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Saturday, July 06, 2024

Rave Jam with Echo Cinematic and Poly Cinematic and friends

video upload by knobula

"Poly Cinematic sequenced through an Echo Cinematic. The eq on the echo cinematic means there no muddy bass frequencies being repeated and only the brighter notes catch the echo, then there’s a few builds where I’m turning up the band pass frequency on the echo and adding a bit of the reverb in as well. Finished off with some Kickain side chain pump action and percussion provided by @rocket_not wobbler, Queen of Pentacles and dark pew pews from @busycircuits Taiko Daiko."

Friday, May 31, 2024

Fenix IV visualized in 2 HP

video upload by Vaski Embedded

"Fenix IV visualized on 2x Vaski Lights [see this post]

Analyzer modes in order of appearance:
- Spectrogram
- 3-band levels with peak indicators: bass=orange, mid=turquoise, treble=purple
- Audio oscilloscope, color=frequency content
- 3-band and 1-band level meters
- CV bipolar voltage
- CV oscilloscope on Wobbler
- Tuner
- Stereo peak and RMS meters with the Fenix Dual Delay"

Thursday, May 16, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: This Is Not Rocket Science - Geometric Anomaly

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Stijn from This Is Not Rocket Science showcased Geometric Anomaly*, a new module that unexpectedly came into existence as a birthday present for the creator. This dual oscillator synthesizer voice is a spiritual successor to *Rectangular Thing and incorporates lessons learned from the production of the *Fenix*. Featuring two filters, two envelopes, and a variety of modulation inputs, the Geometric Anomaly offers a comprehensive sound palette with unique cross modulation options. The state variable filter from the Fenix adds versatility to the sound design by enabling spectral morphing and raw, dynamic textures that can be tamed with the final low pass ladder filter.

For a limited production run of 30-40 units expected in July, the Geometric Anomaly is priced around 700 Euros, with potential adjustments due to inflation.jn"

Friday, May 03, 2024

Brinta from Error Instruments is Granular Gratification

video upload by NOISEBUG

"In a slight deviation from the standard chaos coded modules from @errorinstruments, Brinta, a collab with This is not Rocket science is one of the most immediate, playable a beautiful sounding granular Modules available.

With the record button left engaged you will very quickly realize the simplicity that Brinta offers at deconstructing sequences and loops in real time. Smear, rewind and add extra grains. CV control over all parameters. It even includes save slots which is great for repeat performances.

Learn more at or find Brinta on our Reverb page"

Thursday, March 21, 2024

TINRS / Synton Fenix IV / 4 Semi Modular Synth

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via this listing

"TINRS / Synton Fenix IV Modular Synthesizer - in excellent to new condition. Arrives with everything that they arrive with new: bamboo stand, power supply, all patch cables, bamboo 1/8" to banana jack converter boat, rack ears for rack mounting, book manual, pin, stickers and the bag/backpack."

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Sleepy Eye - FM/PM

video upload by Sleepy Eye

"Fenix IV modular system, Cwejman polysynth setup"

Sleepy Eye - Drops in the Frame

video upload by Sleepy Eye

"Fenix IV, eurorack, sampling"

Monday, March 04, 2024

Sleepy Eye - Stages of Sleep

video upload by Sleepy Eye


Saturday, March 02, 2024

Sleepy Eye - slow beach

video upload by

"Fenix IV, Cwejpoly"

Thursday, February 08, 2024

TINRS Synton Fenix IV Modular Synth SN 100

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via this auction

"Includes all optional extras:
Rack ears - We’ve had brackets made that allow you to screw your Fenix IV into your 19” studio rack. Solid steel with the same powder coating as the case

Bamboo stand - A beautiful way to stand up the Fenix facing you. Made out of the same bamboo as the sides. Comes apart and folds away flat to come with you everywhere. Made by Gould Cases who also made our sides.

Banana box - A little adapter between the old and the new Fenixes. With this you can patch 8 bananajacks (plus one extra for ground) to convert into 8 minijacks. Bamboo box with our familiar colourful anodized aluminium front.

