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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Cosmos Quencer Live Example1

video upload by centrevillage

"Two Cosmos Quencers controlled by a joystick (Doepfer A-174-4).

Cosmos Quencer has external cv / gate / mod inputs.
So you can modulate the internal sequence by the external cv/gate signal.

It's so fun!


Doepfer A-174-4
centrevillage Cosmos Quencer x 2 (left: bass seq, right: pluck seq)
centrevillage Trigger HaCker
centrevillage SiO x 6
centrevillage BiMix x 2
centrevillage AB3
centrevillage CLKM
centrevillage Conduct Machina
centrevillage Saw
centrevillage ShiftV
centrevillage Sprout x 2
centrevillage AMP ATT
Erica Synths Sample Drum
Erica Synths MOD
Erica Synths VCF1
Pittsburgh FLTR
Intellijel Quadratt 1U
Circuit Abbey Gozouta
Malekko MIX
Malekko MULT
Mutable Instruments Veils x 2
Mutable Instruments Rings
Mutable Instruments Beads
Befaco Morphader"

Thursday, August 10, 2023

€ ~ Rack ~ Buchla Complex

video upload by Ebotronix

Buchla 200t :
245t, 2x281t, 2x 292t, 266t, 257t, 4x 258t
Sputnik Modular:
2x 5 Step Voltage Source, Selector, 2x Dual Oscillator, 2x 6 Channel Mixer, CV Processor,
2 Quad Function Trigger Source, Valve Multiplexer, EF Preamp, 2x Oscillator, 2x Quad VCA/ VCF,
Spectral Processor,West Coast Random Source.
Doepfer R2m,A 174-2, A 156, A 182-1, A 185-2, A 183-2.
Mutable Instruments 4x Ripples v2
Tunefish Modular :
4x Ornament and Crime: Harmonic Minor Scale,Temps Utile, μYarns, 2x μVeils,Veils,2x Typhoon,Shades
Flame Instruments 2x Q Slider
XAOC 2x Batumi, Poti.
Intellijel Planar 2 ,1u Multi FX
Malekko Jag
2x Strymon Cloudburst
vid # 2248

Monday, June 19, 2023

Top 3 Favorite Modulation Sources Picked by Our Pals Omri Cohen, Stazma, and The Unperson.

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Modulation is one of the most important aspects of a modular synthesizer: it's what makes your sounds move and change over time. It's the way that you take control of your sounds. It's the way you bring sounds to life.

So picking the right modulation sources for your music is critical—but there are a LOAD of options out there. We reached out to a few of our friends to hear what THEIR favorite modulation sources are, and how they use them in their music...and this video is what they had to say.

The gear from the video:
Omri's pick—Malekko Voltage Block:
Stazma's pick—Tiptop Buchla 266t:
The Unperson's pick—Make Noise Maths:

Read more about the gear in the video on our blog, Signal:

Intro with Wes 00:00
Omri Cohen's Pick 01:26
Stazma's Pick 06:55
The Unperson's Pick 12:46
Outro with Wes 17:40"

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Eurorack: Malekko Richter Anti-Oscillator into Xaoc Devices Belgrad + ModBase 09 Mk2

video upload by lucafrancinimusic

"I've got a few new juicy modules today, so I've set up a little jam with all of them. The Jomox ModBase 09 Mk2 is the kick, the Anti-Oscillator is the bass which goes to Belgrad filter and to TipTop VCA. A first envelope goes to Belgrad and a second envelope from O_c goes to the VCA creating the fake sidechain for a nice pumping and separation between kick and bass.
M-32 is the synth lead and Rings the percussive part.
This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands visible and mentioned throughout this video."


Eurorack: Malekko Anti-Oscillator into Xaoc Devices Belgrad

"Malekko Richter Anti-Oscillator as a squeaky lead into Belgrad filter and Moog Mother-32 as the bass; Rings is helping with percussion."

