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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

For Peace Against War

video upload by Todd Barton

"Video by @Elizabeth Virosa
Link to the Bandcamp page. https://componentrecordings.bandcamp....

For Peace. Against War. Who is not?*
A Compilation for the people of Ukraine

On February 24th 2022 Putin invaded Ukraine. Online we chatted about this and our situation as artists, feeling powerless in the face of this war.The only thing that came to mind was to use what we can do best for some greater good. Use music to raise money and support the people of Ukraine. So we put out this call:

'We are extremely concerned about the war in Ukraine and the aggression of Putin’s army.

We are trying to do our small part by raising money and raising awareness for the humanitarian disaster that is happening in Europe right now.

We are looking for artists from all around the world in the genres of electronic music, experimental, ambient, industrial, Techno and related styles for a compilation. We would like to make this as broad as possible, so if in doubt, please submit your tracks.

We encourage everyone from everywhere to submit. We especially encourage submissions from underrepresented communities, from the global south, minorities, female identifying artists, LGBTIQ*-artists, yes, we encourage Russian artists to speak up.

'For Peace. Against War. Who is not?' is a quote by Susan Sontag, an American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, teacher, and political activist

The compilation was initiated and produced by Snowbeasts (Elizabeth Virosa & Robert Galbraith) and Kai Niggemann.

Cover art by Noah G. Hirka

Mastered by Robert Galbraith except where noted.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be split evenly between the charities Vostok SOS and the Ukrainian Red Cross. -Vostok SOS -Ukrainian Red Cross'"

You can find additional posts supporting Ukraine here.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

A Failure of Imagination (i) // Shot on Fuji XT4

video upload by Oblivion Corner

"Music by Cybersyn. Used with permission by Oblivion Corner.
Full Album available now:
For inchoate ramblings, read on ...

A cold concrete bench on a seasonably warm day is a slice of heaven. Add to that a location in a quiet corner and we are proverbially off to the races. This video features a track that was set to be included in a concept album about Cybersyn, a forward-thinking 70s antecedent to the internet and ‘big data’, being fictionally smuggled out of Chile just as the democratically-elected government collapsed due to the autocratic onslaught by brutal forces backed by the CIA and US corporations, named and unnamed, since those events. Thinking of what could have been is always a wistful exercise when it comes to technology.

This music imagines a form of progressive technocracy as the backbone of the technological developments that occurred in France throughout the 70s and 80s: high speed rail, space launch systems, interactive information systems accessible to all and a home computing revolution. The fictional machination of the album linked above imagines that all this national progress was enabled by the visionary capabilities of Cybersyn. Once more, it’s worth emphasizing that this is fiction. France did develop Ariane rockets, Minitel information terminals and the TGV high speed rail network but this was primarily thanks to the decisive actions of the government of the time which pushed these projects forward.

However, the idea of Cybersyn and the future it potentially augured has both a more sinister and melancholic side too. This is also represented in the music and visuals of this video. The influences here are two-fold, cinematic and literary. First of all, there’s la Nuit des Traquées (Night of the Hunted) the under-appreciated B-movie by Jean Rollin, starring the incomparable Brigitte Lahaie. The premise is that a nuclear accident has caused the emission of dangerous fast moving particles that have affected people in the surrounding area, causing amnesia and a loss of cognitive ability. A shadowy organisation has detained and subsequently relocates those affected to an ominous corporate skyscraper as the victims devolve into haunted animalistic shadows of themselves. Secondly, Les Forteresses Noires a novel by Patrick Grainville about a banker, a nightshift doctor, a sculptress and teenagers worshipping an odd assemblage of sewage rats. The common element here is that both the film and the novel are set in La Défense business district in Paris.

