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Monday, December 25, 2023

Jingle Bells Acid Bass (Roland MC-707, KORG KAOSS Replay, Donner B1)

video upload by Mush

Sunday, December 24, 2023

KORG ELECTRIBE ER-1 & Donner B1 Acid Bass

video upload by Mush

Thursday, October 05, 2023

Introducing DONNER MEDO I Harness the Magic of Notes, Unleash Creativity at Your Fingertips

video uploads by Donner Music

DONNER MEDO I Harness the Magic of Notes, Unleash Creativity at Your Fingertips I Donner Spotlight
Let`s discover the Donner MEDO I Donner Music I MEDO synthesizer
Donner MEDO: Unboxing & Demonstration
Donner MEDO Demonstration: Sample

"Donner Launches a Kickstarter Campaign for its New Musical Device MEDO

The $169 Portable Integrated Synth, Sampler, Looper, and MIDI Controller Launches on Kickstarter on October 5th.

[Los Angeles, CA, October 5, 2023] - Donner, the Chinese musical instrument manufacturer, is launching a Kickstarter campaign today for its latest creation, MEDO, priced at $169, exclusively available on Kickstarter from October 5th to November 10th. MEDO is a compact, portable, standalone musical instrument that seamlessly combines a sampler, synthesizer, looper, MIDI controller, and a speaker, enabling anyone to capture inspiration and create music instantly.

Equipped with a built-in microphone and a robust sound engine, MEDO can record up to 5 seconds of audio, allowing for quick sound sampling and the initiation of a creative journey. Users can easily switch between various modes, including SCALE, DRUM, BASS, CHORD, and LEAD, to begin making music immediately. Supporting 128-bar loop recording, MEDO offers a broader spectrum of possibilities for music creation, catering to both beginners and professional musicians alike. The quantize feature ensures that your performance is automatically synchronized perfectly to the beat, taking care of all the timing intricacies.

With the MEDO Synth app by Donner, users can swiftly toggle between various preset sounds, including 15 sets of drum kit sounds by Loopmasters, and benefit from a powerful sound engine that combines subtractive synthesis and authentic samples. It's not just a synthesizer; it's a pocket-sized beat-making powerhouse.

MEDO is both compact and lightweight, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor creative sessions, allowing you to unleash your musical creativity at any time and in any place. Furthermore, MEDO can be seamlessly connected to common DAW software and hardware, providing advanced music production tools and gameplay options. It is compatible with most MIDI applications and all major digital audio workstation software that supports MIDI.

The MEDO Kickstarter campaign opens to backers on October 5th at 9 a.m. Eastern Time, with an early bird pricing of $149 (available only on October 5th). The campaign will run until November 10, 2023, offering Kickstarter backers a discounted price of $169.

With MEDO, Donner will also exhibit at the 2023 Music China, taking place in Shanghai, China. To experience MEDO, visit the Donner booth # W5C52 and Tech+ Music Lab in the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 11-14. For more information, please visit:"

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Donner's Essential B1 Bass Synthesizer Gets a Major Update Including Song Mode

Press Release follows:

[Los Angeles, August 15, 2023] – Chinese musical instrument manufacturer Donner today announced the release of the latest firmware update, V1.1.0, for the Essential B1 Bass Synthesizer, their first analog bassline synthesizer with sequencer. This major update brings a host of exciting new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, making the Essential B1 even more versatile and user-friendly.

SONG MODE Unleashes Infinite Creativity
With the V1.1.0 firmware update and the introduction of SONG MODE, a powerful feature that extends the sequencer from 16 steps to an astounding 256 steps, users can now chain up to 16 patterns, creating seamless transitions and expanding the possibilities of music creation. The new SONG MODE can be switched automatically or manually using the 16 designated buttons, providing quick access to 16 favorite patterns.

“SONG MODE is an outcome after the discussion and feedback I had with our users on Gearspace. Simply double tap the PATTERN button to enter the SONG MODE, you can program, choose, and chain up to 16 patterns from the 128 stored patterns.” Says Logan Torres, product manager for the synthesizer product line of Donner, “We are deeply grateful for the valuable feedback from our users, who have continuously driven us to unlock the full potential of the Essential B1 Bass Synthesizer.” Logan added.

