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Saturday, March 02, 2024

Classic Game Room - SONICWARE MEGA SYNTHESIS review

video upload by Classic Game Room

"Classic Game Room reviews the Sonicware Mega Synthesis 16-bit MEGA MegaDrive / Sega Genesis style sounding synthesizer."

Friday, March 01, 2024

Making a Groovebox in Minecraft

video upload by Robots Are Red

"This video takes a look at an 8 step groovebox I created in Minecraft. This covers the basics of how the groovebox works, along with a walkthrough of what is all happening behind the scenes so you can build a groovebox of your own!

Jump to any section of the video:
0:00 - Intro
0:52 - Groovebox Rundown
2:09 - How Note Blocks Work
2:28 - Dual Preset Changer
3:48 - Sequencer
4:49 - Step On/Off
5:17 - Alternative Step On/Off
5:43 - Multi Preset Changer
6:12 - Note Block Sounds
7:54 - Multi Preset Changer Cont.
8:44 - Additional Info
9:34 - A Little Jam"

Friday, February 23, 2024

Mario by Samzed // Novation Circuit Tracks

video upload by Samzed

Friday, February 16, 2024

SEGA GENESIS MUSIC TOOLKIT | Free sounds and samples

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"All the sounds used to make every SEGA MEGADRIVE / SEGA GENESIS game ever made, and all for free! I'll show you how to download all the classic FM sounds and samples for the games console that used the legendary YAMAHA YM2612 4-operator sound chip (also used in arcade cabinets such as Outrun, Paperboy).

We'll also explore using FM8 on NATIVE INSTRUMENTS MASCHINE+ for a standalone groovebox device to rival the Sonicware LIVEN MEGA Synthesis.

The Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive Music Archive

For all you FM lovers out there...

FM8 Sega Genesis Collection"

Thursday, February 08, 2024


video upload by NOZ MUSIC

"SEGAの体感ゲーム「SPACE HARRIER」のMAIN THEMEをSONICWARE LIVEN MEGA SYNTHESISでステップシーケンス演奏です。 MEGA SYNTHESISは、SEGAの家庭用ゲーム機「MEGA DRIVE」の内蔵音源をそのまま再現したレトロ・ゲームミュージック・コンポーザーです。

・YM2612 FMシンセ x 3トラック (6ボイス)
・SN76489 PSGシンセ x 2トラック (4ボイス)
・8-bit PCMサンプラー x 1トラック (3ボイス)

ステップシーケンサーで4小節ずつ打ち込み25パターン作成、手動でパターンチェンジしながら最後まで演奏してみました。 パターン切換した時に音がブツ切れるのは、仕様です。
FM音源パートの音色は全てMEGA SYNTHESIS本体で作成、PCMドラムはYAMAHA RX21からMEGA SYNTHESIS本体でサンプリングしました。
MEGA SYNTHESIS本体だけで、ここまで再現出来るなんて、本当に素晴らしくて楽しい商品ですね♪"


"Step sequence performance of the MAIN THEME from SEGA's experience game "SPACE HARRIER" using SONICWARE LIVEN MEGA SYNTHESIS. MEGA SYNTHESIS is a retro game music composer that directly reproduces the built-in sound source of SEGA's home game console "MEGA DRIVE."

・YM2612 FM synth x 3 tracks (6 voices)
・SN76489 PSG synth x 2 tracks (4 voices)
・8-bit PCM sampler x 1 track (3 voices)

I created 25 patterns by inputting 4 measures at a time using a step sequencer, and played them all the way to the end while changing the patterns manually. It is by design that the sound cuts out when switching patterns.
All the tones for the FM sound source parts were created using the MEGA SYNTHESIS itself, and the PCM drums were sampled from the YAMAHA RX21 using the MEGA SYNTHESIS itself.
It's a really wonderful and fun product to be able to reproduce so much with just the MEGA SYNTHESIS itself♪"

Monday, January 29, 2024

"Network Neighborhood." The HapiNES mk. II from Twisted Electronics. #jamuary2024 #jamuary2024

video upload by Ambient Synths In The Wild

"Tried to get this one to work with a few monotrons but it seems they are all malfunctioning so he took a solo."

You can find additional HapiNES here.