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Insane Probability Sequencing with the Malekko Varigate 8+

video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"For this project, I opted to make more of a drum-based piece. I wanted to specifically use the powers of one of the most powerful modules in my system, which is located in the bottom right corner. It's known as the Malekko Varigate 8+. It is an extremely complicated gate and CV sequencer with 8 gate channels and 2 CV channels for pitch sequencing, as well as additional secret digital menu settings like probability, which is an important aspect of my patch. I set my master clock to provide a consistent beat to Varigate 8+. Then I trigger all of the different drum parts from the sampler with the Malekko's randomly produced patterns, so the patterns should not repeat very often, if at all. The fun began when I chose to use this sequencer for all of the components of the composition, allowing me to separate a signal from numerous gate outputs and CV outputs and transmit it to offer pitch and melody to the various oscillators that I used for this.
Mutable Instruments Plaits was the only one that wasn't getting pitch, as it was receiving various modulations that would make it relatively meaningless to input pitch into because the changes created by it wouldn't be as obvious and needed at the moment. Instruō Cruïnn was the single oscillator into which I fed the CV output from Malekko. It is a phase-modulated, stereo oscillator having through-zero outputs that can be stereo, summed, or separate sawtooth outputs per voice. As you change the dispersion of the voices in the module, you get that pitch diffusion effect that becomes more pronounced near the finish of the composition.
During the performance, I am continually altering the number of high frequencies fed into the VCA and pre-effects to keep the stereo feel beautiful and dynamic. Such tasks are generally carried out using my left hand. My right hand is activating all of the different parts of the piece, which aren't necessarily pre-defined because this is an improvised composition, but I have some notion of what I'm going to do before I do it. Only when I need to modify the volume of the stereo oscillator inside the VCA before the 'drop' part of the time stop and then that riser and time start sequence do I use both hands in one activity? Everything comes to a halt when I hit that yellow button because everything in this patch is clocked to a master clock, so if I make it stop, everything stops. I'm also patching something more than a minute in, and it was basically just the output of a slow LFO, which would modulate the knob that modulates the parameters together inside of the Qu-Bit Chance module, which is what I'm using to control the majority of the modulation in this patch, which is changing the fm and cv inputs on two of my oscillators. By randomizing that value, detecting rhythm fluctuations throughout the song becomes even more difficult.

Here are some links of mine:

Go become my Patreon here:

Perks of being a member include Patch from scratch videos, behind-the-scenes, HD pictures of gear and such, unreleased music, sample packs, and many more :)"

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Sequential Prophet 5 Rev3.2 Owned By Dwayne Goettel Of SKINNY PUPPY

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via this auction

You might remember the recent break-in at Malekko Heavy Industries posted here, and on Malekko.

Joshua Holley is selling his Sequential Prophet-5 Rev3.2 previously owned by the late Dwayne Goettel of Skinny Puppy to recoup funds.

From the lising:

"Ugh, this suuucks...but here we go.

Up for sale is Dwaynes old P5 Rev 3.2 (no MIDI)

I purchased this a while back non functioning and restored it back to playing condition. I left the keyboard chassis and keys with black spots from touring back in the day so it's super cool to see. The keys aren't perfectly level..for some reason I decided to keep it as close to original as possible...just functioning perfectly. cEvin signed it and dated 2003..its still there and puts a smile on my face when I play it. The only reason I'd consider selling this is due to a theft at my shop..there will be lots if instruments up for sale. Read about it in the link below."

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Theft at Malekko Heavy Industry

Joshua Holley of Malekko Heavy Industry wrote in to let us know there was a break-in at his shop. The thief stole about $65,000 worth of personal items. The insurance company won't cover most of it, so he is offering modular art pieces for sale to hopefully recoup some of his losses.

The following is a repost from his site. Please share this with others.

"On August 7th 2022 two males broke into an adjacent business in my building and managed to make their way into my shop via a shared back door. The thieves stole many personal items, sentimental gifts from colleagues, friends, things I will never see again, about $65,000.00 worth of personal items stolen. After almost 2 months dealing with Insurance companies, ultimately they offered little help, citing a convenient loophole stating since stolen items were personal property the business policies won’t cover most of it, giving me about 12% of the loss.