The location captured in this video is very much reminiscent of the architecture and solitary concrete corners of La Défense business district. The ominous nature of corporate architecture as well as the promise and paranoia of technology are the notions being conveyed here. However another idea that lies at the foundation of this music and album it was going to part of is “what could have been”. Namely, how would technology have evolved if at every fork the market forces of shortsighted thinking, cost-cutting and convenience had not been heeded. For example, what if Betamax had become the dominant video format of the 80s? What if France had pursued its homegrown CYCLADES network protocol instead of the X.25 based TRANSPAC standard? What if PC compatibles had never become as ubiquitous? What would the technological landscape look like now? This track and all the others featured in the album above (they will get their own videos in due course) aim to give a feeling of what that would have been like interspersed with the aforementioned intrigues and ideas.

This video was filmed with the Fujifilm XT4 camera using the Fujinon XF 23mm f2 lens.

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Bloody Marys with an Angry Goddess (CM16) by Ian Richter

New release from supporting member Ian Richter available on Bandcamp and other digitial outlets.

"A short visit to the Indochinese Peninsula at the wrong time of the global pandemic breakout, led Ian Richter to over a year and a half of living in Vietnam, and to a deep love affair with the Vietnamese folk religion. Ian was intrigued to find a place drenched in culture and mysticism existing hand in hand with hyper capitalism (yet officially committed to socialism).

Over the course of the last 18 month Ian recorded, mentally and physically, the sounds of his encounters and experiences. From daily life, through industrial and natural landscapes, to ancient and modern dance, forging foreign with familiar, mysticism with science, and claustrophobia with liberation.

released September 2, 2021

Written and produced by Ian Richter
Master by Harel Schreiber
Cover by Studio Harel & Maayan"

Friday, April 30, 2021

Omri Cohen Opus IV - Full Album

video by Omri Cohen

Here it is on Bandcamp -
Here it is on Spotify, iTunes, and more -

00:00​ - Impromptu in G minor
04:13​ - Light
12:10​ - Beyond Light
17:48​ - Mycorrhiza
25:00​ - Nocturno
37:04​ - Still Life
45:37​ - How it was before
52:15​ - In esreveR

Thursday, April 29, 2021

TRIPLE X SNAXXX - Press/Play Mini Documentary (Live at Citizen Vinyl, 2/28/21)


This one is in via supporting member, Alex M of TRIPLE X SNAXXX.

"We recently did a durational in the record pressing plant as our record was being pressed. We set up three cases of modular, a Moog Source, Minitmoog (rare), Roland RS09, some Roland boutique stuff, and an SCI Six Trak. It took place at Citizen Vinyl, in Asheville NC. We used recycled vinyl so each one looks different. Pinks, Lilacs, splatters, marbled Grey with clear windows. No two are alike. They are for sale through our Bandcamp site:"

Video description:

"TRIPLE X SNAXXX played three sets in the plant while their record was being pressed.
*TRIPLE X SNAXXXX plays MYYYLR DBBBO DGGGR FLYYYBY* drops April 30th on Moroderik Musik. Available at and can be streamed on all of the services. The four songs on it were written, recorded, and mastered in 2020.
Pressed from recycled vinyl gathered from previous projects, no two copies will be the same. Colors range from splatter pink, to mixed orange, marbled grey, and anything in-between. Copies are unmarked. It's a surprise until opened.
Information about how to obtain a copy can be found at

Copies are also available at Coda (Citizen Vinyl's record shop), Schoolkids Records, All Day Records, Harvest Records, The Pour House Record Shop, and the Moog Store.

All music used in this video is from the live performance.
Edited by Jason Axel Summers of Magic Umbrella
Footage shot by Jeffrey Delannoy
Special thanks to Peter, Gar, Seth, Colby, and the entire staff of Citizen Vinyl

(c) 2021 TRIPLE X SNAXXX and Moroderik Musik
All songs written and performed by TRIPLE X SNAXXX (Alex Maiolo and Patrick O'Neill)

Special thanks to Jason Sullivan for the A(d)SCII(vice)"

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Explorations in Analog Synthesis Compilation by Moog Music

"This genre-bending compilation of original electronic music compositions features a chiptune-inspired head trip from Bonobo, an R&B-influenced synth pop track from Peter CottonTale feat. Jamila Woods, an ethereal vocal collage from Julianna Barwick, an evolving psychedelic excursion from Dan Deacon, a driving percussive electronica track from Madame Gandhi, an emotive dark wave song from Martial Canterel, and an industrial-tinged electronic pop track from Ela Minus. Each track was built around the instruments and accessories included in each artist’s Moog Sound Studio of choice: Mother-32 & DFAM or Subharmonicon & DFAM."

