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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

2023 Inspiring Year In Review for the Bob Moog Foundation and the Moogseum!

video upload by moogfoundation

"2023 has been another momentous, inspiring year for the Bob Moog Foundation and the Moogseum. Please consider supporting our work before the end of the year to help keep us strong and growing. Donate here:"

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Modular Synthesizer Ensemble - Popella / Graz

video upload by

"Popella - is a music festival for young and old in Graz.
A children's music festival that is primarily dedicated to modern styles, responds to the lifestyles and interests of today's children and also appeals to parents.
This year, the MODULAR SYNTHESIZER ENSEMBLE was a guest at Popella in the Postgarage Graz. After a 4-hour workshop, the children played a live performance on the huge sound system in the large club room. It was powerful, not only because of the great sound system, but above all because the kids put on a masterful performance - listen for yourself."

ModularS ynthesizer Ensemble - SUPERBOOTH23 - Timelapse

video upload by Modular Synthesizer Ensemble

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Sequential Circuits Pro-One for John

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

Roland Jupiter-8 for Tyler

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

"Here is a demo of the Roland Jupiter-8 with a CR-78 and SRE-555 chorus echo. This JP8 had an interesting problem that many units with Encore MIDI have: an annoying click sound when moving any of the programmable sliders. It has since been solved and repaired and sounds lovely as ever!"

Arp Quadra for Randy

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

"Foleytronics is a repair shop in the Cincinnati area (Dayton, KY) specializing in vintage FX, drum machines, synthesizers, tape machines and vintage pro audio. Every shipped item gets a video demonstration as assurance for the client, insurance for both of us and documentation of these cool old machines for the rest of the world."

IG: foleytronics_llc

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

MongKencO - Autumn 가을 / Ambient track by Novation peak, Moog Matriarch, and Dfam.

video upload by MongKencO

"We hope you can feel the Autumn!!
MongKencO - Autumn 가을"


What's in the hammock at :40? Don't miss the end.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Bob Moog Foundation Celebrates 17 Years of Inspiring the Future Through Science, Music & Technology

video upload by moogfoundation

"August 21, 2023, marks the 17th anniversary of the Bob Moog Foundation. We are proud and grateful to be carrying Bob Moog's pioneering legacy forward by inspiring tens of thousands of people every year through Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and the Moogseum. Please donate today to be part of our work inspiring the problem solvers of tomorrow:

The Bob Moog Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are not affiliated with Moog Music, Inc. Our support comes from donors like you."

Sunday, July 02, 2023


video upload by ANALOGSOUP


Cool kid. See if you can ID the song he's playing. It took me a sec, but I got it. Some cool band Ts in this video as well. Tom Oberheim with a Four Voice System/FVS and Dave Rossum in attendance.

Sunday, June 05, 2022

Dreadbox Typhon Demo

video upload by Hunart©

"Hi Everyone!

Thanks to my friend Sensor (you can find the link below the description) I've had a chance to finally try out Typhon from Dreadbox. It was a two day session and one day my daughter wanted to smash the cutoff knob, so this is her favorite synth now... And I think mine too in that price range. Really cute messy box ;) As usual, no external FX, EQ or compression, just a limiter (D16 Frontier) on the whole material."

Thursday, June 02, 2022

A Few User Tributes to Dave Smith

I have a search on Sequential that brings up daily videos. The following are some of what went up today. I thought I'd share them. One thing to remember is Dave brought us MIDI. His influence extends beyond Sequential. I thought it was fitting that someone made a tribute to that. Note some of these are tributes and some aren't. I got a kick out of the kids playing below. It's a reminder that his instruments will touch generations to come. P.S. a big part of this site is sharing what end users are doing out there with the gear we love. This post is a snapshot of some of what went up today.

First a beautiful tribute by lucafrancinimusic:

DSI video upload by lucafrancinimusic

"My humble tribute to Dave Smith. I don't know how many times I've printed a track from Rev2, especially when making retrowave sci-fi music; this synth has a special place in my heart. Sad news."

