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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Behringer Introduces PROTON Follow-up to the Neutron

video upload by

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Behringer Intrduces the UB-Xa D Desktop - Small Footprint, MASSIVE Sound

video upload by Behringer

List Price: $799

"For all of the small studio synthesists out there, they say size matters, but sometimes smaller is simply better. Introducing the UB-Xa Desktop. Packed with all the features of it's larger sibling you can now harness the full power of the UB-Xa in a compact Desktop format.

All Music was created with the UB-Xa D & UB-Xa. (From 1:05 onwards)

More info at:

00:00 Breaking News
00:31 History in the making
00:47 Hard Facts Bro
01:05 We Got It Covered Y'all
01:15 UB-Xa D Intro Song
01:44 Introducing a Giant
02:15 UB-Xa D Features
02:53 Demo
04:25 UB-Xa D Features & Dimensions
05:27 Outro"

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Enter the Moog Labyrinth

video upload by Moog Music

Labyrinth | Moog Demo Library
video uploads by Moog Music

User videos:

Playlist (use the player controls to skip around):

1. Perfect Circuit: Moog Semi-Modular Comparison 2024: Labyrinth, Mother-32, & More (feat. Sarah Belle Reid)
2. Sarah Belle Reid: Moog Labyrinth Semi-Modular Synth: Overview + Explorations
3. Loopop: Moog Labyrinth // A Synth that’s a Generative Idea Machine // 13 patch ideas, review & tutorial
4. mylarmelodies: Moog Labyrinth Demo: Explanation & Generative Techno Jams
5. Reverb: Exploring Generative Synthesis with the Moog Labyrinth
6. Jorb: Moog Labyrinth // Generative Synthesis At It's Best
7. SUTURE SOUND: A ton of Moog Labyrinth sounds (no talking)
8. Bonedo Synthesizers: MOOG Labyrinth Sound Demo (no talking) - Preset Sheets
9. Limbic Bits: MOOG Labyrinth Sound Demo (no talking): 6 Improvisations on the Labyrinth
10. Starsky Carr: Moog Labyrinth // 3 Minute Manual + Full Review & Demo


Labyrinth introduces a classic West Coast sound into the Mother Ecosystem experience rich analog synthesizer history in both surprising and recognizable sonic textures. Two generative sequencers bring to life sounds that bloom over time, letting you control their evolution and scale, then play them off of each other for striking polymetric melodies.

With parallel analog signal paths, this adventurous instrument shines when adding color to the steady backdrop of a drum pattern or bassline.

The beating heart of Labyrinth is a robust dual sequencer, which uses chance calculations to generate two unique eight-step paths which twist and curve around one another.

A parallel voice processing path with a voltage-controlled blending allows you to morph sounds over time.

A fresh interpretation of the Moog sound via a voltage-controlled wavefolder. Two oscillators drive duophonic melodic counterpoints, metallic FM tones, and analog synthetic drums.

Moog's semi-modular lineup expands to include the Labyrinth, a generative synthesizer that brings you two parallel sequencers, two oscillators, and endless possibilities. Based around a core sine VCO and a triangle Mod VCO, these sound sources have independent level controls, as well as a Ring Mod and Noise level control that all feed a saturating mixer that can add a touch or grit. From the mixer, we have the switchable option to go into a voltage controllable wave folder then into a classic Moog filter, the opposite with our filter going into the wave folder, or have both of these run in parallel.

The heart of the Labyrinth is the sequencer section. A dual 8-step sequencer gives you interactive quantized melodies that can affect various parameters, based on the labeled trimmers. These sequencers send out both notes CV and triggers and with a Trig Mix you can get rhythmic interplay that is quite satisfying. Each sequencer has a Length settings and a Bit Shift when adjusts the position of activated steps. The Bit Flip and Corrupt parameters present gives you more randomness and serendipity allowing you to create evolving patterns.