Artwork reminds me of Adventure Time.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Handbag by The Cripples

New classic synth punk from Seattle band, The Cripples.

The release is available on BandCamp and Spotify.

released March 14, 2021

Erik - Bass
Ross - Synth, Vocals
Greg - Synth, Guitar, Vocals
Reba - Drums

Mastered by Nathan Moody at Obsidian Sound. Cover art by Tyler Bosch

PS: Bandcamp doesn't allow covers, so "Push It" is a placeholder. Contact us if you want a copy. It is on Spotify.

I asked The Cripples member Greg what synths were used and he replied with the following:

"Main synths used throughout were a Roland SH-101 or Microkorg through a fuzz factory. A Novation A Station through a Sherman Filterbank was used along side the Roland for tracks 3 and 4. There is also a Nord Micromod on track 2 (also through the Sherman), and a little bit of a Dave Smith Pro 2 on track 3.

The Roland and Microkorg were mostly recorded direct, the other synths were mic’d up through a sputtering 50 year old Ampeg V-2 with blown tubes.

The Sherman is probably the biggest part of how my synth sounds, more than the A Station, but the amp and mic make a huge difference in how it sounds too, as the Sherman has a super hot output, and combined with Ampeg’s tube distortion, gets this overdrivey/filter type of distortion, where it isn’t just clipping the signal into a square wave, it instead retains the characteristics of the A Station input signal, but it adds harmonics and also some random ‘chug’ to the signal, as the tones from both the Sherman and the Ampeg are super frequency and amplitude dependent, and the distortion characteristic wanders around as the input signal decays. The Ampeg also filters out some high frequency content of the A-Station signal. And the Coles mic sounds full and big, and not harsh or boxy like a guitar cabinet mic’d with 57 can sometimes sound, but at the same time having the synth going through a cabinet in a room keeps taking up too much frequency space in the mix, so drums and bass and Ross’s keyboard can all still be heard without doing too much wacky equalization during mixing. (Mixing keyboards with real drums and bass is hard.) The Ampeg is super unreliable at this point though, it is probably at least 50 years old at this point, and it randomly spouts orange flames. I need to take it in to get fixed, but it will probably cost me at least 350 to do so, so it mostly sits."

Friday, November 06, 2020

Diaries by elinch

Elinch - „diaries - the tape“


Note today is Bandcamp Friday, meaning everything goes to the artist!

video timeline:

00:00 bass /// make noise morphagene (pitched down expert sleepers disting ex piano sequence) / er-301 env / mixer
00:10 pad /// verbos harmonic oscillator (pitch: alm pamelas random / 2hp tune) / make noise optomix / instant lo-fi junky / mi clouds (looper)
00:35 vocal /// morphagene / t-rex replicator / er-301 (mixer 7 delay)
02:10 piano /// expert sleepers disting ex piano / seq'd by malekko voltage block / make noise optomix / instant lo-fi junky / mi clouds (looper)
03:00 orchestral background /// er-301 (sample from expert sleepers disting ex / filter / delay / mixer)
04:22 strings /// er-301 (sample from expert sleepers disting ex / mixer)

mastered by james edward armstrong.
© 2020 expert sleepers ltd
recorded live with tascam dr 100.

for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

"The second release on the Expert Sleepers label, 'Diaries' presents ten pieces created with a modular synthesizer but not with a typical modular synthesizer sound - instead of bleeps and bloops, here you will find pianos and orchestral sounds, perfectly in keeping with the minimalist compositional style."

