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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Studiologic at SUPERBOOTH 2021 - Day 1 - Numa X Piano and Numa X Piano GT

video upload by Studiologic


Disruptive ease, incredibly powerful
Numa X Piano represents a real revolution for digital piano players.
Like never before unlimited hi-end features, sounds and SFX have been designed and organized to be controlled in such an easy, intuitive and effective way to offer the best feeling in performance, under every aspect and in every context.
In other words, Numa X Piano is the perfect merger between a top-quality musical instrument based on a new Sound Generation architecture, with a four Zone MIDI Controller derived from the renowned SL Line, with the addition of a 4 Tracks Digital Mixer. A powerful combination for Studio and Live gigs, with a brand new disruptive UX Experience.

UXlogic: a revolutionary (and stylish) UX Experience
UX logic is the name of our innovative adaptive color user interface.
The color display and the color-coded Encoders are always synchronized with the selected Zone, allowing to have a clear and easy access to all functions with a direct approach and might allow to navigate all real time settings in an intuitive way.
An uncrowded control panel, which contributes to the elegant design of Numa X Piano, is the
pleasant “side effect” of such an effective and rational interface.

Powerful Acoustic and Electric physical modeling, plus HD Sound FX
The Sounds engines are based on a powerful mix of Sampling, Wave Shaping and a real Physical Modeling.
Besides the 8 Insert FX, 2 for each Zone and the Master Delay and Reverb (with FDN Technology) sections, the Acoustic Piano Sounds have dedicated DSP Effects to simulate Strings and Duplex Resonances, plus Release, Key Off and Damper noise sounds. Specific ZOOM settings are available, allowing to obtain an endless variety of sounds just making different settings of some editing parameters, which can be stored in each Program.

Let your fingers go with the FATAR touch
Numa X Piano models are equipped with the most up-to-date evolutions of Fatar hammer action keyboards: the TP/400 Wood with 3 contacts and Escapement, plus Aftertouch control, or the new TP/110 with 3 contacts and Aftertouch.

Designed to be versatile... and to meet the needs of every musician!

NUMA Manager and Sounds database expansion
A big section of the internal memory is left free for additional Sounds, to be published on our website. All Factory and new User Sounds can be moved to other positions in the list, thanks to the Numa Manager desktop app, that will also allow to update the Firmware and organize the Programs in a fast and easy way.

Audio over USB
Thanks to the USB-Audio feature, you can exchange sounds in digital format with your computer or tablet and even use the instrument as an Audio Board, with a local direct Control on the Audio Levels.

Built-in Digital Mixer
Numa X Piano also includes 4 Audio Inputs and a 4 tracks Digital Mixer with Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble controls, allowing to use this unique feature as a built in Mixer for external sources, such as microphones, bass, guitars or other keyboards.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Meet the Oskitone 3D Printed POLY555 Synth

Quick demo of the POLY555 from oskitone on Vimeo.

You might remember Oskitone from their 3D Printed OKAY mini synth in previous posts here.

"The POLY555 is a polyphonic, analog, square wave synth based on the 555 timer chip.

20 keys control 20 555 timers under a plexiglass window
Custom PCB and 3D-printed hardware, all designed by yours truly
Satisfying "clicky" tactile switches
Built-in amplifier and speaker
Soldered, assembled, tuned, and ready to go!
Also available as a DIY Kit.

Version: A

External controls: 20 keys, volume wheel, on/off switch
Internal controls: 20 trim potentiometers for tuning notes
Dimensions: 7.6"x 6.25" x 1.5"
IC Chips: LM555, LM386
Input/output: none"

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Gleix Video Synth // The I.F.D., A semi-modular audiovisual synthesizer // Promo, full overview

George Gleixner

"The I.F.D., or Industrial Feedback Device, is an audiovisual synthesizer based around a no-input video feedback loop, video RAM and buffer manipulations, simple oscillator functionality, audio reactivity, CV implementation to allow easy integration into an existing modular ecosystem (esp. eurorack), and a visual method for building unique waveforms and sounds.

The I/O includes two composite video outputs, a VGA output, an external audio input (1/8” and 1/4”), and a standard 2.1mm barrel jack for a 5v power supply.