As with all of their semi-modular synths, Moog gives you access to 32 patch point patchbay with 12 outputs and 20 inputs. This gives you the option to self-patch and integrate it into your existing Eurorack ecosystem. Moog's Labyrinth is the perfect expansion to your existing system or a great starting point as an entry to modular synthesis, especially for those who are looking to get expressive rhythmic patterns quickly.


- Parallel generative analog synthesizer

- Two oscillators, a sine-based and triangle-based

- Switchable wave folder to filter, filter to wave folder, or parallel processing

- Diode-transistor hybrid wavefolder with smooth Fold and Bias control

- Morphable Low pass to Band pass 2-pole filter

- Adjustable decay time for both decay envelopes

- Blend Sequence 1 and Sequence 2 triggers for complex rhythms

- Each sequencers has options to adjust length, per-step adjustments, adjustable randomness (Corrupt), and shifting the pattern on-the-fly

- Quantizable pitches to 16 different scales

- 32-Point patch bay, 12 outs 20 ins

Sunday, July 07, 2024

Key-bowed / arduino uno r4 minima

video upload by - WASHIYAMA GIKEN -鷲山技研

"Sound is generated by inputting the drive waveform extracted by the piezo sensor to the string vibration model.

processor : arduino uno r4 minima"

Thursday, July 04, 2024

TSL Introduces the Studio Equipment Compact Synthesizer

Deep Space Illusion Boutique Limited Edition Synthesizer with Supersonic by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment


Introducing the TSL Studio Equipment Compact Synthesizer.

Handmade , programmed and Designed by George Tsomokos,

this powerful synthesizer unit packs a world of sound into a compact 1590BB enclosure.

Perfect for musicians, producers, and sound designers who demand professional-grade synthesis in a portable package.Key Features:Dual Oscillator Design.

40 unique waveforms per oscillator.

Independent control for rich, layered sounds.

Advanced Modulation.

20 modulation types including FM, AM, Ring Mod, and more...

LFO with 40 waveform options for dynamic sound shaping.

Intuitive Control7 high-precision potentiometers for real-time parameter adjustment.

4 buttons for quick waveform selection and LFO control.

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.

Innovative control method for pitch and modulation.

Responsive velocity tracking for expressive performance.

High-Resolution Audio12-bit DAC for clean,

professional-quality output.

Wide range of tonal possibilities.

Compact and Durable Housed in a robust 1590BB enclosure.

Perfect for pedalboards, desktop setups, or on-the-go music production.

FM MIDI Synth Photo-Theremin

video upload by TroniCraft Instruments

"An FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer with experimental sounds. Optional photo sensors for optical Theremin effects.
Made by Tony Amendolare of &
Can be used with any external MIDI Transmitter, keyboard or software like Ableton or Pure Data."

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Introducing SONICWARE LIVEN Ambient - Immersive Ambient Generator Synthesizer

video uploads by SONICWARE

1. LIVEN Ambient Ø (Official PV)
2. How to make ambient music with LIVEN Ambient Ø
3. Layering tones with LIVEN Ambient Ø

Press release follows:

Soundscape Synthesizer LIVEN Ambient Ø Immersive Ambient Generator

4 layers of tone and texture̶Drone, Pad, Atmos, and Noise̶merge to generate resonance and transformation.

Blendwave Modulation Synthesis

Newly developed synth-engine with 6 structures, designed to create undulating and fluctuating tones.

Noise and Space

The Noise layer processes 8-second stereo sampling loops with noise blending and pitch modulation.

Extensive Effects Section

9 types of lush Reverb with shimmer, plus 6 types of effects including Tape Delay and Master Chorus.

Sequencer on Each Layer

Records performances, notes probabilities, and evolving tonal changes.

Immersive Ambient Generator
Ambient Ø (zero) is incredibly easy to use. Start by playing a tone from one layer using the note hold function. While listening closely, simply tweak the knobs to modify the tone and add other layers to shape a pleasing sound.

Blendwave Modulation Synthesis
We conducted extensive research into creating undulating and fluctuating tones for Ambient Ø, resulting in the development of a new wavetable-based synthesis.
Blendwave Modulation Synthesis combines 6 unique structures with 32 WAVEs featuring complex harmonic transitions, making it easy to create powerful low drones, lush pads, and transparent pizzicatos, perfect for ambient music.

