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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

DreamsOfWires 'Lost soundtracks' Available now - Analog Synth Horror Music


"8 tracks, all analogue synths, 6 recorded as live sessions, 2 early tracks re-mixed/re-recorded, inspired by some of the horror/sci-fi/dystopian/creepy movies of my youth.
Available here:
See album description on Bandcamp for more details."

"A collection of recordings from the 'DreamsOfWires' YouTube channel inspired by various horror, sci-fi, or otherwise 'scary' movies I remember from my youth, and by the soundtracks of many, which were often low-budget, spartan scores performed on analogue synths, sometimes consisting of just one or two instruments or layers.

I thought it would be fun to see what simple compositions I could create with just two sounds, played in real-time and recorded as live sessions.

Tracks 1-6 were performed on an AJH Synth modular analogue synth, and all except track 5 were partly 'generative', using no sequencers, just combined modulation sources to generate rhythmic parts, and either a keyboard or pitch-controlling module to change notes, in order to create simple tunes. More details can be found in each track's description.

Tracks 7 & 8 were originally recorded in 2011, and in the conventional layering/overdubbing manner, but I located the original source files and re-mixed them, changing some of the sounds. These versions are exclussive to Bandcamp. More details can be found in the description of each track."

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