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Monday, October 23, 2023

Blue Lantern SHIM MODULE

video upload by flavio mireles

"Fully voiced metallic high hats generator. There is are 2 XOR circuits in here. 1 can be frequency manipulated with knobs, and the other if fixed. Selected by toggle switch. There is also a 12db analog high pass filter, with OTA VCA and another Tone control at the end of the signal patch. 2 possible decaying triggers are possible. One is open hh, and the other is a shorter close hh."

Blue Lantern Vintage 808 Kick Drum Asteroid BD MK1

video upload by flavio mireles

"Demo of the original blue lantern Vintage Asteroid Bass Drum. This version uses through hole transistors and does not have the accent feature."

Monday, October 16, 2023

Asteroid Snare Drum Mk2

video upload by flavio mireles

"TR-606 Inspired Snare Drum Synthesizer Module. Asteroid Snare Drum. Blue Lantern Modules."

P.S. Bluelantern is having a blowout sale on their Parallax Multimode Dual Filter Blades here.

Friday, September 22, 2023

New Soundray Reverb Listings


via Soundray Reverb

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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

New Gimme Some Snare Drum Module from BLM

video upload by flavio mireles

Modules used in the demo:
BLM Scope
Acid n SOns VCF
Braids Blue Lantern Version
Arturia Beat Step Pro for Sequences
LML VCO for modulation

MODEL: BLM GS-SNARE, Gimme Some Snare

WIDTH: 16hp

CURRENT: +107mA,-97mA

Price $245.00

What does this do?
This is a mini analog synthesizer that produces snare drum sounds. Inspiration was taken from the 5U Cor Synth DR02 module. Only the flow chart was studied and used to create this BLM product. VCV Rack was also used to simulate and test the building blocks.

Most of the circuits contained in this product are from other blue lantern module designs.

Some of the building blocks:

-2 1V/Octave Triangle Core VCO's
-2 Sine Wave Shapers
-4 Envelope Generator
-White Noise Generator
-High Pass Filter
-Tone Filter
-2 VCA's

The goal of this module was to recreate some of the more exotic electronic snare sounds.
Your not getting another Roland 'TR' module with the Gimme Some Snare Drum. All the building blocks contain
full analog circuitry, like OTA chips, and Op-amps. No vintage transistor based (Bridge T Oscillator) circuits are used in this product.

The best description I can give you inquiring what the kind of snare drum sounds this module can produce is something comparable to: an Electribe Korg ER-1, Simmons Snare Drum, and the Mattel Synsonics.

Friday, June 09, 2023

Blue Lantern EOS 2023 - White Semi Modular Synthesizer

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via this auction

You can find a demo here.

"Ergot Organic Synthesizer

Dimensions: 17x7x2

Power Range: -12V/+12V based, compatible with external Euro Format Modules.

This is an analog synthesizer with Stereo PT2399 based Echo FX.

To get it going a 1V/octave and Gate signal patched from you own gear is required.

An Arturia KeyStep can be used for example.

No patching is required to to complete the audio patch. All the basic connections are hardwired.

The user just has to turn knobs.

The EOS is based on the following blue lantern modules circuits/modules:

VCO-Lunar Modulation Lab

Mixer-Mono Sir Mix Alot

Noise Generator-Dwarf Star Shift Register Noise Generator, with additional white noise

Sub Harmonics Generator 4hp Module

Stereo Filter: Modified Parallax Filter, some features are based on Mutable Instruments Blades Filter.

Envelope Generators: APE Module

VCA-2164 based stereo vca's

Digital LFO's: Mini Digital VCLFO Module.


67 Knob Controls

24 Toggle Switches

50 Patch points

1 Stereo Headphone/Monitor Output

9 possible audio sources on the mixer

Stereo Analog Filter

Filter 1 has LP/BP/HP

Filter 2 has LP or Notch

The Filter has a signal path Scanner to blend between Mono, Parallel, or Series.

2 Digital Based LFO's. with wave form reset, and 2 banks of wave forms."

Monday, May 01, 2023

EOS Semi Modular Synthesizer Audio Demo

video upload by flavio mireles

"Me fooling around with some sounds from the new Ergot Organic Synthesizer."

