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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Pulsar-ES - Preset Drum Machine - Replica of a Rare Vintage Drum Machine for iOS

video upload by The Sound Test Room

"You can get Pulsar-ES here at the App Store"

20% of proceeds go to support Ukraine.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Chris Meyer’s Alias Zone: Nightfall, Kyiv (Official Live Bootleg)

video upload by Chris Meyer's Alias Zone

"Audio recorded by Lewis Richards at 17th Street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, California

The idea for this piece came when Make Histibe of Mask Movement ( in Kyiv, Ukraine contacted me. As part of the invasion of Ukraine, their power grid is often knocked offline, and he was looking to raise money for solar panels and batteries to keep his studio operating. To do this, he created a series of field recordings of the war and life during wartime in Ukraine, and crafted them into a virtual instrument called Swords to Ploughshares (

I gladly purchased it, and used it as the basis for this song, which flows from the realities of life during wartime to attempting to lead a normal, happy life…only for the war to intrude, and drag people back in. This piece was premiered at Steve Roach’s Ambient Lounge in Tucson. Arizona on April 4 2023; this 17th Street version performed on April 12, 2023 (the eve of the annual NAMM music convention) was the third time I had played it live. It contains some of my explanation beforehand the audience reaction afterwards. A version of this song will appear on my upcoming album Eastern Front."

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Custom Ukraine Edition (1 of 5) Black Corporation ISE-NIN Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

via Perfect Circuit

"We've partnered with Black Corporation to offer a highly limited-edition ISE-NIN, featuring the colors of the Ukrainian flag with all proceeds from this sale going towards non-military charity efforts in Ukraine. This instrument is just one of five in this color way, and is sure to deliver the beloved sounds of the Roland Jupiter-8.

Not simply a clone or revival of a classic instrument, Black Corporation's ISE-NIN is a desktop-friendly analog synthesizer inspired by the legendary Roland Jupiter-8 that truly aims for the stars. Adorned with sliders and vivid orange labeling straight out of the 1980s, the ISE-NIN is true to the original with eight voices loaded up with truly analog VCOs and liquidy lowpass and highpass filters. But in true Black Corp. fashion, they're not content with conceptualizing a synth in 2021 and leaving its capabilities dampened by technology from over 40 years ago.

Dual oscillators per-voice allow for synthesists to craft the rich textures harkening back to the golden age of analog synthesizers, offering the ability to freely mix and match waveforms (or noise on VCO-2). One or both VCOs can be modulated by the LFO or one of the ADSR envelope generators, affording the implementation of vibrato or other special pitch effects into patches, while VCO-1 provides a VCO-2 cross-modulation option, and VCO-2 can sync to oscillator one. Before heading into the filters, both VCOs are summed in a crossfade level control—this approach allows, for example, one oscillator to provide the harmonic, musical bed for a patch, while the other can be dialed in to a relatively fine amount for additional grit, bite, or special effect.

Some say that the filter is what makes a synthesizer special, and if the sound of the Jupiter-8 is any indication, ISE-NIN is sure to win the hearts of many. A non-resonant highpass filter cleans up the low end frequencies, but the main attraction is certainly the lowpass VCF—selectable 12 or 24dB/Oct slope, resonance all the way up to self-oscillation, key-tracking, velocity and aftertouch control, and more provide the means to sculpt the sonic spectrum with freedom. Dual ADSR envelope generators round out the onboard modulation options, but it's the deeper menu settings and external control capabilities that really open up the ISE-NIN.

Like the other instruments from Black Corporation, ISE-NIN is MPE compatible, meaning that pairing it up with a compatible DAW or a controller like the Linnstrument or QuNexus unlocks the magic of per-note pitch bend and expression, polyphonic aftertouch, and more. But if that weren't enough, ISE-NIN can split or layer two presets at once, and while this reduces polyphony down to four voices per patch, the musical potential vastly outweighs the polyphonic limitations. Pair this with the onboard arpeggiator and extensive microtuning options compatible with ODDSound's MTS-ESP, and this is a synth that pushes analog sounds in territories never before imagined.

If you find yourself enchanted by the sounds of classic analog instruments but will only settle for the flexibility of a modern synthesizer, ISE-NIN just might be the thriller of a synth needed for your studio."