Monday, September 28, 2020

Inbetween by Db and Ishq

New release from supporting member Dave Bessell. A unique aspect to this release is it may be the first full length ambient album to be done in virtual reality - as well as the usual audio formats. Here is a link to a 360 image of the album cover, which also exists inside the VR.

"A new ambient collaboration available as audio download, CD and Virtual Reality! Dave Bessell (Node, and DiN records artist) and legendary maverick ambient producer Ishq bring you the first full length ambient album to be presented as virtual reality in addition to the usual audio formats. Available from Bandcamp, the best platform for artist support -

Ishq and db have been secretly working away on an island just off the coast of reality to bring you a mind bending slice of deep psychedelic ambient electronica that comes complete with virtual environments for each track. Immerse yourself in their virtual world, you may never be the same again. No VR headset? No worries, this release also comes with a version that can be installed on your desktop (Win 10) and navigated around like a video game. The audio versions come complete with the install files to get the VR running, no separate purchase required.

What does it sound like? ‘Like aliens landing in an english meadow’ - Spatialize"

Friday, September 18, 2020

‘These Songs Are Obsolete’ - New EP From LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER


New EP from LMNC. Spot the MEGA DRONE/KiloDrone in the video above.

You can find the release here.

The press release:

‘These Songs Are Obsolete’ EP

Musician, producer and inventor Sam Battle, aka LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER returns today with his new EP ‘These Songs Are Obsolete’ and accompanying video for single ‘Waiting For The World To End’. He also announces his plans to open a museum before the end of 2020, ‘The Museum of Everything Else’ will be home to many of his creations along with other retro technology and musical inventions.

LMNC’s new EP features previous singles Desperado Vespa, Daydreamer, Stand And Deliver, and his last single Shock Horror alongside this new single and additional tracks Safety, Viva Forever and Stand and Deliver Excerpt.
Lead track Waiting For The World to End is an aptly titled focus track, a confrontational yet wildly catchy anthem for the current climate. It was written in 2019 and is accompanied by an incredible action movie style music video which LMNC co conceived with Johnny Goddard of Youth Hymns who directed it, and was shot during lock down in Ramsgate, England. The video see’s Sam trying to single handily save the world from a catastrophic event.
When asked about the EP, LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER says “These songs are obsolete is just talking about the constant progression in technology, leaving behind

so many bits of tech year by year that is still perfectly useable. I have a fascination with obsolete technology; it’s what I use in my daily life and I wrote and recorded these songs on obsolete tech, sort of trying to show that you don’t’ need the latest gizmo's to make and record music.”

He continues “I love obsolete tech so much I’m working on opening a museum filled with it, it’s going to be called The Museum of Everything Else which should be opening in late 2020, it will showcase many strange pieces of obsolete tech as well as machines I’ve built such as the furby organ and the Gameboy megamachine, it even has the latest machine that I built directly onto the wall of the museum last month called the KILODRONE, which is a 4 metre by 3 metre 1000 oscillator synthesizer, pretty sure it’s a world record!!” See the Kilodrone here.

LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER released his debut EP in 2018 and has been playing sold out live shows across the UK and Europe including a triumphant headline show at London’s XOYO. He’s been building up a massive online following since 2017 with his online inventions and has over 350,000 followers and over one hundred million views on YouTube alone.

These Songs Are Obsolete is available on vinyl from the official LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER online store, the vinyl includes additional tracks not featured on the digital release and comes with a download code for all the songs that feature on the vinyl. The full track listing for the physical release is:

Side A
Desperado Vespa Daydreamer
Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver Excerpt Waiting For The World to End Viva Forever

Side B
Shock Horror
Safety (live)
Daydreamer (instrumental) Shock Horror (instrumental) Desperado Vespa (instrumental)

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

DreamsOfWires 'Lost soundtracks' Available now - Analog Synth Horror Music


"8 tracks, all analogue synths, 6 recorded as live sessions, 2 early tracks re-mixed/re-recorded, inspired by some of the horror/sci-fi/dystopian/creepy movies of my youth.
Available here:
See album description on Bandcamp for more details."

