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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

4/9/24 Metasonix S-2000 vacuum tube synthesizer + Korg SQ-10 sequencer & MS-02 + Roland RE-301

video upload by Cfpp0

"Finally, a Metasonix S-2000. For this lethargic elephant stroll, a Korg SQ-10 sequencer is sending 16 steps of Hz/v CV (channel A voltage out) to the S-2000 operators, while also triggering (converted by the Korg MS-02 interface) the S-2000 contour 1. The drive amount on Operator 1 and Operator 2 are incrementally increased and the fall and rise of contour 1 are also increased. Roland RE-301 tape echo is added via the Mackie Onyx 1640 mixer."

Sunday, March 03, 2024

3/3/24 Metasonix R-54, R-52, R-51 + Moog DFAM & Subharmonicon + Doepfer + Lexicon PCM 70

video upload by Cfpp0

"Similar patch and settings as in the other day-lit 3/3/24 video, but stopping and starting the DFAM at different steps to latch onto different pitches. Moog Subharmonicon is running through Metasonix R-52. Moog DFAM is running through Metasonix R-54 & R-51. Moog and Doepfer provide the modulation. Lexicon PCM 70 is set to Gated Plate reverb off the Mackie Onyx 1640."

Friday, March 01, 2024

Metasonix WHKB

via this auction

"Wiki Hayden Keyboard layout. Has gold anodized faceplate, mahogany case, Doepfer midi board and power supply. Cool bit of kit, and a rarity for the Metasonix addicted."

This is pretty rare. The WHKB was actually announced at NAMM 2009. You can find some details on it posted here.

That post and this one are the only two to feature the WHKB on the site.

Monday, February 26, 2024

On the Nature of Tubelight: Sequential Prophet 5 + Metasonix R-52 Vacuum-Tube VCA/Distortion

video upload by MIKROPUSE

"Once nothing special sounding Sequential Prophet 5 chord progression now 'tubified' by an absolutely best-in-class Metasonix R-52 Vacuum-Tube VCA/Distortion (a Zerosum Intertia Edition 5U module), straight into a Mytek 192/8 AD Converter. No other preamps were used.
Few distortion devices come near Metasonix R-52 when it comes to preserving dynamic subtleties of source material. What's more, the natural compression that occurs helps a great deal, so the tracks require a little to no EQ during mixing. It does require a bit of tuning in, just to get the sound right where you want it to be."

METASONIX R 52 Zerosum Intertia Edition + Gibson TRINI LOPEZ + Scrotum Lab ORGONE ACCUMULATOR

video upload by MIKROPUSE

"A Gibson Trini Lopez electric guitar and a Scrotum Lab Orgone Accumulator (Frac) going into a lovely, and ever so slightly distorting Zerosum Intertia Edition Metasonix R 52 filter (5U) via Thermionic Culture Rooster 2 preamp (in the background). Not pretty - pretty."

Saturday, February 03, 2024

Metasonix R-56 Vacuum-Tube Spring Reverb

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11/16/23 Metasonix R-56 + Birdkids Unicorn Boom + Gieskes VU Perc + TR-606 + Tapco 4400 + CXM 1978 video upload by Cfpp0

via this auction

"If not for Metasonix, I would never have bought any eurorack. Metasonix is a legendary company, producing legendary products. And, of them, this R-56 is amongst the rarest.

The R-56 has been out of production for years, and will never be re-released. We’ve all asked. The parts are simply not available. So these are rare, and expensive.

It’s a WTF sort of module. A spring reverb you can voltage control. It has a unique sound, even within the Metasonix realm. Customers complained about wanting MORE gain, said the great Tube Pioneer, so this module has it. That insane gain, plus the ability to feedback an electromechanical spring reverb, make it a module that requires finesse (and maybe an attenuator, or matrix mixer). If you are impatient, or unfamiliar with Metasonix‘s quirks, please pass on this listing. It’s odd. Really weird. Also it requires a lot of power for the cold inrush, power on, tube warm up, so you’ll need a nice beefy power supply like an RKP or Trogotronic.

The video in this listing’s photo section features the sound of this exact module.

More likely, you’ve been longing for this, but the blood sport that is Metasonix’s secondary market has kept you from your dark distorted springy dreams. Realize them now. Live them. Buy."

Friday, February 02, 2024

Groundhog Day modular jam with Herman #shorts

video upload by CatSynth TV

"The venerable Herman makes his Groundhog Day appearance, accompanied by a modular jam featuring Metasonix R54, R54 and RK5 modules as well as the Make Noise Tempi and Rene. Off-screen, our trusty Strymon StarLab provides some color and reverb."

Monday, November 27, 2023

California 87 in San Jose (Guadaloupe Freeway) - with synth soundtrack

video upload by CatSynth TV

"A ride along the entire length of California Highway 87, the Guadaloupe Freeway, through San Jose. It begins in the southern part of the city at an interchange with Highway 85, runs alongside the downtown area, and ends at US 101 near San Jose International Airport.

