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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

8knobsPortable synthesizer and midi controller. | Indiegogo

"8knobs is a portable synthesizer and midi controller. Right out of the box 8knobs creates drones and atmospheres (ambient soundscapes). 8knobs encourages learning synthesis, electronics, computer literacy and experimentation. Built on the popular Arduino platform it readily embodies the character of the user. It is an open source and hacker friendly instrument, ready to morph according to a wide range of use cases."

"8knobs can be used as a MIDI controller through usb, as a plug-n-play device; this means no installations, no additional convertors, no headaches. The 8knobs DIY kit consists of a PCB, an Arduino Atmega 32u4, header pins, potentiometers, all the necessary electronic components, mounting hardware, a laser cut wood veneer body and a case made of hand stitched jute with raw unbleached cotton.

8knobs has 1 audio out, MIDI over USB or MIDI over 3.5mm to connect to other traditional synthesisers. It can be powered via USB, DC 9-12v wall adaptor or a 9v battery.


// Electronics // Sound synthesis // Computer Coding

While building 8knobs you’ll learn everything from the basics like soldering to the fundamentals of sound synthesis, electronics and computer codes by understanding, engineering and experimenting with signal flow. Learn the art of signal flow by building your own custom synthesiser and controller for more experiments!


// Creative learning and new approaches

Getting familiar with signal flow unlocks a wide range of new opportunities to innovate and produce technical as well as creative applications in various media - both analog and digital.

Just like the flow of signals in the brain are interconnected and influence each other. For example, like neurons communicating information in both chemical and electrical forms, can result in infinite combinations of thoughts, words, and actions, similarly, playing with signal flow in hardware (electronics), software (coding) and space (acoustics) can result in infinite creative expressions.

The art of signal flow offers endless possibilities, and whether you take it up as a hobby or use it to pursue a life-changing innovation is for you to choose. Either way, it’s a great feeling to get your hands dirty in the energetic flow of signals and DIY culture!"

Also available in eurorack.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

IO-Lights – Light sensitive MIDI controller

instruments of things

"IO-Lights is a MIDI controller that controls MIDI CC or MIDI Note signals via environmental light. A high-resolution light sensor in the center of the product makes it possible. In addition, MIDI notes can also be sent to IO-Lights, which are then represented as light by the 12 LEDs on the device."

via Instruments of Things

"The instrument of lights – IO-Lights is a MIDI controller that controls MIDI CC or MIDI Note signals via environmental light. A high-resolution light sensor in the center of the product makes it possible. In addition, MIDI notes can also be sent to IO-Lights, which are then represented as light by the 12 LEDs on the device.

How to use IO-Lights?

IO-Lights is used as a common MIDI controller. Just connect it via USB to the music software of your choice and start controlling sounds with light. You want to connect IO-Lights to your hardware synthesizer? Then simply use an additional USB MIDI host (e.g. this). The internal MIDI configuration can be changed via MIDI SysEx in a web app, which we will present to you soon!

Light to MIDI:

In the center of IO-Lights is a high-resolution light sensor that measures brightness. Use your surrounding light or a light source of your choice and point it at IO-Lights to control your sound.

MIDI Modes:

MIDI Notes: Use IO-Lights to play notes via light. MIDI Control Change: Use IO-Lights to control parameters via light.

MIDI to Light:

IO-Lights can not only control MIDI signals, but also visualize MIDI notes by the 12 LEDs on the product UI. Therefore simply send MIDI notes to IO-Lights. This is where the magic happens: the resulting light also influences the MIDI signals that IO-Lights emit. This creates a generative sound-light interaction.

Random Light:

Let IO-Lights generate light randomly. This looks nice. And? – And also influences your sound parameters by the resulting change of luminosity."

Thursday, December 10, 2020

ewa justka VOICE ODDER 2

e j


- a synth based on PT2399 delay IC and 40106 2 light sensitive square wave oscillators
- two inputs: mic and oscillators, you can choose which input goes through the delay unit (PT2399)
- you can purchase either DIY kit (all parts included except for the battery) version with detailed instructions OR finished product.
- runs o 9v

“The word is now a virus. The flu virus may have once been a healthy lung cell. It is now a parasitic organism that invades and damages the central nervous system. Modern man has lost the option of silence. Try halting sub-vocal speech. Try to achieve even ten seconds of inner silence. You will encounter a resisting organism that forces you to talk. That organism is the word.” – William S. Burroughs, The Ticket That Exploded"

This one is in via brian comnes: "new version, with a panelyou can purchase.." via

You can find additional posts featuring Ewa Justka's work here.

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Gijs in s'Hertogenbosch - Circuit Board Synthesizer Book

Something special ! the book! - errorinstruments paul tas

Cool concept.

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Teenage Engineering Introduces the PO–128 Mega Man

"this is an overview video of PO–128 Mega Man

the Mega Man pocket operator™ is based on the playful PO–28 robot, a live synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, glide control and punch-in effects. this special edition comes with 3 track sequencing and 16 Mega Man inspired patterns based on the original Mega Man video game by Capcom®."

