 Tactile Synth

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Roey from Synthux Academy showcased the new Touch 2 instrument, a versatile standalone device that can also be integrated into Eurorack setups. Powered by the Daisy Seed microcontroller, Touch 2 offers swappable faceplates to accommodate different instrument functionalities, making it easily customizable for musicians. With features like an arpeggiator, Euclidean rhythms, distortion, Valhalla reverb, and more, Touch 2 promises a unique and interactive music-making experience. Additionally, the platform encourages community involvement with regular developer contests and opportunities for beginners to learn and collaborate with experienced professionals.

Touch 2 Price: 179 Euros"

Building the Simple Touch Synthesiser

video upload by Synthux Academy

Testing the Simple Touch Synth 3 X Looper

video upload by

"Touch 2 is an instrument designed for tactile interaction and hands-on control. Upload different instruments through USB and play! Swappable faceplates (four included) and 12 touch pads makes it a tactile performance instrument.

Running the Daisy Seed microcontroller, Touch 2 sounds AMAZING no matter what instrument you flash on it. And, it's programmable, so you can design your own instrument using C++, Arduino, Max or Puredata.

Available both assembled and DIY

Daisy Seed ready
12 touch pads
6 trim knobs
2 faders
2 switches
Audio in [Stereo]
Audio out [Stereo]
Also works with Teensy/Arduino"

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Flowfal Motion Control For Ableton

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Sonic State had the opportunity to speak with Simon *from *Flowfal about their new application that enables music performance using movement data from your phone. The app sends data over Wi-Fi to Ableton Live, where it interacts with Max for Live plugins, allowing users to trigger sounds, manipulate VST parameters, and even control external equipment with effortless movement. Flowfal supports iPhones, Android phones, and soon, Apple Watches, making it accessible to a wide range of users without the need for extra hardware.

For more information and to try Flowfal for yourself, visit their website for a 30-day free trial."

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Koma Elektronik - Chromaplane Electromagnetic Synth

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Chris showcased the Chromaplane*, an electromagnetic synthesizer developed with the support of *KOMA Electronic*. The instrument features 10 electromagnetic fields emitting from specific points on its surface, which are played using two pickup coils. The sound is detected by the coils, passing through a low pass filter and delay, creating a unique modulation effect. Additionally, the *Chroma Plane includes an envelope follower output and an external input for playing external audio sources.

The concept of the Chroma Plane originated from Chris's experience as a musician and visual artist, leading to the development of a smaller version of the instrument for live performances. After more than 100 concerts worldwide, Chris and KOMA are working towards making the Chroma Plane available as a commercial product in the coming months. Stay tuned to the Koma website for updates."

via Koma Elektronik

"KOMA Elektronik & Passepartout Duo are collaborating on a new standalone instrument called the Chromaplane.

Are you ready to start a new journey together?

The Chromaplane features a touchless interface, organic analog sounds, and an intuitive way of playing, all made possible by invisible electromagnetic fields. It combines the expressivity of traditional acoustic instruments, with the endless experimentation of electronic sound design.

Passepartout Duo has been road testing the Chromaplane in their performance setup for a while, and now we’re finally at the last stages of development. In the next month, we’ll be revealing more information about this unique instrument, so…

…think about making some space in your studio!

Shipping Worldwide!"

Thursday, May 16, 2024

New COTK MODEL 10 SYNTHESIZER, 900-RC Ribbon Controller & Improved C952 Keyboard Controller


"Unlike its predecessor, the C901-series VCO's are temperature compensated for stable tuning over a wide range of tracking…

We also developed a Ribbon Controller - our 900-RC

Last but not least, we improved our C952 Keyboard Controller

By new software that includes some new functions such as:
- the Arpeggiator can now also run in random mode
- the Legato mode allows ratcheting sequences."

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Collaboration Between SYNTH-WERK and Matthias Nagorni

Press release follows:

Matthias Nagorni has many years of experience in the development of software synthesizers such as the AlsaModularSynth or the Add64. He was also consultant of various Synthesizer projects.

In 2021 Matthias bought a SYNTH-WERK Modular System and started experimenting to control the system via an external audio interface and especially developed software for this application.

