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Friday, July 12, 2024

PlayFader Tutorial rev.3

video upload by pitch patch

"This is a tutorial video for the Play All Day Play Fader.

PlayFader is a 2-channel CV, gate, and MIDI performance looper designed for real-time manipulation and looping of CV signals."

Friday, June 21, 2024

PlayFader - Unique Twin Fader Performance Device - Sonic LAB Review

video upload by sonicstate

"Technomadic reviewed the *Play All Day Play Fader* , a colorful and eye-catching sequencer and MIDI controller with twin faders .

The Play Fader features a pair of faders and eight colorful buttons that allow for two-channel note or CV entry and MIDI functionality. The unit includes long-throw faders, tactile buttons, and six mini jacks for CV and gate channels. It supports synchronization through clock or MIDI.
The Play Fader is made from recycled plastic, making it eco-friendly, and the packaging is compostable.

The device can control various parameters with ease, offering features like scales, user-defined settings, and menu buttons for deep functions. It allows for real-time performance adjustments and modulation through various buttons like Fun, Time, Scale, Clear, and more.

Technodadic demonstrated how to create basic note patterns, set user-defined scales, perform basic sequencing, and use performance controls like roll, slice, and bend. He also showcased the MIDI functionalities, allowing for note and CC messages on different channels.

In conclusion, the Play Fader is certainly unique with an innovative approach to sequencing. While it lacks a USB port, its ability to inspire creativity and integrate into live performances makes it a valuable tool., although it is certainly a little on the expensive side."

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:07 Overview of Play All Day Play Fader
00:00:21 Design and Features
00:00:46 Faders and Buttons Explanation
00:01:00 CV and Gate Channels
00:01:22 MIDI Synchronization
00:01:45 Eco-Friendly Design
00:02:00 Power Options
00:02:31 Basic Functionality
00:04:03 Setting Scales
00:06:37 User Scale Setup
00:07:32 Writing a Pattern
00:12:01 Performance Features
00:15:00 MIDI Functions
00:16:47 Sequencing with MIDI
00:17:32 Conclusions and Final Thought

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Will It Ambient? Neutral Labs Elmyra 2

video upload by Lesjamusic

"Welcome to 'Will It Ambient?', a new series of videos directly inspired by ‪@collectoremitter‬ 's 'Will it Shoegaze?' series. First up is an easy 'yes!' - the Neutral Labs Elmyra 2 drone synth. I bought this synth today from Elevator Sound, and wanted to get straight to the heart of the face melting. Help is here from ‪@ChaseBlissAudio‬ Mood MK II, ‪@somasynths‬ Cosmos, and ‪@GoPlayAllDay‬ PlayFader.

0:00 Ambient drone
3:30 Face melting distortion"

Friday, May 31, 2024

Fun with Faders... It's the PlayFader

video upload by Starsky Carr

"iiiit's the PLAYFADER from Play All Day. Playing should be fun and this has it in abundance.

It's a 2 channel CV and MIDI controller/sequencer that's been designed for interaction and fun with a few tricks up its sleeve ... no leaving your settings to run for an entire track here. Faders are far too tempting - so wiggle them!"

Thursday, May 30, 2024

PlayFader Ambient Exploration #3, Moog DFAM and Friends

video upload by MATTHS

"Another jam with the Play All Day PlayFader exploring more ambient spaces. This time PlayFader is sequencing the @MoogSynthesizers DFAM but each channel is set to do different lengths so that the melodies intertwine. The voices then pass through the @Endorphines Squawk Dirty filter while Rings and the @MAKEN0ISEMUSIC Spectraphon add both low end and top end sparkle. The @knobula6211 Pianophonic is triggered via MIDI from PlayFader to provide ambient chords. Lashings of reverb of course and of course!


Wednesday, May 29, 2024

PlayFader Ambient Exploration #2 Moog DFAM, RYK Vector Wave and Spectraphon

video upload by MATTHS

"Another jam with the Play All Day PlayFader exploring more ambient spaces. This time PlayFader is sequencing the @RYKModular Vector Wave with some additional filter control courtesy of the @Endorphines Square Dirty and @MoogSynthesizers DFAM. Lashing of reverb of course and of course the @MAKEN0ISEMUSIC Spectraphon and Maths thrown into the mix.


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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bring back Rings! PlayFader Ambient Exploration

video upload by MATTHS

"Bring back rings! Yes, you know 'those ambient rings jams'! This is something new for me, moving away from my hard techno background, I wanted to explore the more ambient world once again. Armed with the Play All Day PlayFader (which is awesome) and has been so much fun to play with, I decided to build and dedicate a small case for more ambient noodles.

Here the PlayFader is sequencing everything.
MIDI is going to the Knobula Pianophonic while CV and Gate is going to Mutable Instrument Rings. Im playing with the Fun ability of the PlayFader to make more interesting loops within loops and there is lashing of reverb of course.


