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Thursday, May 23, 2024

2005 Big Briar 91A Theremin Signed By Bob Moog

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via this listing

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"Very rare vintage Big Briar 91A Theremin signed by Bob Moog. It's in fantastic shape for its age and fully functional. This one has an additional timbre control that was requested by a previous owner, added by Stephen Dunnington of Moog Music. Apparently it was to make it sound more like Clara Rockmore’s custom instrument. These hardly ever show up for sale, grab this collectible piece before its gone. Previously owned by thereminist Peter Pringle, then owned by a famous musician who delivered it in person to our shop. Before delivery it was checked out by well respected and theremin authority Mike Buffington."

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Solar 42: A unique cinematic drone synthesizer

video upload by David Hilowitz Music

A tutorial overview of the Elta Solar 42.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Soma Labs Flux - Highly Expressive New Instrument - Sonic LAB Presentation

video upload by sonicstate

"Soma Laboratory's unconventional design is a major factor in why their instruments are so unique. We take a look at the latest instrument Flux - which takes a lot of inspiration from the no touch approach of the original Theremin. However with the use of small magnets in each had there are five control axis per hand and up to 16 controllable parameters.
The instrument is loosely based on the Terra synthesis concept and features 37 digital algorithms which are treated like individual instruments with their own timbral characteristics.

The right hand controls the pitch, dynamic, octave and tilt (for timbral control) and the left hand controls more of the timbral character with a considerable amount of tonal range possible.

We talked with Vlad Kreimer who gave us an over view of how Flux works.
The first batch of production units will be going out later this year and the price they are aiming for is in the region of 1000 Euros + tax
More information at


00: 00:00 start
00:00:28 Playing example
00:01:31 Overview
00:03:20 synth engine
00:07:30 Pitch and dynamics
00:12:54 polyphony
00:18:28 external control
00:19:45 bass
00:20:40 UI
00:24:52 the magnets
00:25:38 percussive mode
00:26:40 other sizes?
00:28:09 price"

Monday, January 29, 2024

NAMM 2024: Stylophone Pitch Theremin

video upload by Sound On Sound magazine

"Stylophone have announced an upcoming release that combines a Theremin with a built-in delay unit, modulation capabilities and a pitched playing mode.

We apologise for some audio distortion during parts of this report."

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Stylophone's Super Affordable Theremin & CPM DS-2 Drone Synth | NAMM 2024

video upload by Reverb

"For the last 40 years, things at the Stylophone brand have been all about, well, stylophones. But this year, the company is branching into new territory. In the video above, Fess stops by the Stylophone booth for a look at the new (and quite affordable) theremin and drone synth on offer for 2024. See more about NAMM 2024 on Reverb"

Friday, January 05, 2024

Introducing the new Stylophone Pitch Theremin

video upload by Stylophone

Press release follows:

"STYLOPHONE launches The Stylophone Theremin.

Introducing the Stylophone Pitch Theremin, the latest innovation in portable electronic instruments from UK company Dubreq Ltd – creators of electronic instruments and the iconic sound of the Stylophone pocket synthesizer launched in 1968.

The new portable Stylophone Theremin redefines the iconic instrument for the 21st century. With added slider control for precise notes, delay and vibrato effects, octave control, and various tone options, it merges vintage retro design with advanced playability and sound sculpting options. Designed to inspire musicians, enthusiasts, and creators alike.

The Stylophone Theremin creates experimental sounds controlled by movement with an extendable antenna, the unique slider for precise melodies and tones or a combination of both, offering a magical intuitive musical experience.

Go over the edge with crunchy echoing delay and screaming modulated drones. Add vibrato and the trigger button for crazy, quirky sounds. Make beautiful haunting melodies and crazy sci-fi symphonies.

Powered by AA batteries, with built-in speaker and headphone connection, it is an ideal companion for those seeking innovation in sound creation and a compact on the go instrument for live performance, studio or home.
Play it anywhere.
No Theremin experience required.