Other Updates from the V1.1.0
In addition to the groundbreaking SONG MODE, the V1.1.0 firmware update brings several enhancements and bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.
Firmware Version Display
Upon power on, the LED screen now displays the firmware version for easy reference.
Improved Step Editing
The back-lit keypads now indicate the pitch of each step during REC/EDIT mode, facilitating precise adjustments.
Streamlined Parameter Adjustment
Adjusting OCT, GATE LENGTH, and RATCHET for each step is now faster and more intuitive by holding the corresponding button and pressing the↑/ ↓ buttons.
Smart Save Indicator
Whenever unsaved changes are present in the sequence, the SAVE button will light up, and when switching patterns without saving, the SAVE button will flash briefly for confirmation.
Enhanced Random Note Generator Access
The Random Note Generator is now accessible via PLAY/STOP + REC/EDIT, simplifying the process during sequence playback.
Improved Clear/Rest Function
To clear the pending pattern, use PLAY/STOP + CLEAR/REST instead of PATTERN + CLEAR/REST.

To ensure the Essential B1 operates flawlessly, the V1.1.0 update also addresses some minor bugs fixes including fixes for Sequence Edit Glitch and Slide issue.

Users can now access to the latest firmware via Donner Control software. For a detailed walkthrough of the new SONG MODE and all the exciting features in the V1.1.0 firmware update, please check out

The ESSENTIAL B1 Bass Synthesizer is now available globally with a 10% off discount on and Donner’s Amazon storefront.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

NAMM 2023 - Donner - D1 Drum Machine

video upload by sonicstate

Currently $0 at the Donner Website

"Donner has announced their latest product, the D1 sample-based drum machine and sequencer at NAMM 2023. Designed for the entry-level market, the 12-channel D1 features real-time recording and can switch between function keys to create drum patterns easily. It is equipped with RGB velocity-sensitive pads and five knobs with touch function, and will be shipped with factory content from Loopmasters.

Jake from Donner gave us a look at the prototype, with, full-size MIDI in and out, headphone output, and an auxiliary in that allows users to sample. Although the prototype has only half the functions working at the moment, Jake gave us a good idea of what the new product will have to offer.

The D1 will be released by the end of May 2023

Price: around 249 USD"

Blends two workflows into one little box

Color Coded UI Design, Play Without Thinking Twice

Vivid Graphical User Interface

Touch Knobs to Read Parameters

Versatile Sound Capabilities

Sounds and Patterns from Leading Experts

Import Your Samples to Add More Fun

Extend Your Setup with Versatile Connectivity

Maximum 128 Songs

4 Bars Step Sequencer (maximum 64 steps)

Maximum 512 Beats

128x64 pixel LCD screen

1 clickable endless encoder (VALUE)

5 endless encoders with touch function

2 potentiometers (MASTER FX & MASTER)

16 RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads

4 RGB backlit faders

16 backlit tactile click buttons


3.5mm(1/8") TRS


3.5mm (1/8") TRS


2x 5 pins MIDI DIN (IN, OUT)


2x 6.35mm (1/4") TS


USB 2.0 Type-C socket (transfer MIDI data and remote control via Donner Control App)

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Roland TB-03 vs Rare Waves Hydronium vs Donner B-1 Syn Bass // Live Elektron Music Production

video upload by EZBOT

"On the table today we have the Roland TB-03, Rare Waves Hydronium, and the incredibly budget friendly Donner SB-1. 303 shoot out with a side of live music production with the best Elektron setup on this side of the gamma quadrant.

Get an even cheaper acid box than Behringer's without having to feel guilty about it. Donner SB-1: use code 'EZBOT' for 12% off all things Donner :)

Get the Octatrack Performance Template with regular updates: for folks who like to get in and out, there's Ko-Fi:

Sign up with DistroKid and get 7% off with this link: (definitely do this)

Get Performance Template 2.2 in it's current state at Ko-Fi: Step up your game with 1 on 1 lessons:
Get my Octatrack Performance Template with regular updates (among other rewards) by joining my Patreon:"

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Simply Serve Your Musical Art, Live Performance with Donner Starrykey37丨Donner Spotlight

video upload by Donner Music

"🎵🎵Hi all the Donner Music friends, hope to find you happy healthy and safe. Another Tuesday Live Performance session with our brilliant Starrykeyboard! Here comes Donner DJ Artist Nick playing melodic electronic music with Starrykey 37 only. Check out this phenomenal piece and hope you enjoy it!