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Saturday, May 18, 2024

SUPERBOOTH 2024: Play All Day - Playfader Performance Sequencer

video upload by sonicstate

"At Superbooth 2024, Hadj from Play All Day introduced the *Playfader*, a two-channel CV and MIDI sequencer and looper designed for live jamming. This innovative device features faders for voltage control, play buttons for gates, and ratchets for creating intricate rhythms. The Playfader's interface is optimized for on-the-fly experimentation, with top row settings and bottom row action buttons. The display, reminiscent of old speak-and-spell screens, provides clear communication and a retro aesthetic.

Hadj emphasized the Playfader's versatility, with the ability to control Eurorack, MIDI synths, and more, all from one device. In addition, the Playfader's sustainable design includes a recycled plastic case and a power cable that allows users to power the device from a variety of sources. The development team created a powerful and intuitive interface that encourages experimentation and play. The Playfader is now available for purchase and comes with a free tutorial for early adopters.

Playfader Price: 399 USD"

Monday, May 13, 2024

PlayFader by Play All Day - 2 Channel CV & MIDI Performance Sequencer

video upload by MATTHS

"Time to have some serious fun with the Play All Day PlayFader. A 2 Channel CV & MIDI Performance Sequencer that provides new opportunities for performance and sequencing, seamlessly merging them into a single workflow. A device that connects to pretty much anything on stage, studio or laptop!



Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Come Patch With Us 7 - PlayFader Special + Gaz Williams - Live Electronic Music and Chat

video upload by MATTHS

"In this special episode, I'm joined by the head honcho at Go Play All Day [Hadj] who will be taking us into a deep dive of the newly announced PlayFader - a 2 channel CV & MIDI performance sequencer!


Also joining us is Mr Gaz Williams himself! Gaz who is an amazing electronic music producer and performer as well as master bass player! And now a record label owner at Rack Records!"

See the Play All Dal label below for more.

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

PlayFader PlayMates - Elektron Digitakt (drums!)

video upload by Play All Day

"Another example of the power of this pairing, left channel of PlayFader is laying beats while the other channel takes care of the bass."

Check out the PlayFader with the Oberheim OB-X8, and other demos here.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

PlayFader PlayMates - Oberheim OB-X8 via MIDI 🔥

video upload by Play All Day

"What’s going on here then? MIDI baby, yeah!
The cv outs are connected but they’re not in the mix. This is just MIDI - 909 sending MIDI transport into PlayFader and the @Oberheim OB-X8 being sequenced by PlayFader. Channel A controls filter cutoff while Channel B sequences, all via MIDI (PlayFader features a 3.5mm Type A connection).

MIDI is here!!! Along with other new features like buffer contents visualisation, channel mute, patch storage allowing up to 8 patches to be saved (includes all settings and buffer contents), Buchla 1.2v/oct and Korg Hz/oct scaling, channel copy and loads more.

Firmware updates are way ahead of schedule, so much so that we are behind on updating the Play Data guides and manuals.

Btw, the LED screen refresh rate doesn’t always match the camera capture rate which is why the LEDs might not always be consistent... maybe, but I'm clearly not a video expert... we’re getting a better camera really soon :)"

Sunday, October 22, 2023

PlayFader Playmates - ALM Bust Circuits Akemie's Castle

video upload by Play All Day

"Next episode in our PlayMates series is a mellow improvised jam. PlayFader plays with Akemie's Castle by @busycircuits fed through @RabidElephant Natural Gate and then @strymon El Capistan V2.

Using both channels pf PlayFader set to the User Scale and fed into both VCOs of Akemie's to create two separate melodic lines. Channel A plays a steady pulse for most of the session while Channel B improvises and loops and dances around B using different triplet timings selected in the ratchet clock divider menu. Later on you'll see Latch being used where the recorded contents of the loop buffer are overridden by the live fader position. A nice way to improvise and drop back into a recognisable pattern. We love Latch ❤️

Clock is running internally set at 74 bpm and the clock out is set to Midi which is driving El Capistan via @ChaseBlissAudio Midi Box."

Sunday, October 15, 2023

PlayFader PlayMates

video uploads by Play All Day

You might remember Play All Day from previous posts here.


1. PlayFader PlayMates
PlayFader meets @erfindungsbuero ERM Polygogo.

Headphones recommended.

Channel A:
CV - V/oct of Polygogo and multed into Natural Gate’s Control input to open up the decay time. Set to User Scale. Gate - Right-hand side Hit input on Natural Gate.

Channel B:
CV - Various modulation inputs on Polygogo. Set to 2v unquantised.
Gate - Left-hand side Hit input on Natural Gate.

Clock input, set to CV.- from @makenoisemusic Function EOC output.

PolyGogo X and Y outputs are split into separate sides of the Natural Gate so they can be independently gated. It’s all running through the @busycircuits MFX for some stereo glue and then onto the delicious Sealegs by @intellijel for delay vibes.