Sequential Circuit - Another Tribute

video upload by Colin Powell

"We have lost yet another synth pioneer but this time a founding father of synth technology, Dave Smith. Maybe not a familiar name to many but without his developments, including the 'Musical Instrument Digital Interface' (MIDI), electronic music would have been very different today and nowhere near as popular. Here is my tribute, using MIDI and various synths, on my iPad."

Goodbye #davesmithinstruments #sequential #midi #synth

video upload by axs203

Short piece of music with Sequential Circuits Six-Trak synth (and a bit of Yamaha CP-70)

video upload by

"Six-Trak sound is clean with a bit of reverb to give it some air. Yamaha CP-70 is played through vintage Deluxe Electric Mistress flanger by Electro-Harmonix to hide the fact it's completely out of tune :)."

“Take on me” Sequential prophet 5 and fender Rhodes cover
video upload by ABE GAN

Monday, May 30, 2022

Introducing the Blipblox SK2 Synthesizer & Blipblox MyTracks

video upload by Blipblox Explorer Channel

"Take the first look at the all new Blipblox SK2 synthesizer. Packed with new features and a reimagined color scheme, the SK2 is the newest addition to the Blipblox product line."

Introducing the Blipblox myTRACKS

"Take the first look at the all new Blipblox myTRACKS. An advanced 5-track music production device designed so anyone can create full, layered songs. Packed with 48 instruments, 12 drum kits, over 450 built-in melodies, two FX processors and a built-in microphone for sampling, the myTRACKS provides unlimited creative music fun."

@diskq demonstrates the all new Blipblox myTRACKS

"@diskq finds her picnic vibe using the all new Blipblox myTRACKS music production device designed for all ages."

Blipblox SK2 and Blipblox myTRACKS demo

"We connect the all new Blipblox myTRACKS to the all new Blipblox SK2 synthesizer to instantly create layered, detailed music compositions."

"Playtime Engineering, the leader in simplifying electronic music play for all, announces the Blipblox SK2 and Blipblox myTRACKS music production devices.

The Blipblox SK2 is the newest addition to the Blipblox synthesizer line. The SK2 is designed for kids ages 8-14. It provides all of the free-play fun of the Blipblox Synth for Kids, plus some sophisticated synth tools found in the Blipblox After Dark.

The Blipblox myTRACKS is an easy-to-use, 5-track groovestation designed specifically for kids. Features such as 48 real instrument sounds, built-in microphone for audio sampling, and two FX processors make this an advanced music device. But just like all other Blipblox products, it is engineered so that anyone can create multi-tracked songs right out of the box.

Both products are portable with batteries and a built-in speaker so you can take your creativity anywhere.

We’ll be showcasing both devices at The NAMM Show 2022, June 3-5. We hope you’ll stop by to play at booth #10900."

Saturday, March 19, 2022

NatLife - All My Sentiments - PLEASE READ

video upload by Igor Leus

Igor Leus is a supporting member of the site and the man behind NatLife Sounds. Please read the following:

"I wrote this track in 2019 and dedicated it to my baby Danila. All my sentimentality was connected with my son. Now he is far from me, I had to part with him because of the war in Ukraine. I don't know if I'll ever meet my son again. Sitting here under shelling in Kharkov, I understand that this may not happen, but I want to believe and hope that I will succeed.

PayPal Donate (to my wife & son):

Free Download:"

Friday, January 14, 2022

Dr.YuEndo's Jamuary #4 - Daaaaance!!! 💃🕺🤩🎉🥳 #sonicware #LivenXFM

video upload by SONICWARE

GrooveBox “LIVEN XFM”

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Dr.YuEndo's Jamuary #1 - Happy New Year! #sonicware #LivenXFM

video upload by SONICWARE

Friday, December 17, 2021

VGM #196: Ballad of the Goddess (Skyward Sword)

video upload by Amie Waters

"This song almost didn't happen, and then my awesome son collaborated and added some sick DATO jams and it turned the entire arrangement around and brought this song to life. I hope you enjoy. There is one more Zelda Month video, and it should be out very soon!"

