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Monday, November 13, 2023

Accidental Workbench Jam With Modular Synth And Mellotron

video upload by John L Rice

"It’s easy to get distracted from immediate goals when things start sounding interesting. 😊 Little modular synth with Hexinverter/Re:Synthesis:LWSS sequencer, 2hp Tune, STG Oscillator, Moon 517S VCF, SSL Envelope/VCA all in a Box4 case and of course the Mellotron Micro. #modularsynth #mellotron #electronicmusic"

Thursday, October 26, 2023

M140 Clock Divider / Universal Logic Block Beat

video upload by

"Quick patch using the Lower West Side Studio M140 Clock Divider / Universal Logic Block.

The patch clock is an Oakley Dual LFO. From the LFO the signal is divided by an M122 Master Divider and passed to the M140 Clock Divider / ULB.

Gates have been created using the M712 Sequencer Sidecar which will be used in an accent portion of the beat.

The 'hi-hat' is a Hexinverter Jupiter Storm (modulated) through a Journeymen VCF (dual Oakley Journeyman).

Drum sounds are all produced with Barton BMC018 Analog Drum Modules along with a LWSS Duo-Bop (2 x BMC018)"

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Machina Bristronica 2023

videos uploads by sonicstate

Bristronica 2023: DPW Design - Mix
Bristronica 2023: Bela - GLISS
Bristronica 2023: U-He - Civilisation - Wiretap - Sloopy
Bristronica 2023: Node Audio - Entonal Studio
Bristronica 2023: Enjoy Electronics - The Godfather
Bristronica 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic Sample and Wavetable module
Bristronica 2023: Vaski Embedded - VU and Oscilloscope Modules
Bristronica 2023: Sonocurrent - MT2D Dual Triode Distortion
Bristronica 2023: Kiviak Instruments - Wofi - SK1 Inspired
Bristronica 2023: Per-Sonal - Polynator - play TR8-S and Digitakt in Poly
Bristronica 2023: Georgie Ward Back From Dua Lipa World Tour
Bristronica 2023: Erica Synths - Bullfrog 1st Look
Bristronica 2023: Modular Perfection - Eurorack Cases
Bristronica 2023: Isotonik - Arpex Worlds 1st MPE Arpeggiator on Push 3
Bristronica 2023: Erica Synths - Hexinverter Mindphaser
Bristronica 2023 Bastl - tiny ARP
Bristronica 2023: OXI Instruments - OXI One - Coral
Bristronica 2023: Play All Day - Playfader
Bristronica 2023: Midicake - 4 Way ARP And Some
Bristronica 2023: Archaea - Exchange Motion Controller
Bristronica 2023: TipTop Audio - 1 Cable Art System
Bristronica 2023: UDO - Super Gemini News and Sounds
Bristronica 23: TINRS Brinta - Granular Sampler With a mesmerising display

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Making Custom Eurorack Front Panels with a Laser Engraver

video upload by Extralife

"I finally got a new, larger eurorack case! But it's shallower than my old one, so I need to re-format some modules to fit. Time to make a custom faceplate with my new laser engraver.

I'm combining 3 of the Hexinverter NeinOhNein drum modules into one so I can stack the PCBs and make a module sandwich. This is a very ad-hoc and manual process, but the front panel can be designed on the computer for a more professional looking result.

I ended up using some satin black Rustoleum spraypaint on top of some matte white Krylon. The laser is absorbed by the black paint, ablating it, and reflected by the white, leaving it intact. You can then remove the paint residue using rubbing alcohol.

The laser settings were very forgiving, I think I ended up using about 20% power and 100mm/minute for most of the marking. I found it was helpful to slightly defocus the laser to cover a wider area during engraving and to not mark the black paint when moving around in 'finding' mode (5.5W at 1% will still etch black surfaces!).