Saturday, October 29, 2022

JEN SM-2007 rare italian string machine (1976)

video upload by sergioavia


Очень редкая, практически одна из первых в мире электронных стринг- машин. Создана итальянской синтезатороной фирмой JEN в 1976 году и производилась только один год. Волшебный звук и качественное исполнение апарата, сделано на века- аппарату, на минуточку, 45 лет- а пришлось только очистить от пыли, пофиксить клавиатуру и смазать потенциометры.. Линии задержки там TDA1022 и делители на орган TDA1008 (все из серии "хрен найдешь", благо, все исправно- делали на совесть).. и как же без музыки из "Трех мушкетеров", прямо само просилось))
Слава Україні, путін х&йло, смерть ворогам, BAVOVNA_time."


"Very rare, almost one of the world's first electronic string machines. It was created by the Italian synthesizer company JEN in 1976 and was produced for only one year. The magical sound and high-quality performance of the device, made for centuries - the device, for a minute, 45 years - and I only had to clean it of dust, fix the keyboard and lubricate the potentiometers .. The delay lines are there TDA1022 and dividers for the TDA1008 organ (all from the "you will find horseradish" series , fortunately, everything was done properly - they did it conscientiously) .. and how could it be without the music from the "Three Musketeers", it just asked for it))
Glory to Ukraine, putin h&ylo, death to enemies, BAVOVNA_time."

Monday, July 25, 2022

Clean-Up Raves in Ukraine

This one is in via Loscha, who spotted it on ABC News Australia. Click through for some video.

Left: The DJs play techno music as volunteers continue clean-up efforts. (Reuters: Viacheslav Ratynskyi ) - Note the Waldorf Blofeld, M-Audio keyboard controller, and what appears to be a Lumatone keyboard with accordian style keys.

"Buildings destroyed by Russian invasion become 'clean-up raves' for volunteers missing Ukraine's techno festivals

A bombed-out building in northern Ukraine has been turned into a rave for more than 200 people just months after the region was devastated by the Russian invasion.

The daytime 'clean-up rave' was organised by young Ukrainians who have been using dance parties to aid the recovery effort.

'Techno parties, especially rave festivals, it was our lifestyle before, when we met with friends and spent time," one of the group's organisers said.

'Last summer, every weekend festivals (were) here in Ukraine, in Kyiv.

'So, we miss it and we want to come back to normal life but our normal life now is volunteering.'

Shovels in hand, the volunteers tossed piles of debris into the loader of a tractor from the remnants of the centre, which was destroyed by a rocket strike in March.

Ukraine's vibrant club scene was brought to an abrupt halt with the Russian invasion on February 24.

A night-time curfew in the capital Kyiv forced lovers of Ukraine's party culture to combine the fun and freedom of a festival with rebuilding their homes.

Most of the Yahidne volunteers, primarily in their 20s and 30s, came from Kyiv, about two hours' drive away.

Others have come from the western city of Lviv and nearby Chernihiv, while some foreign volunteers have arrived from Portugal, the United States, Germany and elsewhere.

The clean-up was the group's eighth event so far, restoring the centre and 15 homes in the village."

Left: Ukraine was known for its vibrant techno scene before war broke out. (Reuters: Viacheslav Ratynskyi )

Left: Many of the volunteers are young people combining their passion for music and love for their country. (Reuters: Viacheslav Ratynskyi )

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Pure Acid by JimAudio: A Detailed Demo and Tutorial

video upload by CatSynth TV

"We provide a detailed demo of PureAcid, an iOS app that combines the bass and drum synthesizers/beat-machines made popular in electronic music of the 1980s and 1990s with novel features that take these further in a single iPad app. We cover how to make your own sounds, sequences, and songs, and showcase a few of the factory presets.

For more information, please visit:

JimAudio is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he continues to live and work even as the war continues. He released a new color theme based on the Ukrainian flag as an in-app purchase, with all proceeds going to support food assistance in Ukraine for those affected by the war.

00:35 Overview
01:27 Bass Synthesizer
03:22 Bass Sequencer
06:41 Drums
12:80 Mixer and Effects
15:21 Chaining Multiple Patterns
19:19. Factory Presets

Please consider supporting this channel to help us bring you more synthesizer tutorials and other content.

