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Monday, June 24, 2024

KORG Flare by Sinevibes – additive synthesis oscillator

video upload by Sinevibes

"Flare is an additive synthesis oscillator developed by Sinevibes. Available as a plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1 synthesizers. Product page:"

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

zeptocore new firmware v3 w/ new features (dj filter, sequencing, effect banks)

video upload by infinitedigits

get the latest firmware:

00:00 new updates!
00:04 dj-style low-pass/high-pass filter (hold B, turn knob Y)
00:17 easy selection (hold C, turn knob X)
00:37 easy set tempo (hold A, hold B, then press key)
00:50 easy sequencing (hold B, hold A, press any key)
01:00 modify quick sequences (hold B, press A)
01:07 change quick sequence steps (hold B, turn knob Y)
01:52 creating random effect banks
02:19 changing random effect probability (hold D, turn knob Y)
02:32 change random effect bank (hold D, turn knob Z)

Tubbutec MC-2oh2 new features !

video upload by Tubbutec

"Firmware 1.1 brings recording from keyboard or arpeggiator, per-step probability for gates and note modifiers, a swing generator, quick start/stop for channels, a screensaver and more."

Monday, June 17, 2024

HAILSTORM Firmware 1.1

video upload by otemrellik

"Back in Stock:
Stereo sample support / full stereo signal chain / New Pan mode / New Probability Mode / Custom scales for each slider that are saved with sequences / Reduced clicks / pops of sample playback"

TEMPERA Granular Instrument v2.0 Firmware

video upload by beetlecrab

"After 3 months of seasoning and battering, the v2.0 TEMPERA firmware is ready to be wrapped and served.

Tempera is an electronic music instrument, a hardware granular synthesizer which allows for a full hands-on approach to sound design and live performance. Blend tones like paint on canvas with pristine audio processing in a compact, sturdy build."

Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Pianist Sequencer just got an Exciting Update!

video upload by NOH-modular

Available at Signal Sounds -

"The Pianist is a eurorack polyphonic chord sequencer. It facilitates harmonic chord progressions within modular synthesis. It just got a new firmware update (v1.1) with two key features that are explained in this video. These are a new compatibility mode with the Music Thing Modular Chord Organ, and a new option to select the root of a scale you can edit your chords in.

This video shows the step-by-step patch on a modular system to set-up the Pianist with the Chord Organ and compose a fast but musical chord sequence using the new scale root option.

• The Pianist (v1.0) benefited from the help and support of amazing people - Thomas Guillory // Elizabeth Gounari

• The Pianist (v1.1) benefited from the help and support of amazing people - Izaak Hollander

• Thanks to 30350n on GitHub for the pcb2blender tool for easy and smooth 3D renders.

Thanks for reading through :)"

0:00 - Intro
0:27 - Chord Organ
3:00 - Scale Root
5:31 - Jam & Outro

Saturday, June 08, 2024

Drone FM resonant filtered noise

video upload by Ghost In Translation

"This is Drone 2.0, 4 voices with individual 1v/oct pitch control, each voice has a sine oscillator and a resonant filtered white noise that can be mixed together and controlled by CV, the mix of the 4 voices can also be controlled by CV. Finally it is also possible to control the FM range of the 1v/oct inputs via CV, allowing nice FM at audio rates in place of 1v/oct sequences.

Follow my work:"

Saturday, June 01, 2024

EMS VCS3/Synthi/Switchtrix Electronics VCSX-100


"Introducing our latest model.VCSX-100.This time with Synthi 100 style collet knobs and Sakae counting dials
This Synth features the VCS3 OSC1-3,Filter,Envelope,Ring Modulator,Input channels,Meter and Joystick with the addition of the Synthi 100 Dual Random Voltage Generator,Multimode Filter,,Envelope Shaper and Octave Filter Bank.Housed in a VCS3 cabinet all module input and outputs brough out to 3.5mm jack sockets to interface with modulars or other VCS3/Synthi's"

Monday, May 27, 2024

disting EX - Quadraphonic Mixer

video upload by Expert Sleepers

"New in firmware v1.25. This video uses binaural audio - headphones are recommended!