New semi-modular synth from bluelantern available in white or black.

"EOS Synth Flow Chart. This is all the internal patching. 1V octave in and Gate/Trig in is all the external patching needed to get the show started. All the other patch points are extras."

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Acid 'N' Sons Acid Filter - By Blue Lantern Modules | Full Walkthrough and Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we take a look at the new acid filter by Blue Lantern Modules, Acid 'N' Sons.
This is a 6hp Low Pass and Band Pass Acid filter with two audio inputs (one with driving attenuator), Cutoff Frequency Mod Input with Attenuverter, 1v/Oct Tracking, Resonance CV Input, and a built in VCA.

Jump to any section of the video here:
0:00 - Opening
0:21 - Introduction
0:57 - Module Rundown
1:19 - Drive Input
2:12 - Low Pass Filter
2:40 - Band Pass Filter
2:56 - Resonance
3:13 - Acid Patch
3:38 - FM Attenuverter
4:16 - 1v/Oct Sequenced
5:54 - Filter with Different Envelope Lengths
6:51 - Resonance Input
7:38 - Some Music

Special thanks to Blue Lantern for providing the module for this video."

via Blue Lantern Modules Reverb Shop

This module has the modern 3109 filter chip. The older 3109 chip is found in the vintage Roland keyboards like SH-101.

What I did is add resonance audio drop out compensation and precision resistors for the exponential converter. The module

will easily track 5+ octaves when in full self oscillation. Band pass was also added as a bonus. The band pass steals the

show, as many have not heard an sh101 with band pass.

-24db low pass

-18db band pass

-Internal VCA for easy voice building

-FM Bi Polar CV input for the Filter

-Envelope Input for the VCA

-Dual Audio Inputs, one direct, and the other with over drive.

Sunday, February 05, 2023

CSVCO - CMOS Shift Register VCO by Blue Lantern Modules

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we'll be taking a look at the 8hp V/Oct tracking shift register noise VCO, CSVCO, by Blue Lantern. This module comes equipped with a shift register oscillator that tracks v/oct, a triangle core oscillator, harmonics generator, high pass filter, decay envelope generator, and a VCA.

Jump to any section of the video here:
Opening - 00:00
Intro - 00:32
Rundown - 01:29
Tuning - 06:02
EXT In - 07:48
V/Oct Timbres - 10:05
A Little Jam - 11:45

Special thanks to Blue Lantern for providing me with an exclusive look at this fun module!"

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Blue Lantern Stereo Sir Mix A Lot 6 Channel Stereo Eurorack Mixer

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via this auction

"This module allows you to connect 6 channels of synth level Euro Format signals (-5/+5v) from your vco's or percussion modules. You then can pan left or right like normal desktop mixers. The final mixdown outputs are also synth level (-5/+5v). There are two send and returns which are also synth level (-5/+5v). There is no CV control of any kind. This is a basic stereo audio mixer."

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

FM Sinus Lab Wavefolder & DDK Dual Decay by Blue Lantern Modules || Full Walkthrough and Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we take a look at the Wavefolder FM Sinus Lab, and the Dual Decay module DDK, by Blue Lantern Modules.

00:00 - Opening
00:14 - Introduction
01:29 - FM Sinus Lab Wavefolder
08:00 - DDK Dual Decay VCA
14:44 - Some Music"

Friday, September 09, 2022

Phase 4 Daze - Voltage Controlled Phaser by Blue Lantern Modules

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we take a look at the new phaser module from Blue Lantern Modules, Phase 4 Daze. This is a 16hp voltage controlled 6 stage phaser based on the phaser section of the 1978 Farfisa Polychrome.

00:00 - Opening
01:08 - Introduction
02:31 - What is a Phaser?
04:33 - Module Rundown
14:49 - Piano
17:59 - Drums
20:06 - Vocals
22:26 - Guitar"

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Blue Lantern Parallax Multimode Dual Filter - Mutable Instruments Blades w/ New Layout

via Blue Lantern:

"I recently made my own layout for the discontinued Mutable Instruments Blades filter. I changed the size of the op amps to soic. The other original tssop size op amps are impossible to get because of the chip shortage. I am currently the only one making blades available again."

