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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

KORG Introduces the MPS-10 Drum, Percussion & Sampler Pad

video upload by Korg

"The Korg MPS-10 is a cutting-edge drum pad, sampler, and looper designed for expressive percussion performances. Its 10 responsive drum pads, versatile sampler with 3,000+ samples, 32GB internal storage, and powerful 4-track looper offer endless creative possibilities. With real-time effects, modulation capabilities, and seamless kit transitions, it empowers musicians to shape their sound on the fly. Plus, its flexible connectivity options make integration into any setup a breeze."

MPS-10 Overview and Demo

video upload by Korg

"The Korg MPS-10 is an innovative drum pad, sampler, and looper that empowers musicians to craft expressive percussion performances. Its durable yet refined design caters to the diverse needs of drummers and percussionists, enabling creative and versatile performances.

Drummer Greg Fox highlights the Korg MPS-10's key features showcasing the 10 responsive drum pads, the versatile sampler with 3,000+ samples and 32GB internal storage, its robust 4-track looper, and real-time effects with modulation capabilities.

Musicians can shape their sound in real time using the four Continuous Control pads (CC pads) and experience seamless kit transitions through Smooth Sound Transition (SST). Additionally, its flexible connectivity options, including USB, MIDI, external trigger in, foot switch, and expression jack, simplify integration into any existing setup.

More details:

Check out Greg Fox here:


00:00 Intro
00:16 10 Drum Pads
01:16 Four-Track Looper
03:11 Versatile Sound Presets
04:12 Sampler & Connectivity
05:09 Looping & Triggering"


Maximum polyphony 48 voices Kits 200 (including user KITs) INST 2350 SAMPLE 3002 Effects 77 Input/output jacks and ports Headphones (6.3 mm TRS phone jack)

Audio outputs: MAIN OUT L (MONO), MAIN OUT R, SUB OUT 1, SUB OUT 2 (6.3 mm TRS phone jacks)

Audio inputs: LINE IN L/R, MIC IN (6.3 mm TRS phone jacks)

Trigger input: CH A/B, C/D (6.3 mm stereo phone jacks)

Foot pedals 1, 2 (6.3 mm TRS phone jacks)

Expression pedal (6.3 mm TRS phone jack)


USB-A (Type-A) USB standard ver. 2.0, Hi-Speed compliant (480 Mbps)

USB-B (Type-B) USB standard ver. 2.0, Hi-Speed compliant (480 Mbps) Internal memory 32 GB (including preset data) Playable data formats WAV, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, 16-bit (up to 60 minutes long)

AIFF, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, 16-bit (up to 60 minutes long) Display 320 × 240 dots (backlit color LCD) Operating temperature 0 to +40°C (avoid condensation) Power supply AC adapter (DC 9 V) Dimensions (W × D × H) 424 × 264 × 75 mm/16.69" × 10.39" × 2.95" Weight 2.3 kg/5.07 lb Included items AC adapter, Quick Start Guide

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

New SONICWARE Lofi-12 XT | Lo-fi Groovebox Sampler - Advanced Model Comes to Kickstarter

video uploads by SONICWARE

"We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product, "Lofi-12 XT" on Kickstarter.

The Lofi-12 XT is an advanced model of the Liven Lofi-12, newly developed based on hardware of the SmplTrek. The Lofi-12 XT inherits the retro sampling engine of the Liven Lofi-12 but is redesigned and redeveloped as an even more user-friendly and fun Lo-fi Groovebox Sampler.

Please support this project on Kickstarter.

Super Early Bird (Only 100 units): under $379 [save $120+]
Early Bird (The first 5 days): under $399 [save $100+]
Kickstarter Price (Special price): $429 [save $70+]

- Limited Retro Color -
Super Early Bird (Only 100 units): under $399 [save $160+]
Early Bird (The first 5 days): under $429 [save $130+]

For more Information:

*The USD prices are calculated as of October 23, 2023. The pledge amount displayed will change depending on the USD-JPY exchange rate."

