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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Soundtoys Effect Rack and Super Plate - Sonic LAB Presentation

video upload by sonicstate

"Soundtoys Deals:

Black Friday is almost upon us, and as is customary, we catch up with Tony from Soundtoys, who takes us through a processing ideas using elements of the SoundToys 5, Effect Rack and the Super Plate.
Currently SoundToys are giving away Little Plate (usually $99) and also heavily discounting their range for the sale period - currently around 50% savings to be had on the SoundToys 5 bundle ($249 from $499) and Effect Rack ($149 from $299) with up to 80% on individual plug-ins.

Effect Rack consists of 14 SoundToys Plug-ins:
Crystallizer, Decapitator, Devil-Loc Deluxe, EchoBoy, EchoBoy Jr., FilterFreak, FilterFreak 2, MicroShift, PanMan, PhaseMistress, PrimalTap, Radiator, Sie-Q, and Tremolator.

Note: SuperPlate can be used within Effect Rack V5.4 when you purchase and add a SuperPlate license to add to your Effect Rack plug-in. SuperPlate is NOT included with your Effect Rack plug-in purchase.

For more information:"

Friday, November 17, 2023

Soundtoys Black Friday Sale

Soundtoys is offering a number of discounts on their various plugins from now until Dec 1.

You can find all the details on Soundtoys' website here.

Also, you'll notice some new banners here on MATRIXSYNTH. You can click on them anytime to get to the sale.

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Abbey Road Reverb Trick with Soundtoys SuperPlate

video upload by soundtoys

"Tony shows a classic studio technique known as the Abbey Road reverb trick. While this approach certainly isn’t new, you’ll learn how to do it all within the SuperPlate plug-in using the built-in high and low cut filters, EQ bands, and input saturation to get a lush and professional-sounding reverb.

Get the Superplate reverb plugin or as part of the Soundtoys 5 bundle at"

Note Soundtoys is also offering LITTLE PLATE for free here.

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Soundtoys Little Plate Reverb Plug-in Now Free Until Dec 1

Soundtoys' Little Plate Reverb, normally $99, is currently free from now until December 1st.

You can find details on how to get it here.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Soundtoys Artist Profile: Jamie Lidell

video upload by soundtoys

"We've got a lot of respect for Jamie Lidell. This multi-talented artist and creator has a lot to say about how he got started, making music, and his favorite creative tools from Soundtoys.

Learn more at

Check out Jamie's "Hanging Out With Audiophiles" podcast on: Apple: Spotify: Amazon:"

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Soundtoys Sale

In case you haven't been paying attention to the banners on the right of the site, Soundtoys is having a sale. It ends tomorrow, so if you are interested head over to before it's too late.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Getting Around in Soundtoys SuperPlate

video upload by soundtoys

"In this video, we're going to show you how to get around in SuperPlate, where to find certain controls and share a few tips to take you a little deeper. Though the interface is fairly intuitive, there are a few not-so-obvious things, so let us show you around!"

Monday, August 21, 2023

Synth Nerd Covers

video uploads by nicola neeco

Playlist at the time of this post:
Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn (Prophet REV2 synth cover)
Aphex Twin - Polynomial-C synth riff with the Prophet REV2
Boards of Canada - Pete Standing Alone synth riff (Prophet REV2)
Aphex Twin - Flim (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
Aphex Twin - Iz Us (Nord Drum 3P & Prophet REV2 Cover, feat. @JannisLeWolff )
Autechre type beat with the Nord Micro Modular & Prophet REV2
Aphex Twin's ON synth riff (Prophet REV2 & Valhalla Delay)
Autechre's SLIP synth riff (Nord Lead 2X)
Aphex Twin's THA synth riff (Prophet REV2)
Aphex Twin - Curtains (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
Boards of Canada - Melissa Juice (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Prophet REV2 Cover)
Aphex Twin - Stone in Focus (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
John Carpenter - Halloween Theme (Prophet REV2 & Piano Cover)
Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming (Cover - Moog Minitaur, Nord Lead 2X, Nord Drum, NI Noire Piano)
Squarepusher - Tommib (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
Aphex Twin - Ageispolis (Prophet REV2 Cover)
Boards of Canada - Roygbiv (Prophet REV2 & Roland SH-01A Cover)
Boards of Canada - Reach For The Dead (Prophet Rev2 Cover)
Boards of Canada - Bocuma (Roland SH-01A & Prophet REV2 Cover)
Aphex Twin - Polynomial-C (Roland SH01A & Prophet REV2 Cover)
Boards of Canada - The Devil is in the Details (Prophet REV2 & Soundtoys Echoboy) #shorts
Boards of Canada - One Very Important Thought (Moog Minitaur & Prophet REV2 Cover)
Aphex Twin - Schottkey 7th Path (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
Alpha Rainbow - Boards of Canada (Roland SH-01A & Prophet REV2 Cover)
Olson - Boards of Canada (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
Boards of Canada - Turquoise Exagon Sun (Nord Lead 2X cover)
Boards of Canada - Kaini Industries (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)
Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Prophet REV2 Synth Cover)