"A collection of recordings from the 'DreamsOfWires' YouTube channel inspired by various horror, sci-fi, or otherwise 'scary' movies I remember from my youth, and by the soundtracks of many, which were often low-budget, spartan scores performed on analogue synths, sometimes consisting of just one or two instruments or layers.

I thought it would be fun to see what simple compositions I could create with just two sounds, played in real-time and recorded as live sessions.

Tracks 1-6 were performed on an AJH Synth modular analogue synth, and all except track 5 were partly 'generative', using no sequencers, just combined modulation sources to generate rhythmic parts, and either a keyboard or pitch-controlling module to change notes, in order to create simple tunes. More details can be found in each track's description.

Tracks 7 & 8 were originally recorded in 2011, and in the conventional layering/overdubbing manner, but I located the original source files and re-mixed them, changing some of the sounds. These versions are exclussive to Bandcamp. More details can be found in the description of each track."

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Mirror Systems - Benge performs live on 7 classic Modulars

Note the above appears to be a collage of previously posted videos. Mirror Systems is now available on Bandcamp. Benge also brought us 13 Systems, and 20 Systems before that. You can find them and more on Benge's BandCamp site. Mirror Systems is a continuation of his modular explorations. Benge also performed as part of John Foxx and The Maths.

"A 43 minute film to accompany my latest release Mirror Systems, available here:

Eight live performances on seven classic modular systems. Some of these are slightly longer than on the album version

Systems used:

01 - ARP 2500
02 - Moog Modular 3C
03 - Buchla 200
04 - Elektor Formant
05 - Buchla 100
06 - Yamaha CS30
07 - Buchla 200
08 - Serge Modular

Recorded, filmed and edited by Benge (BDEdwards)
Memetune Studios, UK, August 2020"

via BandCamp

"Download includes 11 page full colour booklet!

This album features a series of solo improvisations on modular synthesisers. On occasion some additional ancillary equipment was used (see below) to augment the sound. A video is available to watch entitled “Benge Mirror Systems” which documents the improvisations. Some of the tracks presented here were edited slightly for the purpose of creating a satisfactory album-flow

Tracklisting and description:

01 - Arpor. Created on a vintage ARP 2500 from 1971. In addition some reverberation (Emu Modular spring-type) was used and a monophonic digital delay line (Yamaha D1500)

02 - Mirroog. Featuring the Moog Modular 3C from the late 1960s. No other sounds used

03 - Mirrula. Created on a cloned version of the Buchla 200, designed in the 1970s in California, these modules are based upon the original schematics of Don Buchla’s circuits. No other sounds used

04 - Forror. The system used was a late 1970s Elektor Formant, a large format system made in Germany. In addition a vintage (1990s) TC Electronic M5000 dual reverberation system was employed

05 - Birror. Created on a vintage Buchla 100 modular system from the late 1960s. No other sounds were used

06 - Mirroha. Made with a 1977 Yamaha CS30. This synthesiser was Yamaha’s answer to compact complete systems such as the Buchla Music Easel and EMS VCS3. It contains 2 VCOs, 2 VCFs, 3 envelopes, an 8 step sequencer, 2 VCAs, LFO and other sundry elements. In addition, some reverberation and fx were added (Yamaha SPX90 phaser and TC Electronic M5000)

07 - Buchror. Another study on the Buchla 200

08 - Sergor. Made on the Serge Modular, a large 8 panel system containing mostly early ‘paperface’ modules, and some later STS-era ones

Total running time: 39 minutes"

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Synth Spotting with Munatix - You Just Keep Hanging On (Official Video)

New track from supporting members, Munatix.