Even more patch cables - Your Fenix IV already comes with a bag of 43 patch cables in various lengths and various plug colours that match the Fenix IV colour scheme for different signals. If you think 43 cables will not be enough for you, you can order an extra set."

Thursday, January 18, 2024

TINRS Synton Fenix IV Modular Synth

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via this auction

"The unit sounds amazing and has extraordinary capabilities to match. There are some small cosmetic blemishes above the low pass gate, filter, and noise module sections (can't always be seen except in certain light) as well as the barrel edge of the headphone jack, so I took extra close ups of these areas for your inspection. These are cosmetic only, functionality is 100%! The unit comes with the optional bamboo stands, double count pack of TiNRS custom cables, soft carry case, pin, cable ties, power supply, manual, and 19" rack rails.

A couple features that stood out to me on this unit, besides its pleasing warm sound, are the digital system behind the scenes that allow for highly programmable midi to CV conversion for associated jacks as well as system synchronized triggering, at divisions or multiplications of the system clock, including customizable time signatures for easy made polyrhythms. Also, behind the scenes, there are 3 separate quantizers - one for the digital osc, one for digital filter, and one for the sequencer. And they're as easy to use as just selecting which keys in an octave you want enabled individually for each one. This really allows one to use its extensive modulation capabilities to affect those modules in ways the user can shape to be very melodically pleasing, if desired. And speaking of modulation, the wobbler lfo has many exotic shapes and behaviors, and offers two outputs of itself, one of which has cv controllable phase shift from the other. And finally, the triple lfo was also a favorite due to having two phase cv able copies of itself for shifting synced modulations."

Thursday, November 16, 2023

TiNRS - NextTuesday

video upload by NOISEBUG

"TiNRS - NextTuesday Procedural Sequencer"

Friday, November 10, 2023

NextTuesday | by This is Not Rocketscience (TiNRS)

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Tuesday was a procedural sequencer, introduced around 2017. It was forced into history because of the Covid-19 part shortage. Fortunately TiNRS decided to revive it because it's a super handy 'patch buddy' when time is short and you're facing a composer's block. NextTuesday is faithful to the original but adds a root knob and a second quantized 'mod' output.

Procedural sequencing means it's a bit like a jukebox or radio station. It has 14 built in algorithms and each algorithm can 'walk' a map of melodies like Mutable Grids did for rhythm. You can use X/Y coordinates to navigate the map and ! controls the note density. There's clock/reset to sync other gear, and master 'ticks' for ticks, beats and end of loop. These are super useful as masterclocks and triggers (e.g. synced delay, etc).

Procedural sequences may give you the impression that you're stuck with factory melodies. And that's true. But it's fun to accept the limitations and expand from there. After all, it's modular, and Tuesday is a great day for patching."

Additional NextTuesday posts.

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Next Tuesday eurorack. Explain in children language.;)

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

via Error Instruments

"This is a really interesting sequencer like instant music like the grids for melodies. 😉 grtz team error


Tuesday the procedural sequencer was our very first TiNRS module. Now we bring you our next Tuesday.
NextTuesday is still creating melodies based on several algorithms and your input. We extended this Tuesday with a ROOT knob, we added more algorithms and we changed the LEDs.

The orginal Tuesday came around with live performance in mind. You can be noodling line over line and always return to the melody you make with NextTuesday. You can sync NextTuesday – full on or in division – with an external clock source up to 24 PPQN or set the beat manually between 20 and 240 bpm.


NextTuesday shapes melodies based on mathematical procedures better known as algorithms. We dove into music and came up with a number of ideas of how notes could be held in sequence. We now have 14 of them and a test pattern. The knobs and inputs give you hands-on control over various parameters, the dynamics of probability and timing. You design the sound while the melody continues.

The X and Y knobs let you tweak the parameters of every algorithm, changing the dimensions of the melody and giving you a vast mathematical space to play with.

You can change these pleasant arrangements of notes. You might modulate a range of octaves or the relative distance between the occurrence of notes, you can build melody decorations or walks and riffs that keep going. And this modulation might all change again when you select a different algorithm.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

This Is Not Rocket Science Procedural Sequencer Launch

video upload by This Is Not Rocket Science

"It's Tuesday time! Finally our procedural sequencer is relaunched
NextTuesday is here
our beloved melody making module
We will demo and play and answer any questions you might have"

Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Grainmakers Playlist

video uploads by Cinematic Laboratory

"This playlist features granular eurorack modules that all need to process the same reference sample. I hope this gives a good impression of what the modules can do for you. They're all different, they're all great."


