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Sunday, October 01, 2023

Stylophone Beat, East Beast, Kawai K1m Jam

video upload by ChrisLody

"Full Disclosure: I occasionally take on freelance work at Dubreq (they make Stylophones) on an hourly rate producing video content. This video wasn't paid for directly but as a result of my work with Dubreq it is marked as Paid Promotion

Right time for a weird jam! I've been ridiculously busy recently with my day job and music related work so can barely justify taking time off to make this (this is product endorsement which is about as close as I can get to time off at the moment πŸ˜…), but I risk my channel turning into wall to wall Sonicware news (more of that to come) so I'm trying to find time for a bit of silliness like this!

Dubreq sent me the Stylophone Beat a few weeks back and I've been having some fun with it. For such an inexpensive machine it has surprisingly features. It can play 4 different kits, 4 different bass sound, 4x 32 step patterns, has some realtime playback effects like a filter sweep and pattern length (think stutter mode), patterns can be copied, elements muted etc, the stock sounds are well chosen, really quite good. There are limitations of course, the volume of each sound is fixed, there's no sync capability (although technically the LED flashes at 1ppq so it could be hacked) and the memory is wiped when it's powered down so make sure you record you work. One saving grace in that regard is that it goes into standby quite quickly so this Beat was left on all night with my rhythm programmed in so was still there the next day for me to continue work on. One small caveat is that the drum sequencer supports 16th note resolution but it seems the bass sequencer doesn't, you'll get 8th note recordings. It does support glide though as you may be able to tell from what I've made here. So all in all a fun little machine!

I also bought a Cre8audio East Beast recently and haven't had the chance to use it, so here it is used in the laziest way imaginable with the Stylophone Gen X-1 as a delay effect. It's a very capable little semi modular but I'm not using those features here. I also bought a Kawai K1 which used to belong to former Sonicware staff member Evan Sirchuk, so here's that too playing one of it's presets. That's a really bright sounding bit of kit and I wasn't sure what to use it for at first but it fits in nicely here. I don't even think I've used that Korg NanoKEY2 for anything yet either and I've had that for years!

Anyway, I don't know how I ended making such an odd sounding jam 😁"

Monday, September 11, 2023

Vintage Stylophone 350S w/ Instruction Manual & Records

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via this auction

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Stylophone Synth Jam (Also a Nord Wave 2 Synthesizer)

video upload by Composer Feliciano

"Hey there, fellow music lovers! Welcome to my electrifying synth jam session! In this video, I take you on a captivating journey through the world of electronic music, showcasing the mesmerizing sounds created using the iconic Stylophone, the versatile Stylophone Gen X-1, and the powerful Nord Wave 2 synthesizer.

Join me as I explore the limitless possibilities of these incredible instruments. From dreamy pads to gritty basslines, pulsating sequences to soaring melodies, each synth adds its unique flavor to the mix, weaving a tapestry of mesmerizing sounds.

Whether you're a seasoned synth enthusiast or just diving into the world of electronic music, this jam session promises to inspire and ignite your passion for sound. So sit back, relax, and let the waves of sonic bliss wash over you."

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Analogue Synthesizers: Roland System 100, Moog DFAM, Dubreq Stylophone Gen R-8, KORG SQ-1

video upload by Tanoi

"Just noodling - Roland System 100, Moog DFAM, Dubreq Stylophone Gen r-8, Korg SQ-1
Korg SQ-1 modulates the filter of the Roland System 100 / 102"

Saturday, December 03, 2022

Vintage Dubreq Stylophone 350s w/ Extras

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via this auction

"Mint/brand new, very very rare Stylophone from the 70s, made in England.

Never used, spotless! Very rare to come across an unit in this shape.

All instruction 7’ and 12’ vinyls and booklets included, there s also an original audio cable included, that s not in the photo, I packed separately, everything packed in the slick original leather case.

Clearly a collector s standard item."

Thursday, November 03, 2022

"Introducing" the DUBREQ PIANOMATE

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

Introducing in quotes as the Pianomate isn't a new product. You can find pics and an additional demo of one in previous posts here. Don't miss the Crumar Performer at the end of the video above.