Out of the many stolen items, the one that hurt the most is a one of a kind Minimoog used by the band Skinny Puppy. Anyone that knows me knows how important of an instrument this is and how devastated I’ve been since the break in. With the exception of a Facebook post hoping to flush the thieves out I haven’t been able to talk about it much, watching the video surveillance of the guy carting it out sickens me, I’ve had to watch it several times, each time waiting a week or so in between viewings because I’m so pissed.

A month ago I came up with an idea to right a wrong so I decided to make a set of art based off the stolen Minimoog. My thought is that to have a set of art based on such an iconic synthesizer would make a great conversation piece, look great on any wall, bring happiness to fellow synth nerds and help replace some of the items that CAN be replaced, and basically help turn the negative energy surrounding this ordeal into a positive.

I’m calling the set “The Greater Right of the Wrong” (see what I did there). I sourced a frame maker to make some custom frames in brown to represent the wood from the instrument, and then I had 5 individual pieces of aluminum made to size, brushed, and anodized. I will laser etch all 5 pieces with the blocks of the instrument. They will look like what’s pictured except each edition will be numbered and have “GROTW xxx/200″ small in the lower corner.

The frames are approximately 12” tall and side by side touching the set is about 2ft 10 inches, and about 3ft with nice spacing in between. This is a pre-order. I have approved the metal and frame samples and now they need to go into production. I anticipate shipping at the end of December. This will be limited to 200 sets, numbered in order sold, and once they are sold I will not make any more.

Thank you in advance to everyone who supports this endeavor. It’s been an extremely personal project that I hope puts a smile on all our faces for years to come."

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Muster //XPO/QPAS/Mimeophon/STO/Mother32/Tides/Magneto//

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"An ambient eurorack modular synth patch featuring:
Make Noise XPO, QPAS, Mimeophon, STO, Rene 2, Maths, Contour, Mod Demix
Moog Mother 32
Mutable Instruments Tides, Stages
Mosaic 1u drum tiles
Strymon Magneto
Acid Rain Constellation, Maestro
Malekko Voltage Block Doepfer Dual ADSR, Stereo Mixer 2hp Verb Chase Bliss Mood, Generation Loss ALM Pamela's New Workout Intellijel 1u utility tiles

Thursday, September 08, 2022

Malekko Manther + Elektron Model Samples and Horn Quartet

video upload by the machine in the botanical garden

"Malekko Manther analog sequencer/synthesizer+ Elektron Model:Samples and Horn Quartet classic. Composition.
I have written the score with the Staffpad score player and editor. The library used for the horn sounds is Berlin Brass from Orchestral tools (Staffpad version)"

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Malekko Manther Analog Synth Sequencer and Violin solo #shorts

video upload by the machine in the botanical garden

Friday, July 15, 2022

Roland SYSTEM-500 Demo & Review

video upload by musictrackjp

DEMO by Katsunori UJIIE.

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Almost Forgotten //Marbles/Rings/Plaits/Tides/Mother 32/Matriarch/STO//

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

Eurorack modular synthesizer patch featuring...
Mutable Instruments Marbles, Rings, Plaits, Tides, and Stages
Moog Matriarch (out of frame) and Mother 32
Make Noise STO and Maths
Malekko Voltage Block
Qu-Bit Chance
Expert Sleepers Disting mk4
Doepfer Dual ADSR and VC Stereo Mixer
Intellijel Mixup and VCAs
ALM Pamela's New Workout
Squarp Pyramid

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Malekko Manther

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via this auction

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Malekko manther-Analog Synthesizer

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via this auction

Malekko mascot on the display.

"MANTHER is a full featured, tabletop monosynth with an analog signal path, an advanced 64-step digital sequencer and onboard delay. The heart of this beast is a coveted CEM 3340 based VCO IC chip. The analog filter is based on an ssm2044 chip. The Source Mixer allows for total control over the Square, Triangle, Saw, Tri Shape, Noise and Sub levels and waveforms also include individual outputs. Dial everything from heavy basslines to screaming leads to stomping kicks. Manther growls like no other!"