Friday, April 08, 2022

SUPERBOOTH22 Makes Adjustments for Ukraine Refugees


We hereby inform you about the revised room plan for SUPERBOOTH22 & SOOPERgrail – BeSOOPER. Parts of the FEZ-Berlin are in the potential control of the city of Berlin as an emergency residence for refugees from Ukraine. Out of consideration for this circumstance, we have partially rearranged our event. Please find all details in the attached press release. Thank you.

Press release follows:

„We have revised our space concept for beSOOPER and discovered the Badesee (Bathing Lake), now there is even more air and space for sound and visions of new music.“

Parts of FEZ-Berlin are in the potential access of the city as emergency accommoda- tion for refugees from Ukraine - which is of course appropriate and important. Against this background, it has been decided to develop further areas in the park grounds, to do without the use of the West Wing and to divide the Seebühne (Sea-side Stage) bet- ween two new locations. All artists announced for the Seebühne will be presented on the beach stage at the Badesee (Bathing Lake) and the new stage in the circus tent.

beSOOPER will thus be even bigger, with even more space and activities both outdoors and indoors: more than 150 booths with all kinds of electronic musical instruments and guitars of all known and unknown types, about twenty performances, concerts, presen- tations and workshops per day, including some late-night activities in the Bungalowdorf (Bungalow Village).

The daily cultural program will start at the latest with the workshop presentation of the
SOOPERGrail Modular Synthesizer Ensemble at 1:30 pm and will continue outdoors at full intensity and
volume until at least 10 pm.

Most of the booths and activities for guitar enthusiasts are concentrated on the upper floor of FEZ-Berlin, while the SOOPERgrail concerts will take place in the circus tent. Many of the countless synthesizer and modular manufacturers can be found and expe- rienced in the now expanded tent village - as already very successfully realized in 2021. The well-known and popular catering partners for food and drinks can be found at all outdoor locations.

In the foyer of the FEZ-Berlin there is the general info desk again, as well as the familiar ticket entrance for all visitors and artists, exhibitors and press partners. Guests arriving by public transport via the S-Bahn station Wuhlheide can get their wristband already at the bungalow village, upon presentation of their digital or printed ticket.
SUPERBOOTH22 // 12.-14. May 22:
One-day Ticket 35 EUR, discounted 25 EUR (THU, FRI, SAT)
Three-day Ticket 90 EUR, discounted 70 EUR (THU, FRI & SAT)

SOOPERgrail // 13. Und 14. May 2022:
One-day Ticket 18 EUR, discounted 15 EUR (FRI or SAT)
Two-day Ticket 30 EUR, discounted 25 EUR (FRI & SAT)

• The aforementioned discounts apply to the unemployed, students, pupils, physically or mentally impaired upon presentation of the appropriate proof at the entrance to the event.
• Until further notice, access is subject to compliance with the usual Corona rules, it is as sumed that there will also be a mask requirement on the premises. In case of non-compli ance, we reserve the right to expel guests from the premises without refunding the ticket price after issuing an appropriate warning.
• All tickets will be personal and subject to compliance with the applicable regulations.
• Until further notice, tickets will only be sold in advance and online.
• In the event of a pandemic-related postponement or necessary cancellation of the event,
tickets will remain valid until the last planned alternative date in September 2023.

The war of aggression on Ukraine leaves us speechless.

We sympathize and stand in solidarity with the suffering and struggling people in Ukraine and with the refugees who are being forced to leave their homes.

Our donation goes to CADUS e.V. which helps war refugees in Ukraine and worldwide. We would like to thank all those who do the same, if possible!

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Lumanoise Mono Casa Stand with Ukraine Edition

Custom Mono Casa in Ukraine blue and yellow via Lumanoise.

"Mono Cassa Stand with Ukraine

Design: Tonylight & Peppo Lasagna
Grafic : Rugge"

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Noise Engineering Joins Music for Peace Campaign to Help Ukraine

You might remember Erica Synths Music for Peace campaign to help Ukraine. Noise Engineering has joined in.

via Erica Synths:

"Erica Synths sincerely thanks all who are participating in MUSIC FOR PEACE and have shown their support - as of March 24th 2022 altogether 45 553,25 EUR have been raised & donated to humanitarian aid organisations in Ukraine.

