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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Korg P3 80s Digital Piano Synthesizer Module SN 00063 w/ POC-01 Symphony Card

via this auction

Korg Poly 61M Demo

video upload by M80

"Vintage analog synth from the 80s, made in Japan.
All presets and sounds made by me, using only Vallhalla Room reverb and
Arturias JUN-6 chorus.
More demo is following, next year music.

00:00 Intro
00:09 Preset 14
03:00 Preset 15
05:43 Preset 16
07:20 Preset 17
09:56 End"

Korg SDD-1200 Dual Delay Rack FX w/ a Synthesizer Demo

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

This is the Korg SDD-1200 vintage effects unit. Featuring two completely independent digital delay lines. You can patch up the delays any way you like: In series, parallel, internal or external feedback loops. Today I'll be auditioning a few selected patches with some sounds with my Korg Poly-61 Synthesizer."

0:00 | Intro
0:54 | Stereo Flange
2:20 | Stereo Chorus
3:01 | Rhythmic Stereo Delay
4:09 | Feedback Loop
5:25 | Stereo Chorus + FX Feedback Loop

G-Storm Electro:


video upload by Retrokits

"This menu is for routing the Tracks' MIDI data. Each one of the 8 Tracks on the RK008 can hold MIDI data (notes, pitch, CC's) for 16 MIDI channels at once but via the output menu you can reroute these:

1. MIDI Channel
By default it's set to ORG, meaning that there is no MIDI channel remapping done. Typing a MIDI channel here will reroute incoming MIDI from any channel to the set output channel. This way you can use the RK008 as a handy MIDI switchboard. Just by pressing a Track you can reroute to a predefined MIDI output channel.

2. MIDI Port
MIDI port selects the physical MIDI output to route the MIDI to. You can use the digits 1-3 to select a specific output (OUT1, OUT2 or the RK006 via USB), or press 0 to send to all. By specifying outputs you can potentially drive a whopping 48 channels of MIDI gear.

Read more about the RK008 in the page link below:

Bonus: You can download the little Dopplereffekt / Infophysix .mid file loop which I exported from the RK008 here to play with:"

KORG wavestate SE All-Play: manipulating the performance "10 Pads on Sample Knob"

video upload by Korg

"Wavestate SE šŸ‘‰ All-Play šŸ‘Œ šŸŽ› Here, we're turning multiple knobs to manipulate the sound of a performance called '10 Pads on Sample Knob' on the Wavestate SE. What's a performance? šŸ¤” On the wavestate, 'performance' stands for the final program name, which is made up of multiple programs! In this video, the majority of tweaks come from Sample, Pitch, and Speed changes šŸ˜Ž."

Keystage / Push 3 Standalone combo performance (ft Tsunoda Ryuta)

video upload by Korg

"The official integration of Keystage with Ableton Live make its use with Push 3 Standalone a killer combo on stage. Ableton Push 3 raw power and integrated control with Keystage give you hands-on, intuitive control over your performance.

Track composed and performed by by Tsunoda Ryuta
Instagram / Threads: @ryuta_tsunoda"

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Custom Skinned Korg monologue

via this auction

"This gold-colored synthesizer with a vinyl wrap by Moebius is perfect for musicians who want to add a unique touch to their music."

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Korg Electribe AmkII and Akai MPC Live 2 fun, sequencers and production machines in harmony

video upload by Expanding Sound

"I look at this Electribe I have often and think to myself I should just sell it. It is a redundancy in todays world of synthesizers. Yet every time I decide to break it out for a little bit of fun, I always wind up loving it again. Sure it isn't the deepest unit, but the two analog modeled synths sound great and the control features they put on the front end lead to a lot of fun. The Korg drifts a lot, basically anytime I've set its clock to external it winds up drifting at some point. Luckily the MPC has the midi output sequences. You set one synth per midi channel, write a sequence on the MPC and you've just breathed new life into your old Electribe. I had a lot of fun fooling with these two together, I hope you enjoy it!"