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

100% of Soundtoys Proceeds Going Towards Vermont Flood Relief Aug 2 - 3

via Soundtoys

"100% of proceeds from your purchase on August 2 & 3 will be donated to nonprofits providing immediate relief to Vermonters affected by widespread catastrophic floods near the Soundtoys HQ."

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Soundtoys Mini Sale - July 26 - 30

Just a heads up, Soundtoys is having a mini sale today through July 30th.

You can find details at Soundtoys here.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Soundtoys SuperPlate Styles

video uploads by soundtoys

The 5 styles of the new SuperPlate by Soundtoys.

Available now at

See the announcement post here

"Take a look at all five plate reverb styles included in SuperPlate – each was inspired by an iconic plate. In the development of SuperPlate, Soundtoys added nine plates to their gear collection and spent seven years immersed in reverb, dreaming up the modern features that would reinvent this classic effect.

The reverb you hear in each video is entirely one of SuperPlate's styles. Explore the unique sonic character of each individual plate style."


1. Soundtoys SuperPlate: E. Plate III Style
The EcoPlate III (c. 1982) was the third and smallest version of the EcoPlate series of reverbs designed by Jim Cunningham. All three plates in the EcoPlate series use a stainless steel alloy to create its reverberation and all three versions have an exceptionally bright and spacious sound. Soundtoys studied and added an EcoPlate III to our gear collection for the development of SuperPlate. E. Plate III is just one of the five plate styles and many features included in Soundtoys' SuperPlate reverb plug-in.

Sound design by Laura Wolf – @laurawolfmusic •
2. Soundtoys SuperPlate: Classic 140 Style
SuperPlate's Classic 140 plate style is based on the EMT 140 (1957), the most well-known and the first commercially successful plate reverb. It was made by hanging a plate of cold-rolled steel in a metal frame, and as legend has it, the steel came from one specific Welsh ore mine. The EMT 140 was a studio standard for decades, and is what most people reference when they talk about plate reverb. Soundtoys studied and added five EMT 140 units to our gear collection for the development of SuperPlate. Classic 140 is just one of the five plate styles and many features included in Soundtoys' SuperPlate reverb plug-in.

Sound design by Hannah Tobias –
3. Soundtoys SuperPlate: Audicon Style
“The Plate” (c. 1971) also known as the “Lawson Plate” was designed by Gene Lawson (Lawson Microphones) in Nashville to be a more economical plate reverb for those who couldn’t afford an original EMT 140. It was manufactured by console manufacturer Auditronics out of Memphis, Tennessee. Soundtoys studied and added "The Plate" to our gear collection for the development of SuperPlate. Audicon is just one of the five plate styles and many features included in Soundtoys' SuperPlate reverb plug-in.

Sound design by Hannah Tobias –
4. Soundtoys SuperPlate: Stocktronics Style
The Stocktronics RX4000 (1978) is the only Swedish plate we know of, and it uses a steel alloy plate with low internal crystallic damping characteristics, which gives it a very distinctive extended high-frequency response. In other words, this plate has zing! While Soundtoys was unable to add the Stocktronics RX4000 to our gear collection, our study of the RX4000 was made possible by proud Stocktronics owners spanning two continents (if anyone is keen to sell, please call us!). Stocktronics is just one of the five plate styles and many features included in Soundtoys' SuperPlate reverb plug-in.