0:00 Introduction
4:01 Joystick
4:58 Spinners
8:21 Outro

Wavetable #30 - O S S U (binaural mix)

video upload by Wavetable Edinburgh

"This is a binaural mix of a quadraphonic performance - headphones are recommended!

Visuals by"

Thursday, May 23, 2024

SimplexFM. Organismic sound exploration (SOMA lab)

video upload by SOMA Laboratory

"For details of synth engine and operation, please, read manual.
Product Page:"

"SimplexFM is the new groundbreaking firmware which turns METACONFORMER module into 4 track digital organismic synth. This is a free firmware for METACONFORMER.

SimplexFM is the pocket-sized successor of LYRA-8 ideas. Complex and surprising sound behavior comes from the interaction of timbres, not dozens of modulators and LFOs.

For launching SimplexFM you need to buy METACONFORMER. If you have METCAONFORMER you just need to download simplex firmware here."

You can find additional demos of METACONFORMER here.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Stanford CCRMA open house, day 1

video upload by SynthAddict

The above is a walkthrough of a Stanford CCRMA open house from Thursday the 16th by supporing member SynthAddict. Take a look at what he walks into when he enters the building. A Yamaha GS1 with working voice programmer. The GS1 was the first commercial FM synthesizer released in 1980, three years prior to the DX7. John Chowning, discoverer of FM synthesis performed that night. According to SynthAddict: "The Chowning curated show last night was very eye opening - so much cool electronic music even going back to the 60s and it was digital."

And below :) "Today I got a shot of the Yamaha power synth stack in the lobby, with the best baseball cap on top. ๐Ÿ˜€"

Update: looks like the stream was here: It's not working for me at the moment, but feel free to check and comment if it works for you.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Yamaha Releases CP88 OS v1.6 Update

Yamaha | CP88 OS v1.6 Sound Demo video upload by Yamaha Synths Official

"The new update to OS v1.6 adds new modes to the already impressive feature set of Yamaha CP88 and CP73. The three functions grant more versatility, especially for synth lead purposes. It is now possible to switch between monophonic and polyphonic operations, allowing for different play styles for lead sounds. With the second new option “Portamento”, users can adjust the time of “glide” between two sounds, giving it a completely different feel and aesthetic. Finally, “Pan” enables the positioning of sounds in the stereo spectrum. Employing these new functions allows users to customize the behaviour of sounds to optimize them for the application at hand.

The OS update to v1.6 for Yamaha CP88 and CP73 is available for free:"

Monday, May 13, 2024

The Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave now supports SAMPLING!! // Exclusive First Look Demo

video upload by Miles Away

"Check out my Custom Synth Patches:"

Lily: macro oscillator for KORG NTS-1 markII

video upload by boochow

"Lily is available from the link below for free."

Waldorf M - QCOMP Board Demo

video upload by Maffez Synthmods

"This showcases some sounds of my Waldorf M with a passband level loss modification board for the analogue VCF. This simple board reduces some of the level drop on higher resonance settings and accentuates the coloration of the oscillator MW1 Mode. More info here:"

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sibilla v1.3: introducing the LFO Settings Mode

video upload by Clatters Machines

"Sibilla v1.3 is here and brings in a new LFO setting mode in which you can modify the LFO waveforms affecting the internal stereophony and movement of harmonics and subharmonics.

What's new?

Entering the new LFO Settings Mode allows you to choose LFO waves other than the default and classic sinusoidal waveform such as:
- Ramp Up;
- Ramp Down;
- Sine+Oct;
- Sine+3rd;

In addition to this, a new Freeze Mode has been added to allow the user to freeze the stereophony movement to his favourite sweet spot for steady tones, ideal for arpeggios and melodies.

How to

You can get access to the LFO Settings Page by double-clicking the Boost button: the Boost LED will now start blinking to confirm this new mode has been entered.
Now a single click on the center button allows to navigate through the different available option.

