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Sunday, July 02, 2023


video upload by ANALOGSOUP


Cool kid. See if you can ID the song he's playing. It took me a sec, but I got it. Some cool band Ts in this video as well. Tom Oberheim with a Four Voice System/FVS and Dave Rossum in attendance.

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Synthplex Podcast

video uploads by Synthplex

Use the player controls to skip around.

Ian Martinez with Arturia talks what's in store for Arturia at Synthplex 2022
Artesia Pro talks the rise of their EFNOTE Drums and other gear showing at Synthplex
Platinum Producer Jeff Weber talks Synthplex and the state of the music recording industry
Roger Linn Interview live from Synthplex 2022 Expo Floor
Jordan Rudess Interview at Synthplex 2022
Interview with Emu Systems Legend, Dave Rossum at Synthplex 2022
Alan Howarth, horror movie composing legend, talks danceable Halloween soundtrack and more!
Sam Mims of Synth Wizards & Syntaur talk Synthplex and Modding Synths

Monday, October 31, 2022

SynthPlex Sun. - solar techno bus tour

video upload by SynthAddict

"solar techno bus for mobile jam parties
pretty posh..."

And one from sonicstate:

SynthPlex 2022: LA Good Vibe - Mobile Solar Recording Truck

video upload by sonicstate

"LA Good Vibe is a solar powered mobile recording truck, with the ability to go completely off grid, enabling some incredible locations for recording. Its a private facility created by Joachim Garraud, designed (we think) to enable him to live the dream, collaborate and demonstrate that its possible to go off grid and use 100% renewable energy (assuming you have a few $$ to set it up)

Jim took a tour around the studio based inside a large truck, custom fitted for the purpose. Joachim seems to be up for collaborations and interesting opportunities, so check it out at:"

SynthPlex 22: Shear Relic OB Inspired Poly Is Back!

video upload by sonicstate

It's goes to 11.

"Some time back, we spoke to a young guy: Jacob Brashears (still in college) who was working on an Oberheim inspired analogue poly synth. At the time it was very inspiring and great to see some talent coming up. Then it went quiet. I mean a lot has happened since then right?
Jacob has finished school, now is working on bringing his vision to life. It's also acquired another couple of voices, so probably should be called the Relic 8 now..

Jacob has a pre-production prototype form and it's a lovely looking thing with a lot of really neat (and expensive looking) UI ideas.

Sadly we can't listen to it yet, as the semiconductor shortages have meant that they haven't been able to get it quite ready. The hardware is pretty much done, it's just now the software and auto calibration - which as we know is a non-trivial job in itself.

It's clear that he has been living and breathing this instrument for years and has really immersed himself in it's production. We really hope he can bring it to fruition in the planned timeframe which is going to be March 2023 for a limited production run. With more to come.
The website needs updating, but you can still email them if you are interested in this machine at relic at"

See the Shear Electronics label below for additional posts featuring previous designs.

SynthPlex 22: Prism Circuits Serge Kits and Systems

video upload by sonicstate

"Prism Circuits specialise in Serge format modules, remaining true to the original Serge modules. They are DIY systems and aim to bring affordable Serge to the people.
The modules are available online with links to the parts lists to make it simple to build. Because they are paper front panels you can print them yourself.
They are also available as prebuilt systems pre-designed or customized."

SynthPlex 2022 - Gamechanger Audio Motorsynth MKII Is Shipping

video upload by sonicstate

"The Motor Synth from Gamechanger Audio has always been a crowd pleaser, since we first saw it at 2017 Winter NAMM. Its a really unusual electro-mechanical way to generate audio - using stepper motors and optical readouts to make oscillators. Its got a unique sound and looks great.

The MKII which we saw in prototype at Superbooth earlier this year, is now ready and shipping, we got a demo of a recent patch from Tom at the booth.

Price €2726"

SynthPlex 2022: Update - GPU Audio - New Synth plug-in to run on your Graphics Card

video upload by sonicstate

"We spoke to GPU Audio at NAMM where it was the biggest video of the show. You folks have a great interest in what they are developing which harnesses the power of your GPU, typically under-utilised high speed processing, and use it for processing audio.

Yep they are a sponsor of our show coverage, but they are also really pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the GPU in your computer.

We caught up Jonathan to talk beta plug-in release, AMD GPU support, Apple silicon support, and got a concept preview of a new GPU powered synthesizer they are working on. Its called Major and has a lot features - or will have - its currently being developed.

GPU Audio"

SynthPlex 2022 - Embodme Erae Multi-touch controller

video upload by sonicstate

"The Erae Touch from Embodme has slipped under our radar somewhat, as we've not seen it in the flesh before. We had a look at the unit at Synthplex and saw that there are some pretty cool features, using the large backlit control surface for some nifty interface chops. They've also managed to get the response time right down that makes it possible to trigger the completely configurable playing surface with sticks.

It puts us in mind of the Jazz Mutant Lemur crossed with the Roli blocks. Its fully MPE compatible and has an editor enabling user configurations aplenty.