Monday, November 27, 2023

NDLR Harmonic Minor ~ Moog Taurus2 ~ Virus TI ~ Strymon Cloudburst

video upload by Ebotronix

Conductive Labs The NDLR V2
Moog Taurus 2, Moogerfooger MF 102 Ringmodulator
Access Virus TI
Korg Wavestation SR
Elektron Digitakt ( Fujara)
Kurzweil Expression Mate XM1( Harmonic Minor )
Kenton Pro Solo MK 2
Yamaha MCS 2
Roland Aira J6
Line 6 DL 4 MK 2
Bastle Bestie
Strymon Cloudburst
Harmonic Minor Scale
video # 2308

henne7 - Forgotten Realms Birthday Synthie Jam fĆ¼r PETER mit Circuit Tracks + Monologue + Cobalt8X

video upload by henne7

"Happy Birthday Peter lass dich drĆ¼cken ;)"

henne7 - Cloaking Device Novation Circuit Tracks x Cobalt8X x Korg Monologue kinda nailed it :D

video upload by henne7

"4 on the clock - :) that is what time this came to me, have fun!!!"

$400 Off Korg Opsix SE & Korg Wavestate SE

KORG's Official US Reverb Shop is currently offering $400 off the Korg Opsix SE and the Korg Wavestate SE. You can find the Opsix here and the Wavestate SE here.

You can find additional Cyber Week sales on Reverb here, and be sure to check with the dealers on the right for additional sales going on.

Blue Korg 707 Performing Synthesizer with Power Supply and Books

via this auction

"A good entry level digital synth. It's small in size, simple in its design and offers fairly easy editing. It is a digital FM type synthesizer which makes some very thin and digital but sometimes interesting sounds. The synth engine is similar to the DS-8 without on-board effects. It has 8 parts so each voice can play a different patch, and is completely programmable through MIDI. It isn't necessarily useful for any professional work but if you want a lo-fi cheesy digital sound from a toy-like synthesizer then give the 707 a try! It can even be strapped on like a guitar. It is used by Juan Atkins."

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Korg Trident Synthesizer - Fully Serviced / Near Mint SN 330453

via this auction

"Near-mint condition Korg Trident mkI synth. Paint and silkscreen is mint. The wooden cabinet has some minor scrapes and dents that I tried to capture as best as possible in the photo, but nothing major. The synth was just fully serviced by Bell Tone Synthworks in Philadelphia, which included the following -

Replaced power supply capacitors, rectifiers, regulators
Replaced all Matsushita capacitors
Cleaned pots
Tuned voices / calibrated antilog, power supply and resonance circuits
Tested all functions
Additionally, the keybed feels fantastic with no faulty keys. Overall, this is a near collector-grade Korg Trident. As for the wood cabinet, some touch-up with a furniture pen would truly minimize any visible faults. As an FYI, upon check-in to BellTone, the synth showed no faults, but because the Matsushita capacitors are known to be out of original tolerances at this point in time, I felt it was necessary to do. In all, I spent $1200 in preventative maintenance on this Trident for its future owner."

Never Released Korg MU-5000 (Japan, 1985) Vintage Music Synthesizer PC Prototype

via this auction

SN ES 850111

"In 1985 Korg decided to challenge the personal computer market creating a competitor for the legendary Commodore 64 (which was born three years earlier, in 1982).

Rumors then began to circulate about a new musical personal computer signed by Korg, called KORG MC-4000.

Along with the Korg MC-4000, Korg had designed 2 units which were extra and integral parts of the personal computer: a music synth expander called Korg MU-5000 and a microdisk unit called Korg MF-1000.

The incredible fact is that the personal computer project signed by Korg (the first “musical” personal computer in history) has remained for many years as a fake, since none of these products has ever been marketed in the western world.

The only historical artifact related to this project is a Japanese advertisement, a printed ad by Ishibashi Gakki released in the April 1985 issue of “Keyboard Magazine”.

In this ad (please, see the original photos), there were showed 3 products: KORG MC-4000, KORG MU-5000 and KORG MF-1000. The KORG MC-4000 music computer was then presented as a "compact computer containing its own music system".

