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Friday, September 22, 2023

#onedrumcomputeraday Drum Synth Videos

video uploads by #onedrumcomputeraday

1. toyo gakki ult sound ds-2
quirky little 70's drum synth made in japan
2. pollard syndrum twin
the pollard syndrum was one of the first commercially available electronic drums. this is the syndrum twin, sometimes called the twindrum - a beautiful drum synthesizer (brain) from 1976 which was part of an electronic drum kit. joe pollard was a session drummer working for the beach boys and other bands.
3. honky tonk music klone kit
sound demo of the quirky klone kit control module. made in the uk 1983 it was a cheap 5 voice alternative to other popular but expensive e-drum solutions of that time. all channels are identical except the snare channel which offers noise. the sound is very limited - followed up by the more flexible klone kit 2. since there's no demo of version 1 I decided to shoot a quick video with proper audio. retail was 299 ukp.
4. elka drumstar 64 (no talking hq audio)
quick demo of all preset patterns from this funky little Italian 80s drum machine.
5. electro harmonix rhythm 12
a short video about the lovely little electro harmonix rhythm 12 vintage analog drum machine from 1976. made in the uk by soundtech and licensed to electro harmonix.
6. rsf sd140 sampling drum machine
I finally managed to shoot a quick video on this super rare french sampling drum machine from 1986 - one of my absolute favorite drum machine of all times :)
7. böhm digital drums m. "digi-rocky" drummachine (no talking hq audio)
audio demo (hq) of all preset patterns (+fills) on this tiny forgotten digital 80s böhm drumbox.
8. electro harmonix drm16 drummachine (no talking hq audio)
short (hq) audio demo of this funky little drumbox from the late 70's
9. soundmaster sd-3 "disco beat" drummachine (no talking hq audio)
quick audio demo of this funky little japanese "stomp box" style disco drum machine from the late 70s.
10. pearl dr-x1
from time to time i have to sell something to make a little room for new stuff ;) so I decided to let this beautiful pearl dr-x 1 go and had to do a quick video before it left my dungeon - I hope you like it, had fun to re-listen and doing a few samples - best, steve
11. lel psr and radel electronic tabla
#onedrumcomputeraday is having a look at the worst digital drum machine ever (?) the russian lel psr in a double feature with the odd indian radel electronic tabla - also featured in a little deconstruction of the arctic sunrise song "forever yours".
12. uno drum - anthology drum libraries
very first & early look at the new & fresh libraries for the ik multimedia uno drum
13. icon design dsm200
last look at my the super rare 80‘s drum synth of icon design ... this one unfortunately had to go 😪 so I decided to create some footage for the world wide web before it's gone ...
14. twisted electrons deton8
checking out the little french 8bit drum machine from twisted electrons
15. dynacord percuter s
a little rough demo of the dynacord percuter s drum module (ca.1985) - including audio demos
16. bme rattlesnake
little jam on the rare bme rattlesnake analog drummachine (ca. 1982)
17. viscount r64s

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Solina String effects demo: Filters, phasers, drives and dirt

video upload by Richard DeHove

"The Solina's raw sound is not like your standard synth so it tends to react differently to effects. I tried lots of different effects and picked the most interesting to show here. First up was the Erica Synth AcidBox III which, surprisingly, was an excellent match. Using the AcidBox with full resonance was fun and would sound even better with stereo delay but I wanted to keep things to just one effect at a time here. Perhaps the AcidBox works so well because of the lack of controls on the Solina - suddenly the Solina gets an LFO, filter, resonance, input drive and envelope follower.

The phaser test with the EHX SmallStone, Phaser 95 and PH-1r I also found very interesting. For me the Ph-1r had the richest sound and the SmallStone was identical to the onboard phaser.

In the drive, disortion and dirt department the Glove and B3K had their moments while the Geiger Counter ranged from mild to total destruction and some bit crushing at the end.

I also included a short demo with the Boss Slicer, but that thing requires several hours discussion just by itself. Where I'm playing a chord with one note I'm actually triggering a Cthulu chord player in the DAW. Most chords are taken from a custom import of the main string line from Bruckner's 7th.

0:00 AcidBox III
2:08 Boss Ph-1r phaser
2:35 MXR Phase 95
3:04 EHX SmallStone
3:43 Boss Slicer SL-2
4:14 EHX The Glove
5:20 Darkglass B3K
6:17 WMD Geiger Counter

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

707 (Korg 707)

video upload by WilliamSalmela

"Here’s a song I made with the Korg 707 from 1987. The Korg 707 is a digital FM synthesizer with 8 voices of polyphony.