Click the pics for full size shots.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Introducing nanobox | tangerine

video upload by 1010music

"Get powerful sampling capabilities in the nanobox form factor. With the
sampling features of nanobox | tangerine, you can add interesting new ways
of generating sound and music to your desktop or travel rig. Trigger one
shots, play time synced loops or record live looping. The nanobox |
tangerine can use one shots to play hip rhythms, or huge multi-samples to
play soulful melodic tunes.

Sweet and Tangy Sampling
The nanobox | tangerine delivers powerful sampling in an ultra-portable form
factor. With this nanobox, you can add recording, sample playback, clip
launching, slicing, and musically intelligent looping capabilities to your
desktop or travel rig. With an intuitive touch screen interface, nanobox |
tangerine makes easy work of selecting, editing, and tweaking your samples.
You can stream large samples of up to 4 GB file size straight from the
microSD card. Interact with other musical components via MIDI. Load
multi-sample banks with over 500 samples for amazing instrument
reproduction. Tweak your configurations to get them just right, then save
them to multiple presets for future reuse."

Sunday, October 08, 2023

Synthfest UK 23: Yamaha - FGDP-50 Fingerdrum - Nice

video upload by sonicstate

"At Synthfest UK 2023, we had a chat with Simon from Yamaha about their latest venture into the world of finger drumming with the FGDP finger drum pad. Yamaha may not be the first name that comes to mind for finger drumming, but they've entered the game with a fresh perspective. The FGDP-50 features a unique pad layout designed for ergonomic and intuitive finger drumming. With 18 pads thoughtfully distributed in a compact space, players can easily create intricate rhythms with a single hand. This pad isn't just about drumming; it offers three key functions: finger controller, DAW controller, and a session mode for playing internal songs and jamming along.

Beyond the layout, the FGDP-50 boasts 1500 sounds and offers flexible assignment options, making it versatile for both beginners and experienced drummers. It can function as a MIDI expander for electronic drum kits, and its USB audio capabilities allow for direct recording and playback without the need for a computer.

FGDP-50 Price: £220"

Sunday, September 24, 2023

New Sonic Sand Castles' Audio Enjoyer XR-1 Groovebox Sneak Peak

video upload by Sonic Sand Castles

"A test jam with the xr-1 groovebox"

xr-1 909 groove test

"Testing applying a 909-style groove/swing in varying amounts on the xr-1"

via Reddit 2 days ago:

"Hey all, this is a prototype of the xr-1, a digital drum machine, sampler, and synthesizer. It’s powered by the Teensy 4.1 microcontroller.

It’s a 909 style sequencer (a step can be off, on, or accented), with 16 banks, 16 patterns per bank, 16 tracks per pattern, and a max of 64 steps per track.

There are 4 performance modes (tap, mute, solo, ratchet) and a song arrangement mode.

It has stereo in/out (usb audio in the future). It has 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O, 4 pairs of CV/gate outputs (really 8x CV outs with 0V to +10V range).

A micro SD card is used to store/recall audio samples and project data. Samples can be mono RAW or stereo WAV files. Mono samples can be looped.

There are 16 sample voices available, and 4 voices which can be used as synthesizer voices.

I currently only have a simple 2-oscillator subtractive synthesizer right now. More will be added later.

It has a capacitive touch keyboard which is useful for assigning notes to steps, playing while jamming, performing with ratchets at various beat divisions.

Lots more details to come.

I will be demoing this at the Machina Bristronica festival in Bristol next week (flying all the way from the metro Detroit area, first time overseas). If you’re able to make it, come by booth (My business name is Audio Enjoyer) and say hi.

I will launch a signup page later this month and post here again so you can sign up for more info."

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Introducing the Woovebox micro music workstation; pocket groovebox, synth, sequencer, sampler

video upload by Woovebox

"Discover the Woovebox; the smallest all-in-one micro music workstation on the planet."

via Woovebox

"The Woovebox is a workstation/ groovebox that does more with less. It aims to make music production simpler, cheaper and more portable by condensing a powerful music workstation/studio into a small pocket-sized device - all through aggressive hardware and software optimization. Pocketable, powerful and economical

The Woovebox was designed for those who love creating tunes away from a desk or studio; whether it's on a couch, on a bus, in a coffee shop, or in bed. No space, no hassle, no cables. Just plug in your headphones and go! And when you are ready, the Woovebox plays nice with DAW and other gear; physical MIDI and sync out, wireless MIDI in/out over Bluetooth, audio in, .WAV song and dry/wet stem export - it's all here. Featuring a variety of synthesis algorithms, filters and effects, the optimized engine - quite literally - punches far above its weight; despite weighing only 68g/2.4oz/0.15lbs, the Woovebox offers deep sound design, real-time synthesis, sonic abilities and advanced features that are absent from grooveboxes many times its size and cost.