Features list:

Antenna for creating movement based sound

Slider for more precise notes and moving melodies

Create drones or trigger notes

Wobbly vibrato circuit

Echoing delay

Portable AA battery design

Built in speaker

Headphone and audio output

Can be used with a mic stand

The Stylophone Theremin is available for pre-order now.

Approx $110, €100, £90

No up-front payment required."

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Ligeti - Musica ricercata: No.7 - Cantabile | arr. for theremin & analog synthesizers

video upload by Grégoire Blanc

"This wonderful piece by György Ligeti is part of the famous 'Musica ricercata' suite for solo piano. This seventh movement has a very interesting feature: the supporting ostinato and the melodic lines are totally decorrelated. I would like to propose here an interpretation which leverages this very aspect, involving two sides of electronic music I enjoy equally. Expressivity with the theremin and haken continuum for the singing lines. Sequencing, patching, tone-shaping with analog synthesizers (@MoogSynthesizers ) for the motor-like background.

Instruments featured: Moog Etherwave Theremin, Mother-32, Subharmonicon, DFAM, Haken Continuum Fingerboard, and my favorite red pullover."

This one is in via John L Rice.

Monday, October 23, 2023

Peter Theremin tries SOMA FLUX

video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"Peter Theremin is the great-grandson of the famous Leon Theremin


Monday, September 11, 2023

FLUX prototype demo (SOMA lab)

video upload by Vlad Kreimer

"FLUX brings forth the musicality and expression of classical instruments, such as violin or vocals, enriched by new timbres and the flexibility of postmodern instruments, harnessing the power of current technology.

FLUX is a high end professional synthesizer with expressive possibilities, an innovative interface design with top quality digital-to-analog converters and analog components.

FLUX features a unique continual touchless keyboard that offers seamless control over a number of sound parameters without quantisation.

In many ways, FLUX is inspired by the Theremin, which offers the unique opportunity of controlling sound by moving your hands in the air without touching any object, all of which lends the performance a special plasticity and beauty.

Unlike the Theremin which works by virtue of the capacitive coupling of hands and antennae, FLUX is based on magnetic principles. Two magnetic bows are pressed between your fingers, and the interface is a multipolar magnetic sensor, registering the bows’ positions and movements. The X coordinate of the artist’s right-hand bow controls the note’s pitch, while the Z coordinate controls volume. The left-hand bow’s X, Y and Z coordinates control the various synthesis parameters.

Since a magnet has two poles, FLUX not only detects the bows’ spatial coordinates, but also the bows’ angle. This means that flipping the right-hand bow on the Y-axis changes the octave, which allows a range of six continuous octaves without transposing the keyboard. With transposition you can get a range from sub-bass all the way to ultrasonic. The left-right tilting of the right-hand bow on the X-axis controls two independent modulation parameters.

The left-hand bow controls the timbres. The timbral sensor, placed in the left part, has six poles, and independently registers positive and negative magnetic fields. This lets you change which parameters you control by flipping the bow, allowing you to control up to twelve independent sound parameters. Together with the pitch, volume and two additional tilt parameters on the right-hand bow, you have access to a total of sixteen sonic controls that you can use during performance, without ever touching the surface of the instrument.

Summing up the concept of FLUX: the most direct and immediate way to play with a large number of synthesis parameters in a musical way, creating a dynamic timbre composition. Different synthesis algorithms (engines) will be created as complete musical instruments for direct timbral control. All engines will be available in a single firmware and any engine can be launched in a fraction of a second. Presets will allow the user to save and recall the entire state of the synth including engine and all tunings.

We developed FLUX with the aim to create a modern instrument for academic music, offering powerful sonic tools such as distortion, complex FM and physical modelling of non-existent, surrealistic musical instruments. We invite modern performers and composers to use FLUX in their work.

FLUX works in monophonic, duophonic and polyphonic modes. Staccato-enabling and quantisation modes are available. The quantization function has an adjustment parameter for vibrato. FLUX has a stable, even, and clearly marked note scale. This makes FLUX much easier to learn and to intone cleanly than on the Theremin.

FLUX’s synthesis is DSP-based. It features built-in spatial FX. The digital-to-analog converters and the analog circuit are based on our in-house designs using Hi-End principles.