1. Grainmakers Playlist Introduction
I've been working on a huge video over the last few days and when I reached 30 minutes I decided to break it up into a playlist. This is cool! I can make updates and add new modules as they emerge. It's not supposed to be the ultimate grain guide, but it's cool to hear all modules chew on the same sample and hear what comes out. It's easy to be impressed by a bad module with a great soundsource, or underwhelmed by an amazing module that need to process something unworthy of its grains. So it all comes down to what they have to offer. And there are no bad modules. It's great fun to hear how a standard concept can turn into completely different experiences. So this is just a short playlist introduction.
2. Mutable Instruments Beads | Grainmakers Playlist
In this episode, Beads needs to chew on a reference performance.
Beads is an effect, but it can process an internal wavetable synth on its own.
3. Qu-Bit Nebulae V2 | Grainmakers Playlist
Our next contender in the playlist is the Qu-Bit Nebulae. It may be a bit underappreciated, but wow. A unique feature is elastic audio for time stretching.
4. Qu-Bit Mojave | Grainmakers Playlist
Next, Mojave needs to chew on Sebastian Lexer's grand piano.
5. Loopers | Lubadh & Morphagene | Grainmakers Playlist
Loopers are often confused with granular synths, especially with the Morphagene. Loopers don't grain or spray, they're digital tape machines.
Sometimes, when you think you're into grains, you'd actually been looking for a looper. It's time to show the difference, so they're an important addition to the lineup.
6. 1010Music BitBox MK2 | Grainmakers Playlist
The BitBox may not seem an obvious choice for granular processing, but if this playlist were a competition, then BitBox MK2 would be the King of the Grainfields. Granular processing offers limited CV support in the current firmware, but the sheer processing power is almost an insult to the other modules. Fortunately, it can't offer the hands-on experience like dedicated modules.
7. Error Instruments x TINRS Brinta | Grainmakers Playlist

8. Melotus Versio | Grainmakers Playlist
It's a Versio. What can I say. Awkward, special, amazing and breathtaking. It's unique feature is no pitch control. While this sounds like a flaw, it's almost a musthave feature when you run notes, effects and chords through it. Don't touch the melody. Just make it grain. Top 3 module in my list. And if it doesn't fit your needs, install a different firmware! If you own a different Versio, give it a shot. Nothing creates techno atmospheres and backdrops like Melotus.
9. MISO Cornflakes | Grainmakers Playlist
This is the last one for today :). Still a few more modules to cover, but it's already a great list. Here's MISO Cornflakes chewing on the Lexer piano. Again, it's a totally different experience, because Cornflakes adds special harmonizing features and stacking of grains. No other module has it - as far as I know. It can make wonderful new sounds from something familiar.
10. Instruo Arbhar V2 | Grainmakers Playlist
I already made plenty of Arbhar videos, but this is the second V2 video. In this playlist, all granular modules in my collection need to process the same audio file so it's easy to figure out what they do. Now it's Arbhar's turn.
11. Clouds & Clones | Grainmaker Playlist
This playlist would not be complete without a tribute to Clouds, one of the first modules in Eurorack that brought grains to the case. Clouds was launched in 2015 and discontinued in 2017. But that wasn't the end of it. It's been revived and extended in many forms, making it one of the most successful modules in Eurorack even today. From a techical perspective, Clouds is no match for the modern grainmakers in this playlist. But from the perspective of production value it's still a super useful module, especially if you manage to install the Parasite firmware. It's easy to forget that granular synthesis doesn't need big buffers. Sometimes a small 1 sec buffer is exactly what you need to get that desirable classic granular stream.
12. Combinations | Grainmaker Playlist
I got a question if Lubadh and Mojave would make a good combo. I had no idea. I figured this whole playlist is still 1-dimensional. So I patched these two up and then and I just had to make this video! I am still using the reference track so you get a good idea of how big the sonic playground becomes when you combine any looper with any granular engine. Results may vary, but wow. The bottom of the Rabbit Hole simply has a doorway to the next one. And it always gets deeper than the one before.
13. ADDAC 112 | Grainmakers Playlist
I may have unintentionally kept the best for last. The 112 combines a looper and granular engine in one big module. This is the last entry in the playlist.
The 112 will return soon for a dedicated video with some carefully selected samples to play with.
14. I missed a few | Grainmakers Playlist
After finishing the 112 video I was confident I covered enough 'grainmakers' in this playlist. I doublechecked if Disting EX and Phonogene should be in it, but no. The third one definitely needs to be on it! It doesn't show up when you search for 'granular' on ModularGrid, but it immediately went to my personal top #2.