”707” by The William Salmela Project

No other sound sources were used. The Korg 707 doesn’t have any built in effects, so the sound was further processed with the following equipment:
Boss CE-300 Super Chorus
EHX Small Stone phaser
Korg SDD-1200 (used this heavily for chorusing the sounds)
Roland SDE-2000 delay
TC-Electronic Powercore reverbs"

Linear Ambience (Roland D-50, V-Synth)

video upload by WilliamSalmela

"The Roland V-Synth XT has a faithful recreation of the classic Roland D-50 synth. I used this VC-1 (D-50 emulation) to make this song.
Linear Ambience by The William Salmela Project
No other sound sources were used. The sound was further processed with the following equipment:
EHX Small Stone phaser
Korg SDD-1200 chorus
Roland SDE-2000
Korg MDE-X, (phaser) and TC-Electronic Powercore reverbs."

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Elektronika Em-25 with russian EHX Small stone

video upload by Faustola

"Proper phasing!"

EHX Mini-Synthesizer 0400 first contact

video upload by Faustola

"Simple but charming"

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Serotinal (Buchla Music Easel)

video upload by Electrum Modular

"A two-voice track on the Buchla Easel, with stereo delay and a little reverb added externally. The idea was to generate an irregular rhythm via the “arpeggiation rate” input, while maintaining the time signature via a MIDI clock. Further patch notes in the video.

Thanks to Jean-Francois for loaning the Easel, and to my son Max for designing and making the Easel stand.

Video footage from the prairie park near my house in Iowa City.

Gear used:
Buchla Easel (2013 reissue)
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral pedal
Electro-Harmonix 95000 looper"

Monday, July 24, 2023

GENE SIMMONS used this Mini Synthesizer to Write WAR MACHINE!

video upload by Gene Simmons AXE Bass

"Now up for Auction on
The Official Auction site for Gene Simmons Personally Owned items!"

video upload by KISS

Friday, June 09, 2023

Moog Grandmother - Pedals and Sequencers

video upload by thesynthsofgus

"Having fun with the Moog Grandmother and a few effect pedals :)"

Thursday, June 01, 2023

JLRs Modular Synthesizers - Sidetracked Supplement #2

video upload by

"This is the second supplement and ninth installment of my video breakdown/rundown series (I'm half way through, sort of . . . ), this time for my custom case that combines a MIDI sequencer and analog poly synth in one half and a mixing board and several guitar pedals in the other half! (only weighs 56 pounds 😬)

0:00 Beginning
0:24 Introduction
0:48 Contents Rundown
2:38 Construction Details
6:38 Shirt (plugging my friends band ;-)
7:22 Short Sequence Demo
8:45 Simple No-Input Feedback Demo
14:42 End

List of the items that make up this system:
Manikin Electronic: Schrittmacher sequencer
Vermona: PERfourMER MKII synthesizer
Mackie: 802-VLZ3 mixer
TC Electronic: T2 reverb pedal
Dunlop/MXR: Slash Octave Fuzz pedal
Electro Harmonix: Mel9 Mellotron emulator pedal
Mooer: Ocean Machine reverb/delay/looper pedal
Keeley Electronics: Fuzz Bender pedal
Strymon: Zuma R300 pedal power supply
JLR: Mobile I/O Patch custom pedal patch bay
EWI Tourcase: MXC-008-10 mixer case (modified)

Check out my friend's band Vanilla:

As always, thank you for watching, rating, following, subscribing, and commenting! 🥳 If you found the content of this video helpful, interesting, or entertaining, please consider showing your support so I can stay stocked up on coffee and cookies. 😋"

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Smell the EHX Glove

video upload by Richard DeHove

"If you don't know the movie 'This is Spinal Tap' this video isn't going to make much sense, so here's a quick explainer. Spinal Tap is a 1984 fictional documentary about the rock band Spinal Tap. Among their many problems is the cover of their new album 'Smell the Glove'. The band wanted a greased woman on all fours smelling a glove - shops and the record company say no.
So the video intro is a few seconds from the movie and images are my AI-generated prompts attempting to create a 'Smell the Glove" album cover.
As for the audio: The DB-01 is going into the Oceans-11 reverb (which is usually off) then in The Glove, then to the Nemesis delay. There's a tiny bit of EQ in the DAW.
Drums are from the Perkons going into the Death By Audio Rooms reverb. That then gets another layer from the Fabfilter Saturn plugin in the DAW. So hardly a clean or produced drum sound but meh, this was meant to be a simple demo of the Glove pedal, but that got 'out of hand' hahahahahaha.