0:00 // Promo
01:00 // Introduction
02:22 // Rear i/o, powering up
03:16 // Basic controls (color mixing, image shifting)
04:35 // LFO, oscillator usage
06:48 // CV implementation
10:32 // Patchbay (basic usage)
13:02 // Patchbay quick notes and other footage
13:29 // Audio output, generating unique sounds
18:08 // Additional basic controls
18:30 // Audio input, amplifier
20:35 // Audio input explained further, tips n' tricks
22:16 // Simple one-patch audio reactive glitches
23:29 // Wrap-up, additional tips
26:17 // hoarse

Device page:"

Monday, November 30, 2020

Anyma Phi - Physical Modeling Synthesizer by Aodyo

Details via the Kickstarter campaign:

"An affordable hybrid monophonic synthesizer that allows you to create new sound universes inspired from the real world, where objects collide, vibrate, and resonate

Anyma Phi blends the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modeling technology, allowing it to simulate acoustic sound sources, such as strings or reeds, as well as resonating structures, like wood, glass, or metal. Anyma Phi is compact enough to stand on your keyboard, or anywhere on your desk, and is compatible with any MIDI controller, such as keyboards, sequencers, or even wind controllers, including our own Sylphyo! [see posts here]

Whether you play live or record in the studio, design sounds or play presets, Anyma Phi will become an indispensable tool. It can even be used as a stand-alone effects processor, or as part of a guitar effects pedal setup.

The heart of the Anyma Phi is the matrix, which provides a quick and easy way to explore your sounds by following a physical metaphor, with four macros for each of the five stages of sound generation.

With its matrix, Anyma Phi offers a straightforward way to tweak, explore, and create sound universes. It also provides easy ways to make your sound react to your MIDI controllers with mapping shortcuts. But don't be fooled by the simplicity!

If you want to dive deeper, you can take control of the powerful semi-modular synth engine beyond the matrix, with oscillators covering a wide range of synthesis techniques, effects, and modulators.

By connecting those together, you can create any kind of sound, and control it any way you want.


Hybrid monophonic synthesizer

Stereo audio output:
- Two 1/4” mono line jack outputs
- One 1/4” stereo headphone jack output

Stereo audio input:
one 1/4” stereo input

MIDI inputs and outputs via USB and DIN ports

Powerful digital semi-modular synthesizer engine

- Memory: 63 patches

- 3 oscillator slots

- 5 effect slots + 1 mono reverb

- 2 audio buses for mixing and effect assignation

- 8 modulator slots, including DAHDSR envelope generators, LFOs, curves, interpolators, slew limiters, etc.

- 24 mapping slots, each allowing to control any synth parameter (including another mapping) using a modulator or a controller input, with a sidechain input.

*Technical specifications subject to change in order to improve reliability, function, or design."

Monday, November 16, 2020

Audiothingies Introduces the MicroMonsta 2


"The Audiothingies MicroMonsta 2 is a dual polyphonic synthesizer"

MicroMonsta 2 is a dual polyphonic synthesizer featuring :

2 x 6 voices of polyphony
3 oscillators, 1 multimode filter, 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs, 10 modulation slots and 2 operators per voice (lag and mult)
12 « analog » oscillator types + 4 FM-able oscillators for OSC1
12 « analog » oscillator types + 8 multisampled wavetables for OSC2 and OSC3 (FM source)
8 filter types with FM
Per voice and per oscillator detuning options for analog character
Deep modulation matrix
Delay + reverb (per program)
MicroMonsta (R)evolution

MicroMonsta 2 is a brand new synth design based on our critically acclaimed MicroMonsta synthesizer.

Despite the fact they share the same name, they are different in every way: brand new hardware with much more powerful dsp, upgraded switches and encoders, new low profile sexy aluminum enclosure, different internal architecture and updated algorithms. Everything has been re-done from scratch. It is also USB powered and the output can drive a pair of headphones.

In the end, we believe it’s better in every way, it looks better, it sounds better, has more sound shaping possibilities and is easier to use.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Korg Introduces the opsix "Altered FM" Synthesizer

Own FM with Korg’s opsix Altered FM Synthesizer

Update: Kraft Musik video added to the playlist below.

The KORG opsix is here. It appears KORG went with the smaller Wavestate-like body. You might remember the full size keyboard teasers from previous posts. That said, details:

"The legendary sound of FM synthesis had graced hundreds of albums, from its introduction in the 80’s to today. Korg’s opsix puts the power of expanded six-operator FM synthesis in your hands, with instant on-panel controls that help you create custom FM sounds with unparalleled ease.

'Altered FM' takes you light years beyond classic FM with 32 voices of polyphony, five modulation types, a user algorithm mode, multiple filter models 1 “logue”-style 16-step note and motion sequencing, effects for days, a 12-point modulation matrix, and much more."

User videos:

Use the player controls at the bottom left of the player once started to skip around. Some are long.
See the dealer links in the playlist below and the banners on the right for availability.

1. KORG opsix Altered FM Synthesizer - First Look! with Tom Butcher of Patchwerks Seattle - video by Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT)
2. KORG OPSIX - All Playing, No Talking - Kraft Music
3. Korg opsix Sound Demo (no talking) - Bonedo Synthesizers
4. Korg OPSIX Review, tutorial and 10 patch tips // All 250 Presets played - loopop
5. Korg OPsix FM synthesizer // Hands-on Easy to Use FM Synth! - BoBeats
6. Korg Opsix Sound Design - Kinda Tutorial - True Cuckoo

"Rethink everything you know about FM synthesis.