4 knobs / 8 parameters offer a wide range of tone creation.

A WAVE contains 128 harmonic tables, allowing for diverse tonal changes such as moving from basic waveforms to complex harmonics. The WAVE is
represented by a yin-yang icon, with the yin representing moves in the reverse direction through the tables during modulation.

6 Structures
Each structure has a different number of oscillators and modulation circuits. ATMOS 1 applies ring modulation, while ATMOS 2 applies FM modulation.

Noise and Space
The Noise layer includes 8 specially selected nature sounds, offering noise blending, pitch adjustment and modulation to infuse unique spatial characteristics.
Additionally, it allows for up to 8 seconds of stereo sampling from the line input, letting you create personalized textures.

Extensive Effects Section
Ambient Ø is equipped with 9 types of lush reverb, each offering unique spatial dimensions and brightness settings. You can individually adjust the reverb send and shimmer send (for layering octaves) for each layer.

In addition to the reverb, the Ambient Ø offers
an effect unit with Tape Delay, Reverse Delay, and 4 master effects; Overdrive, Bit/Rate Crush, Tilt EQ, and Stereo Chorus.

Sequencer on Each Layer
You can not only layer the four tones, but each layer also includes a sequencer that allows you to record keyboard performances.
Furthermore, you can record changes in numerous parameters, including level, pan, and filter movement over time.

16 Ambient Sound Pattern Palettes, crafted by expert sound designers
No need to start from scratch. Choose a palette that fits your mood, start playing tones, tweak the knobs, and layer them following your heart. Thus, your inner thoughts and emotions will be crafted into sound.

Play On The Go: Portable, Built-in speaker, and Battery-powered
Leave your usual workspace and try using Ambient Ø in your living room or outdoors. As its evolving sounds mixes with the surrounding environmental noises, you are likely to experience genuine Ambient Music.

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

SyntGazos Boutique Limited Edition Digital Multi Complex Synthesizer Unit by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment

Product Name: SyntGazos Synthesizer
Designer: George Tsomokos by TSL Studio Equipment
Type: Digital Multi Complex Synthesizer Unit


The SyntGazos is a versatile and powerful synthesizer designed for musicians and sound designers who seek a unique and customizable instrument. With its rich set of features and high-quality sound generation capabilities, SyntGazos provides endless possibilities for creating and exploring new sounds.

SetonixSynth Batwing Synth I - Full DIY Kit Build

video upload by SetonixSynth

"In this video I build the DIY kit version of the new Batwing Synth I noise synthesizer. It's a simple but fun drone/glitch/bloop machine designed to be a great beginner soldering project. Check it out!

The soundtrack for this video was made with the Batwing Synth processed by a Marsupial filter with delay and reverb added."

Monday, July 01, 2024

New Round Robin Synthesizer From Magpie Pedals

video upload by

"Finally launching the Synthesizer we have been working on for more than a year! ROUND ROBIN pre-orders are officially open!! There will be alot more information videos about it coming soon but for starters feel free to ask any and all questions in the comment section of this video and we will answer next week.
Price is about $400-450 (depending on how to strong sweden currency is that day) and the plan is to start shipping in august.

Pre-order here:
Manual and stuff:
Join the discord to talk about it:"

Saturday, June 29, 2024

UltraDubeRolzer - fanfare for a fabulous drone machine

video upload by NoctopolisMusic

"My first encounters with the UltraDubeRolzer mostly made me scratch my head and wonder what I´d got myself into, but then I paired it with the Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrax organ and things took a different and most welcome turn - the UDR turned out to be a fabulous drone machine!

I just vaguely know what I´m doing here but there is crossmodulation going on between the Sidrax, the Duber filters (sounding wonderful!) and the Ultrasound section, and of course the Rollz do their thing too. All in all, the UDR (built by Maciek Jaciuk) semms to be an intriguing and exciting instrument. To be continued ..."

