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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

APHEX TWIN - Tha (Elektron Syntakt & Sequential Prophet REV2 Cover)

video upload by nicola neeco

"my version of another Richard D. James classic: Tha from Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (R&S Records, 1992). for the occasion here's a new combo: the Prophet REV2 with my new Elektron Syntakt (I love it 🔥) I programmed the Syntakt, and in the video it plays in song mode.

(I made these patches from scratch)

Gear used:
Sequential Prophet REV2
Elektron Syntakt
Valhalla Vintageverb"

Thursday, March 21, 2024

cars on planet earth

video upload by Jörg Schaaf

"Befaco Rampage & EFFEXX & Valhalla Vintage Reverb at post processing. I recorded 10 minutes of noise and took snippets out of it to arrange them in a kind of collage in Logic. Some of these sounds received a special sonic character by adding some Valhalla reverb effects."

Jörg Schaaf is the man behind Radikal Technologies, and previously Quasimidi.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Kloob - Dark Fever

video upload by - Kloob -

"All sounds (except the Kick) come from hardware synthesizers:

1.- Dark Pad - Virus Part 1
2.- Bass line - Virus Part 2
3.- Acid Arpeggio - Behringer Neutron
4.- Dark Arpeggio - Argon8x

FX - Valhalla Supermassive and internal Virus Reverb, Distorsion and Delay FX

Thanks for support my music!



Saturday, December 30, 2023

Specular | Moog Minitaur

video upload by Claus Gahrn

"Ambient music on the Moog Minitaur.
Midi sequenced in Ableton Live.
Software effects: u-he Colour Copy + Valhalla Supermassive"

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Stacked & distorted patch on the Rev 2 // Sequential Prophet Rev 2 + Valhalla Shimmer

video upload by Lost Clouds (Tom Green Music)

"I say it all the time but maaannnn I love this synth. This one is built up as two layers with a bunch of mod wheel changes.

Layer A: Only Osc 1 is used - pulse wave, slightly reduced pulse width, muted by cutoff and with a little bit of resonance, decent amount of oscillator slop. Frequency modulation from LFO 1, cutoff modulation from LFO 2. The mod wheel on this layer opens up the filter, reduces the frequency mod, reduces resonance and reduces oscillator slop for an overall cleaner sound to contrast the (eventually) heavily distorted Layer B. There's aftertouch modulation on the LFO2 amount and cutoff though that is used sparingly in this video! The on-board effects slot is running BBD delay.

Layer B: Only Osc 1 again - initially heavily muted by filter cutoff. The mod wheel again opens up the filter, but cranks up the gain on the distortion on the on-board effect slot. It also slightly reduces the VCA Env Amount to stop it from overpowering layer A!

Overall, you get this lovely, soft sound to start - but it transforms into a rich, thick, glorious distorted patch with just the mod wheel!

There are no external effects up to 02:00. Beyond this, Valhalla is used to show the patch in different ways, all the way up to 100% reverb where you get a cool M83/Vangelis-esque pad.

Patch packs:

Sunday, September 17, 2023

-=08=- Generative ambient music with circuit tracks

video upload by JB's Synth Stuff

"This is a simple arrangement using circuit tracks two synth tracks, one with a Blade Runish type of patch and the other relying heavily on sample and hold.
Reverb is Valhalla's SuperMassive reverb."

-=12=- Dark drone jam - An ode to the ones that inspire us

video upload by JB's Synth Stuff

"The dark Maiden Voyage of my DIY drone synth.

The poor thing still misses an enclosure and will be a constant work in progress, but it should work fine for now. Sorry for the really bad camera work.

Just the synth and Valhalla Supermassive

#darkambient #drone #droneambient #diysynth"

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Sequential Prophet-5 Demos by Timm Johannes Brockmann

video upload by Timm Johannes Brockmann


1. Sequential Prophet-5 | Valhalla Supermassive
This is a quick improvisation to demonstrate the majestic side of the Prophet-5, soaked in the Supermassive reverb from Valhalla.
2. Sequential Prophet-5 | Roland JD-990 | valhalla supermassive --- Glassy shimmering evolving pads
In this video, the Prophet-5 is played and sends it´s MIDI notes via the MIDI Out to the Roland JD-990. You get a beautiful layering with a shimmering pad from the JD-990.
3. Nord Piano 5 || Sequential Prophet-5 || LAYERED
In this video, the Sequential Prophet-5 is adding some notes to a repetitive pattern on the Nord Piano 5.

Recorded in Logic Pro X with additional effects.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Generative Ambience with Iridium, Peak & Minilogue XD

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"A generative piece using the Dr Chaos Max for Live device in Ableton. Loads of Max for Live LFO used in this to control the parameters of Dr Chaos, auto filters, gates and also the Minilogue XD & Peak's cutoff. A tiny bit of Valhalla SuperMassive on the master as well.

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium & UDO Super 6"

Friday, August 04, 2023

Using Output Portal & Valhalla Shimmer on the Novation Peak to make ambient soundscapes

video upload by Crybo Synth Sounds

"The Novation Peak has some of the best FX on any synth, but here I use Output's granular VST Portal & Valhalla Shimmer to make it sound even bigger! Using Ableton & Push 3.

Soundpacks available for the Novation Peak, Korg Minilogue XD, Waldorf Iridium & UDO Super 6"

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Arcturus | Ambient Moog Minitaur + Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

video upload by Claus Gahrn

"Generative ambient music on the Moog Minitaur and Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Desktop.

Midi generated in Ableton Live.
Software effects: Valhalla Supermassive + u-he Colour Copy."