🚀🚀What Makes Donner Starrykey37
- 8+8+4 to expand your imagination
You can perform efficiently and creatively thanks to the 8+8+4 set of programmable keys, knobs, and faders, which are simple to use and have a variety of configurable components.

- The cool and colorful D37 is the producer's secret weapon.
When the D37 is connected to a power source, the lights on the keys, knobs, and percussion pads will turn on in 7 brilliant colors, adding more dynamic hues to your music as you play the beat.

- Wood log-textured keys are both comfortable and natural.
The Donner D37 MIDI keyboard features 37 velocity-sensitive , high-quality wood log-textured keys to ensure that every detail of the performance is captured. It has a natural and comfortable touch with the vibrant visual effect.

- Standard-size Keys to Play Freely
Standard-size keys can give you more playing space for your hands and the ultimate sense of creative experience . The Donner D37 MIDI keyboard is ideal for practicing rhythms in the bedroom as well as on stage or in a club.

- Multi-functional pitch wheels
Control the pitch wheel with the pitch/mod mode to add creativity to your rhythm and melody, giving your music a different voice!

- Sustain pedal interface
In addition to the MIDI USB connection, the Donner D37 also has MIDI output and pedal interface. Additional compatibility opens up new possibilities for you to explore!

- compatible with mobile devices
The USB-MIDI output interface is plug-and-play, requiring no additional driver installation, and can be easily compatible with mobile devices.

- Convenient transport controller
The D37 features 3 quick switch buttons to make your music production more efficient!

Connect with Donner

Friday, December 09, 2022

Play Fun, Play More, Techno Live Performance Session with DMK25 Pro Midi Keyboard丨Donner Spotlight

video upload by Donner Music

"♪🎵 Play Fun, Play More! Hello All the Donner Music friends welcome to our Live Performance Session featuring Dj Artist Nick. It had been waiting too long and we are so proud to bring you the brand new midi keyboard which is upgraded from the previous model, the DMK25 Pro! Check out Dj Nick put out an amazing techno session performance by only using the DMK25 pro, hope you enjoy it!
Explore more about the DMK25 Pro Midi Keyboard"

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Donner B1 Currently 12% Off

In case you missed the updated banner on the right, the Donner B1 is currently 12" off.

Be sure to check out the other banners on the right for additional Black Friday sales before the weekend is over.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

DONNER N-25: portable MIDI keyboard

video upload by Floyd Steinberg

"DONNER sent my their N-25 mini MIDI keyboard for review. Here's what I found.

Code 'Floyd’ for 15%OFF sitewide!
Donner N-25 MIDI Keyboard Controller:"


Thursday, November 03, 2022

12% Off Donner DMK-25 PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller

In case you missed the new Donner banner on the right of the site, their DMK-25 PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller is currently 12% off with the following discount code: CD3360.

You can find it on Donner's site here.

See this previous announcement post for a demo and details on the DMK-25.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

New Donner DMK-25 PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller

video upload by Donner Music

via Donner

High-definition OLED Screen Display
The DMK-25Pro has a straightforward panel design and a high-definition OLED display. View arpeggio, velocity, speed, and other functions in real time to make arranging and creating timbre easier.

Innovative Wheels
4 innovative wheels for greater visual control and comfort when turning, custom mapping to allocate the information you need to control, and 6 transport controllers to improve arrangement efficiency

Personalized Touch Bar With Light Scale
Your composition is easier using Pitch/Mod touch mode.

Compatible With a Variety of DAW
25 key midi keyboards are highly compatible with various DAWs, such as Cubase, Nuendo, FL studio, GarageBand, etc.

40 Free and Entertaining Keyboard-Teaching Courses
With the purchase of our midi keyboard, you get 40 free entertaining lessons, which are enough to master all aspects of arranging your creations. Then it's time for your free creative time!

Gift Genuine CUBASE Software
Buying DMK-25 Pro MIDI keyboard supports genuine Cubase LE、Cubasis、WaveLab LE software, Which provides you with a complete music production experience to help you in your arrangement and creation. Velocity-Sensitive Backlit Pads

These velocity-sensitive backlit pads deliver the perfect touch for precise drumming and sample playback.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Donner B1 Syn Bass // Could this Topple the King of Acid? // Next Gen TB303

video upload by Starsky Carr

You might recognize the intro from this previous post.

"Review and demo of the Donner B1 Synth Bass and Sequencer. It's a modern and stylish take on the classic TB303 concept. A single oscillator with squelchy filter with a much improved interface and sequencer. Its really easy to use, and has onboard distortion and delay circuits, so you've got all you need to become an Aceeeed KING!!