"There really are quite few instrument that are uniquely different than others.

The Dubrec Pianomate is uniquely different - we've never seen anything like this before - have you? The comment section is all yours.

Even before it made it to Italy we realised - right off the bat - that we were going to use this in all kinds of ways.

This video is just a few quick ideas recorded off the cuff - a first scratch on the surface - there are so many more applications for this tool :

Effects you can run it through ( a good Leslie effect would make this thing shine)

Switching the trigger bars around (why didn't we think of that for this video damnit) and on and on.

It's truly a new dimension in sound."

Saturday, October 22, 2022

1970s Dubreq 350S Stylophone w/ Original Boa-Box" Case & Extras

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via this auction

"Included with the stylophone is the original "Boa-Box" case, warranty card, song book, user guide, and 12 inch instructional record."

Saturday, July 09, 2022

2x Stylophone Gen X-1 Feedback Experimental Noise #shorts

video upload by ChrisLody

Thursday, July 07, 2022

Learn the Stylophone S-1 tabs and Stylophone Gen X-1 bass settings for Kraftwerk’s Tour de France

video upload by Stylophone

"Play along to Kraftwerk’s classic Tour de France using the tabs and watch our easy-to-follow settings tutorial to get the bass sound on your Stylophone Gen X-1."

Tuesday, March 15, 2022


video upload by adnmusic

"Stylophone Progressive Medley
Pieces from Gentle Giant - Genesis - King Crimson - Dream Theater (Vitamin String Quartet) - Yes - Jean-Michel Jarre - Magma (Klaus Blasquiz)
Re-issue of a 2010 video"

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Stylophone S1 and Stylophone Gen X-1 jam!

video upload by Stylophone

"An awesome jam using the Stylophone S1 and Stylophone Gen X-1."

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Stylophone Hip Hop jam created using the Stylophone Gen X-1 and Limited Edition Bowie Stylophone

video upload by Stylophone

"Funky hip-hop jam created with the Stylophone Gen X-1 and the limited edition Bowie Stylophone!"

Monday, January 24, 2022

Stylophone Gen X-1: Create a spacey sound with a tape loop!

video upload by Stylophone

"How to create a spacey sound with the Stylophone Gen X-1 and tape loop!

1) Use the resonance knob on the Stylophone Gen X-1 to find some interesting harmonics

2) Manipulate the filter knob of the Stylophone Gen X-1 to create a whistling effect and add richness"

Friday, December 24, 2021

Gen X-1 Merry Gentlemen - Xmas Synth Cover

video upload by ChrisLody

"Merry Christmas 2021!

I'm quite busy at the moment making presets for the Sonicware Liven Bass & Beats so I only have time for a quickie. I've been working with Dubreq a bit more this year making some Stylophone promotional videos. I made this one oas an experiment, but a different direction was decided so it was left on the cutting room floor. Shame to let it go to waste though here is a very short Xmas synth cover.

It's two layers of Gen X-1 with some funky drum loops from my vault plus some jingle bells for good measure :)"

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

David Bowie Stylophone - Limited Edition Synthesizer with Carrying Case

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via this auction

See the intro video here.

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Dubreq Pianomate SN 421

Note: This site contains affiliate links for which it may be compensated.

via this auction

You can find a demo of one here.

"This is a Dubreq Pianomate analog synthesizer piano enhancer. Dubreq's Pianomate is a crazy box of tricks, designed to capture the tone of a piano creating an electronic & acoustic sound together like a hybrid synth. Two bars with sensors rest on the keyboard wired into the amp/speaker built into the Pianomate. The bars, treble/bass respond to piano playing, when the key is pressed the tonebar key drops down, creating the note. This results in a synth sound, that's warm but polyphonic. A 3-way rocker switch controls 'Balance' (bass, both, treble), another 3-way rocker selects 'Voice' (french accordion, organ, flute, jazz buzz). There are two volume knobs Pianomate & Mic. Another 3-way switch control vibrato. Between the two volume knobs is access to a small trim pot that allows fine tuning of vibrato speed. This Pianomate is in great condition."