Note this is the first post to feature the UltraDubeRolzer. I ran a quick search online and only found the following video from four months ago.

Ciat lombarde Cocouantus, Sigil Ultraduberolzer, I-pad / Paseo de los Olmos

video upload by Pablo Madoz

"Ciat lombarde Cocoquantus, Sigil Ultraduberolzer, I-pad"

Thursday, June 27, 2024

First sounds from WS-2X

video upload by Ground Grown Circuits

"WS-2X Professional Werkstattion
Built from 2 Moog Werkstatts
Sound direct from headphones port, no external effects"

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

KORG Unveils the Nautilus AT Gray – Limited Edition

video upload by Korg

"Nautilus AT Gray is a limited edition workstation merging Korg's renowned sound with a sleek matte gray finish. Available in both 61 and 88-key versions, it features aftertouch, nine powerful sound engines, dynamic real-time controls, and an intuitive user interface. Elevate your music production with this stylish and versatile instrument, perfect for both stage and studio settings."

video upload by KORG INC.

"アフタータッチを搭載したNAUTILUS ATに限定カラー・モデルが加わります。61鍵と88鍵の両バージョンが用意され、NAUTILUS同様にパワフルな機能を搭載するNAUTILUS ATに、スタイリッシュで目を引くマットグレー仕上げのモデルが新登場"

"Same powerful workstation, fresh new look!

The aftertouch-equipped NAUTILUS AT is getting a limited edition makeover. Still available in both 61 and 88-key versions, and housing the same powerful feature-set, NAUTILUS AT is now available in a stylish and eye-catching matte gray finish.

But it’s not just about the top panel. The 61-key version sports a gray bottom panel for a slick cohesive design, while the 88-key model is framed with elegant black wooden side panels for a refined touch.

The NAUTILUS AT Gray is more than just a musical instrument - it’s a visual statement. Perfect for stage performances and studio sessions, this limited edition not only empowers you to create great music, but also adds an artistic touch to your setup. Enjoy the same trusted KORG sound, now with an amplified visual appeal.

*All specifications are the same as NAUTILUS AT except for the gray color ."

Check with dealers on the right for availability.

Click the picks for the full size shots.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The GND-1T (Speak & Glitch GND-1T) | Circuit Bent Speech Chip Synthesizer

video upload by Shirato_Noise

Follow-up to the Speak & Glitch GND-1

"I'm very happy to finally be able to introduce this instrument. The GND-1T is a synthesizer developed by Richard van Hoesel and is the successor to the GND-1. The major improvements are the touch screen and the addition of built-in drum sounds. This allows for the simultaneous generation of circuit bent speech chip sounds and chaotic rhythms.

This video introduces the preset sounds and twists them a bit. No additional effects.

Check out his web page for further details and manuals for this instrument.

As a backstory, I have provided a few sample sets for the drum sounds of this instrument. These are my acoustic drums, percussion sounds, and some unique synthesized electronic drum sounds. I hope you enjoy them!"

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Behringer Working on PRO-16 - 16 Voice Prophet-5

via Behringer

"Designing the PRO-16: The 16-Voice Revolution

We are excited to share an update and achievement with you: the recreation of the iconic Prophet 5, but with a twist – our version boasts 16 voices and many new features that push the boundaries of what's possible in a synthesizer.

Recreating this synthesizer was no small feat. The engineering work involved is extraordinarily complex, requiring meticulous attention to detail and precision. Our team of engineers had to navigate the intricacies of integrating thousands of components to stay true to the original sound while adding modern capabilities.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the development of an 8-layer printed circuit board (PCB). For those unfamiliar, a PCB is essentially the backbone of any electronic device, housing all the components and ensuring they work together seamlessly. An 8-layer board means there are eight layers of circuitry stacked within a single board, allowing us to pack more functionality into a compact space. This complexity is necessary to manage the increased number of voices and new features while maintaining signal integrity and reducing noise.

