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Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Comparing the MIDIKalimba Prototype to the Production Model

video upload by Musical Miscellany

"You might have seen my previous video where I reviewed the MIDIKalimba prototype from Peacock Media. Now, the production model is shipping and @midi_in sent me one to check out. I like the new interface and firmware a lot. The new tine layout is really intuitive as well.

See the first video here: [posted here]

And you can find Shiela's website here:"

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

This Digital Kalimba Prototype is AWESOME!!!

video upload by Musical Miscellany

"My YouTube friend Shiela from @midi_in sent me this digital kalimba prototype for feedback. This is an early prototype. She's already made changes to the design, but it shows a lot of potential. I really like the idea of a MIDI controller that conforms to scales/modes and the interface is very intuitive.

Check out Shiela's website here:"

Intro - 0:00
Concept - 0:51
Overview & Scales - 2:03
Octaves - 3:50
Non-kalimba Sounds - 4:05
Using it in your tracks - 6:33
Velocity - 7:45
MIDI Connectivity - 8:24
What's Missing - 9:24
Conclusion - 10:24

Monday, March 20, 2023

E-Ther + Mopho (my first track made with a theremin)

video upload by Musical Miscellany (Poorness Studios)

"I recently posted an unboxing video of this MIDI theremin [posted here] so I decided to pair it with my Mopho and create a track. NOTE: I put all the patch bank/numbers on the screen. However, I have the Mopho Keyboard patches loaded on my Mopho module so they may be slightly different than a factory Mopho."

See the PeacockMedia label below for more.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

PeacockMedia MIDISID jam with Drumstep Pro

video upload by Dj Puzzle

"Something new on the Table of Boom. Here we have an Arturia Drumstep Pro sequencing the Sinmons SDS9 and the MIDISID. It’s also sending sync to the 1010music Razzmatazz. The Replicator is a cassette tape echo device. Interesting fact, the MIDISID uses two SID chip clones to generate synth sounds you would find made by a Commodore 64. MIDISID uses two modern SID recreations (Nano SwinSIDs). The reveb on the MIDISID is coming from that cheap Harbinger mixer I got a couple months ago. I think it sounds nice for the price."

Monday, March 06, 2023

E-Ther: Unboxing & Demo (MIDI Theremin)

video upload by

Also see e-ther, the e-theremin

"I am excited to take a closer look at the E-Ther (or E-Theremin). It is a genius design created by Shiela from @midi_in. With the optional sound module, it can function as a standalone instrument in addition to a MIDI controller.

Intro - 0:00
Unboxing - 0:37
Overview - 1:24
Optional Sound Module - 2:48
Internal Sound Demo - 4:14
MIDI Demo w/DAW - 5:45
Direct Audio (MIDI into DAW) - 8:02
Direct Audio (Line into DAW) - 8:19
Summary - 8:42

You can purchase one here:"

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Creepin' around

video upload by MIDI IN

"A creepy tune for a dark and cold January Sunday evening.

As you can see, I've worked within 6 channels with MIDISID as an external instrument so that all of the audio can be captured from the back of MIDISID in one take.

I sat down last night with no ideas but after a little messing around we were almost at this stage. A little more tweaking today."

Sunday, January 08, 2023

e-ther, the e-theremin

video upload by MIDI IN

"Just me having fun with e-ther. it's played like a theremin and has audio or MIDI out, several octaves and a range control.
Launched 25 Nov 22

The web page is at

0:00 teaser
0:07 introduction
0:51 using audio output
1:29 using MIDI output with Logic Pro
6:02 using MIDI output with MIDISID"

"Play like a Theremin, audio or MIDI out

e-ther is played with gestures in the air like a theremin and can output:

MIDI over TRS (a TRS-5-pin DIN lead gives MIDI over 5-pin DIN)
audio at line or headphone level and a gain control (with optional Pimoroni PicoAudio DAC)
e-ther's sensors don't use visible light and therefore aren't affected by changes in ambient light. They measure distance very accurately (invisible, eye-safe) making e-ther very predictable and consistent."

MIDISID 6 oscillator 4 waveform Synthesizer

video uploads by MIDI IN

Echoes on Stone Walls, rendered on dual SIDS
Developing MIDISID

via PeacockMedia

"This is a 6-oscillator synthesiser with a choice of 4 waveforms per voice, ADSR, filtering and modulations such as PWM and vibrato. It also has some advanced features like ring modulation and waveform sync.

The SID (;Sound Interface Device;) was designed for the 1982 Commodore 64 home computer. It has many features and a distinctive sound. MIDISID uses two modern SID recreations (Nano SwinSIDs). MIDISID has three modes allowing you to play .mid files or plug in a MIDI controller such as a keyboard. You can choose from preset sounds or dive into the parameters, create and store your own sounds.

Patch n Tweak
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