A fast workflow that inspires

The Woovebox workflow is a rethink of song building; it is fast, it fits a compact device, and it avoids "empty DAW project" paralysis. It was built to reduce friction and make the time from 0-to-head-bobbing to your own track as short as possible. You do not have to memorize endless obscure button combinations, and menu-diving is kept to a minimum.

The workflow centers on quickly setting up and filling out distinct building blocks, where each block quickly combines to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Tempo, rhythm and chord info is re-used throughout the song, interface, playback options and even the synthesis engine. This is combined with conditional triggering and conditional modification of elements and tracks. The results are complex, intricate compositions that sound refined, intentional and planned. If you wish, even just a single 16-step pattern for each of the 16 tracks, is entirely enough to make a complex song that keeps the listener's attention.

Built from scratch using close-to-the-metal programming

In hardware engineering, size restrictions mean power limitations. And power limitations mean DSP (Digital Signal Processing) limitations. Starting off as a personal challenge during the days of lockdowns by a veteran signal processing engineer, the Woovebox' DSP engine was built from scratch to be as "close to the metal" and optimized as possible.

It is a style of programming that focuses on extracting every last drop of raw performance from the hardware, at the cost of easy development. The hardware, firmware and DSP code were hand-crafted in assembly and optimized over the course of three years, to perfectly balance frugality with power, audio quality and features. As a result, your Woovebox synthesizes full, complex tracks and effects in real-time, yet the small built-in battery still lasts 10h+ on one charge. In all aspects the Woovebox project embodies doing more with less."

Friday, September 01, 2023

Meet the Luma-1 - Joe Britt's Enhanced LM-1 Drum Machine In Collaboration with Roger Linn

Joe Britt LM1+ demo video upload by Roger Linn

This one is in via Soviet Space Child.

Above is a prototype Luma-1 in an LM-1 case. Below you'll see some pics of the upcoming Luma1 branded case along with some details.

According to @luma1_drum_machine:

"Welcome! We are two US based engineers who are building and selling a few Luma1 Drum Machines with Roger Linn and Joe Britt’s consent."

"While the Luma1 hardware design is in the final stage for preparation before manufacturing, there is much work happening on the software side. Luma1 is running the original LM1 code on the Z80 CPU while the secondary ARM processor delivers new features. Those include custom sound loading, MIDI, synchronization and now added OLED support. More work needs to be done to expand it and bring brand the new functionality, but we’re really happy with the progress."

Click the pics for larger shots. You can find a full write-up on Roger Linn's website here, and additional demos and pics on Instagram here.

Roger Linn: "I've recently met a new friend named Joe Britt, founder and CEO of a tech company here in Silicon Valley called Afero, and designer of some significant tech products over the years.

Lucky for me, Joe also has a personal interest in my old drum machines. A few years ago, a friend of his gave him (!) one of my old LM1 drum machines. He enjoyed playing with it, but he wished it had a few extra features like loading alternate sounds from files, and pitch and pan knobs on the front panel.

So he decided to make his own enhanced LM1. He searched the web and found some incomplete old schematics, filled in the gaps by reverse-engineering the boards, then redesigned and replaced all of the circuit boards to include his enhancements. Note in the photo above that his redesigned boards are about half the size of the original boards, and are purple! Prince would have loved that."

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Unique Handmade Analog Bass & Kick Synthesizer with Baxandall EQ Synth by TSL Studio Equipment

video upload by TSL Studio Equipment

♬ This is one of my New Unique Products:

"Pure Analog Bass - Kick Synthesizer with Passive Baxandall EQ


↣ ACCENT ( You can choose between the Internal ACCENT control or from the External Source ACCENT Socket front of the panel.