Available on eBay, Reverb, and Etsy

"A great alternative to the discontinued mutable instruments blades module. This custom module is functionally identical to the original. You can achieve the same sound pallet and both filters are 1v per octave compatible.

Model: BLM Parallax Filter
Width: 18hp
Current: +150mA -140mA
PCB LEVEL: 2 STACK, Power Connector on Level 1, Skiff Compatible.

This module is a custom jacks on top, knobs on the bottom design of the discontinued mutable instruments Blades dual multi-mode filter.

Original Design by Émilie Gillet

-Dual Distortion with spectral color control

-Fully analog, based on the 2164 quad VCA chip.

-Frequency knob range: 8Hz to 18kHz.

-Audio input impedance: 30k.

-DC-coupled audio inputs.

-Filter mode CV input impedance: 50k.

-Other CV inputs impedance: 100k.

-All CV inputs handle audio-rate modulations.

The project files for this product are located on the Survival page of the blue lantern modules website."

Monday, July 18, 2022

Blue Lantern Lunar Modulation Lab || LFO & Self Modulation

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we dive a bit deeper into the LFO mode of the Lunar Modulation Lab along with some self modulation patch tips.

0:00 Introduction
2:02 Stairs Modulation
3:45 Sine Output
4:29 Reset Input
5:17 Divider Output/Sync Input
5:51 Div Selector
6:33 Double Saw
7:16 Even Wave
8:24 Some Music"

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gleba Part 2 // Multi-Mode VCF/VCA by Blue Lantern Modules - Patch tips and Q Trimmer Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"It smells like it is time for #2! In this video we look at a few more patch examples with Gleba, as well as toning down the resonance to more classic filter levels with the Q Trimmer.

The patches covered in this video are an acid bass, gated drums, and chords through Gleba."

Part 1 here

Sunday, May 08, 2022

Blue Lantern Lucky 7 - 24db SH01 Low Pass VCF/VCA // Full Walkthrough and Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

Introducing Lucky 7 by Blue Lantern Modules. This is a 16hp 24db Low Pass filter based on the famous Roland SH01 filter from 1978. Along with the two input filter, this module includes a built in OTA based VCA with two CV inputs, authentic headphone feedback circuit, two subharmonics generators, built in noise, and a good handful of CV inputs.
Just patch a VCO and an Envelope and you are ready to go!

In the video we take a deep dive into each knob and CV input, listen to the filter in various settings, and even look at some feedback self-patching with excellent results.

The Video:

01:06 - Overview
03:00 - Deep Overview
04:15 - Subs
04:34 - Noise
05:03 - VCA
06:24 - Audio In 2
07:30 - Feedback
09:28 - Expo CV Input
11:13 - Rez CV Input
11:53 - FM CV Input
13:07 - Linear CV Input
14:19 - VCA Input 2
15:49 - The Filter
20:05 - Dirty Sine VCO
21:48 - Feedback Patching

via this auction

Model: BLM Lucky 7
Width 16hp
Current: +69mA -68mA
PCB Stack: 1 Level, Skiff compatible.

Module type: analog filter, sub harmonic generator, internal vca, white noise generator, (self) oscillator

What does this do?

This particular product is my take on the vintage analog filter found on the Roland SH1 Keyboard. Some key differences from the original
are low end correction on the resonance path (audio level would drop), with voltage control, and I used a modern exponential converter.

The bass frequency will retain nicely on this modern version. No more audio level drop. The 'RCV' can be used to simulate Band Pass sounding tones when used with audio rate external sources..

I also included the famous feedback patch that lucky users of the vintage keyboard would do. Users would patch from the headphone output back into the filter external input.
I duplicated the original discrete headphone circuity and internally patched it for you. All you have to do is turn it up with the 'FBK' knob. Small settings go a long way with this.
It can get strange with too much feedback, in a good way.

24db Low Pass Filter.