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Modular Synthesizer Ensemble - Superbooth21

video upload by Modular Synthesizer Ensemble

"The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble at SUPERBOOTH 2021 in Berlin.
Workshop and Performance in the big Auditorium of the former GDR Pionier Palast now caled FEZ in the Wuhlheide.
Presented and supported by MILLER-ZILLMER Foundation.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Little Lady doth protest! as Dad makes weird sounds

video upload by Synth Diy Guy

"Sorry, something happened in the render with that pixelated spot! ;)"

Monday, May 24, 2021

Presenting the Synth Explorer - Modular Synthesizer For Kids

video by tangible waves

"This is the first public presentation of the new educational system from tangible waves. The Synth Explorer is a small and affordable system with a careful selection of modules that enable a very large variety of experiments to make music, science and maths fun for kids while they are engaged with all their senses.

Carsten Eckelmann, aka The 5th Volt (, has presented this system at a synth meetup at Elk Elektronik in Wollong, Australia on the 22nd of May 2021.

To learn more about Synth Explorer or the AE Modular system please visit our website at

We also have a fantastic community of artists, beginners and wizards which you can find at

Also a big thank you to Ed from Elk Elektronik who organised this synthmeetup in his shop. You can find his website here:"

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Centre - Serum-inspired Eurorack Modular Wavetable Synth by 1V/OCT

Currently on Kickstarter

"The Centre brings preset wavetable sounds to modular synthesisers but it also comes as a compact semi-modular synth that can bring massive sounds to your music production. Experts can use it as another incredible source of sound that can be modulated with their existing Eurorack system while beginners can be introduced to the world of sound and music production.

Being a music producer you will be able to bring your predefined sounds to your performances and beginners can just rely on thousands of predefined presets to enjoy an introduction to the electronic music world.

For beginners in the modular world, The Centre can be your springboard for starting making sounds without incredible investment and also teach you modulations and sound design from within a single module. Change sounds at the ease of turning the knob or become a sound designer and create new and unique sounds that no one yet ever engineered.

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Unborn Baby MIDI Controller in Luca Yupanqui's Sounds of the Unborn

video by Sacred Bones Records

World's youngest electronic musician? It is interesting, when you think about generative music creation.

From 'Sounds of the Unborn,' out April 2.

Video directed by Victoria Keddie.

Sounds of the Unborn was made with biosonic MIDI technology, which translated Luca’s in utero movements into sound. With the help of her parents, Psychic Ills bassist Elizabeth Hart and Lee Scratch Perry collaborator Iván Diaz Mathé, Luca’s prenatal essence was captured in audio. They designed a ritual, a kind of joint meditation for the three of them, with the MIDI devices hooked to Elizabeth’s stomach, transcribing its vibrations into Iván’s synthesizers. They let the free-form meditations flow without much interference, just falling deeper into trance and feeling the unity. After five hour-long sessions, the shape of an album began to emerge. Elizabeth and Iván then edited and mixed the results of the sessions, respecting the sounds as they were produced, trying to intervene as little as possible, allowing Luca’s message to exist in its raw form.

Iván Diaz Mathé explains their new video for first track "V4.3 pt.2"
"We did some Super 8 footage during the recording sessions and later we teamed up with artist Victoria Keddie because we love her approach an aesthetic. She processed the film with analog gear and created a visual trip that summarizes what we felt while creating this album."

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Kids and Their Synths

via @byronkentwong

"Building an army of KraftJerks


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Father & Daughter Cinematic Synthesizer Jam Improvisation with Hydrasynth / Grandmother / Prophet 08

video by Denis Polic

"My little girl came today in my studio, and asked if she can jam with me, so i said: "sure, jump in". She likes the "meowing" sound of Grandmother, and started improvising a melody on it, and i tought: if i can put some chords underneeth, it could be a fine jam, so i turned the cam on, started playing with her, and there is the result, hope you enjoy it!!!

Cheers and peace on Earth!!!"

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