Hexinverter NeinOhNein modules:

NEJE 3 laser engraver:

Lightburn CNC software:"

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Hexinverter Mutant Hot Glue eurorack mixer: DIY build and demo

video upload by Extralife

"I recently built a new mixer for my eurorack drum machine. I was previously using an outboard compressor to process the drum machine which was quite inconvenient and very noisy, so I picked a design with a built-in compressor, Hexinverter's Mutant Hot Glue.

The module is available as PCB and panel set from various retailers. It's a VCA design with a few somewhat rare silicon items. In this video I compare its design and sound to the compressors I was using previously - the Wampler Ego V2 as well as the FMR Really Nice Compressor, which uses a very similar circuit.

This module also has a built-in distortion and send/return feature, which I will make use of by adding a dedicated reverb/delay to the rack."

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Erica Synths to Resume Production of Hexinverter Électronique Modules

via Erica Synths

"Erica Synths is honoured and excited to announce taking over manufacturing and sales of several of the iconic Hexinverter Électronique modules.

In September 2022 Stacy Gaudreau - the founder of Hexinverter Électronique, announced closing down the operations at a yet undetermined date within 2023. [posted 9/12/2022] Unfortunately the recent supply chain issues have created an unsustainable climate for small scale electronics manufacturers.

Following their announcement Erica Synths in cooperation with Hexinverter Électronique saw a way for their incredible and truly unique music instruments to keep on inspiring musicians and finding home in countless studios to come. We strongly believe the effort and innovation incorporated in Hexinverter Électronique eurorack modules is far too great to prematurely become history.

Erica Synths will take over the manufacturing, sales and support* of the following Hexinverter Électronique modules: Mutant Brain (now available @ SHOP), Mindphaser and Mutant Machine (within 2023).

*While retaining all functionality of Hexinverter Électronique modules, Erica Synths redesigned the hardware of modules and will provide support for reissue modules only."

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hexinverter Mutant Chicken Eurorack Module

via this auction

Demo in the listing previously posted here.

"All-analog Squawk Sound Engine
No microcontrollers or digital emulation present; the Mutant Chicken actually chooches a real chicken for that pure, analog tone!
Just like the other Mutant Drums, there is a eurorack-compatible Trigger input to activate the chicken. Longer gate durations mean longer squawks.
A hi-fidelity mic capsule buried in the depths of the chicken's body captures all of this analog warmth and amplifies it up to modular-levels for processing through your eurorack system at the SQWK OUT jack.
Pneumatically-driven for maximum power; a massive tank means you should never run out of Squawk energy.
Over 300 lumens of Voltage-controlled Radiance to Accompany Your Performances
Utilising high-power modern LED technology, the Mutant Chicken features 9watts of voltage-controlled LED power for sensory feedback! A custom driver circuit takes eurorack level signals and converts them into up to 300 lumens of radiant luminosity.
New Old Stock analog opto-isolator (vactrol) technology adds that distinctive analog slew to the Brilliance CV, while also protecting your modular system from complete destruction.

Research and development of the Mutant Chicken has been quite a journey, spanning years of intense research and development. There were times when the whole project seemed in doubt and only bloody-minded commitment kept us going.

No effort or expense has been spared, from sourcing rare new-old-stock parts, to the use of pricey opto-isolators for that unmistakable analog slew, to finding the brightest, most powerful LEDs available on the market.

I got this from Stacy from Hexinverter and it’s time to get it into the hands of a real monster. It’s unfortunate that Hexinverter will be closing operations this year, those were some great modules. Celebrate the goodness and get the Mutant Chicken!

Take note - there are a few minute scratches on the white of the front panel from moving around in the box over the years."

Monday, September 12, 2022

Hexinverter May Close Shop in 2023 Due to Global Supply Chain Issues

via Hexinverter

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you an important update about Hexinverter’s stock situation and future plans.


I think we can all agree that it’s been a weird couple of years on Earth for just about everyone. There has been a great reshuffling of many people’s lives, their professions – and the resources we rely on in our modern world to get things built. The manufacturing world has been very hard hit as a result. Small scale electronics, especially so. It has been incredibly difficult to keep up with demand for our modules, with products falling out of stock for months (and now years) at a time.