Its in production and can be found at for order (3 weeks lead time). Price €700"

Also see this previous post.

SynthPlex 2022 - Leaf Audio Microphonic Sound Box Demo

video upload by sonicstate

"Jim from @Earmonkey Music added some rosin to his bow for this tinker with the extraordinary Leaf Audio Microphonic Sound Box - its an unusual sort of audio playground with mics and effects, springs, contact mics and various other places to tap, scrape and scratch. Its a sound designers dream.

The Microphonic Sound Box is available to buy as a DIY kit from:

Price is £215/$245"

See the Leaf Audio label below for more.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

SynthPlex Sun. Tour

video upload by

SynthPlex Sun. Tour2

SynthPlex Sun. Tour3 - Moogseum


video upload by Gamechanger Audio

"We're here in Los Angeles for SYNTHPLEX 2022! Ilja is presenting MOTOR SYNTH MKII set - let's get it going with MOTOR MUSIC!
MOTOR SYNTH MKII is available now in limited quanitty:"

SynthPlex 2022: Erica Synths Perkon and Syntrx II

video upload by sonicstate

"We recently reviewed the Perkons performance drum machine fro Erica Synths, but you cant beat hearing what its maker can do with it, so we were lucky to find Girts Ozolins, the main man on the booth. He showed us a little of what makes the Perkons a popular machine for performers, and also we got a look at the Syntrx II the EMS AKS inspired synthesizer with digitally controlled patch bay. It has more focus on input processing than Syntrx I.

Available later this year priced at around €1800 euros."

SynthPlex 2022 - Array Sounds Double Scoop Preview

video upload by sonicstate

"Jason Donnelly (aka DJ Puzzle) and Matt Yost are two of the folks behind the long estabilshed Soundtrack Loops and both are experienced music and media composers. They are working on a new brand: Array Sounds, which will focus on plug-ins and virtuakl instruments. The first product of which will be Double Scoop a simple 2 layer sample player with synthesis and effects, designed to fill your need for chill keyboard and synth sounds. They were showing a preview of the new software, now in Beta which will be launched in January 2023."

SynthPlex 2022: Five12 Vector Updates and QV-L Function Module

video upload by sonicstate

"The Five12 Vector Sequencer has a lot of fans - Daniel Miller uses it in his live and studio setups and many more. The firmware 3.0 is approaching and we got a look at some of the features coming with James Coker. He also showed us a new module - the QV-L which is a complex multi-function generator with LFOs., Envelopes and much more besides. With four modulation busses and a ton of configuration possibilities, it packs a lot into a single module.

This will be available end of the year with more to follow early next year priced at $379"

SynthPlex Sat - Pedro Eustache live (starts at 22:54)

video upload by SynthAddict

"Pedro starts at 22:54 :-)
Amazing performance as usual - flutes, wind controllers, and modular..."

SynthPlex 2022: Elektron Song Mode Overview

video upload by sonicstate

"Elektron users have been waiting a long time for this new feature, and while its not for all units, the Digitone, Digitakt and Syntakt all get it. We caught up with Mario Hernandez for an over view of what it can to. As with many Elektron features, its geared around performing and the ability to hold and loop at any point in the song is a cool feature."

SynthPlex 2022: 1010Music Razzmatazz - Pocket Drum Machine

video upload by sonicstate

"1010music have extended their Nanobox range - the tiny USB powered touchscreen instruments (Fireball and Lemondrop) with a pink drum machine - the Razzmatazz features 8 voices of FM and sample based drum synthesis, two fx, filters, MIDI io, SD card, sampling and pattern sequencing all in the the improbably small form.

We have one and will be reviewing it in due course, but Jim caught up with Steve Joslin from 1010music to take a look at the features."

Saturday, October 29, 2022

SynthPlex Sat. after hours - Tom Oberheim speaks

video upload by SynthAddict

Live with Tom Oberheim.

SynthPlex 2022 - NINA Motorized Synth Updates

video upload by sonicstate

"The motorized morphing 12 voice synth from Melbourne Instruments was arguably the synth of the NAMM show this year, the whole motorized knobs and morphing presets, really seemed to catch the imagination. Since then, they've been working hard to get the preproduction models ready and start shipping the first models in December this year.

So Dan and the team has done a lot of work. Nina can be ordered on their website at

price has been fixed at $3500 US"

See the Melbourne Instruments label below for addtional posts.

SynthPlex 2022 - Synclavier Is Back With Regen

video upload by sonicstate

See this post for additional details on the Synclavier Regen.

"Synclavier Regen is a re-imagining of the legendary Digital music system from the 1980s which was originally the price of a house and was the tool of choice for many top echelon artists of the time.

The new Synclavier Regen is a new instrument for this century based on the highly efficient code of Cameron Warner Jones, the original designer, but with the DSP power of today.

Jim got some time with Craig Philips, Kevin Maloney and the Regen in a quiet room away from the show floor. Available for pre-order at priced at £2,185.00/$2499"

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