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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

NanoSeq-9 LoFi Circuit Bent Style Rhythm Beats Synth

video upload by TroniCraft Instruments

"Experimental sequencer, beat/rhythm synth. Made in the circuit bent/LoFi style the NanoSeq-9 creates spacey bass beats, 8 bit percussive rhythms using 4 notes frequency adjustment knobs, low pass filter, pattern selector and tempo adjustment and 2 photocell sensors for Theremin-like control of frequencies.

This one is just the PCB's alone (no wooden platform)."

Friday, May 17, 2024

New Tronicraft NanoSeq-9 Pics

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New pics via this listing

See the Tronicraft label for recent demos and details.

NanoSeq-9 Retro 8 Bit Sequencer Synth Demos

video upload by TroniCraft Instruments

"The NanoSeq-9 is a digital sequencer synth that creates spacey, 8 bit chip music retro LoFi sounds. Created in the style of Circuit Bending, LoFi the NanoSeq-9 can produce retro 80's chip sounds & deep bass beats. Includes photocell sensors for Light Theremin functionality.
The NanoSeq-9 Is on Ebay:"

NanoSeq-9 Sequencer Synth Demo Part 2 Playing Retro 8 Bit Sounds & Beats.

video upload by TroniCraft Instruments

"This is part 2 of the NanoSeq-9 Sequencer where some sounds and rhythmic beats are demonstrated. It uses 2 photocell sensors for manipulating sounds like a Theremin (moving your hand over the sensors).

There is a very cool sounding low pass filter (LPF) for creating spacey, modulated effects.

See the Tronicraft lable below for more.

Monday, May 13, 2024

NanoSeq-9 Sequencer Synth

video upload by

"A four frequency/note sequencer/rhythm synthesizer.
Four frequency adjustment controls, note pattern changer, Low Pass Filter effect, tempo control.
You can get many different sounds and pulsing beats from the NanoSeq-9.
Standard 1/4" audio output jack, 2.1mm power adapter jack for external 7-9V power supply or 9V battery.

Please see more info at"

Another Demo of the NanoSeq-9:

Synthium in Solarium. NanoSeq-9 is a Sequencer Synthesizer in Blue Light Theremin

video upload by TroniCraft Instruments

"This is an improvised demo of some of the things the NanoSeq-9 can do. It has two photo sensors that modify the frequencies.

The NanoSeq-9 is a digital sequencer inspired by LoFi, chip music, circuit-bending and retro video game sounds."

Update: pics via this listing on eBay.


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