Unfortunately, the post-pandemic manufacturing climate was the final nail in the coffin for us at Hexinverter. Today we are announcing our intent to close down operations within the next year. I do not have an exact “end date” to share just yet, but I can tell you that it will probably be sometime in 2023.

We are now shipping out a number of modules that have been out of stock for ages, including the Mutant Brain! Be sure to hit up your local dealer or the direct shop if you’ve been waiting on some fresh Mutants for your rack, as these are the final runs of these products that will be built. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! We will begin the long process of closing up shop sometime in the new year once supplies are entirely diminished.

The past decade has been a wild ride for Hexinverter and everyone involved. It blows my mind when I look back at everything we’ve done! Our early days, with all of the DIY projects and later, going all in on riding the eurorack modular wave. Of course we can’t forget all of the cats and squeaky chickens.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a patron and believing in our vision! The people we’ve met and relationships we’ve made along the way have been the best part of this entire experience, and I can’t thank you enough for being part of our journey.

I’m not sure any of us back in the day saw the eurorack industry growing into what it is today, and I could not be more proud of the little, rubber-chicken-shaped corner we have managed to carve out in its history.

It’s been a tonne of fun, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the privilege of being a part of, and the opportunity to contribute to the world of modular synthesis.

So long and thanks for all the chickens!
- Stacy Gaudreau
Hexinverter Électronique


What does it mean for our products?

There will be no more Mindphaser complex oscillators produced.
Parts have been unobtanium for them since the first run was in progress. If you got one of the 250 units shipped from the first batch, consider yourself lucky!

We are receiving all of our other inventory in progress (which all components are already secured for) – the Mutant Brain, Hot Glue, Mutant Machine, BD9, Snare, Bassdrum, Galilean Moons, Red Dragon, Hihats, Claps and everything else – and will be actively shipping out to dealers and through our Direct Shop – until supplies are all sold out. If you’ve been holding off, now is the time, because we have very limited numbers of everything left (only double digits of every module).

Support efforts will continue on as long as it can, and we will announce a date of its eventual closure in the future, giving a lot of heads up before that happens.

The Mutant Brain Surgery configuration webpage will live on in one way or another, along with all the other supporting media (user manuals, etc.) for our products.

See the Global Chip Shortage label below for more.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Moog Mavis - Unboxing and Sounds

video upload by Rheyne

"All sounds are solely from the Moog Mavis, running through various delays and reverbs (see index below).

0:04 Unboxing
1:35 Parts overview
2:22 Mavis through MXR Carbon Copy and Strymon BigSky, unpatched
3:02 Mavis through Carbon Copy and BigSky, self-patched
3:46 Mavis sequenced with a Make Noise 0-Ctrl
4:28 Mavis with a small case of Eurorack modules

Each example was recorded in one take with no overdubs. In the last example with the small case of Eurorack modules, the notes are a random non-repeating sequence from Ableton, running through a Hexinverter Mutant Brain MIDI to CV interface. Audio from the Mavis in this example is processed by a Strymon Magneto."

Moog Mavis with Strymon StarLab and Magneto

"Some sounds from the Moog Mavis processed by a Strymon StarLab reverb in the first example, and a Strymon Magneto delay in the second example (see index below). Sequences sent to the Mavis are random notes from Ableton, sent to a Hexinverter Mutant Brain MIDI to CV converter.

0:04 Mavis through Strymon StarLab
2:59 Mavis through Strymon Magneto

All sounds are solely from the Moog Mavis. Each example was recorded in one take with no overdubs."

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Angelic Glitch | Don't Panic Just Groove

video upload by Miles Briand

"Playing around with sounds from Plonk and my Braids into Belgrad filter and then through my Z-DSP Reverb. Then we have some drums from Blck_Noir going into my Plasma Drive, with some gates coming coming from 4 Bricks Rook."

