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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Human Comparator 73-75 Home Built Serge Paperface

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via this auction

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"Wonderful Serge paperface system from The Human Comparator, or THC, built into a lovely Black Hole case. Comes with a xlr4 external power supply.

This is a powerful starter system that can cover tons of sonic territory. The only issue is the reverb leaves much to be desired. The output is low. I get around this by using the preamp as a gain stage to boost the signal, but to be honest I use external effects 95 percent of the time (this thing through the Supermassive plugin is amazing!)"

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

NVO Permutations

video upload by Todd Barton

"Before breaking down this patch I thought I'd explore a few permutations with the joysticks of the Nested Vector Oscillator by

My Patreon:"

Friday, July 07, 2023

Serge / THC 73-75 2-Panel Modular Synth

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via this auction

"Includes Low-gain power and 9FB2D1B reverb tank, and comes in an 8u flight case.

Just been checked & calibrated (last week) by Charlie / Loudest Warning so all in top condition. Has the lights mod on the envelope generators.

I can’t imagine you’ll find a better example of this synth."

Saturday, April 01, 2023

THC - The Meta

video upload by zthee

"The META is a patch programmable sequencer / synthesizer.
Here are some patches to showcase its possibilities.


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Human Comparator TTSH w/ Pink LED Sliders in Silver Monorocket Case

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via this auction

"This guy is awesome and super hot looking, the case is a custom silver (the only one) arp clone case made by monorocket, its ridiculously awesome. Here are the issues and things to note. There are 3 LEDs that aren't lit...oh by the way they are special pink LEDs...the photos don't do it justice. Playing it today I noticed osc 1 square output is low. I patched osc 1 saw into the mixer and it was normal volume. I installed the speakers but they will overdrive if you have volume sliders all the way up...if I use them I keep them 3/4 could make adjustments to the circuit to tame it if you want.
For some reason I never hooked up the reverb. There's a tank in there just needs hooked up. I also bought a super cool set of LED slider caps from THONK...they look great."

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Buchla Patch Breakdown

video upload by Todd Barton

"A big shoutout to my Patreon patrons that make these videos possible! Thank you!
A little walkthrough this Buchla 200 patch which features the Nested Vector Oscillator from The Human Comparator. I'm using its four sine waves. One sound train is going into the Digital Resonator my 1979 modular which is based on Mutable Instruments, Rings. I hope you enjoy this.
Checkout the reissues of Buchla 200 modules here:
The Nested Vector Oscillator here:
The Digital Resonator here:
And, if you feel so moved, my Patreon page here:"

Monday, June 07, 2021

THC - recursive machine

video by NOISEBUG

"We are selling 2 THC recursive machines fully built and ready to play! Follow the link for more info"

Friday, May 28, 2021

Buchla 284 with NVO

video by Todd Barton

"Playtime with the Buchla 284 Quad Envelope Generator along with the 245 Sequencer and the THC Nested Vector Oscillator.
284 built by Adam Scramstad
NVO designed and built by Jon Nensén
My Patreon:"

Monday, April 19, 2021

The Human Comparator Recursive Machine

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via this auction

You can find some demos in previous posts here.

Pic of the inside below.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Latest Todd Barton Videos

It looks like Todd Barton's channel is the latest to be hit by my YouTube subscription bug. For some reason some of my subscriptions are not notifying me. If you are a supporting member and do not see your videos going up, please feel free to send them in. Not sure what's up with YouTube. P.S. If anyone out there works for Google/YouTube, please look into this if possible.​

That said, here's the playlist for the above:

1. NVO Sequences and Discoveries
2. Buchla 245 on THC NVO
3. Buchla 246 and 248
I just got this beautiful Buchla 246 Programmable Voltage Source built by Adam Scramstad. My all time favorite sequencer. There are two short maiden voyage explorations here. 1) Buchla 246 and 248 (MARF) and the second just the 246. This second one uses the 246 to take panning on a wild ride so maybe headphones or speakers. . .
4. BuchlaBot Lives
Soundtracks made on Buchla Music Easel, Buchla 200e Electric Music Box and Buchla 200. Enjoy!
5. 296e Env Followers meet Krell
Exploring sending lots of Envelope Followers out from the 296e Spectral Processor to many different functions inside a little Krell patch.
6. Pi Day Beat
OK, I'm definitely late to the Pi Day Party but couldn't resist doing something with those numbers, intervals and rhythm. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Human Comparator - 73-75 Serge Modular Home Built System

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via NOISEBUG Reverb

"This systems has the added LED mods for the Positive / Negative Slew & all 3 Envelopes. System has lived it entire life here at the shop, in a smoke free environment. We would love to see this system go to a good home so it can be loved & played more often than we play it.