Also see the Teenage Engineering PO–133 Street Fighter overview here.

the Mega Man pocket operator™
is based on the playful PO–28, a live synthesizer and sequencer with parameter locks, glide control and punch-in effects. this special edition comes with 16 Mega Man sound tracks based on the original Mega Man video game by Capcom®

real 8-bit synthesizer engines for making live and sequenced melodies and bass lines
15 sounds + micro drum
3 track sequencer
128 pattern chaining
step multiplier

Sunday, November 08, 2020

||| Drone Box |||


"Drone Box, a collaboration with Akhila. Meditate over the echos of 808 Cymbal Drone Generator. More info here:"

"This DRONE BOX was made to create a special setup for your music sessions.

Perfect as a gift for analog synth enthusiasts.

Box includes:
1x Lumanoise 808 (desktop or eurorack)
2x boxes of aromatic incense (Dragon's blood and Sandalwood)
1x Natural soy candle
1x Tea box(as you choose) with 16 tea bags inside

Remember to choose EURORACK or DESKTOP version!
The 808 Cymbal Drone Generator use six fixed frequency square wave oscillators. The six oscillator cluster circuit came from the TR808 drum machine for creating cymbal sound and other metal plate sound, in fact these are the harmonic frequencies of the sounds of metal plate. Each of the six oscillators have a volume pot. and a 12 db low pass resonant filter, the filter cut-off can be controlled by the potentiometer or the photoresistor.

Lumanoise works with voltage between 9 and 12 volt
direct current DC, 500 ma tip\central +

Demo of Lumanoise 808:
➪Visit our website to discover all Leploop synths:

▷Natural soy candle
It’s a candle with a pleasant aroma of orange, bergamot and Ylang-ylang. Composed by Ylang-ylang essential oil that has a calming, relaxing and stimulating effect on the senses, Orange essential oil that refreshes and energizes, Bergamot essential oil that has a relaxing effect, reduces stress, relieves tension and helps fight persistent headaches and Pine essential oil that has a calming effect; facilitates breathing and relaxes. Burning time: Approx. 30 h. Vegan candle.

▷Choose your favorite tea:
➝ Chocolate Pu-erh Organic Tea
A velvety soft infusion of powerful Pu-erh tea with cocoa, vanilla beans, cinnamon and nutmeg. Rich in antioxidants. Ingredients: cocoa powder* (45%), Verified Fair Labor black Pu-erh tea (30%), rooibos*, honeybush*, cinnamon*(4%), orange peels*, nutmeg*. * produced organically

➝ Jasmine Green Organic Tea
A light and delectate fragrant green tea infused with real Jasmine flowers. Ingredients: Fairtrade certified organic green tea (100%), scented with organic jasmine flowers.

➝ Herb and Spice Infusion Sweet Matcha
Ingredients: green tea (45%), nettle, ginger, spearmint, lemon grass, fennel, cinnamon, Matcha green tea (2%), basil, lemon myrtle, turmeric root, cardamom, cloves, black pepper (all ingredients are organic)"

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Sinusoidal Numeric Incremental Device - SNIDxs - Test Patches

Variable Oscillations

"The Sinusoidal Numeric Incremental Device in a concentrated form. Testing out oscillator sync and amplitude modulation from the clock divider pulse outputs" followed by "Modulating amplitudes with the revolutionary technology of resistive finger patch cables."

See the Variable Oscillations label for more.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New Teenage Engineering PO-133 Street Fighter Pocket Operator

teenage engineering

via Teenage Engineering

"the Street Fighter pocket operator™
is based on the ultra popular PO–33, a micro sampler with 40 seconds sample memory and built-in microphone for instant sampling.
this special edition comes with
16 Street Fighter sound tracks and genuine samples from the original Street Fighter arcade game by Capcom®

microphone for sampling
8 melodic sample slots
8 drum slots
40 second sample memory
15 punch-in effects
step multiplier"

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Meng Qi Wing Pinger & Wingie

Meng Qi

"All sounds are picked by the microphone.
Thanks for IK Multimedia and their speaker."

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

autophage demo

Will M

Not to be mixed with Rare Beasts Autophage. Will M is the man behind Molasses Industries.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Gieskes HSS2020 Pocket Operator Compatible Synthesizer - what can it do?


00:00 intro
01:00 connections
01:09 trigger/clicktrack out
02:03 knobs & buttons
03:10 manual on the back
03:25 recording the synthesiser
05:50 banks
06:38 bank length
07:40 bank sequencing
08:33 erasing
09:20 internal effect
11:00 reset sequencer to 0
11:30 set speed
11:50 external sync input
14:16 external effects

Monday, September 21, 2020

Molasses Industries Slimebox Mk5 2020 Green

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2020 Slimebox Kit Will M

via this auction

"The Slimebox is a stand-alone two oscillator power-starved synth board based on the CD40106. Both oscillators may be capacitively cross patched by touching the conductive touch-pads on the front of the device, which are fully exposed on the face of the module. Each board comes preassembled with 3.5mm audio out and DC barrel jack in (9v, center negative).