Each click lets you switch to the next option and cycle back to the first once the sixth and last mode (Freeze Mode) has been selected.
While in LFO Settings Mode, all the other parameters of Sibilla are still working so that instant changes can be heard.
Once you're done, double-click again the Boost button to exit the LFO Settings Page

Freeze Mode
In this configuration the two LFO are freezed and so the stereophony of the module. The LFO knob and the LFO CV input now act as balancers and they can be used to scan across the freezed stereo spectrum."

Wednesday, May 08, 2024

GREAT CONJUNCTION firmware 1.09 is out now!

video upload by Arman Bohn

"Firmware updates for GREAT CONJUNCTION are available here:

Just posted 1.09! Full release history in the readme file."

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Neuzeit Instruments brings AI to Eurorack

Neuzeit Instruments WARP: AI-powered wavetables, stereo spread, knobs saved in presets: NEW firmware video upload by Neuzeit

Details from the video:

- New: AI powered wavetable/spectrum generator
- New: stereo spread parameter
- New: knobs saved into presets
- And many more cool features that firmware v2.00 brings!

0:00 Intro
1:25 AI wavetable generator
7:22 AI knowledge
10:07 WT export for other synths
11:19 Stereo widening
12:27 Recall pot positions
16:09 Other new features

Press release:

Neuzeit Instruments has released new firmware for its synthesizer “Warp”. Among other things, it contains a wavetable editor that works with artificial intelligence. A neural network generates overtone spectra that are translated into wavetables by Warp. Three parameters are available to the user, with which he can playfully and fluently morph through the creations of the neural network.
The generated wavetables can not only be used within Warp, but can also be exported as a wav file for use in other synthesizers.

Warp is a four-voice synthesizer in Eurorack format whose sophisticated engine is a hybrid of additive and wavetable synthesis. The core features:

- Wavetable morphing in two dimensions (XY)
- complex spectral filters
- Wavetable FX (Fold, Bend, Drive, Redux)
- Oscillator FX (AM, FM, PM, Sync, Noise, Detune)
- 2 ADSRs, 2 LFOs
- Extensive modulation matrix
- Classic high and low pass filters per voice
- 4 wavetable editors onboard, also supporting import of wavetable files from SD card
- 7 potentiometers as expressive hands-on macro controls
- Workflow focussed on detailed work in the studio, easy handling on stage

The WarpEx expander adds:
- MIDI support and extensive CC control
- 4-voice polyphony

The new firmware v2.00 is now available to download for free from the manufacturer's website.
More information at

If you want to get an impression of what Warp sounds like, you should watch this video with an hour of pure sound demos:

video upload by Neuzeit

OXI CORAL FW 2.0 Tutorial - How to Use the New ACID Engine

video upload by OXI Instruments

"The upgraded ACID engine is included in the CORAL 2.0 release, out now!

This is our take on the 303-style synth: a variable-shape virtual analog oscillator that seamlessly morphs from the classic Saw to Square and Pulse waveforms with dynamic PWM capabilities. There is one post-filter distortion and the edgy filter has been finely tuned for a gritty sound.
You can add accents via MIDI or via the AMP CV input. Morph controls the accent amount.

harm: controls the overdrive distortion
timbre: defines the oscillator waveform
morph: sets the accent amount

How to get glides?
- Use a pair of V/oct CV and Gate and send glides from your sequencer or change the pitch while gate is active. - If using MIDI, create a MONO (1-voice) part and send legato notes (almost overlapping notes should also be enough to trigger a glide).

How to get accents?
- You can feed CV modulation to any of these (for example, the Vel or Mod outputs of a sequencer). With MIDI, you can play with the velocity levels.

This new release adds a delay effect and other improvements ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

As always, all sounds are played by Coral! ๐Ÿงจ

Head to our site to get the update:"

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Rob Papen Prisma 1.0.6 Update

Rob Papen Prisma April 2024 Pads video upload by Rob Papen

"Prisma 1.0.6 loads now Go2-X and Albino-3 Legend.
Video with some of the 12 new pads played."


Live Stream 25 April 2024 BIT-2 & Prisma

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