The opsix represents a new and expansive reimagination of classic digital synthesis. Much like Korg did when bringing wave sequencing back in a more powerful, more musical, and more immediately accessible way with wavestate, so was the approach to FM sound generation of the opsix, resulting in another incredibly flexible and unique synth.

Sunday, November 08, 2020

KORG Introduces the NAUTILUS Streamlined Music Workstation Synthesizer

Korg's NAUTILUS - Dazzling New Sounds; Streamlined Workflow; KRONOS Pedigree.
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 1- Introduction and Navigation
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 2 - Program Mode
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 3 - Combination Mode & Set List
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 4 - Arpeggiator, Drum Track & Step Sequencer
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 5 - Sequencer & Effects
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 6 - Audio Recording & Sampling
The NAUTILUS: Video Manual Part 7 - Global & Media

"The new NAUTILUS Workstation from KORG delivers the power and performance of KORG’s flagship Kronos in a streamlined design, with new and updated sounds, making NAUTILUS ideal for performing musicians, songwriters and producers.

NAUTILUS pushes the boundaries of what a performance synth and workstation is capable of. With the power of nine engines to drive a new approach to sounds, plentiful sampling, audio recording, effects, and processing power, there is simply no other synth that delivers more to explore sonically, with the workflow to get you there faster than ever. Korg spent years refining all our digital, analog, processing, and hardware technologies and delivering them in a way that helps the musician connect with their instrument. The result is the incredibly powerful, one-of-a-kind NAUTILUS."

Available in 61, 73, and 88 key versions as pictured below.


"Introducing #NAUTILUS - a streamlined #synthesizer that pushes the boundaries of what a performance #instrument is capable of! There's simply no other #synth that offers more to explore with the workflow to get you there faster than ever. #korgnautilus #newmusicalways"

The Engines:

"The NAUTILUS features nine dedicated sound engines to realistically reproduce sounds such as pianos, electric pianos, organs and more.

To start, the enhanced SGX-2 piano sound generator offers delicate expressiveness to capture all the nuances of the acoustic piano, and NAUTILUS features the most piano libraries ever put into one product; with 12-step velocity-switched sound, string resonance and more. The EP-1 electric piano sound generator realistically reproduces seven different famous electric piano sounds. The CX-3 engine – the heart of our sought-after CX-3 reissue -covers the distinct sound of classic tonewheel organs. Add to that MOD-7 VPM/FM synthesis, the PolysixEX and MS-20EX for analog modeling, and the STR-1 for physical modeling, and you have essentially an engine for any type of sound you’re looking to get. Used together in Program or Combination mode, these distinctive engines create completely new timbres."

The NAUTILUS features:

- New sounds offered over three broad categories
- The DYNAMICS knob makes delicate expression possible
- Make intuitive changes to sounds with the Realtime knobs
- A user interface designed for easy operation
- Convenient arpeggiator and drum track functions
- Color TouchView Display
- Set list mode that demonstrates its power in live performances
- Open Sampling System
- 16-Track MIDI Sequencer / 16-Track Audio Recorder
- 16 Onboard Effect Processors
- USB/MIDI Host Ports Accommodate MIDI Control Surfaces
- Smooth sound transitions that eliminate dropouts when changing sounds, regardless of the mode you're in
- 88-key model with piano touch, 73-key model with light touch and 61-key model available

Thursday, November 05, 2020

"Jeannie" 8 Voice DIY Teensy Synthesizer by Rolf Degen

Rolf Degen

The project is currently on

"I am currently developing a new DIY synthesizer based on a Teensy 4.0 Boards. The synthesizer will look similar to the small Shruthi Synthesizer from Mutable Instruments. Compared to the Shruthi this synth will be polyphonic, have a color TFT display and other things like a 2Channel 16Bit DA-Converter, digital and analog filters. The housing and board format is similar to the Shruthi (see picture). That's why for the DIY Project I also created the Name 'Shruthi 2' selected."

Rolf Degen is the man behind the De-Generator and TubOhm.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Finegear's The Dust Collector


New maker and new synth w/ built-in reverb & light sensors (see the side panel below).

"The Dust Collector is the first of the Arkive_Effects_ series, aiming to honor and expand upon the history of experimentation in music, shaking some of the dust that has settled on the 1970’s.

It contains 2 VC LFOs, 2 tape saturations, a spring reverb, a delay and a phaser. However, this is not your average multi-effect box, as each module has been analysed and tweaked to support your creative process.