↣ CV Control to tune the sound as standalone or if you use it with external CV control from External Source.

↣ Tune Decay Control

↣ Tune Depth Control

↣ Pitch Control

↣ Decay Control

↣ Passive Low Pass Filter Before the Baxandall EQ stage

↣ Master Knob to Boost until distort the bass signal

↣ Master Volume Knob for the final export audio signal

↣ Bass Control Tone (Baxandall EQ)

↣ Treble Control Tone (Baxandall EQ)


↣ ACCENT IN Socket for External ACCENT Control

↣ CV IN Socket for the PITCH Control from External Source

↣ TRIGGER IN Socket to Trigger the Synth from External Source.
ALso the device it has Self Trigger Button front of the Panel.

100% Handmade Point to Point with NOS Compopnents on Prototype PCB and built in Handmade High Quality Pure Aluminum and Metal Enclosure.

Made in GREECE

Buy Link:"

Monday, August 14, 2023

Introducing the Stylophone BEAT

video upload by Stylophone


"Introducing Stylophone BEAT, the ultimate pocket-sized drum machine for music lovers on the move!

Create captivating beats and basslines anytime, anywhere – no drumming experience required!

Mix and match 4 drum kits and 4 bass sounds, from classic sounds to real beatbox samples, and craft your unique sound effortlessly.

Stay in time with the automatic tempo lock, record multiple layers, and mute sounds for endless beat-making fun!"

Sunday, August 13, 2023

SnapBeat Simple Lo-fi sampler Coming Soon to Tindie

video upload by SnapBeat official

"SnapBeat (former OpnBeat) is the simple Lo-fi sampler. Currently, I'm preparing its test sale on Tindie (a marketplace for maker made products). Two types of product will be available. One is pre-soldered board kit and the other is finished product which of cases are made by 3D printer. Please follow latest information on and my twitter account (@hiro_akihabara1)."

OpnBeat DIY LoFi サンプラー | Proto Ver.1 デモ, 2023/11/22 | #opnbeat #DIY #lofi #sampler
OpnBeat DIY LoFi sampler | Proto Ver.1 demo, 2023/11/22 | #opnbeat #DIY #lofi #sampler
OpnBeat DIY LoFi sampler | Proto Ver.2 demo, 2023/01/13 | Pitch change, LPF | #DIY #lofi #sampler
OpnBeat DIY LoFi sampler | Proto Ver.2 demo, 2023/02/02 | #opnbeat #DIY #lofi #sampler
OpnBeat DIY LoFi サンプラー | Proto Ver.2 デモ, 2023/02/02 | #opnbeat #DIY #lofi #sampler
OpnBeat DIY LoFi sampler | Proto Ver.3 demo, 2023/03/27 | #opnbeat #DIY #lofi #sampler
OpnBeat DIY LoFi sampler | Proto Ver.3 Hi-Res sampling & LPF demo, 2023/04/06 | #DIY #lofi #sampler
OpnBeat DIY LoFi sampler | How to assemble, 2023/04/19 | #DIY #lofi #sampler #arduino
OpnBeat demo beat making 20230525 | #DIY #lofi #sampler #arduino

"SnapBeat is a simple Lo-fi sampler
not for professinal use but for fun!"

Friday, August 11, 2023

Diy Drum Sampler Nein O Neng Wemos D1 mini

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"909 style drum" in the editor. The following video description is in Indonesian. You can find a Google translation in English further below.

"Diy Drum Sampler Trigger
Nein O Neng
ESP Wemos D1 mini
Modul Drum ini di buat dengan ESP Wemos D1mini Micro controller berbasis Wav to Code dengan Output PWM 16 bit 41kHz dan input pemicu maksimal 3v per channelnya, saya sudah membuatkan skema dan codingannya jika kalian ingin membuatnya sendiri
Link :
Perhatian agar di cermati !
Gunakan pemicu di bawah 3v jika tidak kalian akan merusaknya, di skema tidak terpasang saklar pemicu kalian bisa memasangnya sendiri
Jika kalian menggunakan pemicu di atas 3v gunakan rangkaian pemicu transistor NPN sebagai gerbang pin per channelnya, jika menggunakan catu daya simetris kalian harus menambahkan dioda schottky sebagai pengaman gerbang input dan output agar tidak terjadi konslet tegangan negatif
Pesan saya tetaplah berusaha dan jangan pernah menyerah untuk belajar, ingat kegagalan adalah sebuah proses dari keberhasilan dan bekaryalah walaupun itu burik
#diysynth #drumsynthesizer #microcontroller #espwemosd1mini"