He worked on the concept for frequency calibration of his SYNTH-WERK synthesizers 901oscillator banks and digitization of the 911 envelope generators. Matthias found a way to calibrate the tracking of the 901 oscillator bank by using his specially developed algorithm. This opened a complete new world on 901 oscillator banks in polyphonic mode without any modiQcation of the original 901 circuit design.

One day he sent a sound example that he had created with the SYNTH-WERK modular system and his new control system. This was the initial spark for the collaboration and the joint idea of integrating these functions into a keyboard that still offers unimagined functions today. Even old MOOG 3P ́s from the 60 ́s can be calibrated using the SW 955-CONTACT keyboard.

Years of hard work lie behind us, in which the idea and the concept have become a product in which both sides contribute their strengths. Matthias Nagorni's creativity, software and embedded systems expertise and SYNTH-WERK's many years of experience in the development of hardware and manufacturing. This enables us to offer our customers the best possible combination of reliability, quality and functionality that they expect from SYNTH-WERK products.

We are very excited and proud to work together with such an innovative and creative person like Matthias.

The SW 955-CONTACT keyboard is the Qrst product from the collaboration that marks the start of the R.A.3.0 series, which brings the modular synthesizer further into the future.

Friday, May 10, 2024

SYNTH-WERK Introduces The BODE BARBERPOLE PHASER & The SW 995-contact Keyboard


"We are very excited to announce the introduction of two new products…


Sales price 2.700 Euro plus TAX [update: price is actually 3.200 Euro plus TAX]

The SW 995-contact Keyboard

Sales price will be announced at the SB24

Both new instruments will be ready to be checked out at the SUPERBOOTH24 in Berlin."

Click the images for additinal details on each.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Wavy Industries Monkey is the tiniest MIDI master keyboard

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"The Wavy Industries Monkey ( ) is a tiny 2 octave #midikeyboard that comes with a 16 track #sequencer /looper, #arpeggiator with different styles, and a lot of built in MIDI effects (delay, stutter...). This video is a short walkthrough and also a rant on the state of bluetooth midi on Windows and Linux

00:00 demo 1
00:27 hi
00:58 bluetooth MIDI on Windows - oh well
02:32 hardware walkthrough
06:45 call for papers ;-)
07:07 16 track sequencer demo / jam
10:45 verdict
11:26 extra: playing a hardware synth, and bluetooth MIDI on Linux - oh well
13:59 bye-bye

Wavy Industries Monkey
Mini PC [Amazon DE], [Amazon US]
Bluetooth MIDI on Raspberry PI:
Linux Bluetooth Basics


"Monkey is a pocket sized Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. It has several built in unique MIDI effects, a drum machine and a looper. Each of the effects is equiped with 10 different algorithms. Monkey is optimised for low latency and low power consumption, enabling several months of usage without changing the battery. It connects to lots of hosts including macOS, OP-1F, ipadOS, Windows and Android.

We believe Bluetooth has great unutilized potential. But we can not tap into this without making Bluetooth very easy and practical to use, and providing high reliability. Monkey is our first product which taps into this. From our perspective we don't see a bunch of Bluetooth-centric MIDI devices on the market. This is the core idea from where Monkey originates from: lets make a device which only connects via Bluetooth and explore which new form factors and workflows spores out of this idea."

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Aodyo Instruments Introduces Loom - Multidimensional MPE MIDI Controller

video uploads by Aodyo Instruments

"We're threading a new path in the world of music creation, where every touch lets you weave your own sonic tapestry. It's about crafting music with a more personal touch, where every note is a thread in your unique musical fabric. Something exciting is looming. Get ready to unravel a new way to experience sound."

Have you ever dreamed of a MIDI controller that could turn your touch into music just like a real instrument? Meet Loom.

Loom is a multidimensional MPE MIDI Controller designed for immediate playability and expressiveness.
MPE synthesizers and virtual instruments offer you rich sounds that respond to the slightest variation, but there are few controllers fit to the task.

At Aodyo Instruments, we have drawn on our previous experience with the Sylphyo and the Anyma synthesizers to offer musicians a versatile and powerful device.

Whether you play live, record in the studio or compose music in your bedroom, Loom will become a flexible and original addition to your setup.

