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Monday, November 27, 2023

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Demos Prophet VS Waves w/ OS 1.6 Update

video upload by Groove Synthesis

"OS 1.6 of the 3rd Wave will include the full set of classic Prophet VS waves. Use this set to recreate many of the sounds of this legendary instrument. To download a pre-release version of 3rd Wave OS 1.6:"

Sunday, November 26, 2023

First quick Vintage Sequential Prophet 10 Demo

video upload by Randy Piscione

"I have traded the Oberheim FVS for a Vintage Sequential Dual Manual Prophet 10. As cool as the Oberheim is, and as much as I loved the sound, the P10 is much more of a player's instrument. This is just a quick first bit of noodling, both patches are mine."

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Sequential Circuits Pro-One for John

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

Roland Jupiter-8 for Tyler

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

"Here is a demo of the Roland Jupiter-8 with a CR-78 and SRE-555 chorus echo. This JP8 had an interesting problem that many units with Encore MIDI have: an annoying click sound when moving any of the programmable sliders. It has since been solved and repaired and sounds lovely as ever!"

Arp Quadra for Randy

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

"Foleytronics is a repair shop in the Cincinnati area (Dayton, KY) specializing in vintage FX, drum machines, synthesizers, tape machines and vintage pro audio. Every shipped item gets a video demonstration as assurance for the client, insurance for both of us and documentation of these cool old machines for the rest of the world."

IG: foleytronics_llc

Monday, November 20, 2023


video upload by Mindburner

"In this short video, I take apart the various potentiometers and clean the inside. This synth must have been stored in a very dusty environment and the controls were quite erratic at times."

Seuential Circuits TOM with Tauntek TOM16 extansion

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"The Sequential TOM was already a great drum machine at the time it was released, with a lot of nice features, especially regarding MIDI implementation. You could play, record, synchronise the machine over MIDI and adjust sample direction, volume, pitch and pan of every sample either on the device or over MIDI, in real time and for every step ! That gives you lots of possible variations. Not many drum machines could could achive that at the time.

And now thanx to another amazing engineering by Tauntek you can have 16 kits in the instrument at all time, without the need to switch cartridges. And even more important: you can swap the internal kit samples as well as the cartridge ones, enabling for any combination of 2 kits you wish. This is impossible with cartridges or other upgrade available, and only possible thanx to Tauntek firmware. And that makes a huge difference. Note that you can only have 15 sounds at hand not 16. The 8th pad from the cartridge layer is always a trigger out message and won't trigger a sound, even if the loade kit has 8 sounds.

You can even make your own kits if you have access to an Eprom programmer.
Check Tauntek dedicated page for more info (
This unit also had its RAM maxed out, expanding the internal 8k to 32k and thus bringing the stock 2,300 notes capacity to a whopping 10,400. And believe me you run very quickly out of memory if you make some complex patterns with different variations.

So here is the demo, i didn't make patterns demos for each of the 16 kits but you'll get the idea, and I didn't go too deep into external MIDI playing/programming but bare in mind you can record instrument tuning pitch, volume, pan and sample direction (reverse) for every instrument on every step.

Here is the timeline:
00:00 stock kit patterns
02:28 TR808 kit patterns
03:56 TR909 kit patterns
05:08 TR606 kit patterns
06:25 CR78 kit patterns
07:17 sound preview of all the kits included in the box
11:18 quick realtime patterns programming using external pads

list of the kits included in the TOM16:
SCI Internal
SCI Basic Percussion
SCI Contemporary
SCI Latin Percussion
SCI Special Effects
Drumware Rock Drums
Drumware Techno Drums
Drumware Orchestral
Drumware Percussion 3
Drumware Hippefex
Drumware Analog Drums
Roland TR808
Roland TR909
Roland CR78A
Roland CR78B
Roland TR606"

Friday, November 17, 2023

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rackmount 8-Voice Polyphonic Vector Synthesizer

via this auction

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Studio Electronics P-Five // Restored by VS&C

via this auction

Valmont - Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 (1985) : Novembre

video upload by Valmont

"Impersonation of a Prophet 600... on a handful of kilobytes
Featuring a 1985 Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 and some more stuff

The Prophet 2000 is a 12 bits sampler with analog VCF/VCA (CEM3379)"

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Anthony Marinelli Dr. Mix Rob Rosen Synth Jam 2 | CS80, EVS, OBX, OB8, Matrix12, Prophet, ARP2600

video upload by Anthony Marinelli Music

"Welcome to Synth Jam 2, the finale of the day when I introduced Rob Rosen to Dr. Mix during his visit to me in LA. This video showcases a live AMBIENT IMPROVISATION on monster vintage synths recorded at the Cabin Studio @ Rosen Sound. It features Dr. Mix on Oberheim OBX, OB8, Prophet 5 and Prophet VS, Rob Rosen on Oberheim 8 Voice & CS-80, and me, on CS-80, Oberheim Matrix 12 ands 2 ARP 2600's. Check it out...and please remember to visit Dr. Mix's channel on YouTube for a full tour of the Cabin with Master Synth Tech Rob Rosen. You'll be glad you did!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Thief (1981) complete "Igneous" scene (music by TD)

video upload by kovalmoog

"The whole scene of Thief (1981) with TD's re-edition of 'Thru Metamorphic Rocks' theme, renamed as 'Igneous' in the OST release.
The film version is by far more extensive than Thief CD version.
Enjoy that sequence !"