The ride features a very 1980s-inspired soundtrack with the following synthesizers and instruments:
Yamaha RX5 drum machine
Arturia Jun-6 V, Jup-8 V, Synclavier, CMI V, Pigments, SQ-80 V, SEM filter
Cherry Audio Elka-X, Pro Soloist, Sines, GX-80
Arturia MiniFreak
E350 Morphing Terrarium
Strymon StarLab
Metasonix R-53 Waveshaper
EastWest Ministry of Rock
RMI Piano instrument for Kontakt"

Sunday, November 26, 2023

7/10/23 (alternate take) DIY Ray Wilson / MFOS synthesizer + Zerosum Inertia 6AS6 + Metasonix R-57

video upload by

"This video contains more filter sweeps than the video previously posted on 7/10/23, and the MFOS filter cutoff settings cause the Zerosum Inertia 6AS6 Signal Combiner to generate different rhythms than in the previous video. Two MFOS LFOs (at audio rate) go to Zerosum Inertia 6AS6, get combined, go to the MFOS filter, and go one channel on the R-57."


ON a separate note, in case you missed it, also see the Music From Outer Space and synthCube Announce Noise Toaster Project Contest.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Metasonix D-1000

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via this auction

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

11/13/23 Korg Volca Sample (originally recorded on 8/15/23) + Metasonix TM-5 & TM-7 + Peavey DDL-3

video upload by Cfpp0

"Here’s some music to do the dishes to, or peel potatoes. On 8/15/23 I had the chance to try a Korg Volca Sample and made a single video recording. In this 11/13/23 video, that 8/15/23 video recording is playing back on an Apple Air MYFT2LL/A iPad, with a dongle and Y-cable sending one audio channel to the Metasonix TM-7 and the other into the Peavey DDL-3 into the Metasonix TM-5. Some 01: small stage reverb is applied to the TM-7 signal in the Mackie Mix12FX, where it’s panned center. The TM-5 signal gets a low cut and is panned hard left, dry, no reverb send. The TM-5 Activate BN6 tube switch and the TM-7 Teabag switch both feature. I got lucky twice and flipped the teabag switch when the bass drum cuts out in the original recording."

Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Tappan Zee (Gov. Mario M. Cuomo) Bridge - I-87, I-287, and NYS Thruway

video upload by CatSynth TV

"A ride along I-287, I-87 and the New York State Thruway westbound in Westchester and Rockland Counties, just north of New York City. Along the way we cross over the Hudson River on the Tappan Zee Bridge, also known as the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. The original Tappan Zee Bridge open in 1955 - it was only designed for a life span of 50 years, and was showing signs of decay by the 2000s. It was replaced in 2017 by the new twin cable-stayed span that we see in this video.

Filmed in October 2023, with pockets of fall foliage colors visible.

Original music by Amanda Chaudhary, featuring drums by G Calvin Weston and Amanda Chaudhary on synthesizers and electronics:
QuBit Prism
Cherry Audio Elka-X and Sines
Arturia Pigments, Melltron V, and Stage 73
EastWest Ministry of Rock 2 (bass)
Strymon StarLab
E350 Morphing Terrarium
Rossum Eletro-music Morpheus
Metasonix R-54 Supermodule
Big Fish Audio Grindhouse

0:00 Introduction
0:25 I-287 (Cross Westchester Expressway)
1:33 Merging with I-87 and the New York State Thruway
2:32 The Tappan Zee (Gov Mario M Cuomo) Bridge
4:00 Rockland County

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Metasonix S-1000 Wretch-Machine

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"This example is missing the original plexiglas heat shield over the tubes, and has been modified with an additonal socket for the power plug on the back for better rack mounting."

Sunday, October 22, 2023

10/20/23 ElectroComp EML 200 (x2) + Metasonix TM-1 (harsh sleigh bells)

video upload by Cfpp0

Friday, September 01, 2023

7/11/23 (pulser-chirper) MFB 501 + Metasonix TM-1

video upload by Cfpp0

You see more in the window.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

7/22/23 SSL 1660 & 1310 + Zerosum Inertia Destructor Beam & VCA + TonAtelier Lauter EML 101 VCF

video upload by Cfpp0

"Call it a stiff swing thing. An alternate take from the version previously posted on 7/22/23 (captioned as 'swing thing') [posted here]. This sequence is the same, but sounds very different because the filter remains more open and isn’t quieting notes as much or fluctuating the focus through dynamics."

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

8/3/23 (until the drive level spasms) Korg SQ-10 sequences two Metasonix RK7 thyratrons + Tapco 4400

video upload by Cfpp0

"An outtake. No gates, just CV from the Korg SQ-10 to two thyratrons."