Monday, February 07, 2022

Marble Jam //Marbles/Subharmonicon/Mother 32/STO/Rings/Tides/Magneto/Maestro/Voltage Block//

video upload by Aleatoric Machine

"I’ve wanted to try this for a while. The two channels from Mutable Instruments Marbles are playing the two channels of Moog Subharmonicon, with a sound that reminds me of a Fender Rhodes, through Strymon Magneto. A couple different clocked LFOs from Acid Rain Maestro cause the pitches from Marbles to keep gravitating back to the tonic, with some jamming in between. Mutable Instruments Rings repeats a single note in a Euclidean rhythm coming from ALM Pamela’s New Workout, but modulating the structure causes the ringing to drift up and down from a fifth to an octave. Moog Mother 32 and Make Noise STO double on the bass line. When the melody finally comes it, it is Mutable Instruments Tides through Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl, Mood, and Dark World. Malekko Voltage Block handles the mix scenes, with Mutable Instruments Stages providing slew in between."

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Instruo Lúbadh Krell Remix

video upload by Todd Barton

"Still getting to know the Instruō Lúbadh. Two separate old Krell recordings, one for each deck controlled by the Malekko JAG to Start and Length on each deck.
My Patreon:"

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Eurorack CV Modulation Recorders

video upload by John Schussler

"Headphones on, please. This vid leverages the stereo image as part of the demo.

Modulation recorders are handy for coordinating modulation moves with a melodic or rhythmic sequence. You could also use a full sequencer, but in many cases that's overkill. These modules do the trick without too much complexity. (Though it must be acknowledged that the Voltage Block does market itself as a sequencer of sorts.)

These four all offer at least 3 channels of cv recording. Some are limited by steps in the sequence, some by memory. Also note that the level of quantization (simplifying the smooth recorded curve into something more stairstepped) varies from module to module. Lastly, note that they output different voltage ranges, which in some cases can be customized.

All work well for their assigned purpose, no duds here.

Source audio: Dixie II+, using an Morgasmatron as the target of modulation. I added a pulse from a second Dixie II+ to give me some rhythm to move along with. Modulation with no rhythm to it sounds a bit uninteresting in this context.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Voltage Block
04:10 Planar2
07:14 Krait
09:58 Flame C-3"

Friday, November 05, 2021

Malekko Heavy Industry MANTHER Analog Syntheszier w/ Original Box

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via this auction

"Sounds super unique with it's analog oscillator and filter backed by it's cool sounding delay. Can also be tweaked with some modular ins and outs."

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

TEST SERIES Industrialectric 4046-M Echo Degrader Hexe Revolver MWFX Judder MASF Possessed

video upload by Outsider Sound Design

"Sound design experiments. Abstract soundscapes.

Industrialectric 4046-M
Industrialectric Echo Degrader
Hexe Revolver x3
MWFX Judder
MASF Possessed
CatalinBread CsidMan
Malekko Charlie FoxTrot
Strymon BigSky
Mellowtone Wolf Computer

The purpose of “TEST SERIES” is to focus on the sound design possibilities of various gear combinations. This series is not musical nor does it serve as an instructional video. It is all about sound potential. Please consider supporting this channel by purchasing a sample pack or music download from"

Monday, September 20, 2021

QuNexus RED

video upload by Keith McMillen Instruments

Update: MSRP appears to be $179. Check the dealers on the right for availability.

"The new QuNexus RED is a powerful 25-key MPE keyboard controller and three track Arpeggiator/Step Sequencer with USB, MIDI, and CV outputs. The keys detect velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, and per-key tilt, giving you unprecedented control and musical expression. QuNexus RED also features our new, ultra-durable ABS-Polycarbonate finish."

QuNexus RED MPE Sequencer with modular synth

Patch n Tweak
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