Don't be fooled by its simple appearance: Loom's magic lies in the synergy between its surfaces and sensors, offering you different playing modes that will allow you to play almost any kind of virtual instrument or synthesizer.

Unravel evolving chords, weave intricate melodies, craft expressive rhythms. Any way you choose to approach it, Loom is designed as an extension of your hands.

Loom can function as a MIDI Keyboard, offering access to a two or three-octave range. You can play notes, bend them, nuance your attack, and add expression by sliding along the keys.

But if you want to break free from the keys, Loom can also work as a MIDI Ribbon, allowing for smooth sliding across its surface. Optionally, it can make sure you land on the right note, making it easier to play with others without losing the free-form nature of the ribbon.

If you want to play chords like a guitar, Loom offers a MIDI Strum mode, where you can choose a chord with one hand and strum virtual strings with the other. Or you can play it like a harp, directly sliding your fingers across the chord.

For rhythmic parts, Loom also got you covered. Its MIDI Drumkit mode has been carefully designed to provide you with a unique and efficient layout for finger-drumming. It can sense the way your finger hits the surface, as well as the position of your hit: flick more or less quickly to open the hi-hat, move your finger along the ride cymbal's edge or bell, and obtain subtle variations on your snare sound. It works great with acoustic and synthetic drum sounds.

For rhythmic parts, Loom also got you covered. Its MIDI Drumkit mode has been carefully designed to provide you with a unique and efficient layout for finger-drumming. It can sense the way your finger hits the surface, as well as the position of your hit: flick more or less quickly to open the hi-hat, move your finger along the ride cymbal's edge or bell, and obtain subtle variations on your snare sound. It works great with acoustic and synthetic drum sounds.

To the left of the surface lies a pressure-sensitive squishy square area called the action zone. Press it to have nuanced control over dynamics or effects.
The companion editor allows you to customize every aspect of your Loom: change modes assign zones, map MIDI controls, set thresholds, and adjust response curves.

Craft melodies with two octaves. Weave symphonies with three octaves. Loom is designed for portability, while its extended version, Looom, offers a wider playing range.

MIDI MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) is an extension of the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) standard that enables more nuanced and expressive performance capabilities for electronic instruments.
Traditional MIDI communication allows for control changes to be applied globally across all notes of an instrument. In contrast, MPE assigns each note its own unique channel, allowing for individual control of pitch, volume, and timbre per note.

This innovation opens up a new realm of expressive possibilities, letting musicians bend, slide, and modulate notes independently, much like on acoustic instruments. By providing detailed control over each note's parameters, MPE enhances the expressiveness of electronic music performances.
Loom is designed from the ground up for MPE, but it also works very well with any non-MPE MIDI instruments, even monophonic ones!

You're not limited to the modes we've designed. If you know your way around code, you can also take over and create your own. You can send a specific MIDI message to enter developer mode, where every input will be sent as-is, and you'll be able to control the LEDs and display by sending MIDI SysEx messages to the Loom from your own program or script running on your computer. This way, you can entirely control what's happening on your Loom, design new playing modes that you can distribute to others, or use Loom as an experimentation platform.

Using a USB or MIDI cable, you can easily connect your Loom to all your hardware and software: VSTi, Audio Units, hardware, etc.
Here are a few demos that showcase examples of how Loom can be used and setup.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Arturia Keylab Essential 88 Review & Demo

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Here's the latest in Arturia's Keylab Essential range. It's the 88 key version, and works just like the others, but is BIGGER!!

It's quite hefty for a MIDI controller, but portable considering it's keyboard is 88 keys. There's no aftertouch and its semi-weighted, not hammer action, but comes in at a great price. So if you can live without those extras and you want a full range keyboard it's well worth a look."

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Viper Synths Harmony - New MIDI Controller Designed for Orchestration Libraries Such as Spitfire

Watch Harmony in action, a MIDI controller designed for orchestration libraries such as Spitfire! video upload by Viper Synths

Also see the Viper Synths Robotron MIDI Controller

"This video shows music producer Dan Keen using Harmony our MIDI controller designed for controlling orchestration libraries such as Spitfire, Cinesamples and more.

HARMONY - Deluxe Digital Control.
Precise and comfortable control for your MIDI instrumental libraries.