The result is a chaotic, fun, and useful addition to any arsenal of noise makers capable of thick drones, glitchy cacophony and many stages between.

This model also is outfitted with an audio input that allows you to mangle and distort incoming audio through the provided 3.5mm jack.

Disclaimer: touching electrical appliances connected via any means to mains power ('The Wall') is extremely dangerous and you should do so only at your own risk. In order to absolutely ensure your own safety while using the Slimebox, please use only with Battery snap to Pedal Power Barrel Jack Connector."

Friday, September 11, 2020

gieskes Zonnepaneel 4


Sounds like a bird chirping with spring reverb. Curious if the marble does anything or if it's just going for a ride.

via gieskes

"Experiments in with solar panels, they are made to work best not in direct sunlight."

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ouroboros Phase Voice • Digital Phase Modulation Synthesizer

Ouroboros Electronics

"Ouroboros Phase Voice is a compact and tactile standalone digital synthesizer for sonic expression and exploration. It utilizes phase modulation synthesis, one of the strong suits of digital synthesis, for complex and lively sonics inspired by the Buchla 200e. The Phase Voice consists of a primary and modulation oscillator combo, an LFO for phase-width modulation, a pair of simple function generators for pitch modulation, and a variable rate pulser for triggering the voice’s envelope generator to create percussive sequences or to hold it open for sustained tones. Timbre-rich drones, hypnotic percussive and melodic patterns, and Buchla bongos are all possible. Six knobs control synthesis parameters and a seventh knob controls the master output volume. It has a mono 1/4” output jack and is powered by a 9v center negative DC adapter (not included). There is only one of these right now, but I plan to create more instruments based around this code in the future. This first iteration of the Phase Voice is now available for $225 + $20 insured shipping within the US. To order - DM or email"

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Ana-Log Solar Synth - Fx/Synth/Drone/Glitch/Noise by Psychiceyeclix

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via this auction

"Created by Psychiceyeclix - Ana-Log Solar Synth, make glitchy beepy noise & rythms in the sun shine!

Use in natural sunlight or unnatural light bulb!!

The brighter the sun the louder the sound!!

Make sounds from bass to high pitch, 8 bit, middle east bit, bleep bloop, glitch

Has 2 random sound glitch switches to liven up the sound,

2 LED indicators show the random sound maneuvers!
Cover part of the panel affect the sound!

Has cv input for control via external sequencer/device

Plug in with 1/4" jack.

Features -

Freq control 1
Freq control 2
glitch switch 1
glitch switch 2
Solar panel
CV input
Jack out"

Wednesday, September 02, 2020


"This is a synth drum with a built-in self-oscillating VCF.

It is equipped with a wideband oscillator and has a strong SWEEP effect.

You can create various tones by tapping on the body or with an external trigger (sequencer or piezo).

The oscillator has a thicker sound from highs to lows, and the waveform can be selected as TRIANGLE or SAWTOOTH.

SWEEP is set to be applied very strongly, so adjust it in conjunction with CUT OFF COARSE.

SUSUTAIN Setting of the decay time from the onset of sound

SENSITIVITY TRIGGER (When the plug is inserted into the trigger, the internal trigger of the unit is turned off) is to adjust the input sensitivity of the SENSITIVITY TRIGGER.

LFO.F controls the amount of LFO applied to the filter and LFO.

LFO.O controls the amount of LFO applied to the oscillator.

FINE is a finer pitch control for the oscillator than COARSE.

The RESONANCE oscillates at maximum and the pitch can be changed with the CUT OFF knob.

It can be powered by either a center minus 9V DC or 9V battery.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Fuzz Ghost Audio Visual Synthesizer


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Error Instruments Strange Eye Blind Noise Brickie, Eurorack Module, & Plussh

paul tas

"It’s a analog experimental audio touch interface

.You can use it as audio voice .or control voltage. Controller.

There are six oscillators.

Cross Modulation.

And controlling of the pitch.

Every knob Has CV input.

You can control The big round plates with your hand .

But there’s also a small metal spoon.

To play. The round plate has more than 2x 12 touch points

. To make different algorithms It will be used for Experimental Soundscape Purpose

18 HP"

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

RC CIRCUIT BENT 'The Chantizer' Tibetan Drone Mantra Machine Buddha Glitch Synth

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via this auction

"A tibetan chant sound generator capable of demonic speech, haunting sacred chants, deviant drone sequencers and full on industrial noise.

power on/off switch
'on' led indicator
output envelope lamp - provides a visual of the mutating output signal
chant rate control - from tranquil chants to demonic possession
chant length control - sets the end point of the loop
chant start control - sets the starting point of the loop
1/4" jack output
powered by 9v DC input, negative centre polarity, 100-800mA.
(not included)

Case Dimensions: 10x10x4cm (excluding height of controls)

Custom circuit and design by ResonanceCircuits"

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Electro-Faustus Drone King


"Drone King Demo"

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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