Spotify :
Apple Music :

ISRC : BE 3ID 20 00010 - Song
ISRC : BE 3ID 20 90010 - Video

Special thanks to Jan Nys from Nys Creations for shooting the drone video images!
Special thanks to Fré Goossens from I-Catcher for shooting the video with the portable camera!

Thanks to DronePort in Sint Truiden for granting access to the runways of the airport and the airplane hangars.

And some pics of the synths used via their Instagram.

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

Roland Jupiter-8

Moog Minimoog

Monday, July 20, 2020

m3ld by Takla Makan

New music from Tony Allgood, the man behind, featuring the following:
Oakley Modular both 5U and Euro
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Novation Summit
Oberheim OB-Sx (mostly preset C3 and small edits thereof)
Oakley SRE330 ensemble and ADR30 delay effects
"Takla Makan is the artist name of Tony Allgood.

During the 1980s Tony played keyboards in a variety of bands including 'Cairo' and 'Not Before Time'. In 1986 he started producing his own synthesizer instrumental music under the name 'Takla Makan'.

His musical output is very much inspired by the work of Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream."

"I've got an overdrive module and I'm going to use it."

m3ld, pronounced 'meld', features two long format tracks, one in Dm (the saddest of all keys) and the other in Cm. And, yes, I probably did over do the overdriven synth lead sound on these two pieces. I just love a sawtooth VCO going into a highly resonant filter which then feeds an output limited high gain amplifier. There's something about the simplicity of that plaintive solo sound which gives it a wonderful and emotive ambience. I've long been inspired by the work of Mike Oldfield, and although I can't play guitar to save my life, I can't help but try to mimic the feel of his solo guitar work.

The other sound that I really like, and I've used it several times before as well as on m3ld, is the airy short vocal sound from the father of sampling, the Fairlight CMI. It's a 'preset' called 'ARR1'. When I was 15 I so wanted a Fairlight. Not only because Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre had one and it could do that sound, but also because it had a cool lightpen and a screen that had lots of wavy lines on it. Sadly, although I have fixed a few CMIs as part of my old day job, for my own compositions I have had to use samples of the real thing.

When I was younger I would spend hours writing album cover notes. And, at the end of these notes, would be the obligatory gear list. With pride I would write down a variety of home made gadgets (making them sound really quite mysterious) as well as my little Moog Rogue, Amdek RMK-100 and Roland RS-09. These days, I could write my gear on the back of a postage stamp; a small Oakley Modular, a Nord Lead A1, and a bunch of plug ins. However, for plug ins notable mention must go to U-He's Diva, Repro and Colour Copy, Synapse's The Legend, and Valhalla's Ubermod. Kids today don't know how lucky they are.

released July 16, 2020

Music composed and produced by Tony Allgood

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Higher Levels by Moognase/Blipmusik

New album from supporting member, Moognase

"The album 'Higher Levels' was created using three different Yamaha QY sequencers, the QY700, QY100 and QY70. The album is a fun collection of pieces dating from 1997 to 2020.

The music this time around is a bit more folky and closer to traditional music (and even circus music) than my usual material. The music was composed in a number of countries – Germany, Ireland, UK, Cyprus, and Canada, and reflects various musical influences."

AtomoSynth - Supervoid EP [Full Album]

"Hello World! I am happy to present you with my new EP called "Supervoid" the concept is the minimalism and was inspired by the idea of the vacuum of space, that's why it's name "Supervoid". Voids are vast spaces of nothingness between chains of galaxies and some of the largest cosmic voids are called Supervoids which are estimated to be about 326000000 light years in diameter. In this great nothingness, however, exists something: Time, particles, physics laws, radiation and space.

Each track has been recorded live in one take. using the AtomoSynth Perceptron semi-modular synthesizer (bass, leads), an ipad (drums, leads, effects) and midi controllers.

released June 30, 2020
Composed, produced and performed by Alfredo Aliaga in Lima Peru AtomoRec studios 2020.