We start by setting each channel’s time division to different settings. Then we record a 16 step loop of both channels simultaneously, creating nice polyrhythms. Then we play around with the record arm of CV and Gate, essentially decoupling them so we can record just CV over the gate patterns in the Loop buffer. Then we overdub some different gate patterns by setting the channels to different divisions. We even play with 24ppn which is crazy fast but gives a nice effect. We overdub that again showing how you can endlessly play over your recordings. And we use Latch a lot, because we love Latch… a lot! Latch allows the CV output to be played live with the faders, over the top of the buffer contents. A quick double-tap of Latch releases the CV from the live fader position, and back to whatever’s in the Loop buffer.

Available for Pre-order now ❤️

In our next PlayMates video, PlayFader meets @noiseeng BIA & @michigan_synth_works SY0.5 - things get seriously wild..."

2. PF Clocked redux
PlayFader has dark side, don’t be fooled by all pretty colours 🙃

Our 2nd PlayMate video shows the less conventional and, frankly, crazy side of PlayFader. Hard to explain in detail what happened here but the main idea was to explore playing with the speed of the clock input. Recording patterns at slow clock rates and speeding up really fast.
Huge thanks to Paul’s Alex Bow for the idea!

Channel A is playing with BIA by Noise Engineering and Channel B is having fun with Michigan Synthworks SY0.5 and both are running into the mighty M T2D dual triode distortion by Sonocurrent.

Channel A:
CV - to the pitch and various modulation inputs on BIA via the fabulous Ochd by DivKid and Instruo.
Set to 5v un-quantised range.
Gate - BIA trigger input

Channel B:
CV - pitch input on the SY0.5
Set to 5v un-quantised range.
Gate - to trigger input of SY0.5

Hard to explain, but things go nuts. Due to the fact the looper and clock divisions are always tight, cool patterns emerge and when you speed the clock up you get interested low bit res waveforms and glitchy mayhem.

3. PlayFader PlayMates Pt2
Another little snippet of these PlayMates having fun. Slowing the clock coming into PlayFader allows you to record more into the 16 step buffer when it’s set to faster decisions. We then speed up the clock and all kinds of interesting happen.

In case you didn’t already know, we’re open for pre-orders. Link in bio. And stay tuned for more episodes of PlayMates coming soon. If you have any suggestions of friends you’d like OlayFader to meet, let us know in the comments.

And if you can’t quite figure out what PlayFader is doing, check out the PlayData manuals on our website.

Love and patches,
Play All Day ❤️

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Machina Bristronica 2023

videos uploads by sonicstate

Bristronica 2023: DPW Design - Mix
Bristronica 2023: Bela - GLISS
Bristronica 2023: U-He - Civilisation - Wiretap - Sloopy
Bristronica 2023: Node Audio - Entonal Studio
Bristronica 2023: Enjoy Electronics - The Godfather
Bristronica 2023: Knobula - Pianophonic Sample and Wavetable module
Bristronica 2023: Vaski Embedded - VU and Oscilloscope Modules
Bristronica 2023: Sonocurrent - MT2D Dual Triode Distortion
Bristronica 2023: Kiviak Instruments - Wofi - SK1 Inspired
Bristronica 2023: Per-Sonal - Polynator - play TR8-S and Digitakt in Poly
Bristronica 2023: Georgie Ward Back From Dua Lipa World Tour
Bristronica 2023: Erica Synths - Bullfrog 1st Look
Bristronica 2023: Modular Perfection - Eurorack Cases
Bristronica 2023: Isotonik - Arpex Worlds 1st MPE Arpeggiator on Push 3
Bristronica 2023: Erica Synths - Hexinverter Mindphaser
Bristronica 2023 Bastl - tiny ARP
Bristronica 2023: OXI Instruments - OXI One - Coral
Bristronica 2023: Play All Day - Playfader
Bristronica 2023: Midicake - 4 Way ARP And Some
Bristronica 2023: Archaea - Exchange Motion Controller
Bristronica 2023: TipTop Audio - 1 Cable Art System
Bristronica 2023: UDO - Super Gemini News and Sounds
Bristronica 23: TINRS Brinta - Granular Sampler With a mesmerising display

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

New PlayFader CV Performance Looper Device Coming to Machina Bristronica Event Sept 30

via Play All Day. Note the Ambient Sound & Music Retreats as well.

"Play All Day are launching PlayFader on 30th September at Machina Bristronica.

Come and be one of the first to get your hands on their new 2 channel CV performance looper, apparently it has a dedicated Fun button!

Stay tuned to for updates, pictures, demos and pre-order details…. All coming very soon.

While we wait for the 30th though, check out their Ambient Sound & Music Retreats. Yes they know about the acronym, but they don’t like to shout about it, of course...

Set in a lush villa in Mallorca, this is not like other retreats. It’s a holiday for, well... people like us!

With your very own Field Kit of wonderful music devices to play with for the whole week, guest facilitators, sound walks, workshops, performances, an instrument library and full catering… it really is unlike any other retreat we’ve ever seen.

Check the website for more information and all booking details for their next sessions in November ’23 and Spring ’24. You can also sign up to their newsletter on their website to get exclusive previews of PlayFader and special offers on the Ambient Sound & Music Retreats.

Turn up, tune in, bliss out.
Play All Day"

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