Sound design by Bryn Bliska – @brynbliska •
Special thanks to Mattias Olsson at Roth Händle Studio for letting us access this impeccable Stocktronics RX4000 – @RothHandle
5. Soundtoys SuperPlate: Goldfoil 240 Style
SuperPlate's Goldfoil 240 plate style is based on the EMT 240 (1970). While technically not a plate at all, it was designed to create a more compact and portable reverb. Instead of a steel plate, the EMT 240 used a thin foil of 24-karat gold to create its distinctive darker and tighter sound. Soundtoys studied and added two EMT 240 units to our gear collection for the development of SuperPlate. Goldfoil 240 is just one of the five plate styles and many features included in Soundtoys' SuperPlate reverb plug-in.

Sound design by Meg Toohey –
Available now at

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Soundtoys Introduces SuperPlate - Featuring Five Modeled Classic Electromechanical Plates

video upload by soundtoys

"Meet the must-have plate reverb plug-in from Soundtoys and explore the legendary gear that inspired it. SuperPlate brings the unique tonal character of five classic electromechanical plates into your studio – without the massive investment and back-breaking weight of the originals. Its advanced algorithms capture a level of unmatched realism and versatility and create luscious, expansive effects.

Available now at

Sound design by Bryn Bliska – @brynbliska •"

At the core of SuperPlate are meticulous models of the EMT 140, EMT 240, Audicon, Stocktronics RX4000, and EcoPlate III reverb units. Its three different flavors of analog coloration – Tube, Solid-State and Clean – can be used in combination with any of SuperPlate’s styles. Its wide range of modern digital features includes infinite decay time, built-in predelay, expanded modulation controls, full-featured EQ for detailed tonal shaping, and a unique decay ducking option that adjusts decay time to reduce overlap or build-up.

Saturday, April 29, 2023


video upload by Deep Synths

"I compare the UAFX Galaxy Tape Delay pedal to the UAD Galaxy Tape Echo plugin and Soundtoys Echo Boy plugin using a synthesizer."

Sunday, April 16, 2023

NAMM 2023 - New Soundtoys Super Plate Plug-in

video upload by sonicstate

"Soundtoys has announced its new plugin, SuperPlate. After years of development, SuperPlate offers a classic EMT140 sound with new features. The plugin includes the gold foil Audicon, EcoPlate III, and Stocktronics RX4000 plate reverb units, and can be saturated by three different styles such as a tube saturation style and a compression built-in kind of saturation style. The five plates can also be further saturated via modulations, and each plate has a switchable DB's pre-octave on the slope for the high and low cut. With a built-in side chain that's listening to the dry signal with a threshold control and a target control, SuperPlate can dynamically shorten the decay of the reverb tail.

SuperPlate is a versatile plugin with a built-in stereo control, dry and wet knob, and balanced control. The half a second decay can go all the way to infinity, and the predelay built into the reverb allows users to go from zero milliseconds all the way to 250 milliseconds of predelay straight from the box. With a variable depth control and a changeable LFO from 0.2 hertz all the way up to eight hertz, the plugin offers a unique clean and movement-heavy dynamic reverb that breathes with music. The output EQ affects only the reverb sound, not the dry signal, and is super easy to add some EQ on the reverb.

SuperPlate is available next month as the new sound toys 5.4 update, with an upgrade cost of $60 USD for any users who already have sound toys 5. Little plate users can also upgrade to SuperPlate for $59 USD, and the plugin is coming to a fec rack as an additional add-on license. By purchasing SuperPlate, users can also buy the license to use it on its own.

More Info:"

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Namm 2023 - Soundtoys - Super Plate

video upload by

"For the first time in 5 years SoundToys have a new plugin, the Super Plate, emulating multiple plate reverbs."


Friday, April 14, 2023

Soundtoys Introduces SuperPlate at NAMM

via @Soundtoys

"If you're at the NAMM Show come see us at booth #15922. We'd love to see you! We're also showing off our brand-new SuperPlate plug-in, shipping next month."

Press release follows:

April 13, 2023 (ANAHEIM, CA) – The Soundtoys crew is demonstrating the new and eagerly awaited SuperPlate plug-in during the NAMM Show at booth #15922. SuperPlate, along with the Soundtoys V5.4 bundle, is expected to ship some time next month.