Harmony is a USB MIDI controller designed for controlling orchestration libraries such as Spitfire, Cinesamples and more.
Fully assignable on the fly with a built in Control Change feature - the rotary "Technique" encoder allows you to browse techniques in all your Spitfire plugins (also works on Kontakt based librairies).

Control any plugin with more accuracy, detail, and precision with this universal MIDI device. It works with any plugin in, you're not limited to orchestration librairies.

Hand-made by David Jacopin in limited batches, HARMONY is a boutique device, opening new doors for expression and creativity.

Harmony gives your virtual instruments the uncompromising control of a conductor’s batton.

Universal Instrument Control - Infinitely Expressive
This deluxe and flexible instrument control provides a sleek feel, with deep control - in a stylish format.

OLED Display Screen
A clear OLED screen to see your values and CC assignments.

Two Smooth, Precise Sliders
Harmony features two 100mm sliders, which are smooth to the touch.
Usually Slider 1 is used for expression and Slider 2 for dynamics - but it can be used for anything.

Three Expressive Potentiometers
The 3 potentiometers can be used to control effects and other values - reverb, release, vibrato, you decide.

Assign Button & Technique Encoder
A switch to trigger the CC programmation and a rotary encoder to switch between instruments techniques.

Universal Control
You have maximum control over your Spitfire instruments. Harmony can also be assigned to any DAW or VST parameter.

USB Connection
Harmony is fitted with a USB-C port, and comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable converter.

Get yours at"

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

SFC-OB | A controller for your Oberheim synth plugins

video upload by Espen Kraft

"Oberheim OB-X synths in different varieties are not difficult to find these days. If you go for software this controller from Soundforce might come in handy."

See this previous post for addtional details.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

gamepad - new in Max 8.6

video upload by Cycling '74

"Introducing the gamepad object, new in Max 8.6, offers easy cross-platform support for gaming hardware in Max. Game controllers are a great way to explore patch control beyond the mouse/trackpad. Check out for more details about the recent Max updates."

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

SoundForce Introduces SFC-OB Class-Compliant Boutique Oberheim OB-Style Hardware Controller

via SoundForce

"The SoundForce SFC-OB is a class-compliant boutique USB MIDI controller dedicated to OB-style synth plugins.

With 37 rotary pots, 41 switches and 45 LEDs, you can finally control your virtual instrument in an instinctive and fun way. Create better synth sounds easier and improve your overall experience. A couple of extra “USER” controls are available to be freely assigned to additional parameters, for example Reverb size, Delay time, DAW FX sends levels. etc… The controller sends out standard MIDI cc messages and can be used with any software that is MIDI-mappable. A web-based control panel app allows the user to change the cc messages number for each control, change the MIDI channel and load the different plugin modes.

Plugin modes
Although the controller can be used with any software that can be mapped to MIDI CC messages, the SFC-OB has been specifically designed to work with the most popular OB-style synth plugins. Set the controller to the right plugin mode using the control panel. This will ensure that every switch on the SFC-OB is fitting the plugin used as well as possible. For more information, please check out the manual on the support page.

Build quality
The controller is assembled in The Netherlands with parts from Europe and Asia. It is built to last and withstand intense usage on tour and in the studio. SoundForce has an excellent track record for its controller line, with many units built and very little registered issues and repairs. The enclosure is made of 100% sheet metal and is manufactured by Grawart ( The case is made of bent steel and powder coated in black. The front panel is aluminum, also powder coated and screen printed with scratch-proof white and blue ink. Walnut wood side panels of 8mm thickness are fitted to both sides of the controller. On the electronics and firmware side, the controller is powered by the same STM32 Cortex-M micro-controller platform used successfully in previous products, insuring a very high level of compatibility with different computers and DAWs. The devices have been even used successfully with iPads.

2-way/1-way communication
As with previous controllers, users can enjoy 2-way integration using the latest Arturia OP-Xa V. This means that the controller interface can be updated when presets are changed in the plugin, when plugin instances are switched or even manually on demand. The controller even accounts for discrepancies between a plugin pot-position and a controller pot-position, and implements pick-up or smoothing modes to avoid juming values. This allows for an improved and tighthly integrated workflow. Other traditional 1-way MIDI CC mapping is available for the brand new GForce OB-X, SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II, DiscoDSP OB-Xd and Synapse Obsession. Those modes, even though more limited, still offer a fantastic new hands-on experience for virtual synth users.