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

8/2/23 Yamaha DD-10 + Metasonix RK8 & R-57 + Zerosum Inertia 6AS6 + Synthwerks FSR-2P + PCM 70

video upload by Cfpp0

"Yamaha DD-10 plays its 'Computer Swing' beat, with Intro/Fill 2.

The left output of the Yamaha goes straight into the audio in on the RK8. The right output of the Yamaha goes to the Synthwerks FSR-2P and then into CV in on the RK8 (though it is not used in this video). The mix audio out of the RK8 goes to the Mazzatron pass through to the EWI bay to the Samson bay to the Mackie Onyx 16:4, where it gets PCM 70 Gated palate on an aux. Two bands from the RK8 go to the Zerosum Inertia 6AS6 (it matters which goes to which input). The 6AS6 out goes to the Synthwerks FSR-2P and then to the R-57 and through the Mazzatron pass through into the EWI bay into the Samson bay into the Mackie. Towards the end, it actually sounds better when the Yamaha volume is reduced, so more or less input gain is critical to the RK8 like it is with Metasonix TM and TX boxes."

Monday, July 31, 2023

7/31/23 Metasonix RK8 Filterwall + SSL 1660 + MooSonics Vanilla VCA/Envelope + PCM 70 (gated plate)

video upload by Cfpp0

"A maiden voyage into the latest glory hole from Metasonix."

via Metasonix

"The RK8 contains six bandpass filters, which use vacuum tubes. They are simple 'twin T' designs. Each filter is about one octave lower in range than the one to the left—treble on the left, bass on the right.

Each filter may be manually swept with its own separate tuning knob, over approximately one and one-half octaves. Or ALL the filters may be swept together, using either the 'MANUAL TUNE' knob, or the CV input, which overrides the knob when a patch cable is inserted. Although it is capable of some conventional swept-filter effects, the RK8 is more useful as a complex equalization system or for unique special effects.

Resonance is separately adjustable for each filter. Usually the treble filters will resonate strongly and oscillate under some settings. The bass filters might not. It’s a strange monster.

Inputs and outputs are compatible with all Eurorack and other modular synthesizer equipment. The output peak voltage is limited to the supply rails and can’t damage other modules.

Don’t assume you know what you are getting here—the RK8 is unlike anything else ever marketed. Also don’t expect it to track VCOs. Its voltage-to-frequency curve is 'more or less' hertz-per-volt but can’t really be guaranteed. The six vactrols in each RK8 were hand-matched, but can’t be expected to remain matched, or to track together perfectly.

Again, everything about the RK8 is abnormal. It is not perfectly 'clean' and perfectly 'distortionless', and it cannot be made so. Because it uses vacuum tubes.

It is something you have NEVER seen before. It can NOT be compared to any other product, ever made, PERIOD. Do not walk into this with 'preconceptions'.

Specs: 32HP width Eurorack module, with circuits protruding about 1.5″ or 38mm behind panel. The RK8 uses six 5702 subminiature pentodes, all Raytheon US military surplus from the 1980s. Power supply required is about 600 mA after warmup and 1.4 amps when started cold from +12v, and 10 mA from -12v. Low-cost power supplies are NOT recommended. A spare tube is included, although soldering equipment is needed to replace any of the tubes. They are run very conservatively and will last many, many years."

Metasonix RK8 Filterwall Demonstration 1 SD 480p

video upload by Endmusik Records

"Metasonix RK8 Filterwall prototype demo - video 1.

Modules used: Hexinverter Mutant BD9, Mutant Snare, WMD Crater and Kraken, Moog DFAM, and some live percussion samples from the 1010 music Bitbox.

This is an un-edited 13 minute session of experimentation with direct audio recording to showcase the tonality of the prototype as it processes these sounds. When audio stops and comes back in that is me bringing up a separate mixer channel of the raw audio unfiltered as a comparison, which is then muted out and the RK8 direct channel is brought back in."

Metasonix RK8

video upload by The Mephitif

"Some examples of the Metasonix RK8 Filterwall. First clip is of the Industrial Music Electronics Hertz Donut MK3 running through the Filterwall. Second clip is the Filterwall acting as a sine bank. Third clip is some bad drumbeat being processed through the Filterwall."

Sunday, July 23, 2023

7/23/23 SSL 1660 (The Matrix) + Metasonix TM-1 (riding the pulsar stability) + SSL 1310

video upload by Cfpp0

"Some sludge"

Thursday, July 20, 2023

7/19/23 SSL 1660 (The Matrix) & 1310 (Digital Delay) + Zerosum Inertia + EML 200 spring reverb

video upload by Cfpp0

"Testing out The Matrix and this recording resulted. The feedbacking of the 1310 is worth archiving here. At the end I pull the audio cable from the 1660 and it’s CV continues to squeak the Destructor Beam while the 1310 feedbacks.

The Matrix is based on the Triadex Muse. Have to learn it, but this will be a cold dead hands module."

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