(2) Possible External Audio inputs.
(1) White Noise Generator, Switch Jack internally patched to AIN2 input jack.
(2) Sub Hamronic Generators taken from the SH101 circuitry. Both are accessible by level knobs.
(1) Voltage Controlled Rez, with auto low end level correction.
(1) 1V per octave 'Expo' input.
(1) Linear FM input. Best used during Filter Self Oscilation duties.
(1) Bi-polar FM Attenuinverter. Best used with an external envelope generator.
(1) Internal VCA with 2 possible CV inputs. VCA knob is a manual offset to 'open' the VCA.

What you get:
Mixer +WhiteNoiseGen +Subharmonics +VCF +VCA

All you need is a vco, and envelope generator to complete a compact analog mono voice.

If this was literally your first and only module, it is possible to make sound and noise for entertainment.

Price $225.00

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Blue Lantern Gleba VCF // Walkthrough & Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we take a look at the brand new VCF by Blue Lantern Modules, Gleba. Based on the VCF from BLM's Dwarf Star Semi Modular Synthesizer, Gleba crams a lot of fun functionality into only 10hp.

This VCF has:
- Two audio inputs, one with attenuator
- 12db Low Pass/Band Pass/High pass filter with mix & match switches
- A screaming self oscillating resonance sine wave
- Limit switch to squash those middle frequencies for a more metallic-like tone similar to the MS-20
- Two Subharmonics Generators, 1 and 2 octaves lower
- FM modulation input with attenuverter
- CV control over resonance and frequency (with 1v/oct tracking)
- A built in VCA that is bypassed when left unpatched.

Filter, crunch up, or add character to your sounds. Use it as an oscillator, a crunchy rudimentary EQ, as a nice squelchy filter, and so much more.

Special thanks to Blue Lantern for providing the the module for the video."


Gleba Part 2 // Multi-Mode VCF/VCA by Blue Lantern Modules - Patch tips and Q Trimmer Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"It smells like it is time for #2! In this video we look at a few more patch examples with Gleba, as well as toning down the resonance to more classic filter levels with the Q Trimmer.

The patches covered in this video are an acid bass, gated drums, and chords through Gleba."

Monday, April 11, 2022

Blue Lantern Syncussion Plus – Piezo Triggering

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we explore various ways to trigger the Syncussion Plus using it's uniquely sensitive Piezo input.

- Contact Microphone
- Sustain Pedal
- V Drum Kick Pedal
- V Drum Pad (This is what the Piezo input was originally designed for)
- Offset Knob"

Follow-up to this post.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Blue Lantern Lunar Modulation Lab VCO/LFO || Demo, Manual, & Patch Tips

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we dissect the mega powerful Lunar Modulation Lab VCO/LFO by Blue Lantern Modules. This is an 18hp triangle core VCO/LFO based on Buchla and Bergfotron designs, and is stable up to 10 octaves w/ 1V/Oct! The module has 11 different waveform outputs with adjustment switches that brings this module to 17 different waveform options, and that is before you start mixing them together!
We walk through all the outputs and inputs of the module along with some patch tips including self patching."

Monday, February 28, 2022

Blue Lantern Syncussion Plus - Percussion Synthesizer || Full Walkthrough, Manual, & Demo

video upload by Robots Are Red

"In this video we will boogey with Blue Lantern Module's Syncussion Plus eurorack drum module, inspired by the Pearl Syncussion Drum Synthesizer from the 1970's. While the original Syncussion has a handful of oscillator presets to switch through, the Syncussion Plus breaks open the presets with it's mixer section for more ability to customize. The Plus also has the addition of the Shimmer section which can add great metallic clanginess and shimmery effects to your sound via xor cmos modulation.

This module is great for creating all sorts of drum sounds using the various trigger and vca inputs, and creating other-worldly unique percussion sounds. The module can also be used as a sort of complex oscillator by utilizing the LFO, shimmer, noise, and 2 VCOs with the VCA cv input and 1v/oct input, or routing the output of Syncussion Plus to an external VCA.

(Tip: If the module seems to go crazy and continues to self trigger itself or triggers through the VCA CV and you don't want it to, plugging an unplugged cable into the Piezo input seems to eliminate those rogue internal triggers)

First I give a general overview of the module, followed by a full walkthrough of every single knob, switch, input, output, and button, and the video ends with some sound demos."

Patch n Tweak
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