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon: Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
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Monday, May 22, 2023

Vintage Electro-Harmonix Analog Vocoder

via this auction

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Moog Minimoog - Featuring the Electro-Harmonix Lizard Queen Octave Fuzz

video upload by thesynthsofgus

"Here’s my Minimoog through the JHS Electro-Harmonix Octive Fuzz plus some delay :)"

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Electro Harmonix DRM-32 / Digital Rhythm Matrix - Drum Machine

via this auction

Additional Analog U.S Listings,
also on eBay

Monday, March 27, 2023

Creating Lush Soundscapes with Suzuki Q Chord + Strymon Cloudburst + EHXSuper Ego (Sound Demo)

video upload by

"Creating expansive soundscapes with unlikely tools—Suzuki Q-Chord running into an EHX Superego+ and Strymon Cloudburst reverb.

Get a Q-Chord:
Grab a Superego+:
Seize a Cloudburst:"

Friday, March 17, 2023

Oceans 11 all settings walkthrough - much more than a reverb

video upload by Richard DeHove

0:00 A few demo sounds
2:27 Overview - power, tails, bypass etc
5:38 The value of 100% wet
6:34 The controls
8:10 Factory reset
8:55 Programming fundamentals
14:10 Hall
17:03 Spring
19:45 Plate
22:50 Reverse
26:09 Echo
30:35 Tremolo
34:54 Mod - Chorus
36:58 Mod - Flerb
37:36 Mod - Chorus & Flerb
38:56 Dyn - Swell
40:24 Dyn - Gate
43:30 Dyn - Ducking
45:15 Auto Infinite
48:15 Shimmer
51:23 Poly

"The EHX Oceans 11 reverb is a much deeper, weirder and more interesting effects unit than you might expect. It's called a reverb pedal but can happily function as a multi-effects unit with excellent delay and tremolo and passable chorus and flanger. And various reverbs of course. Here I go through all the settings and options in detail and only repeat myself once or twice.
The pedal does has a reputation for complexity, but spend a mere hour here and you'll be completely at ease with all its functions and be suitably rewarded with a huge range of flavors. Don't judge it on a 30-second demo of hall and spring, that is a mere spec of its powers.
Despite the length of this video there are two little things I left out. Double-click the footswitch when in spring reverb mode to simulate "kicking the box" and hearing a little "doiing". And somewhat similarity, if you press and hold the footswitch (in most modes) the reverb will infinitely sustain.
Also be assured that when I say in the video about the green, red and orange LED colors that's what they actually are in reality. Unfortunately in the video they're almost completely washed out - my lighting skills and the idea that "I'd fix it in post" were both inadequate.
As usual this is not a sponsored video. I bought the Oceans 11 with my own money at full price.

Lots of downloads for supporters on Patreon:
Many thanks to my kind patrons who keep this channel ad-free
My website:"

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Moog Magic Flanged Delay | Sound Recipe #61

video upload by Reverb

"For this week's sound recipe, we're making Moog Flanged Delay Magic with just a synthesizer and three simple pedals. Use this recipe to concoct an ethereal ensemble of sound. Find all the steps and many more Sound Recipes here."

Friday, November 25, 2022

KadImprov #8 - Above the City - #CasioSK1 - #MoogMother-32 - #ProphetRev2 - #Syntrx

video upload by KadiMusic

"Welcome to #KadImprov Sessions #8: 'Above the city'

I envisioned a flight above a megacity while making this track. Sounds illustrating the vibes and rhythms in the different areas of a techno dystopian metropolis.

For this track I used the #CasioSK1 filtered with the Electro-Harmonix Frequency Analyzer and the #ProphetRev2 on the main chords. I played the arpeggio pattern on the Moog #Mother-32. The drone sound design was made on the #Syntrx."

Friday, October 21, 2022

Photay Live Set at Perfect Circuit Studio

video upload by Perfect Circuit

"Read more on our blog :

Check out the new record on International Anthem :

Find Photay on Socials : @Photay
Bandcamp :

We're thrilled to present our friend Photay performing a live improvisational set in studio!

Photay (Evan Shornstein) is fresh off a fruitful trip to LA which saw him playing multiple shows as part of a residency for Feels Like Floating (@feelslikefloating , as well as a record release of their newest work "An Offering" on @International Anthem

We were able to catch up with Evan and record an intimate improv set featuring the Buchla Music Easel, Roland SP-404MKII and TR-8s"

Friday, September 16, 2022

Electro Harmonix DRM-32 / Digital Rhythm Matrix - Drum Machine

via this auction

Additional Analog U.S Listings


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