"Diy Drum Sampler Trigger
Nein O Neng
ESP Wemos D1 mini
This Drum Module is made with ESP Wemos D1mini Micro controller based on Wav to Code with 16 bit 41kHz PWM Output and max trigger input 3v per channel, I've made a schematic and coding if you want to make it yourself
Link :
Caution to be careful!
Use a trigger below 3v otherwise you will damage it, in the schematic is not installed trigger switch you can install it yourself
If you use a trigger above 3v use a NPN transistor trigger circuit as a gate pin per channel, if using a symmetrical power supply you have to add a schottky diode as input and output gate safety so that there is no negative voltage short circuit
My message is keep trying and never give up on learning, remember failure is a process of success and work even if it's messy
#diysynth #drumsynthesizer #microcontroller # espwemosd1mini"

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Behringer Teases New Simmons SDS-3 Desktop & Eurorack Format Drum Synth

via Behringer

"That’s the stuff I love the most. Whenever i get a new prototype on my desk, I’ll set it up and connect it to my speakers. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to bring one of those new babies to life and listen to them for the first time. This SDS-3 looks and sounds so amazing.
That’s what I love about my job:-)"

Friday, July 07, 2023

Introducing CRUM DRUM - a generative drum synth!

video upload by Albert Nyström

Details via Thonk

"Crum Drum is a 4-voice drum machine with built in randomisation and probability based sequencing designed by NYSTRÖM

Rhythms can be created and manipulated using the internal random sequencer or externally via MIDI USB. Press the beat button to generate new rhythms, adjust the probability to create continuous variations, and increase the randomness to modulate the sound of your beats! Generated sequences can also be sent out via MIDI and Crum Drum can also sync via analog clock in and out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

AVP Synth SD-6 Synthetic Drums

video upload by AVP Synth

"Demo of SD-6 - compact, analog drum synthesizer inspired by the drum machines/synthesizers of the 70s-80s. Pre-programmed patterns via DAW.

0:01 - Dry sound
1:08 - With delay and reverb
2:01 - Overdriven with gain

More info and order at:"

SYNTHETIC DRUMS SD-6 - compact, analog drum synthesizer inspired by the drum machines/synthesizers of the 70s-80s with MIDI. SD-6 contains six drum sound sections.
It has 23 controls and 7 buttons with which you can have a wide control over the sound parameters and MIDI. It has individual audio outputs for each of the five sounds, a mix output and six individual trigger inputs.

Each unit is carefully hand assembled in Moscow/Russia using discrete through-hole components.

Main features:

Fully analog, transistors and discrete components;
6 individual sound channels: BD (bass drum), SD (snare drum), CL (clap), CY (cymbal), CH (close hat), OH (open hat) with noise generators;
23 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options;
6 buttons to manually trigger (play) each sound;
MIDI In/MIDI thru with learn button;
3.5 mm individual outputs;
3.5 mm individual trigger inputs 5V/1mS;
6.3 mm output;
6.3 mm headphones output;
Steel casing;
Dimensions: L190xW150xH105 mm;
Weight: 1,15 kg (without power supply);
9 VDC 100-240v power supply (included).

Friday, May 05, 2023

Generative Drum Machine sneak preview

video upload by

"So I was trying to check if I could port BRAIDS to the PI PICO. It took me near 3 months of studing and tweaking and adapt the code and finally I got it running

PICO is like 6 times more capable than the original stm32f103 of braids so it left me with a ton of power to experiement and tweak. The first logical step was to replace the 7 segments screen with a 128x64 pixels OLED screen.