1. Time 00:00
2. Particles 07:35
3. Physics laws 14:52
4. Radiation 22:22
5. Space 30:35"

Friday, June 26, 2020

1 California by Cindy Morrow

"Born into a musical family, San Francisco native Morrow grew up studying classical and jazz music, eavesdropped on her sister's Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra vinyl rotations, blew her mind listening to a new band called Depeche Mode on a schoolbus during a field trip, and (re)discovered Philip Glass in Music History class & prog rock at the Laserium. She established her own groove in 80s synthpop & 90s shoegaze, and rounded out her playlists with modular and ambient music. Many hours of listening were had while riding Muni. This personal album comprises and embraces four decades of musical obsession, affection, and anguish."

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Synth & Sundry Cybersyn - Reveil | Intrigues Telematiques (Synth & Sundry)

Synth & Sundry

"Réveil is the first track on 'Intrigues Télématiques', the debut release from Cybersyn. This album is a musical ride down the elevator of forgotten technologies.

From dumb terminals to self-aware cybernetic management systems, the pace of the arpeggiated command-basslines and flow-charted synth melodies rarely lets up, only catching its breath to load a new sub-routine for your ears.

Cybersyn is an itinerant second-order simulacra born in the oblivion of virtual space. Cybersyn searches for lost visions and technologies to recombine into aural and visual forms.

Illustration by Maria Santaeularia Badia

If you'd like to support this channel with a one-off purchase, please check out our affordably priced music:"

Friday, June 12, 2020

W ands (CSR285CD) by Western, Creed, Spybey

via Jesse Creed aka The Passenger:

"This one is from recordings with the late Phil Western and myself. Made into a proper album by Mark Spybe after Phil's passing. Made with VCS 3, Sh101, oberheim 2 voice, Yamaha cs30, Korg dv 800, arp solus, synclavier 9600, prophet 5, eventide h3000."

Album info and pre order here.

Phil Western helped found Subconscious Records with Skinny Puppy's Dwayne Goettel in Vancouver, BC, 1993. He was also a founding member of the bands Download, PlatEAU, Frozen Rabbit, and Off and Gone [via Wikipedia]. He passed away in February 4, 2019 at the age of 47.

Saturday, June 06, 2020


zack dagoba

"New album here:

Thirteen years after the release of his original synthesiser concept album, Twenty Systems, Benge brings you a follow-up of sorts, the similarly themed Thirteen Systems, an album of modular explorations, showcasing his evolving fascination with these modular machines

The pieces were originally commissioned by the newly formed Modulisme radio broadcast, Philippe Petit’s project to bring the music of underground modular artists together and provide a platform for the burgeoning electronic modular music scene that has been building momentum in recent years

There is one significant difference in the approach Benge took in the creation of this new Systems album compared to his first incarnation. The previous album used overdubbing techniques to layer the sound of each synthesiser upon itself to build up the tracks, but on this album Benge took the decision to play each piece in real time, without overdubs or edits, creating each piece as a live performance. This meant setting up each instrument in advance and either letting it play along by itself, or interacting with it as the pieces develop in various ways. Each performance was filmed and there is an accompanying 60 minute video that goes with the album

Track listing:

01 - 1967 Buchla 100
02 - 1968 Moog 3C
03 - 1969 EMS VCS3
04 - 1970 ARP 250005 - 1971 Buchla 200
06 - 1972 Serge Modular
07 - 1973 Emu Modular
08 - 1974 Paia 4700
09 - 1975 Polyfusion 2000
10 - 1976 Formant Modular
11 - 1977 Korg PS3100
12 - 1978 EMS Polysynthi
13 - 1979 Roland 100M

Written and Performed by Benge at Memetune Studios, England

Designed, filmed and edited by Benge

(c)Expanding Recordings 2020, All rights reserved

Originally created for the MODULISME radio show, first broadcast in February 2020

Special thanks to:
Philippe Petit / Modulisme

Steve Malins (@randommanagement)


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