Thursday, January 25, 2024


video upload by NOZ MUSIC

"SONICWAREのLIVEN MEGA SYNTHESISの練習で、SEGAの体感ゲーム「SPACE HARRIER(スペースハリアー)」のイントロ部分を作ってみました。 FM音源の音色は自作で、
MEGA SYNTHESISはメガドライブの内蔵FM音源YM2612を再現してるとはいえ、パラメーター値が異なるので、原曲の音色に寄せるのが苦労しました。 ドラムはYAMAHA RX21をサンプリングしまして、鍵盤スイッチに6音色を設定してます。


"While practicing SONICWARE's LIVEN MEGA SYNTHESIS, I created the intro to SEGA's hands-on game ``SPACE HARRIER.'' The tone of the FM sound source was created by myself.
Although MEGA SYNTHESIS reproduces the Mega Drive's built-in FM sound source YM2612, the parameter values are different, so it was difficult to get it to match the tone of the original song. The drums are sampled from YAMAHA RX21, and 6 tones are set on the keyboard switches.
I create a pattern of 4 bars each and play while changing the pattern manually.
It's amazing that you can create tones, sample, and input notes without using a computer, and that you can reproduce this much."

Sunday, January 14, 2024

240114 - Jamuary2024 - PSG Tracks Only Liven MEGA Synthesis

video upload by ChrisLody

"Full Disclosure: I occasionally take on freelance work at Sonicware on an hourly rate producing synth & sample sound design, beta testing, checking English text, video manuals etc. This video wasn't paid for directly but as a result of my work with Sonicware it is marked as Paid Promotion

So someone asked me in the comments (@ArtFluids) If I could make a demo track on the Liven MEGA Synthesis using just the PSG tracks, so here it is. Using the Liven MEGA like this makes it sound quite a lot like the 8 Bit Warps, but I'm only using a very small part of it's feature set. I've restricted myself to not playing notes with the square below an A2 like the original hardware, but it can actually play lower than that. Also no FX at all.

The Liven MEGA Synthesis seeks to recreate the audio capabilities of the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis. So the Sega Mega Drive was built upon the hardware in Sega's previous console, the Master System / Sega Mark III. The sound capabilities of that machine were 4 channels of audio consisting of 3 square wave channels and 1 noise/pulse (under quite specific restrictions). So the Mega Drive / Genesis contained that sound chip too and was mostly used during music to add layers of square waves to the sound or noisy percussion, it was rarely used up front.

The MEGA Synthesis emulates that chip and users can program it from 2 dedicated tracks. So you're a little restricted in the fact that a track can only play one sound at once, though using automation you can change the sound on the fly. Using automation, Track 5 is playing drums and a pulse bass (on even steps only but somehow that still sounds fine 🤷‍♂️) while Track 4 plays everything else which must use the same envelope, modulation settings etc at any one moment. So it's more restrictive in some ways than original hardware, but also it's less restrictive in other ways like allowing 4 voices of noise, square or pulse to play at the same time. So like most of the features on the MEGA, it captures the overall sound without being overly concerned about super specific technical restrictions."

Thursday, January 04, 2024


video upload by SONICWARE

Yuzo Koshiro Preset Patterns on LIVEN "MEGA SYNTHESIS"

video upload by SONICWARE


Fully Recreate the Legendary Sound of the World's First 16-bit Video Game Console from the Late '80s

You too must have fallen under the spell of the extraordinary visuals and sounds of the groundbreaking 16-bit video game console that once dominated the world! It was powered by the iconic YM2612 sound chip, a legacy that endures even today.

The MEGA SYNTHESIS has resurrected the sound engine of this chip. We've faithfully recreated the 4-operator & 8-algorithm FM sound module, the 8-bit PCM sound module, and the "SN76489" PSG (Programmable Sound Generator) sound module used by the original console.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Endless Sands ( Commodore 64 & Sid Factory II )

video upload by Avrilcadabra

"Hi here is a SiD track I made using Sid Factory II.

listen to this on Deepsid

download the sid from drop box

Learn about Sid Factory II

Find my content entertaining or helpful? you can make my day by buying one of my songs at"

Monday, December 11, 2023

Game Boy Sample Pack ver.1.0

video upload by Akihiko Matsumoto

"Game Boy Sample Pack"

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Software synthesizer experiments: 幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble (Touhou 7)

video upload by Rhokin321

"This is a software synthesizer and MIDI player of mine playing the original th07_09.mid from Touhou 7.

I’m using FM synthesis to generate the waveforms in a way vaguely inspired by old FM sound chips. It doesn’t have that many unique instruments right now, most of them are used in this song. I would like to add LFOs, better envelopes and possibly some basic signal filters eventually.

I did not compose or arrange any of this, I just made the synthesizer.

Composition/Arrangement: ZUN

#東方Project #VGM"

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Introducing Chipsynth C64

video uploads by Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc.


1. Introducing chipsynth C64 - "great overview of OPS7 from @tssf"
2. chipsynth C64 launch demo (PAL C64C capture)
"The great chipsynth C64 launch demo from 4mat!
Running on an ACTUAL PAL C64 and captured using a RetroTINK 2X-Pro and generic HDMI capture for video. Audio was captured using our reference M-Audio M-Track then manually resynched.