Then I added a generative sequencer. And a second envelope. And an LFO. BOOM, it starts to look like a generative drum machine. I fucking love generative drum machines and most of my projects ends looking like one, but they all came from a totally different perspective, sounds totally different and has a unique archhitecture tailored to that system

Currently this one has parameter locks, per step saving and I will be adding probability probabily too :D

Another branch of the project would be to add MIDI (currently working on it) and turn it into a polysynth. Kind of Microfreak, but with the braids oscillators. But that one if ever, will be quite in the future yet.

The Drum machine, is near ready to lauch, and maybe ready to appear as build units, kits and PCBs in my Tindie and Etsy stores, as always"

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Akai Introduces the MPC X Special Edition

MPC Cookup ep. 1 with Jermaine Dupri | Akai Professional

video uploads by AkaiProVideo

Akai MPC X SE // Top 3 Pros & Cons vs MPC Live II, One, Key 61, Studio // XSE Special Edition Review

video upload by

0:00 Intro
1:00 Similarities
2:40 MPC X vs SE
3:40 Q-Links knobs
7:30 Connectivity
10:05 Battery/speaker
10:30 More buttons
12:25 Screen
13:45 Pads
14:15 Touch strip
14:45 Keys
15:20 Storage
15:50 Pros & cons
18:25 Outro

Press Release follows:


The MPC X Special Edition commemorates 35 years of innovative sampling, sound, and sequencing technology from AKAI, the premier name in music production.

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (April 26, 2023) – Akai Professional, a leading musical equipment and computer software manufacturer for performers and producers, is proud to unveil MPC X Special Edition. MPC X SE steps into the spotlight with more internal storage and memory than ever. Additionally, MPC X SE boasts flagship tactile control to make it the most powerful MPC system ever. With a stylish retro color way, MPC X SE culminates as the high point of the leading name in music production.

35 Years of sampling and Innovation.

MPC has pushed the limits of hardware music creation time and time again. In every generation, leading music makers need technology that can keep up with the speed of their inspiration and the needs of their creativity. MPC continues to lead the way with innovative features and advancements, magically bringing music to life. From Note Repeat and 16 Levels for the hip-hop heads to the infectious Swing for electronic drum grooves and patterns. MPC has been at the ground level of hit song after hit song thanks to its powerfully capable technology.

Today, the standalone MPC platform continues to build on that legacy with seamless touchscreen technology, more I/O than ever to tie an entire production suite together, along with wireless integration like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ableton Link 3 allowing you to make music without any constraint.

The Most Powerful MPC Ever

The rock-solid quad-core processor cements MPC X SE as the leading modern music-making device enhanced with an impressive 4GB of RAM onboard. This delivers more sampling and recording power than ever before. Instantly load instruments, samples to large projects with ease thanks to the increased memory, perfect for studio sessions or on stage between songs. Save large projects, sequences, drum programs to your beats instantly with the expanded 48GB of internal storage without ever interrupting your workflow.

MPC X SE is the only MPC with 2 In/4 Out MIDI to connect all your synths, keyboards, modules and more. The massive 10” adjustable touch screen is the perfect display for those long creative sessions. 16 assignable Q Link knobs with OLEDs provide immediate visual feedback and to any program, instrument, or insert effect parameter for instant hands-on control of your sound. For the high-pace creators tied to a busy schedule, MPC workflow keeps you ahead of the game with an intuitive and efficient creative process.

Legendary Hardware, Cutting-Edge Software

Through the years, the 16-pad MPC grid has been the default input method for MPC. Revel in the nostalgic gray pad color of these new-generation pads that feature RGB backlit edges and pressure-sensitive response. Tap out rhythms, melodies, or chords with ease thanks to the Notes and Chords modes, perfect for playing the thousands of built-in instruments. MPC X SE features a premier collection of instruments including the award-winning flagship “Fabric XL” power-synth, Stage Piano, OPx4 FM synth and much more. MPC has evolved with the contemporary music-maker by adding not only sounds and functionality but also world-class insert effects for processing. Explore a wide collection of plugins like Stutter, Granulator, Half Speed, the AIR Vocal Effects suite, MotherDucker, AMP Sim and so much more. When you need to expand your palate, browse the MPC store and update your MPC X SE with new plugin instruments like Mini D synthesizer or Flavor Pro multi-effects processing unit to breathe new life into your machine. Thanks to the enabled WiFi, update your device wirelessly in mere moments.