Today marks a month since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and as the attention to what's happening slowly seeks out it is as important as ever to continue the work to support the cause in any way possible for each of us.

Our friends and colleagues at Noise Engineering joins Music For Peace fundraiser by donating the profit from all purchases of Loquelic Iteritas and Clep Diaz modules and in addition they will match any profit made - up to 10 000 USD."

And via Noise Engineering:

"When terrible things happen in the world, it can be hard to know how to help.

The Eurorack community has members around the world, and some have been directly affected by the horrible attacks in Ukraine. We’ve always felt fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful community, and we want to help in any way we can.

Our friends at Erica Synths, based in Latvia, have been working hard: as well as directly working to help Ukrainian synth manufacturers, they recently announced their Music for Peace initiative, donating profits from a selection of their modules to humanitarian aid. At the time of this writing, they have already contributed 43,904.00 EUR. We considered a few ways that we could help out, but realized we’d have the most impact if we involved you, our wonderful customers – this is about supporting our community and people in need, and the best way to do that is by working together.

In collaboration with our friends at Erica Synths, we are happy to contribute to the Music for Peace Initiative. Through the end of the month, we will donate the profit from all purchases of Loquelic Iteritas and Clep Diaz modules from our webshop. We will also add a company match of these profits, up to US$10,000.

The money will be added to the Music for Peace fund, to be donated to humanitarian aid via"

You can find additional posts supporting Ukraine here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

NatLife pres. ILI - Sweet Nowhere

video upload by Igor Leus

"Probably, if the war had not started, I would have been digging with this track for a long time, preparing a video clip for it. But it happened, fortunately or unfortunately, I decided not to wait any longer, because it may happen that there will no longer be such an opportunity to post this track, so I prepared such a sketch for this work. Again, due to the events that are currently taking place in my country, namely the fall of shells outside the window, there will be no official release, and if the track is popular enough, I will do a free download.

ILI - Igor Leus (me) and my beautiful singer - Inesse (you mightknow she from some old Trance songs with mine NatLife project).

You can still support me with donation -

You can find additional posts supporting Ukraine here.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Nameless Song......

video upload by Denis Polic

"It took me a long time to do anything with music, or to play music under these terrible circumstances. We all thought that the lessons of past would never be repeated on European soil. How wrong and gullible we were. For the second time in European history, one dictator is challenging one nation's right to exist, negating its language and culture, and bringing ruin into the midst of that people in order to achieve his nationalist goals with war and destruction.

The dictatorship that has been set up in its own country is trying with all its power and propaganda to silence all the voices of peace, so it remains hidden to us how many are for, how many are against this madness, and how many are just idly watching what is happening, maybe out of fear or out of indifference. In fact, anyone who supports or endorses this war in any way has blood on their hands and is responsible for the greatest shame in Europe since WWII.

I have strong connections in both of these countries, so it's particularly incomprehensible to me how this could all happen.

So, i was just trying to soothe my growing anger and despair with music, hoping for an soon end of this madness. I name it 'Nameless Song', for all the nameless victims of this tragedy."

You can find additional posts supporting Ukraine here.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

NatLife - All My Sentiments - PLEASE READ

video upload by Igor Leus

Igor Leus is a supporting member of the site and the man behind NatLife Sounds. Please read the following:

"I wrote this track in 2019 and dedicated it to my baby Danila. All my sentimentality was connected with my son. Now he is far from me, I had to part with him because of the war in Ukraine. I don't know if I'll ever meet my son again. Sitting here under shelling in Kharkov, I understand that this may not happen, but I want to believe and hope that I will succeed.

PayPal Donate (to my wife & son):

Free Download:"

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

For Peace Against War

video upload by Todd Barton

"Video by @Elizabeth Virosa
Link to the Bandcamp page. https://componentrecordings.bandcamp....

For Peace. Against War. Who is not?*
A Compilation for the people of Ukraine

On February 24th 2022 Putin invaded Ukraine. Online we chatted about this and our situation as artists, feeling powerless in the face of this war.The only thing that came to mind was to use what we can do best for some greater good. Use music to raise money and support the people of Ukraine. So we put out this call:

'We are extremely concerned about the war in Ukraine and the aggression of Putin’s army.