Code and Music: 4Mat
Graphics and concept: 4Mat and Plogue.
The actauly binary is shipped with the product, but should (and can) be spread outside no worry!
3. Exhausted dev noodles with the "EMU" tab in chipsynth C64.
As is now customary each time we release something, an exhausted David tries to show some of the product's feature candidly and without filter (pun indented)
Emulating the SID the HARD way.

video upload by plgDavid

"emulation SID 6581 8580
chipresearch episode 0x08

00:00 Intro
01:04 What's a SID?
01:56 "Fake SIDs" and sidbench
02:46 Reading OSC3/ENV3 registers
04:11 "Old" bank: Monitoring filter capacitor voltages
04:31 "New" bank: gigabytes of DC recordings per chip
06:20 Listening test preliminaries
07:23 Advanced SID Engine issues
08:11 QA Song Choice
10:21 The "Unicorn" R1
10:45 MDFourier C64 edition

Get chipsynth C64 here {SOON}

Listening test songs are a mix and match of PAL and NTSC speeds we know.
(our emulation can do both)

Tracks used:
chipsynth C64 - 4Mat.
From the official old-school C64 "chipsynth C64" demo from 4Mat"


"The new reference for SID emulation

FASTLOAD chipsynth C64 into your music software and RUN the biggest, baddest sound of the 8-bit generation!

Put a tantalizing cascade of thick pulse width modulation, smashing digital drums, soaring arpeggios, and unidentifiable twerky groaning warbly dins under your giddy fingertips.

Skip over the need for obscure tools full of big columns of hexadecimal numbers, and instead load up your favorite music software with the easiest way to get the C64 sound. A vast preset library will fill your heart with an infinite tessellation of big tones that twist and turn and tumble.

Want to make patches with deep, unusual modulations hitting any parameter you can think of? Perhaps you want to modulate pulse width at audio rate? Do it all using our intuitive chipsynth graphical modulation system, which lets you do all of this without needing an engineering degree and easily join the culture of extremely animated sounds found in SID music!


Plogue chipsynth C64 brings forward the deepest SID sound chip emulation ever. The fruit of years of laborious research, it bears our legendary desire for emulation perfection. Real chips in the field vary wildly in sound - every slight deviation in silicon composition radically changes the character of the filter - and we went all out on capturing this.

We reproduced no less than 32 different SID chips in excruciating detail, covering the full rainbow spectrum of SIDs: every revision of 6581 and 8580 from R1 to R5, every tone from warm to bright to clean to distorted and gnarly.

This is a full, REAL emulator that can actually play original songs natively and accurately, with a full-featured SID file player capable of playing even exotic songs with multiple-SID setups, sample playback and hard filter overdrive.

They said it was all bleep bloops. But it's GOOD bleep and bloops! And we couldn’t be happier. And, as always, no samples are used, it's all true emulation!"

Sunday, November 19, 2023

TherapSID & ARMSID ASID : 3 x SIDs + FM

video upload by tubesockor

"My latest changes for the Open Source TherapSID firmware includes full ARMSID & ARM2SID support plus other enhancements to ASID and the OS:
* ASID can play & remix C64 songs using up to 3 x SIDs including FM (OPL2, FM-YAM, Sound Expander etc)
* Configuration of ARMxSIDs can be done on the fly, using an updated @twistedelectrons8404 web browser tool
* Turbo MIDI support (using Elektron TM-1 MIDI interface) to handle speeds up to 8x regular MIDI
* DeepSID updates to support the above
* Support for the third ARM2SID SID emulation in the regular synth mode, supporting 9-voice SID polyphony

0:00 Intro & overview
0:35 Playing & remixing SID + FM songs, ASID enhancements
3:34 Multi-SID & multi-speed support with Turbo MIDI
4:20 DeepSID updated
4:32 In-device ARMSID configuration using web tool
5:15 9-voice SID polyphony (over MIDI)
5:50 Improved detune mode (over MIDI)
6:02 Outro"

You can find additional demos of the ThreapSID by tubesockor here.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Song Made On A 1984 "Portable" Computer - Commodore SX64 Dual Sid Chip

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"This song was made on MSSIAH on the SX64. Dual Sid chips
Download the song .WAV and .MP£ here :-
Here is a Video about the computer :-" How Portable Is The 1983 Commodore SX64???

Saturday, November 11, 2023

YM2413 SYNTH + ROLAND XP50 - Testing sounds from the homemade OPLL mini FM synthesizer.

video upload by MusicHobby

"YM2413 SYNTH - Testing sounds from the homemade OPLL mini FM synthesizer. Roland XP50 keyboard used as controller, to send MIDI notes, program and control changes to the YM2413 module and the audio goes to the audio interface.

This is my project of a YM2413 FM Synth MIDI Module, already assbembled in a purple printed circuit board.