SuperPlate emulates the unique tonal character of five classic electromechanical plate reverbs – without the massive investment and back-breaking weight of the originals. Its advanced algorithms capture a level of unmatched realism and versatility and create luscious, immersive effects.

At the core of SuperPlate are meticulous models of the EMT 140, EMT 240, Audicon, EcoPlate III, and Stocktronics RX4000 plate reverb units. SuperPlate includes three different flavors of analog coloration – Tube, Solid-State, and Clean – which can be used in combination with any of SuperPlate’s styles. The Tube and Solid-State modes are modeled on the EMT V54 preamp for tube saturation and the EMT 162 preamp which has a built-in compressor to help tame transients.

SuperPlate also includes a range of modern digital features, including infinite decay time, built-in pre-delay, expanded modulation controls, full-featured EQ for detailed tonal shaping, and a unique decay ducking option that adjusts decay time to avoid overlap or masking.

“We love the sound of real plate reverb and wanted to bring the distinctive sound of our vintage plate collection into the world of modern audio. It’s been an incredible challenge working with these massive electromechanical wonders – shipping, repairing, and tuning nine of them at our labs as well as others in private studios,” said CEO and lead designer Ken Bogdanowicz. “After analyzing and living with these devices for several years our team captured the true essence and variety of tones from the five different plate reverbs that we modeled for SuperPlate. We always try to take our effects beyond ‘simple emulations’ and with SuperPlate I feel like we found the perfect balance – switchable modeled preamp styles, built-in parametric EQ, and extended and dynamic decay time – to make SuperPlate a versatile go-to reverb effect. It sounds great and it’s fun and easy to use.’”

The latest version of the Soundtoys 5 bundle brings together an expanded range of 22 audio effects, including the new SuperPlate plug-in. In Soundtoys 5.4, SuperPlate is also integrated into Effect Rack with a stunning new suite of presets. SuperPlate is an optional add-on for those who own the Effect Rack plug-in but not the full Soundtoys 5.4 bundle.

“We’ve wanted to add a high-end reverb to Effect Rack since it was first released. Now with the option of using SuperPlate in Effect Rack, the creative sound design possibilities have exploded. The combination of reverb, pitch, modulation, and distortion effects all in one plug-in, with easy drag and drop routing and tweaking, have inspired our sound designers to create dozens of new effects just in the past few days that they’ve had access to this update. I can’t wait to hear how our customers use this!” – Ken Bogdanowicz
In this super-powered collection, users can saturate, compress, and distort with Decapitator, Radiator, and Devil-Loc. Get a virtual history of echo and delay hardware with EchoBoy, EchoBoy Jr, and PrimalTap. Transform vocals with Little AlterBoy. Recreate classic studio pitch, chorus, and widening effects with Crystallizer and MicroShift. Take modulation to new levels with the beat-synced rhythmic effects of PanMan, Tremolator, FilterFreak, and PhaseMistress.

Now with the new SuperPlate reverb, Soundtoys 5.4 bundle allows for even more power to create complex soundscapes, unique textures, and dynamic sonic movements. The limitless versatility of this proven, world-class plug-in bundle unleashes the creative potential to enhance or transform any audio project – and version 5.4 is the strongest yet.

SuperPlate will be sold individually for $149 MSRP or as a trade-up from Little Plate to SuperPlate for $59.
Soundtoys 5.4 will be available for $499 MSRP or as an upgrade from Soundtoys 5.3 to 5.4 for $59.
SuperPlate can be added to the Effect Rack plug-in for $59.

Friday, April 07, 2023

Es-K Performs Using MPC into Effect Rack

video upload by soundtoys

"Live from The Soundtoys Cave! Watch as producer Es-K performs a beat using his MPC Live and a MIDI controller mapped to Soundtoys Effect Rack. Similar to the performance style of the SP404, this particular setup provided flexibility on which effects and parameters Es-K could control during the beat performance. Ableton Live was used to host Effect Rack and map the controls to the knobs and pads on the Akai MPK Mini.