Korg MC-4000, Korg MU-5000 and Korg MF-1000, according to historical information, have never been marketed because then Korg decided not to challenge the personal computer market. We don't know why!

Today, after years of research, we at Re Seller are pleased to present you the only survivor in the world of that super cool project: the original KORG MU-5000 expander synth!

This find of ours is of fundamental importance as it demonstrates that the Korg music personal computer project would have been really close to being commercialized!

This impossible to find Korg MU-5000 has been tested and is still in working order! Cosmetically there are minor signs of wear due to age, but nothing serious. The power supply is compatible and is included in the sale (this unit works with any 9V power supply and center negative polarity).

This small desktop synth contains beautiful sounds at its core! It is a 16-channel midi expander capable of generating some mighty impressive sounds courtesy of the same Digital Waveform Generator System used in the DW6000 and in the best Korg sounds of the 80s!

What we were able to test is very easy: we connected a midi keyboard to the Korg MU-5000 and listened to 128 sounds preset via program change (we changed the program change directly on the MIDI keyboard).

There are probably many more features to discover, but we don't have the capabilities to test it 100%!

An incredible piece of history, for the most demanding collectors in the world. Impossible to find another in all of history!"

Saturday, November 25, 2023

KORG MS-50 & SQ-10 Sequencer w/ Original Boxes

via this auction

"Incredibily rare lot of two Korg vintage pure analog modular system masterpiece; Korg Ms-50 and Korg SQ-10 with original boxes from '70 years.There were used in studio only, perfectly stored during the years, near mint conditions with a set of original Korg Ms system patch cords."

volca modular / Original / Jam

video upload by cocolobeat / ć‚³ć‚³ćƒ­ć®ć‚µć‚±ćƒ“

Techno Pop
Melodic Techno
Melodic House
Progressive House

Friday, November 24, 2023

Bad Gear - Not Again!!!

video upload by AudioPilz

"Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Korg MS-20 Mini analog synthesizer. Is this official clone of the legendary Korg MS-20 mono synth worthy of its legacy in spite of the reduced size, atrocious build quality and questionable circuit design? Should I get the Korg MS-20 FS??? Is it yet another excuse to get great-sounding instruments into this meme video? AudioPilz!!! Not Again!!!"

00:00 Intro tune
00:56 Overview Korg MS-20 Mini
01:53 Oscillators
02:16 Filters
02:36 Filter Type used (Korg35 Filter vs. later Models)
02:58 High Pass/Low Pass Architecture
03:14 Envelopes, LFO, Differences to the Original
03:45 Patches
04:02 Patch Panel, Additional Features
04:25 External Processing, Guitar Synth
04:36 Hz/V vs. V/Oct, S-Trig vs. V-Trig
04:52 Rear Panel, Midi, USB
05:01 Limitations, Noise Issue, Build Quality
05:30 Pricing, Thanks!!!
05:35 Hate
05:59 Jam 1 (Techno)
06:51 Jam 2 (Synth Rock)
07:39 Finale (Wub House)
08:09 Verdict
09:12 Teenage Engineering Choir Shoutout for Patreon

Thursday, November 23, 2023

The Korg Wavestation - Orbital's Halcyon+On+On Synth

video upload by Bleeps and Boops

"I have a Wavestation SR in my rack of 90s stuff, so thought it might be good to show how to program it. Or at least *try* to program it.

Edisyn - the PC/Mac editor I use later in the video can be found at

Korg's Legacy Collection or Wavestation plugin can be found in all sorts of places. I still haven't forgiven them for not being able to fix my MS20ic back in 2006... and have sadly been without an MS20 ever since šŸ˜¢"

Korg DW-8000 Vintage Analog Hybrid Synthesizer SN 017891

via this auction

KORG MS-20 vs ROLAND SH-2: Live Battle of 70's Vintage Analog Monosynths

video upload by Vulture Culture

"Tonight we're shooting-out two iconic analog monosynths from the 70's, the revered Korg MS-20 and Roland SH-2 - which is similar in architecture to a SH-101 but with 2 VCO's per voice and a different filter."

Patch n Tweak
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