The YM2413 chip (known as OPLL), which is 2 operator FM musical synthesizer that uses FM synthesis (frequency modulation) to generate timbres. In this YM2413 based musical instrument I am using the Arduino Nano to control the YM's internal registers.

The YM2413 was used in:
-Yamaha PSS-170 and PSS-270 keyboards in 1986;
-Yamaha SHS-10 shoulder keyboard in 1987, and the Yamaha PSS-140 and Yamaha SHS-200 in 1988;
-Yamaha PSR-6 keyboard in 1988;
-Sega Master System, MSX, Atari Games Rampart arcade game;

I purchased the YM2413 chip on Aliexpress. I designed the board then sent the gerber to JLCPCB to be manufacured. Application Manual:

The intitial schematic of this board is here:"



Tuesday, November 07, 2023

How Portable Is The 1983 Commodore SX64???

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Today we see how portable the 1983 Commodore SX64 portable computer actually is! and make some music on it!!! if you'd like to see more videos on this project/livestreams and Download :-"

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Therapsid mk3 (multitimbral sequencing)

video upload by

"Hi this a track I converted to sequence the Therapsid.

Disclaimer this Therapsid was sent to me by Twisted Electrons and I spent so long working with them to get the firmware all working nicely so it worked as expected from someone that uses c64's as well as synths, I'm going to mark it as a paid promotion anyway though.

The track is called 'There's still time' , I originally made it on a Digitakt using samples. Here it is being sequenced by a Dirtywave M8.

I have quite a few clips of the Therapsid on my instagram if you would like to see them as the firmware progressed to where it is today.

Find my content entertaining or helpful? you can make my day by buying one of my songs at"

Saturday, October 21, 2023


video upload by Retrozentrum

"Prepare for the future!

Dive into the futuristic soundscape of the HEXAGON, a Synthesizer powered by the unparalleled Commodore 64 SID Soundchip from MOS Technology!

From the smooth Triangle tones, the edgy buzz of a Sawtooth wave, to the unique vibes of a Pulse wave and the wild randomness of noise - with HEXAGON Commodore is bringing you the tones of tomorrow! Experience 4 breathtaking waveforms each full of power and volume - But what is better than one oscillator? Right - Another one! Just one switch away and you are able to play two notes with one key, no problemo! Or set both oscillators to the same pitch and feel the power of two voices combined! We bet you won't ever release a key to make this beast playing music forever!

Tailor every note to perfection! With full control over the tones even out of space-time, you are ready for the future! Be able to adjust Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release to craft sounds that are beyond this world. Even make your notes slide and sway and dive into sonic realms with a chaos generating Pitch Modulator...And by chaos we mean absolute madness. This thing is a demon in creating mental sounds! But hold on - Of course you can also create wonderful chords with it - We won't let you down, no matter what type of noise you want to create!

But don't worry if you don't know anything about waveforms or Envelopes or Amplitudes or Giana Sisters or Bubble Bobble or Camel or Impossible Mission..The HEXAGON makes it so easy to make music and create noise but comes with a high quality soundchip that is state of the art! - The one and only SID! Normally it costs a lot of knowledge and practice to get yourself deeper into the great SID composing with a C64 but here is your solution!

Why just play when you can compose? With an ultimate capacity of 64 Kilobytes HEXAGON's innovative Step Sequencer powered by an onboard memory chip is there for you to let you arrange your very own future hits step-by-step and note-by-note. (Yes folks you heard it right, no floppy disks anymore, you are welcome)

HEXAGON - For $595, you get what nobody else can give you for twice the price! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a HEXAGON!

powered by Commodore International and MOS Technology

...or at least inspired by it :)

Retro Gadgets is a game where you can build and code your own gadgets with several assets like LEDs, Buttons, Screens etc. Check out the Game on Steam Early Access!"

"Crooked Teeth" Cover ♬ Death Cab for Cutie on Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 #TTNM


"Here's another Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 groovebox song-mode thing. A weird synth cover of Death Cab for Cutie's 'Crooked Teeth'. Some liberties were taken ;-P
All sounds created and sequenced on the LD3. Voice recorded separately and mixed and processed on a Zoom R16."

Fell in Love with a Girl / The White Stripes / Covered with Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 #TTNM

"Gotharman's Little deFormer 3 synthesizer covers The White Stripe's 'Fell in Love with a Girl'. This has been a favorite song of mine, ever since I learned power chords on my Squier electric guitar. I'm way past that though and just let synths play for me nowadays. Well ... after I program those songs manually into their memory for hours on end ... although with the Little deFormer 3's "song mode" it's actually fun and even a zen-like experience ;-P

All sounds made on the LD3. Voice sampled and sequenced and then deFormed with onboard FX."

Gotharman website:


Patch n Tweak
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