TD = Tangerine Dream.

Curious what they were using back then. According to this thread, they used the following on tour during that time period:

Live in East Berlin, 31st Jan 1980

Chris Franke:
Custom modular synthesizer (comprising of about 50% Moog and 50%
Projekt Electronik):
Moog Oscx2/R.M./VCF/VCAs
Projekt Elektronik VcEnvx2 & Proj. Elek. 2VCO/W.Noise/R.M./Waves (for Drums)
Digital sequencer & trigger selector
Programmer for above (SCI model 700 programmer)
Synth sound bank (for above)
Moog 960 sequential controller x2
Projekt elektronik sequence controller x2
Moog 3-band parametric
Moog 12 stage phaser
Moog 920 programmer
Moog 16-channel vocoder
Rhythm robot sequencer
Emu Oddity voice card
12 analogue drum sounds
Drum envelope unit
Drum EPROM sampled sounds
and more...

Oberheim OB-1
Prophet 5 (rev 2)
Korg PE-2000 polyphonic Ensemble
Elka Rhapsody 610 string machine.

Edgar Froese:
custom Moog modular synthesizer (3 box units comprising Moog modules and sequencers plus sequence controllers from Projekt Electronic)
Prophet 5 rev 2
PPG Sonic Carrier 1003 programmable duophonic DCO/DCF/DCA based synthesizer
PPG Wavecomputer 360 polyphonic digital synthesizer
PPG 350 keyboard sequencer
Arp Pro-DGX monophonic preset synthesizer
Korg PE-2000 polyphonic ensemble
Roland MC-8 microcomposer
Roland VC-10 vocoder
Arp/Solina string ensemble
Mellotron mk V

Johannes Schmoelling:
- Minimoog
- Yamaha CP-80 electric grand
- Oberheim 4-voice
- Elka Rhapsody 610
- Polymoog
- Korg PS-3100
- Synthanorma sequencer


European tours (Nov-Dec 1980 & Jan-Feb 1981):

Equipment used:

Chris Franke:
Moog/PE modular tower as above
Arp Odyssey mk III
Elka Rhapsody 610
Prophet 5 rev 2

Edgar Froese:
Projekt Elektronik modular synthesizer & sequencers (used by Peter Baumann during '76 and '77)
PPG 340 A Generator Unit, PPG340 B Processor Unit, PPG380 Event Generator, PPG x 2 Terminals, PPG x 2 Computer Keyboards,
Oberheim OB-X

He may have used some more keyboards during these tours but I'm not sure which ones (possibly the Arp pro-DGX, the PPG Sonic carrier or the PPG
360 wavecomputer?)

Johannes Schmoelling:
Moog modular synthesizer (usually handled by Edgar Froese on stage)
Prophet 5 rev 2
Yamaha CP-80 electric grand


British Isles tour (Oct-Nov 1981):

Equipment used:

Chris Franke:
Moog/PE modular tower as above
Arp Odyssey mk III
Elka Rhapsody 610
Prophet 5 rev 2

Edgar Froese:
PPG 360 wavecomputer
PPG Wave 2
Arp Pro-DGX
Korg PE-2000 poly-ensemble
PPG 5-octave keyboard controller
Custom sequencer (by Helmut Groethe)

Johannes Schmoelling:
Oberheim OB-X (handled by Froese on previous tours)
Custom sequencer (like Edgar's)

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack

via this auction

"This unit is in very great and mint technical and cosmetic shape. It has OS 1.0 because version 1.2 has no free running lFO. An upgrade to 1.1 or 1.2 is possible with EPROMs. I left it on 1.0, because of v1.2 resets LFO with each key press making it useless IMO. This unit has a new OLED display and the synthtaste v2 PSU. It’s also recapped. Everything overhauling is made by Synthtaste professionally. The unit works great and it has only minimal scratches on the bottom."


via this auction, also on Reverb

Friday, November 03, 2023

Massive Analog Keyboard Collection - Greystoke Studio Tour!

video upload by Andy Whitmore

"Greystoke Studio in London, is a high-spec London recording studio. Here we have a look at all the keyboards Andy had in 9/12/2020 – 41 Keyboards to look at!
Classic, Modern & Vintage Keyboards.