Pricing and Availability
The SFC-OB is available on the SoundForce webshop for 399 euros incl VAT (exact price will depend on your local VAT %) in the EU and 329 euros for customers outside the EU. Perfect Circuit will be distributing the SFC-OB in the US, Signal Sounds in the UK, Cicada Sound in Canada and Dupertuis in Switzerland. Please get in touch with your local distributor for pre-ordering/ordering and pricing information."

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Arturia Introduces the KeyStep Pro Chroma w/ KeyStep Pro Firmware 2.5

video upload by Arturia

What's New? | KeyStep Pro - Firmware 2.5

video upload by Arturia

Andreas Tilliander aka TM404 | Analog symphony with KeyStep Pro Chroma

video upload by Arturia

Press release follows.

KeyStep Pro Chroma combines new aesthetic elements, including a sleek dark gray exterior, striking blue LEDs and other expressive features that allow users to customize their track colors. These additions are added to the already-impressive list of features of 2019’s KeyStep Pro, the polyphonic controller that remains a benchmark for creative hardware & software sequencing.

With the release of KeyStep Pro Chroma comes a significant new firmware update (2.5), delivering useful new features and long-awaited enhancements, free for existing KeyStep Pro users. The update will be available to download via MIDI Control Center & from November 30th, with full release notes viewable on Arturia’s KeyStep Pro web page.

KeyStep Pro Chroma will be available to order from November 30th in the US & Asia, and from mid December in Europe. Customers should contact their preferred dealer for availability information.

Check with dealers on the right for availability.


Sleek dark exterior
An alluring dark gray gives KeyStep Pro an edgy, industrial look.

Vibrant blue LEDs
In perfect contrast to the dark casing, bright blue LEDs illuminate your setup.

New stylish knob caps
Great-feeling knob caps all round to complement KeyStep Pro Chroma’s fresh design.

Customizable track colors
Exclusive for KeyStep Pro Chroma, users can now choose from a range of colors for their tracks.

Thursday, November 09, 2023

New Dtronics DT-RDX-V2 Yamaha Reface DX Controller

via Dtronics

"The Dtronics DT-RDX-V2 is a hardware controller for the Yamaha Reface DX and the successor to its older brother the DT-RDX. The difference between the two is that the RDX-V2 has a hardware MIDI merger on board for even better performance.

With all its parameters the FM synthesiser is a challenge to control. The DT-RDX-V2 has all parameters directly accessible with its 41 knobs and 9 switches. All you have to do is select the desired operator. You can also edit multiple operators with the same parameters at the same time.

The controller is mounted on a stylish holder.(included)"

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Introducing Seaboard BLOCK M: Infinite Expression. Anywhere.

video upload by ROLI

"Experience ultimate musical freedom with Seaboard BLOCK M. Compact and powerful, play any sound imaginable and express yourself effortlessly — wherever creativity finds you — on this evolution of the multi-award-winning original.

Seaboard BLOCK M is available now in limited pre-order batches. Order today to avoid disappointment.

Find out more about Seaboard BLOCK M:

What’s new with Seaboard BLOCK M:
— Put Seaboard BLOCK M at the heart of your setup with a new MIDI out that enables direct control of other hardware instruments.
— Advanced customization of keywave response through a firmware upgrade, offering more nuanced MPE control.
— A more natural, intuitive playing experience with an improved velocity response curve.
— Durable design that has been refined to withstand the rigors of touring and extended studio sessions.
— Go computer-free with mode-switching on your BLOCK M – change between Single Channel, or MPE, and other modes once activated in Dashboard.
— Switch between your saved Equator2 or ROLI Studio presets by holding the side button and pressing the octave left and right buttons.
— Select your own ROLI Soundpacks to get you started with MPE.

Presets used:
SWAM: Cello
SWAM: Viola
Equator2: Aerial Saw Lead
Equator2: City Decay Bass
Equator2: Electric Tube Violin
Equator2: Brass Staccato
Equator2: Vintage Power Lead
Equator2: Tears in Rain
Equator2: Underwater Cathedral"

Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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