The result is a synthesizer that not only honors the legacy of the original, but also enhances it with 16 voices, offering unparalleled polyphony and richness. This modern version includes:

- Multi-mode filters. Providing a wide range of tonal possibilities.

- 8-mode atrophy settings: Allowing for extensive modulation and sound-shaping capabilities.

- Poly aftertouch key bed: Delivering expressive and dynamic playability, making it a dream to play.

These advanced features make the new PRO-16 a powerhouse for today’s musicians, blending the classic sound with cutting-edge technology.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement and can't wait for you to experience the new PRO-16."

Friday, June 07, 2024

ARTURIA Introduces MiniFreak Stellar | Dark Sky Synthesis

video upload by Arturia

"Introducing MiniFreak Stellar, a special edition of the mighty polyphonic hybrid keyboard. The same dual digital sound engines, gnarly analog filters, advanced modulation, sequencing and stereo effects, but with a dark intergalactic edge that will take your sound into deep space and beyond."

Meet the Chromaplane - New Electromagnetic Synthesizer

video upload by KOMA Elektronik

See the SUPERBOOTH video here.

"Official DEMO video for the Chromaplane, a novel polyphonic analog synthesizer developed by KOMA Elektronik and Passepartout Duo.

The Chromaplane is designed around ten tunable electromagnetic fields that are emitted from its sleek aluminum surface. The experience of playing it combines the immediacy of an acoustic instrument, with the endless possibilities of electronic music.

Coming soon on Kickstarter!"

Full Chromaplane Demo - Electromagnetic Synthesizer (No Talking)

video upload by KOMA Elektronik

"A novel polyphonic electromagnetic instrument developed by KOMA Elektronik and Passepartout Duo. In this video we show a few interesting techniques for the Chromaplane."

0:00 - Internal filter CV - long delay time with some feedback
0:56 - long delay time with 100% feedback
1:40 - sound texture using the pickups horizontally
2:04 - pickup as pendulum with melodic line
2:48 - internal filter CV - short delay with lots of feedback
3:47 - envelope follower controls the filter CV
4:42 - feedback patch to external input
5:30 - Buddha machine as external input
6:07 - Field Kit radio scanning controlled by envelope out
6:54 - playing with four pickups using the Field Kit's mixer

Monday, June 03, 2024

Behringer Introduces the SYNCUSSION SY-1 for $199

video upload by Behringer

"One of the hidden gems of the Techno world comes to Eurorack, introducing the SYNCUSSION SY-1. An all analog drum & percussion synth that is capable of a wide range of analog drums, basses, percussive elements and hole host of weird and wonderful tones.

00:00 Syncussion Intro Song
00:49 Introducing
01:06 History of the Syncussion
02:33 Controls Demo
04:40 Demo Jam 1
05:44 Oscillators Demo
06:42 Demo Jam 2

Music & Video created by Patrick (PatchDog) exclusively with the SYNCUSSION SY-1."

"Experience the legendary sound and feel of a classic analog percussion synth with the Behringer SYNCUSSION SY-1. This historic equipment allows you to create a wide range of percussive sounds and effects, from deep kicks and snappy snares to metallic clangs and sci-fi zaps.

List Price: $199"

Saturday, June 01, 2024

EMS VCS3/Synthi/Switchtrix Electronics VCSX-100


"Introducing our latest model.VCSX-100.This time with Synthi 100 style collet knobs and Sakae counting dials
This Synth features the VCS3 OSC1-3,Filter,Envelope,Ring Modulator,Input channels,Meter and Joystick with the addition of the Synthi 100 Dual Random Voltage Generator,Multimode Filter,,Envelope Shaper and Octave Filter Bank.Housed in a VCS3 cabinet all module input and outputs brough out to 3.5mm jack sockets to interface with modulars or other VCS3/Synthi's"

Friday, May 31, 2024

Bheringer Shares Their Enigma - Buchla Music Easel Prototype

via Behringer "We're excited to share our latest Enigma prototype as we get closer to the final product. It's a very complex design, particularly with the addition of total patch memory. We hope you enjoy the vibrant colors! 🙂"

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