► If you haven't already please subscribe to our Youtube channel here

0:00 - Mini Moog Model D – 2017
0:06 - Roland Vocoder VP330 MK I – 1979
0:10 - Oberheim OB-1 – 1978
0:14 - Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 MIDI – 1981
0:25 - Prophet 5 Rev 3.0 MIDI – 1980
0:36 - Oberheim Xpander – 1984
0:42 - Oberheim OB-8 – 1982
0:55 - Roland Jupiter 4 MIDI – 1979
0:58 - Logan String Machine – 1975
1:03 - Hammond C3 + Leslie Speaker - 1968 + 1963
1:05 - Mini Moog Model D – 1976
1:12 - Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano - 1976 (bought from 10CC's Eric Stewart!
1:14 - Fender Rhodes Piano Stage 73 – 1979
1:25 - Roland Juno106 – 1984
1:31 - Roland Vocoder VP330 MK II MIDI – 1980
1:38 - Korg M1 - 1990
1:40 - Nord Electro 3 - 2008
1:46 - Roland JD800 - 1991
1:57 - Korg Trinity - 1995
2:03 - Roland D50 - 1987
2:13 - Korg Poly 800 – 1983
2:14 - Roland SH101 – 1983
2:18 - Roland MC 202 – 1984
2:25 - Hohner Clavinet D6 - 1979
2:32 - Korg Z1 - 1997
2:39 - ARP Odyssey – 1979
2:43 - Prophet VS – 1986
2:53 - Roland MKS80 with MPG-80 programmer – 1986
3:03 - Yamaha TX816 - 1984
3:09 - Yamaha TX802 - 1987
3:12 - Studio Electronics SE1X – 1994
3:18 - Roland JP-8080 - 1998
3:22 - Roland JV1080 - 1994
3:29 - Nord Rack 2 - 1997
3:36 - Roland P330 - 1988
3:42 - Akai S3000XL 32 Meg - 1996
3:51 - Novation Supernova - 1998
4:05 - Novation Bass Station – 1994
4:09 - Kenton Pro 4 CV Gate Converter
4:21 - Steinway Model O – 1908
5:32 - EMS AKS Synthi VCS3 – 1972

Since this video was made Greystoke Studio has acquired
2 x Roland Jupiter 8 - 1981
1 x Yamaha CS80 - 1976
1 x Yamaha CS40M - 1979
2 x Roland SH1000 - 1973
1 x TTSH Two Thousand Six Hundred Mini Meanie Arp 2600 Clone Analog Synthesizer Modular Synth - 2016 - my model is 2023

Update video coming soon!

Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the weekly videos we post on the channel, subscribe, and share with those who need to see them. Your comments are our oxygen, so please take a second and say hi ;-)
Andy Whitmore is our Online Mixing, Mastering and Music Production service. We proudly serve major record labels, independent artists, and film/tv/advertising agencies and we’re recognised as one of the staple studios in London.
Follow Us Online Here:


Polydata - Music for Art Classes (Full EP)

video upload by Polydata

"Intended to be simple and unobtrusive, each track features only one instance of a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 rev 3.2 performed without MIDI or an external sequencer, and each is named after a Crayola crayon color.

Available for download on Bandcamp

Find sound banks and merch at the Polydata Store


00:00 Pacific Blue
00:32 Burnt Orange
02:09 Blue-Violet
03:49 Copper
05:13 Orange-Yellow
06:55 Caribbean Green"

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Sequential Drumtraks Drum Machine Repair

video upload by gstormelectro

"Audio + Video by G-Storm Electro c. 2023

Today I'm investigating issues with a Sequential Drumtraks. While it is making sounds, the display is glitching out and the control functions are not working. In the end it was only incidental I was able to get it working again, for reasons I don't fully understand. The same phenomenon happens with my Drumulator, that's how I knew what to check for. It's my hope posting this video, that someone more knowledgable will be able to comment about this phenomenon.

This video is posted for general information about my experiences. Always observe safety working on electronics, and never tinker around inside power supplies without first unplugging the power cord. If you're not sure about anything, there's no shame in taking your instrument to a qualified service technician.

Since filming the video, I've discovered the batteries are still made in Japan. Also, the numbers on the battery may or may not necessarily be a date code. My new battery says 2132, so maybe it was made in 2021? Since the manufacture date and date installed may differ by a couple of years, I now write a date on the battery with a sharpie when I install it."

0:00 Intro & Symptoms
0:28 Power Supply investigation
2:10 Battery
2:28 Data Bus Check
4:08 About Cleaning IC pins
4:28 Last ditch effort and suddenly it's working???
5:38 Short demo

G-Storm Electro:

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

via this auction

SN 0065 or 0066

"In outstanding cosmetic condition as seen on pictures, only very few minor blemishes.

New keyboard with functional aftertouch (Fatar)
New oled display
New power supply
New tact switches
New data slider
Factory presets installed
OS version 1.2
2 back up IC CEM5530 clone included
New Gator hardcase included"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Serviced With GliGli SN 4421

via this auction

Monday, October 30, 2023

Roland CR-78 eproms inside a Sequential Circuits DrumTraks! Detroit techno style.

video upload by Program 17

"This took me about a week to design. And about 4 more days of programming to get right!!!! Some kid said it only takes 5 minutes to make full sets of eproms. (i wish!!!!)
this came out really good. wow!!! now i can program these for a dmx,dx,linndrum,drumtraks and simmons.

hit me up on I.G program17 or write a comment if you're intersted in a set!!"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 w/ Original Box

via this auction

Friday, October 27, 2023

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack Vector Synth Meticulously Serviced By Professionals

video upload by tonetweakers

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb


Patch n Tweak
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