Monday, October 25, 2021

Stylophone - The Original Pocket Synthesizer

video upload by Scott Ampleford

“In 1967 the Stylophone was born! It swept the world as a popular toy and swept the music scene as a new instrument.
In this video I take a look at the history and sound of this electronic gadget and the people around it.

Music Composed, Arranged & Performed by Scott Ampleford
Canon In D Major Composed by Johann Pachelbel

Gear Used:
- Dubreq Stylophone
- 5U/MU Modular Synthesizer *
- Korg Volca Beats
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
- Behringer Wasp Deluxe
* Features modules from, STG Soundlabs, Martin Jan Koehler & Moon Modular

Thanks Peter!”

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 GUIDE: How to sequence the STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 using the Korg SQ-1!

video upload by Stylophone

"Connect the Stylophone Gen X-1 stylus to a lead going to the one of the CV outputs on the Korg SQ-1.

(Make sure they are earthed together through an input or output for it to work)

In this video some Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator rhythm is added to the mix too. Here the PO it is connected at the aux input, which is all processed by the filter and delay on the Gen X-1✌️❤️"

Thursday, September 16, 2021


BOWIE STYLOPHONE - Limited Edition video upload by Stylophone


We are very proud to announce this unique collaboration with @davidbowie celebrating a career long association between the legendary musician and Stylophone.

The Bowie Limited Edition White Stylophone with analog sound comes with a booklet celebrating David Bowie's career and featuring exclusive photos."

Update: the press release:

David Bowie celebrated with limited-edition Bowie Stylophone

David Bowie’s career-long association with the world’s first ‘pocket synthesizer’ is being celebrated with the launch of a Bowie Stylophone.

The limited-edition Stylophone commemorates Bowie’s longstanding association with the iconic instrument, which famously featured on his breakthrough 1969 single “Space Oddity” which was composed around the Stylophone’s unique sound.

The launch is the result of a collaboration between The David Bowie Archive and Dubreq, the British company that makes the instrument. Together they have released a selection of pictures of the music legend using the Stylophone. Whilst legendary American record producer Tony Visconti, who worked closely with Bowie over many years, has gifted the team a Bowie photo from his private
collection. (Pictures available here)

“Space Oddity” appeared on Bowie’s second album which was produced by Tony Visconti – who
recalls how the young Bowie was ecstatic to be chosen by the makers of the Stylophone to receive a
complimentary unit.

Mr Visconti said: “He was one of the first to own one and to discover this new, quite radical way of
making music. He immediately put it to work and wrote a song around the unique sound of the
instrument, which was of course, Space Oddity.

“For many years to come Bowie and Stylophone were names that were matched in the same breath.
He would be very proud of this new incarnation named after him.”

Regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Bowie continued to use the
instrument throughout his career. As late in his career as 2002 he recorded with the Stylophone for the song “Slip Away” on his Heathen album.

The limited-edition Stylophone goes on sale from on 17th September for £29.95/ €34.95/$39.95 and is accompanied by a commemorative booklet that explores Bowie’s music.

John Simpson, managing director of Dubreq, the British company that makes Stylophone said: “There’s a big resurgence in interest in the mini synthesizer from young musicians. This limited edition Stylophone is a great way to commemorate David’s affection for the instrument and to inspire the next generation of musicians to create even more great music with the Stylophone.”




Ground control to Major Tom: introducing the limited-edition Bowie Stylophone, a stylish reimagining of the original pocket synthesizer.

The ultimate collectible for any Bowie fan.

Limited-edition David Bowie-inspired synthesizer

Special white design featuring embossed Bowie logo

Full colour booklet celebrating David Bowie’s work and featuring exclusive contributions and archive photographs

Compact & battery-powered
3 way Octave switch / Vibrato switch
Built-in speaker & headphone socket for playing on the go
Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included)

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Dubreq Stylophone Gen X-1

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via this auction


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