Friday, October 06, 2023

TINRS Synton Fenix IV Modular Synth

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via this auction

"TINRS / Synton Fenix IV Modular Synthesizer - in excellent to new condition. Comes with everything that they came with new: bamboo stand, power supply, all patch cables, bamboo 1/8" to banana jack converter boat, rack ears for rack mounting, certificate and pin, and the bag/backpack."

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Machina Bristronica 2023

videos uploads by sonicstate

Bristronica 2023: DPW Design - Mix
Bristronica 2023: Bela - GLISS
Bristronica 2023: U-He - Civilisation - Wiretap - Sloopy
Bristronica 2023: Node Audio - Entonal Studio
Bristronica 2023: Enjoy Electronics - The Godfather
Bristronica 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic Sample and Wavetable module
Bristronica 2023: Vaski Embedded - VU and Oscilloscope Modules
Bristronica 2023: Sonocurrent - MT2D Dual Triode Distortion
Bristronica 2023: Kiviak Instruments - Wofi - SK1 Inspired
Bristronica 2023: Per-Sonal - Polynator - play TR8-S and Digitakt in Poly
Bristronica 2023: Georgie Ward Back From Dua Lipa World Tour
Bristronica 2023: Erica Synths - Bullfrog 1st Look
Bristronica 2023: Modular Perfection - Eurorack Cases
Bristronica 2023: Isotonik - Arpex Worlds 1st MPE Arpeggiator on Push 3
Bristronica 2023: Erica Synths - Hexinverter Mindphaser
Bristronica 2023 Bastl - tiny ARP
Bristronica 2023: OXI Instruments - OXI One - Coral
Bristronica 2023: Play All Day - Playfader
Bristronica 2023: Midicake - 4 Way ARP And Some
Bristronica 2023: Archaea - Exchange Motion Controller
Bristronica 2023: TipTop Audio - 1 Cable Art System
Bristronica 2023: UDO - Super Gemini News and Sounds
Bristronica 23: TINRS Brinta - Granular Sampler With a mesmerising display

Thursday, September 07, 2023

Brinta | Grain Circle Granular Sampler | by Error x TiNRS

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"Brinta marks the second collaboration module between Error Instruments and This Is Not RocketScience - with more to come. The name 'Brinta' comes from a classic Dutch oatmeal breakfast (a nightmare when I was young expecially when it cooled down and it tasted like concrete or plaster). But it obviously refers to granular synthesis. It's been done before in Eurorack but it has its own distinct sound and the 'grain circle' is a functional beauty.
For most of us, just one is more than enough. But I just had to test with two of them."

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Error Instruments & TINRS BRINTA & BUBBLES Eurorack Modules

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"BRINTA . GRAIN circle GRANULA sampler of errorinstruments / TINRS.

This model will be released in the beginning of September for interest, and make a reservation email
Under subject BRINTA reservation
More information"

BUBBLES experimental filter

video upload by errorinstruments paul tas

"This experimental filter made by TINRS and errorinstruments  will be in pre-sale for interest contac
And September available"

Sunday, June 25, 2023

TINRS Fenix IV Modular Synthesizer

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via this auction

"This extremely rare TINRS Fenix IV is in immaculate shape, the cable bag was just opened recently. It comes with bamboo legs, a ton of 1/8" TINRS cables, cool padded bag, OG power supply and hours upon hours of exploration."


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