Senior Akai Professional product manager Dan Gill shared “The journey for MPC has been a labor of love. We strive every day to deliver the tools that will empower all music-makers, from our life-long MPC users who trust and rely on their MPCs to keep up with their daily music grind, down to the newest members of the MPC community who look to the MPC legend as they foray into their nascent musical endeavors. MPC X Special Edition is a tribute to where we’ve come from, what we’ve accomplished, and marker of the next chapter of innovatory, ground-breaking music product development.”

Key Feature Bullets

• Standalone MPC - No computer required

• MPC Plugin Collection- 20+ MPC Instruments

• 48GB Internal Storage (over 16GB for User Storage)

• 4GB RAM for Sampling and Audio Recording

• 100+ Insert Effects from AIR Music Tech

• Adjustable 10.1” Multi-Gesture Touch Screen

• 16 Assignable Q Link Knobs

• Iconic ‘Retro’ MPC Colorway

• Includes MPC 2 Desktop software for Mac and PC.

Launch Info

MPC X Special Edition will be available worldwide on Wednesday April 26, 2023 for $2499. Visit to learn more.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

NAMM 2023 - Donner - D1 Drum Machine

video upload by sonicstate

Currently $0 at the Donner Website

"Donner has announced their latest product, the D1 sample-based drum machine and sequencer at NAMM 2023. Designed for the entry-level market, the 12-channel D1 features real-time recording and can switch between function keys to create drum patterns easily. It is equipped with RGB velocity-sensitive pads and five knobs with touch function, and will be shipped with factory content from Loopmasters.

Jake from Donner gave us a look at the prototype, with, full-size MIDI in and out, headphone output, and an auxiliary in that allows users to sample. Although the prototype has only half the functions working at the moment, Jake gave us a good idea of what the new product will have to offer.

The D1 will be released by the end of May 2023

Price: around 249 USD"

Blends two workflows into one little box

Color Coded UI Design, Play Without Thinking Twice

Vivid Graphical User Interface

Touch Knobs to Read Parameters

Versatile Sound Capabilities

Sounds and Patterns from Leading Experts

Import Your Samples to Add More Fun

Extend Your Setup with Versatile Connectivity

Maximum 128 Songs

4 Bars Step Sequencer (maximum 64 steps)

Maximum 512 Beats

128x64 pixel LCD screen

1 clickable endless encoder (VALUE)

5 endless encoders with touch function

2 potentiometers (MASTER FX & MASTER)

16 RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads

4 RGB backlit faders

16 backlit tactile click buttons


3.5mm(1/8") TRS


3.5mm (1/8") TRS


2x 5 pins MIDI DIN (IN, OUT)


2x 6.35mm (1/4") TS


USB 2.0 Type-C socket (transfer MIDI data and remote control via Donner Control App)

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Polyend Reveals the Tracker Mini

The Collector video upload by Polyend

"Behold the breathtaking Polyend Tracker Mini. With its fusion of classic software tracker features and the latest production techniques, this portable workstation is the key to unlocking the depths of your creativity. So don't let the chance to transform your artistic expression pass you by - seize the moment and make your musical dreams a reality with the Polyend Tracker Mini today."

Breathe life into your tracks

Polyend Tracker Mini Drum&Bass

Like Tracker, but more

We’ve refined the signal path to provide more headroom and pristine stereo audio playback. Additionally, we’ve added genre-specific sample packs pre-designed by professional artists to help you get started making music faster. The sampling time has been increased to four times the capacity of the original Tracker, and the audio over USB and USB MIDI make it perfect for hybrid setups. You can add individual track effects, record directly to your laptop, or mix and master in your DAW. The included travel case will keep your Tracker safe while you do what you love in new places.

Tracker Mini has all the necessary tools to create an album, whether you want to start with the included sample pack or record your own. You can convert samples to instruments, control external devices, create simple or complex compositions, mix tracks, master, and export songs. The Mini has got you covered.