Friday, February 17, 2023

KadImprov #20 | ProphetRev2 | Mother32 | Fairfield Circuitry Shallow water | Ambient

video upload by KadiMusic

"Title: 'Pensive State'

I recently bought the Fairfield Circuitry #ShallowWater pedal and this was the perfect opportunity to experiment with it. For this one I wanted to bring a dynamic element with the arpeggio on the #Mother32. While keeping some simple chords on the #ProphetRev2 passing through the pedal.

Let me know what you think about it. Do you hear the pedal's effect?
I’ll share more about the Shallow Water pedal in my next demo. Stay tuned.

Thank you so much for watching. Have a great weekend 👋

#Moog #Mother32:
#Valhalla #Supermassive for the reverb:

Monday, February 13, 2023

Cosmic FX sound with Elektron Digitone (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private collection of Space Sounds dedicated to Elektron Digitone: and collection of Sweet Sounds:

Recording chain:

No EQ. No compression.

Enjoy! :)"

Friday, February 10, 2023

KadImprov #19 | Micro Cassette Noir Ambient | Mother32 | Syntrx | Valhalla Supermassive

video upload by KadiMusic

"I wanted to explore a dreamy, lost memory-like atmosphere, in a mysterious Ambient Noir setting.

A lost recording of a conversation behind closed doors rescued from a micro cassette on a #Pearlcorder is the introduction to this after-image. I layered the sounds to give each one a distinct location. The Moog #Mother32 was at the centre for the baseline, with a second recording providing thumping, clicking accents. To bring more space into the soundscape, I used an arpeggio with the Syntrx and a wide delay effect to give the lead part more depth.

Thank you for tuning in and don't miss my next demo, where we’ll see how I used the reverb and delay effects to make this soundscape. Enjoy!"

Monday, February 06, 2023

Space sound with Elektron Digitone (no talking)

video upload by Mr. Card

"Check out my private collection of Space Sounds dedicated to Elektron Digitone: and collection of Sweet Sounds:"

Saturday, February 04, 2023

Korg DW-8000: Pads (Ambient)

video upload by App Sound (by Matt Sour)

"The hybrid Korg DW-8000 is great for creating deep atmospheric synth pads, here are my first three programs I've made with passion (and the Valhalla Supermassive freeware plugin).
I hope one day to offer them for free ("

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Elektron Digitone - Space Sounds [SOUNDSET] (Sound Demo)

video upload by
video upload by Mr. Card

"My private collection of space sounds dedicated to Elektron Digitone. I've always loved spacious and 3D sound. Elektron Digitone allows you to produce many spatial sounds. I really like Elektron Digitone for its functionality and sound. The soundset complements my few presets for the free genius Valhalla Supermassive reverb. With this soundset, you can take your instrument to the next level. Check out my soundset:"

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Obsession Vol 1 - Patches 27 to 64 - Oberheim OB-X8

video upload by GEOSynths

"Obession Vol 1 - Contains 128 Patches for the fantastic Oberheim OB-X8, covering huge Pads & Strings, Classic Polysynth Sounds, Bass & Lead and a whole load of other sounds, inluding Classic Patches from the likes of Prince, Rush, Gary Numan etc.

As well as the Synth patches, there are also FX Presets created for all, so you can match what has been demonstrated in the Video. 2 Free Plugins were used.

1 - Blue Cat Audio Chorus -
2. Valhalla Supermassive -

All you need to do is set up an Insert in your DAW, add the chorus in Slot 1 and in Slot 2, Supermassive. Then just match up the Preset Numbers/Names...That's it, levels are all done!

00:00 - 27. More Prophet GEO
00:35 - 28. Curves GEO
01:44 - 29. Full Strings GEO
02:45 - 30. Bass Face GEO
03:27 - 31. Rain Clouds GEO
04:27 - 32. High Theory GEO
05:30 - 33. Notch Theory GEO
06:02 - 34. Lead Affair GEO
06:36 - 35. Air Line GEO
06:58 - 36. You Square GEO
07:20 - 37. Pulsar GEO
08:24 - 38. All Rhodes GEO
09:12 - 39. Sub Light GEO
09:46 - 40. Dead Zone GEO
10:30 - 41. 808 Bass GEO
10:53 - 42. Analog Snare GEO
11:14 - 43. Jimmy Jam GEO
11:28 - 44. Fortitude GEO
12:08 - 45. Vibes GEO
12:56 - 46. Loose Ends GEO
13:15 - 47. Poly Funk GEO
13:56 - 48. Seize GEO
14:36 - 49. Moments GEO
15:20 - 50. G-Waves GEO
15:43 - 51. Frets GEO
16:27 - 52. Frantic Pad GEO
17:20 - 53. Electro Bass GEO
17:50 - 54. Tribal Flute GEO
18:50 - 55. Quartet GEO
19:20 - 56. Full Circle GEO
20:29 - 57. Amped Bass GEO
20:51 - 58. Pastels GEO
22:18 - 59. Serenity GEO
24:05 - 60. Gibson GEO
24:51 - 61. Oort Cloud GEO
25:57 - 62. Playtime GEO
27:08 - 63. Perky Lives GEO
27:46 - Revolution GEO"

Cat Jive (Behringer Cat Synthesizer experimental composition)

video upload by Kyle Whitlock

"Here's Mo Cat synthesizer improv for Cat lovers out there! Cat synthesizer and Valhalla Space Modulator VST plug in."

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Alsephina || Generative Ambient Moog Grandmother + Mother-32 + Subharmonicon

video upload by Claus Gahrn

"Longform generative ambient music on the Moog Grandmother, Mother-32, and Subharmonicon.
Midi generated in Ableton Live.
Software effects: Soundtoys Echoboy + Valhalla Supermassive"

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