FLUX is under development. We will inform the community about the progress."

via SOMA Lab

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Maestro TH-1 Theremin Synth

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via this auction

"Experience the unique sound of the Maestro TH-1 Theremin Synthesizer. This vintage instrument is perfect for musicians looking to experiment with unconventional sounds. The TH-1 model features synth keys that allow for even more creative control in your music.

This Maestro synthesizer is a must-have for any serious musician's collection. The instrument has been previously owned, but has been well-maintained and is in great working condition. Its unique sound and vintage appearance will add a touch of character to any musical performance."

You can find the TH1 demo record posted here. According to this previous listing it was designed by Bob Moog.

Friday, September 01, 2023

Moog Claravox Centennial Theremin with Stand & Carrying Case

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"A Celebration of the Theremin's Past, Present, and Future.

Named after the original theremin virtuosa, Clara Rockmore, Claravox Centennial features the highest quality control and sound available in a theremin for deep artistic exploration. Offering both traditional 100% analog theremin operation and expanded modern performance, as well as an onboard analog delay, preset storage, and more, Claravox Centennial is an extraordinary instrument for creative expression.

Claravox Centennial is designed in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the invention of the theremin by Leon Theremin, and is only available for a limited time."

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Analog synth heaven. Parallel Reality

video upload by WilliamSalmela

"The William Salmela Project: Subtle Moves / Parallel Reality

I got to play with a theremin! So, how to make something cool with it... without actually learning how to play... check it out :)

Lots of nice vintage stuff used in the piece:
Keio Donca Matic - Mini Pops
Korg EX-800
Korg Delta
Korg Sigma
Moog Etherwave Theremin
Yamaha CS-15D
(and a sampled 12-string acoustic guitar)

There's some outboard effects also, like EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress, Stereo Clone Theory, Small Clone and Roland SDE-2000 (the only digital unit here, but hey, it's vintage too).

For more information, please visit:

© 2010 W.T.Salmela"

Analog synth heaven, Veteran Jam

video upload by WilliamSalmela

"The William Salmela Project: Subtle Moves / Veteran Jam
People have been asking for new videos, which warms my soul. I know I haven’t been too active here nor in my studio lately. But I decided to publish this older piece because I had a couple of video clips from the recording sessions.
Sadly I don't have any of these instruments anymore...

Some very nice pieces of vintage kit was used in the piece (along with a few digital things):
Keio DoncaMatic MiniPops (Boss RPD-10, EHX Small Stone)
Korg Delta (Boss KM-60, Boss RPD-10, Joemeek mc2)
Korg MiniPops 7 sampled
Korg EX-800 (EHX Small Stone, Roland SDE-2000)
Korg Polysix – Legacy
Korg Trident (Boss RPD-10, Roland SDE-2000)
Roland RS-505 Paraphonic (EHX Small Stone rus)
Roland V-Synth-XT

© 2010 W.T.Salmela"

Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Orca Synth - A photocell light controlled digital synthesizer, played like a Theremin

video upload by LunaKraft Instruments

LunaKraft also made The Guitron I. Unfortunately the video there is no longer available, but you will find some pics.

"Digital music synthesizer created in the 'circuit bent' style, uses two photocell light sensors to create synth notes in any selectable key.

Each photocell controls notes for one voice of the synthesizer, each voice can be modified separately.
1. Octave control: selects 1-4 octaves for each voice.
2. Modulation effect control.
3. Control note length of each voice.
4. Waveforms: Square, Sine, Triangle, Ramp, Noise.
5. *Select 12 different keys.
6. A chorus effect.
7. Note pulse effect.

Some of the sounds remind me of the sonar sounds made by whales, hence the name Orca Synth."

Saturday, July 22, 2023

A microtonal teatime jam (27-tone equal temperament)

video upload by Grégoire Blanc

"Glad to finally feature some out-of-tune theremin lines on purpose. Yes, it's MiCRotoNaL"

Elektor Formant modular, theremin, & Novation Launchpad.

