MATRIXSYNTH: Mirror Systems - Benge performs live on 7 classic Modulars

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Mirror Systems - Benge performs live on 7 classic Modulars

Note the above appears to be a collage of previously posted videos. Mirror Systems is now available on Bandcamp. Benge also brought us 13 Systems, and 20 Systems before that. You can find them and more on Benge's BandCamp site. Mirror Systems is a continuation of his modular explorations. Benge also performed as part of John Foxx and The Maths.

"A 43 minute film to accompany my latest release Mirror Systems, available here:

Eight live performances on seven classic modular systems. Some of these are slightly longer than on the album version

Systems used:

01 - ARP 2500
02 - Moog Modular 3C
03 - Buchla 200
04 - Elektor Formant
05 - Buchla 100
06 - Yamaha CS30
07 - Buchla 200
08 - Serge Modular

Recorded, filmed and edited by Benge (BDEdwards)
Memetune Studios, UK, August 2020"

via BandCamp

"Download includes 11 page full colour booklet!

This album features a series of solo improvisations on modular synthesisers. On occasion some additional ancillary equipment was used (see below) to augment the sound. A video is available to watch entitled “Benge Mirror Systems” which documents the improvisations. Some of the tracks presented here were edited slightly for the purpose of creating a satisfactory album-flow

Tracklisting and description:

01 - Arpor. Created on a vintage ARP 2500 from 1971. In addition some reverberation (Emu Modular spring-type) was used and a monophonic digital delay line (Yamaha D1500)

02 - Mirroog. Featuring the Moog Modular 3C from the late 1960s. No other sounds used

03 - Mirrula. Created on a cloned version of the Buchla 200, designed in the 1970s in California, these modules are based upon the original schematics of Don Buchla’s circuits. No other sounds used

04 - Forror. The system used was a late 1970s Elektor Formant, a large format system made in Germany. In addition a vintage (1990s) TC Electronic M5000 dual reverberation system was employed

05 - Birror. Created on a vintage Buchla 100 modular system from the late 1960s. No other sounds were used

06 - Mirroha. Made with a 1977 Yamaha CS30. This synthesiser was Yamaha’s answer to compact complete systems such as the Buchla Music Easel and EMS VCS3. It contains 2 VCOs, 2 VCFs, 3 envelopes, an 8 step sequencer, 2 VCAs, LFO and other sundry elements. In addition, some reverberation and fx were added (Yamaha SPX90 phaser and TC Electronic M5000)

07 - Buchror. Another study on the Buchla 200

08 - Sergor. Made on the Serge Modular, a large 8 panel system containing mostly early ‘paperface’ modules, and some later STS-era ones

Total running time: 39 minutes"

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