Equipped with a high-quality microphone and an onboard battery that provides up to 8 hours of playtime, the Tracker Mini enables you to instantly transform your surroundings into a musical canvas. You can create a sample pack from a camping trip or craft a drum kit from your morning commute. Store your sonic memories, get inspired, and leave the studio behind.

Projects created on the original Tracker are fully compatible with the Mini, allowing you to start a song in the studio and finish it on the go.

Tracker Mini has a complete MIDI implementation, enabling you to control any external gear or use it as part of a larger setup. For greater convenience, you can also connect it to a MIDI keyboard to input notes.

Monday, April 03, 2023

AKAI Introduces MPC LIVE 2 Beatclub Timbaland Edition 🔥

video upload by AkaiProVideo

"MPC Live 2 Beatclub TIMBALAND EDITION featuring the hardest-hitting drums EVER inside an MPC is Available Now 🔥

· Timbaland’s Bounce Coming up MPC Drum Kits
· 3 Beatclub Essential MPC Edition Expansions
· 32GB Exclusive Beatclub/Timbaland SD Card loaded with Drumkits, Loops, and Melodics
· Signature Beatclub/Timbaland Splash Screen
· Exclusive Beatclub Merch Bundle

This release is limited to only 500 pieces. Go get yours NOW. They will go FAST (web exclusive only) 🔥

And the press release:

Cumberland, RI USA (April 3rd, 2023) – Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, and Beatclub, the premier global marketplace for music creators, and home to the most talented and sought-after producers, songwriters, and artists in the music business, announced today the exclusive, limited edition MPC Live 2: Beatclub “Timbaland Edition”.

Loaded with the iconic drum kit sounds of legendary producer Timbaland, the MPC Live 2 boasts a collection of over 12GB of Beatclub samples and sound packs, an exclusive customized Beatclub/Timbaland Signature boot experience, along with loops and melodies that will fire your creativity like never before. The content includes Timbaland’s official “Bounce Coming Up” Drum Kit, along with sounds inspired by Mike Dean, CashMoneyAP, Tainy, Mike Will Made-It, Rance from 1500 or Nothing, and many more.

Just 500 units have been produced, each individually numbered. This limited MPC Live 2 Beatclub “Timbaland Edition” will be available Monday, April 3rd. Given the quality of them, and the limited number they are going to go very quickly.

Creative A&R Director for Akai Professional, Andy Mac shared “This exclusive Timbaland Edition MPC Live 2 delivers the ultimate library of hard-hitting drums into the hands of the next generation of beat makers. This gives them the same sonic bounce Timbaland is known for, heard on countless hit records spanning over 3 decades.”

Timbaland said “I am pumped for this new collaboration. We have Akai, one of the most legendary music production brands in the game, and the MPC has been an iconic instrument in hip hop history. Beatclub mixing it up with Akai is taking your potential up several notches and shows what you can do with a powerful partnership. We’re talking power, precision, and creativity all mixed together. This is going to be epic. This is the peak of when technology, culture and excellence come together.”

MPC Live 2 Beatclub “Timbaland Edition” Features

• Standalone MPC – No Computer Required

• Built-in Stereo Monitors

• 16 Full-size Velocity Sensitive RGB Pads

• Brilliant 7-inch Multi-Touch Display

• Timbaland’s Bounce Coming up MPC Edition Expansion

• 3 Beatclub Essential MPC Edition Expansions

• 32GB Exclusive Beatclub/Timbaland SD Card loaded with Drumkits, Loops, and Melodics

• 16GB Internal Storage / Factory Content.

• Includes MPC 2 Desktop Software for Mac or PC

• Signature Beatclub/Timbaland Splash Screen

• Custom Serialized Plate With Production Number

• Exclusive Beatclub Merch Bundle

• Full 12 Month Subscription to Beatclub.

MPC Live 2 Beatclub “Timbaland Edition” will only be available exclusively at the inMusic Store on Monday April 3, 2023 for $1399. To learn more, please


Monday, February 13, 2023

SJI Heavy Industries Synod: Drum Machine

video upload by sji_heavy_industries

"a sample based drum machine for rhythm exploration"

You can see 16 steps and 6 patterns.

Patch n Tweak
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