We are trying to do our small part by raising money and raising awareness for the humanitarian disaster that is happening in Europe right now.

We are looking for artists from all around the world in the genres of electronic music, experimental, ambient, industrial, Techno and related styles for a compilation. We would like to make this as broad as possible, so if in doubt, please submit your tracks.

We encourage everyone from everywhere to submit. We especially encourage submissions from underrepresented communities, from the global south, minorities, female identifying artists, LGBTIQ*-artists, yes, we encourage Russian artists to speak up.

'For Peace. Against War. Who is not?' is a quote by Susan Sontag, an American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, teacher, and political activist

The compilation was initiated and produced by Snowbeasts (Elizabeth Virosa & Robert Galbraith) and Kai Niggemann.

Cover art by Noah G. Hirka

Mastered by Robert Galbraith except where noted.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be split evenly between the charities Vostok SOS and the Ukrainian Red Cross. -Vostok SOS -Ukrainian Red Cross'"

You can find additional posts supporting Ukraine here.

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Soundtoys Delivers on Support for Ukraine

via @Soundtoys

"Here's how the money you raised will be used:

$48,000 is going to The Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

$39,250 is going to MSF/ Doctors Without Borders.

$24,600 is going to World Central Kitchen [pictured left]

Thank you!"

Follow-up to this post only 5 days ago.

Saturday, March 05, 2022

MIDERA | It has come to this (Virus kb ambient)

video upload by MIDERA

"Seeing everyone fleeing conflict in Ukraine is just devastating. Children being born in (effectively) bunkers under ground. Nuclear plants being targeted. I guess everyone knows about this stuff, but it's been really hard to watch and I hope all Ukrainians are safe. Please support them if you can!

About this track:
No FX added. Some master limiting used in the DAW."

Friday, March 04, 2022

Soundtoys to Donate 100% of Purchases to Ukraine Relief

via @Soundtoys

"F*$K THIS WAR. As of now we are now donating 100% of sales thru March 8 to organizations providing immediate aid to the people of Ukraine and those displaced by this senseless war."

Monday, February 28, 2022


via Erica Synths


Erica Synths continues to stand with the people of Ukraine and we will donate all of the income - both manufacturing costs and profit - from our sales of several instruments to humanitarian aid organizations helping in Ukraine and providing support where it is needed the most.

Donations will be made via the biggest charity agency in Latvia - and for full transparency we will publicly inform about the donations made. This will involve the following instruments - Black Digital Noise, Black Dual EG/LFO, Sequential Switch II & Snazzy FX - Mini Ark, Wow & Flutter, Tracer City.

The campaign will be on-going until all stock is sold out and ABSOLUTELY ALL INCOME will be donated.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Arturia Microfreak, Landscape HC-TT, Cocoquantus and Strymon Nigthsky

video upload by Luca Longobardi

"A Failure for Civilization: a maditation for retrograde words

I have quite confused ideas about what could be the right behavior in a situation like the one we are living today: one can stop petrified by horror to reason, to try to understand; we can take refuge in unconsciousness and pretend that that same horror is far away, that it does not touch us closely. What is the right thing to do in order not to wobble that glimmer of lightness that was glimpsed on the horizon after these two hard years?
Today I am lost like this."

Friday, February 25, 2022

Song for Ukraine

video upload by Woody Piano Shack

"Like everyone in the world,
I am shocked and horrified by recent events.

I wrote "Song For Kataryna" years ago
for the people of Pripyat and Chernobyl.

I hope it is appropriate to play it again now.

Your country is not far from where I live
and I think of you as neighbours.

You are in my thoughts every minute of the day.

To the brave citizens of Russia who risk everything
to protest against the war

I salute you, and thank you.
Continue to be strong.

To the peaceful people of Ukraine who
are enduring a terrifying ordeal

And those fighting to defend their country

I give you my heart and hopes."

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Hollowness | Yamaha SY77 ambient demo

video upload by MIDERA

"I don't know. I haven't been able to focus. Last night I went to sleep knowing Ukraine was being invaded - and I just felt so terrible for all of the people there fleeing. The responses from various governments range from slaps on the wrist to tepid condemnations. They've all gone hollow...

Yamaha SY77
Eventide Blackhole VST"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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