A creative system that can hold its own or complement any future investments!"

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

NVO xtreme Krell

video by Todd Barton

"More Krell fun with The Human Comparator's Buchla format Nested Vector Oscillator. Here too is his demo: [posted here]
and ordering info here:
And my Patreon:"

Thursday, February 18, 2021

73-75 Nested Vector Oscillator

NVO exploration 2 video by Todd Barton

"Just began exploring this new oscillator from The Human Comparator
Amazing having 4 oscillators and 4 Joysticks . . . Another exploration (audio only) here:

My Patreon:"

Pic via 73-75

Monday, September 21, 2020

Feedback patching with the THC Recursive Machine


"In which I demo and review the Recursive Machine by The Human Comparator. The RM is DIY analog semi-modular synth designed from the ground up to feedback into itself. This results in a unique instrument, where little changes can have huge results. I show musical examples, put it in contest with acoustic instruments and go over the functions and signal path."

You can find additional posts featuring the Recursive Machine here.

Friday, September 11, 2020

New 73-75 Buchla Format Nested Vector Oscillator


via 73-75

Friday, August 21, 2020

Recursive Machine — Live tweaking — No talking!


See this post for additional details.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Recursive Machine — New drone synth from thc


New DIY project from zthee aka The Human Comparator who brought us the TTSH.

via thc

"The Recursive Machine is a small portable noise box. Constinting of
2 x vco
2 x vca
1 x vcf
1 x distortion
1 x digital spring reverb
2 x pt2399 delay
2 x lfo
1 x mixer
1 x speaker

All packed on 2 circuits boards measuring 120 mm x 220 mm, with an 3D-printed box for extra portability."

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Syncussion SY-1

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via this auction

"This is a Syncussion SY-1, built from the zthee kit by Patch Point in Germany."

zthee is The Human Comparitor. See this post for some details on the SY-1 clone.

Friday, April 24, 2020

73 75 Serge Experiments

Published on Apr 24, 2020 Todd Barton

"I've been experimenting with the 73-75 Serge from the Human Comparator and diggin' all the different places it can go and just the good old raw power of the sound/timbre.
For more:
For my Patreon:"

Saturday, March 21, 2020

STS ∎ Serge ∎ Animal ∎ Animate ∎ TKB (DIY from The Human Comparator)

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via this auction

STS panels and a DIY TKB from Human comparator.

Panels Descriptions from the Old Egres unofficial Serge site:

ANIMAL 1. New Timbral Oscillator NTO 3" 2. Precision VCO PCO 2" 3. Wave Multipliers VCM 2" 4. Audio Mixer (3x1) AMX 1" w/'Phase Invert' toggle switch 5. Smooth/Stepped Generator/Noise SSG + NOI 2" includes the 'Noise' source 6. Dual Transient Generator DTG 2" add 'Signal In' banana jacks 7. Extended Range VC 'Q' Filter VCFQ(X) 2" 8. Univeral Audio Processor UAP 2" Sub-Total: $4,800.00

ANIMATE 1. Preamp Detector PRNV 1" w/ Valtage Comparator section 2. New Timbral Oscillator NTO 3" w/ 'HI_LO' Range Toggle Switch 3. Triple Waveshaper TWS 2" 4. Audio Mixer (3x1 w/ phase invert) AMX 1" w/ 'DC coupled' inputs #1 & 2 5. Variable Bandwidth VC Filter VCF2 2" 6. Wilson Analog Delay WAD 3" 7. Dual Universal Slope Generator DSG 3" 8. Cross-Fader (2x1) XFAD 1" Sub-Total: $4,800.00

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