Shoutout to Teeba for creating the samples used in this beat! 🔥"

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Soundtoys Beat Loop Manipulation Sale

video uploads by soundtoys

2 Quick Tips for Beat Loop Manipulation with Soundtoys Effect Rack
Free! BreatBeat Breaker Preset For Soundtoys Effect Rack
Pete Cannon's Jungle Beat Mix Tips with Soundtoys Plug-ins + Presets

via Soundtoys

"Beat Loop Manipulation Week
April 4, 2023

Beat loops are the bedrock of electronic music and the backbone of hip-hop. For decades, they’ve significantly influenced the development and intersection of other genres and subgenres including dance, pop, R&B, and reggaeton.

The primitive beat loop was created by manipulating tape, but the advent of digital technology has propelled this art into a new dimension. Modern beat magic isn’t simply chopping, splicing, reversing, and looping – it involves altering sound elements to create unique rhythmic patterns. With advanced software and high-quality tools, musicians and producers can create intricate, layered beats once unimaginable.

Bop along as we dive into a week of beat loop manipulation using Soundtoys effects and get inspired to contribute to the ever-evolving sound of contemporary music:

TUTORIAL: 2 Quick Tips for Beat Loop Manipulation with Effect Rack
Effect Rack for Beat Loops: Getting Started With Presets
DEMO: Matt Lange’s Tips for Building Beats & Rhythms with Soundtoys

Plus, get some of the best beat-making effects up to 80% off thru April 9"

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Soundtoys Sale

Soundtoys is currently having a sale. You'll find full details here, including demos.

Note although the sale is focused on "Creative Guitar Processing" their effects can of course be applied to synths.

"This week we’re obsessed with guitar, which might be one of the most popular, most versatile, and most important instruments in contemporary music. Over the decades, guitars have shaped a multitude of hits, transcended genres, and become distinctive sounds within popular music.

We’ve been deep in the studio exploring effects, playing with presets, and trying different mixing techniques on all types of guitars. Check out the links below to find some inspiration on how to transform electric guitar, pedal steel, or lap steel tracks into something sonically succulent and explore limitless possibilities of creative guitar sounds using Soundtoys."

full details here

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sinister Cat Sound Design & More With Soundtoys Design Week Sale

video upload by soundtoys

Note Soundtoys is having a Sound Design Week sale with up to 80% off. You can find details on Soundtoys website here

Above: "Turn an adorable cat’s purr into a sinister, ominous monster. With a few simple turns of the knobs, you can use Soundtoys to pitch-shift, distort, reverberate, and radically transform your sound source.

Download the 'Sinister Reflections' preset:
Drag, drop, and save it into Effect Rack to get started."

'Soundscapes' Preset Expansion Pack for Soundtoys Effect Rack (FREE)

"Hear examples of all the presets from the Soundscapes expansion pack of sound design drone presets for the Soundtoys Effect rack.

Artic Blast – A howling winter wind and bone-chilling swirls that batters you sonically
Auto Horror Soundtrack – A building-changing horror soundtrack that just does its thing
BrokeBot March – Rhythmic noisy machines
Computronical – Rhythmic computer noises from a lost time
Feedback Space – A sonic desolate evolving space
Into The Darkness – The darkness is alive and changing as it moves around you
It's Coming For You – Something is coming. Another creepy rhythm effect to live in
Laser Practice Range – Classic gameplay laser sounds that pew-pew all night long
Mechotron Speaks – If robots had a language, this preset would talk to them, and they'd be like, right on
SynDrone – A rhythmic pulse to create a vibe
Tesla Coil – Electric Zaps from the lab
The Birds – The original angry birds from Hitchcock are all around

Download the expansion pack at"

Game Audio Vocal Sound Design With Soundtoys

"Whether making subtle enhancements or radical transformations, watch how effects can alter the character of a voice and create a truly immersive experience. The presets you hear are:

Angry Stereo – A gritty and stereo-lizing fx that makes the vocal sound bigger than your speakers.
Fever Dream – A fast-paced distorted panning movement to disorient any vocal.
Waterpipe – A feedback-heavy metallic-sounding echo with a short delay time.
Angry Radio – A nostalgic sound that resembles old-school radio-filtered distortion.
Robot Laugh – A re-sampled and pitch-shifted quick slap robotic echo for any vocal sources.

Download the presets:
Drag and drop on Effect Rack to get started."

Patch n Tweak
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