Use code ‘starsky’ for up to 15%OFF in Donner!
Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer:"

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Can the Monarchy be toppled? // The King of Acid Squelch has a New Contender for The Throne

video upload by Starsky Carr

"Just a bit of fun. I've been playing round with the Donner Music B1 Bass Synth... and enjoying myself :)"

See the Donner label below for more.

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Machine Music - a droney experimental synth groove

video upload by Dj Puzzle

"A droney experimental synth groove. haven’t tinkered with this rig in a bit. @Korg SQ-64 at the heart and @Donnerdeal B1 on the Acid bassline. Feels good to get it all patched up with something fresh. #modularsynth #dawless #analoguesynth"

Friday, September 23, 2022

Bad Gear - Donner B-1

video upload by AudioPilz

Get 15% off the Donner B-1 at See the Donner label for additional posts.

"Become a Patron and get access to music clips from the show, additional content, Bad Gear samples and even more AudioPilz madness

Welcome to Bad Gear, the show about the world's most hated audio tools. Today we are going to talk about the Donner B1 Analog Synthesizer and Sequencer. Can the Donner B-1, inspired by the legendary Roland TB-303, keep up with the competition of affordable acid synth clones like the Behringer TD-3, Roland TB-03, Cyclone Analogic TT303, DINSync RE-303 or Mode Machines x0xb0x? Is it yet another affordable mono synth? Who's the mysterious company behind it?

00:00 Intro tune
00:57 Overview Donner B1
01:27 What/Who the hell is Donner???
02:27 Oscillator
02:38 Basic Tones
02:56 Filter
03:08 Distortion
03:16 Delay
03:23 Sequencer Basics
04:07 Added Sequencer Features, Realtime FX
04:26 Arpeggiator, Hold
04:32 Limitations
04:41 Connectivity, Sync, Donner Synth App
05:08 Interesting Videos, Pricing
05:38 Hate
06:06 Jam 1
07:00 Jam 2
08:02 Finale
08:30 Verdict"

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Donner B1 monophonic analog bass synthesiser

video upload by

"Donner sent me their B1 bass synthesizer to feature in a video. Table of contents after this paragraph:
#donnerde #donnerdeal #donnermusic
*Delivery to EU:
Code 'Floyd’ for 15%OFF sitewide!
Donner B1 analoger Bass-Synthesizer & Sequenzer
-German page:
-French/English page:

*Other Delivery Options:

00:00 hi
00:11 what is a Donner B1?
01:02 hardware overview
01:54 user interface overview
02:26 oscillator shape
02:41 pitch
02:47 filter
03:40 envelope
03:59 accent
04:15 saturation / drive
04:45 delay
05:19 important things to consider
05:14 playing back a preset sequence / sound tweaking
07:38 using the sequencer:
07:55 step recording
08:18 changing the tempo
08:30 ratcheting
08:47 sliding
09:03 accenting
09:19 gate length
09:36 more sound tweaking
10:05 adding more hardware...
11:12 controlling other MIDI devices using the arpeggiator or sequencer
11:59 verdict
12:24 bye-bye"

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer Currently 15% Off

Donner is having a 15% off sale on their B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer.

You can find additional details at Click on the the flag dropdown on the upper right for your market.

You can find demos of the Donner B1 in previous posts here.

Friday, September 02, 2022

Donner B1 Bass Synthesizer Demo and Overview

video upload by Alan Hamilton Audio

"A look at and demo of the Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer and Sequencer. Perfect for musicians / content creators looking to add analog bass tracks to their recordings and productions as well as implement into live music and DJ performances as well.

Use Code ‘DOAHA’ for up to 20%OFF all Donner products!

Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer


0:00 Intro
0:09 What's in the box
0:36 Features
0:43 Rear Panel - Connections
0:55 Audio Demo
1:27 Arpeggiator
3:02 Delay
3:39 How to Change Octave"

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer Now Available in the UK and EU

The Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer is now available in the UK here, and EU here.

"Donner B1 Analog Bass Synthesizer & Sequencer with VCF, Saturation, and Delay Effects. In order to provide a better user experience, Donner B1 analog bass synthesizer has made unprecedented innovations in the operation interface, offering a more straightforward and more intuitive interface for all music lovers. And this innovation won the 2022 red dot design award."

You can find demos in previous posts here.

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