Don't Panic Just Groove

video upload by Miles Briand

"Manis Itertitas controlled by Rene with reverb from Z-DSP. Some drums coming from Mutant Bassdrum, and FutureRetro Transient. Another drum sample coming from STS getting some CV for the sample slot going into the Z-DSP as well."

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Complex oscillator comparison - Cosmotronic vs. Hexinverter

video upload by John Schussler

"Unlike the Verbos and Sputnik complex oscillators I looked at last time [posted here], which are fairly straightforward, the Cosmotronic and Hexinverter complex oscillators are...definitely more complex.

They both add phase modulation to the wavefolder, and include more elaborate modulation buss control. Plus more intermodulation capabilities.

They're set up sufficiently differently that a direct feature-by-feature comparison would be hard to do in a sensible way. Or in under 3 hours. So this is really a long, meandering, very skip-around-able video to sample both flavors.

And when you're done, go listen to the Verbos and Sputnik. It's an interesting comparison.

Sequence: Stochastic IG. Envelope: Zadar

00:00 Intro
00:20 Vortex sequence
21:38 Vortex drone
28:28 Mindphaser sequence
47:22 Mindphaser drone"

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum

via this auction

Note this is a supporting member listing.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum

via this auction

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Hexinverter Mutant Clap

via this auction

"Good functional and aesthetic conditions."

This is a supporting member listing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Hex Inverter Mindphaser Bass

video by darksideothetune

"Modules Used:

Make Noise Maths Ch 1, Pressure Points/Brains, Optomix

Alright Devices Chronoblob"

Saturday, May 15, 2021

HexInverter Electronique Mindphaser Percussion

video by darksideothetune

Mindphaser into Make Noise Optomix into Alright Devices Chronoblob (Envelope Maths ch 1)

4MS QCD into Doepfer a-149-1&2 and Make Noise Pressure Points/Brains"

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Hexinverter Mindphaser

video by darksideothetune

Eurorack bloops

Modules Used:
Hexinverter Electronique Mindphaser
Make Noise Optomix, Maths, Pressure Points, and Brains
Doepfer a-149-1&2

Monday, March 15, 2021

Kick it - 11 Bass Drums for eurorack

video by SchneidersLaden

"Here it is: The big bass drum module comparison - this one goes to eleven. In just under 20 minutes we play 11 bass drum modules, all with the same sequence, no frills. This is just about listening to all modules in the same setup to be able to compare them. Just what people do when they come to SchneidersLaden showroom to compare modules.

Deciding on a new module is often a lengthy process of weighing pros and cons, gathering opinions, and watching videos. There are product descriptions and feature lists, but ultimately it comes down to sound - does the sound of the module fit the aesthetic I want?

We put all the bass drum modules from our showroom into a rack - 102hp - to pit them against each other: Tiptop Audio – BD909 & BD808, Hexinverter – Mutant BD09 & Mutant Bassdrum, WMD – Crater, Noise Engineering – Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Erica Synths – Bass Drum, Jomox – ModBase 09 Mk II, 2hp – Kick, L.E.P. – Cassa, Befaco – Kickall.

They all have their own character, very different concepts and features. We are not interested in whether one module has three CV inputs more than another, but only in the basic sound - some of the presented modules are quite capable to function as a stand-alone synthesizer voice, but that's not what we want to talk about here. We hope the video can help you in your search for your next kick. At the beginning of the video there is a timeline to help you find your favorites."

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Mindphaser - Complex Oscillator - Technical Presentation

Hexinverter Électronique

Mindphaser is in production. See the dealers on the right for availability]

0:00 Intro
0:33 hello world
1:49 Architectural Overview
4:29 Waveshaping
7:30 Phase Modulation
11:48 Modulation & Mod Bus
15:28 Examples

Monday, October 19, 2020

Hexinverter Électronique Mindphaser complex oscillator - thru-zero Amplitude Modulation

Hexinverter Électronique

"One of the upgrades Mindphaser received during development is a four quadrant analog multiplier for full scale AM on its final output.

Some fun oscilloscope shots of that here.

News soon about production, finally!"

Patch n Tweak
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