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Big Briar Etherwave theremin w/ Original Manual SN 01851

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via this auction

Pre-MOOG Big Briar Etherwave Standard Theremin Keyboard Synthesizer Serial No. 01851.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Superbooth 2023: Theresyn - Theresyn - Les DiffYUseurs

video upload by sonicstate

"We spoke to Nori Ubukata from Theresyn at Superbooth 2023 where he showcased his updated Therasyn instrument. The latest version has a more refined look than its predecessor with a different wood finish and is more aesthetically pleasing. The basic functionality of the Theresyn remains the same, however, some improvements have been made, such as the addition of pulse waves and the ability to choose the percentage of the pulse.

Theresyn's second model is Les DiffYUseurs, designed to simulate the sound system of an Ondes Martenot, it is a handcrafted instrument with a metal diffuser with two gong modes; one small and one larger gong, which have a different frequency response. The Diffuser also includes a reverb with tremolo effect that work together.

Les DiffYUseurs Price: €399,

Theresyn Price: €2,800."

Monday, March 06, 2023

E-Ther: Unboxing & Demo (MIDI Theremin)

video upload by

Also see e-ther, the e-theremin

"I am excited to take a closer look at the E-Ther (or E-Theremin). It is a genius design created by Shiela from @midi_in. With the optional sound module, it can function as a standalone instrument in addition to a MIDI controller.

Intro - 0:00
Unboxing - 0:37
Overview - 1:24
Optional Sound Module - 2:48
Internal Sound Demo - 4:14
MIDI Demo w/DAW - 5:45
Direct Audio (MIDI into DAW) - 8:02
Direct Audio (Line into DAW) - 8:19
Summary - 8:42

You can purchase one here:"

Thursday, February 23, 2023

"Over the Rainbow" on LinnStrument with Theremin sound

video upload by Roger Linn

"'Over the Rainbow', performed by Roger Linn on LinnStrument, using the 'Theremin' sound from the 'LinnStrument MPE' library in Surge XT."


The LinnStrumentalists Volume 3

video upload by Roger Linn

A third compilation of videos submitted by the more than 4000 LinnStrument players around the world.

Here's more information about each of the segments:

Name: Ernesto Domingo
From: Inglewood, CA, USA
“Sleep Walk”
Source video:

• Sleep Walk - Ern...
Sound: Jazz Guitar from Kontakt Factory Library

Player: Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater
From: New York, USA
Title: Over the Rainbow
Source video:

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Oktavision - American angel Live @ 8ball 18 September 2022

video upload by Okta Vision

The above is a live performance in via new supporting member Athanasios Apostolidis. The following is what he had to say:

"I have a synth band called Oktavision and we perform live with plenty of gear, Theremins , nord lead 2x ,DSI evolver desktop, Vermona mono lancet, Korg Minilogue, a Beatstep pro for sequencing duties paired with a laptop which i use to send program change to all of the gear for every song change. We have a live drummer and we occasionally play electric guitar but we are a 100% live synth band."

video description:

Live @8ball Thessaloniki supporting Boomstate.
Drums - Vocals : Psi
Synths - Theremin : Duru Duru
Synths Drum Machine - Vocals : Thana.sys
Sound engineer : Dennis Konstandinidis
Camera : John Carabelas

Sunday, January 08, 2023

e-ther, the e-theremin

video upload by MIDI IN

"Just me having fun with e-ther. it's played like a theremin and has audio or MIDI out, several octaves and a range control.
Launched 25 Nov 22

The web page is at

0:00 teaser
0:07 introduction
0:51 using audio output
1:29 using MIDI output with Logic Pro
6:02 using MIDI output with MIDISID"

"Play like a Theremin, audio or MIDI out

e-ther is played with gestures in the air like a theremin and can output:

MIDI over TRS (a TRS-5-pin DIN lead gives MIDI over 5-pin DIN)
audio at line or headphone level and a gain control (with optional Pimoroni PicoAudio DAC)
e-ther's sensors don't use visible light and therefore aren't affected by changes in ambient light. They measure distance very accurately (invisible, eye-safe) making e-ther very predictable and consistent."


Patch n Tweak
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