And experiment you can: insert an effect in the delay’s feedback loop, add modulation to the phaser (as well as to pretty much every effect), poke the three springy insides hiding behind the removable cover… You can even go further inside with several moddable features directly on the PCB.

With the Dust Collector, you’ll uncover unique sounds and new uses for effects you thought you knew: gritty, springy, phased magic dust that sticks to the tape and transforms your sound into a living, kicking and breathing organism – not necessarily pretty, but alive & authentic."

Removable Spring tank cover
Remove it to scratch, hit, rub, place various objects on the springs to feed the storm (and your music)!

You can find additional details at

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Moog Re-Introduces the Werkstatt-01 & CV Expander for $199

Moog Music Inc

"In this exploration of sound design and composition using the Werkstatt-01 analog synthesizer, Asheville-based electronic music producer and Moog Product Specialist Max Ravitz combines eight Werkstatt-01 synthesizers in a dynamic performance in the Moog Sound Lab.

Each of the eight Werkstatt-01 instruments provides a different element in the song ranging from booming kick drums to metallic hi-hats, and deep basses to wavering leads—many of which are based on the sounds found in the Werkstatt-01 Exploration Patchbook, which contains a variety of inspiring patches also designed by Ravitz. All eight Werkstatt-01 synthesizers in this performance are sequenced by the Winter Modular Eloquencer, with a touch of delay and reverb provided by the OTO Machines BIM and BAM to add dimension to the mix."

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

User videos:

1. Moog Werkstatt Overview and Demo by Patchwerks Seattle, available here:
2. A $199 Moog?! Moog Werkstatt-01 Analog Synth Demo & Build - Reverb
3. TOO Much Werk?? The Moog Werkstatt-01 & CV Expander - Noir Et Blanc Vie
4. Building + Playing Moog Werkstatt-01 + CV Expander Analog Synthesizer Kit - Lightbath
5. Moog Werkstatt-01 (From Build to ACID) - Red Means Recording
6. Moog Werkstatt-01 & CV Expander reissue 2020 build and review - Molten Music Technology

via Moog Music:

"Re-Introducing Werkstatt-01

Werkstatt-01 is a patchable and compact analog synthesizer. A gateway to the expansive world of analog synthesis, the instrument is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring classic Moog sound and circuitry through the unique, hands-on experience of a DIY synthesizer project. This affordable, easy-to-assemble kit requires no prior electronics experience and is a perfect afternoon (or Christmas morning) project.

The straightforward simplicity of Werkstatt-01’s design makes it an ideal jumping-off point to discover a limitless new world of analog sound design, and the included 3.5mm CV Expander makes it a no-brainer for everyone wishing to integrate the iconic Moog sound into their music. The 9" by 6" musical machine may be small, but the raw power and spectrum of the sound it produces is immense.

From Musical Exploration to Experimental Education

First introduced at Moogfest 2014 as part of the event’s Engineering Workshop, the Werkstatt-01 analog synthesizer has been admired as an essential introductory synth, a powerful standalone instrument, and an enhancement to any integrated electronic music ecosystem. Based on classic Moog circuitry, Werkstatt-01 was created to provide a hands-on understanding of how analog synthesizers work and encourage experimentation with sound through patching and interconnectivity.

The research and design that went into Werkstatt-01’s circuits, and the demand for more semi-modular exploratory analog instruments after its initial release, ultimately led to the development of some of today’s most expressive sound design machines: Mother-32, DFAM, Grandmother, Matriarch, and Subharmonicon.

More than a musical instrument, Werkstatt-01 has also served as an interactive educational tool in STEM curricula. The compact, versatile synthesizer has been the heart of the Georgia Tech Hackathon, a weekend-long competition that takes place each February at the Atlanta university’s Center for Music Technology, for six years and counting. The 2021 Georgia Tech Hackathon will be held virtually; see details here.

The easily mod-able analog synth kit has also proven to be a perfect learning ground for DIY modifications and the science of sound. This page of our website features a series of instructional videos to walk you through how to expand your instrument through breadboarding and arduino integration.

Classic Moog Sound & Circuitry

Werkstatt-01’s 100% analog circuits deliver the classic soul and futuristic sound Moog synthesizers are known for. Featuring a full-range analog oscillator with selectable waveforms for powerful sound and the legendary Moog Ladder Filter for precision harmonic sculpting, this instrument covers a vast expanse of sonic territory. Adding movement and modulation is as simple as engaging Werkstatt-01’s analog LFO circuit to simulate the motion of gently breathing waves, or crank up the LFO speed and summon cosmic laser beams. A two-stage analog envelope generator with sustain gives you control to shape dynamics, dialing in everything from lush electronic string swells to punchy basslines and organic percussion hits—and everything in between.

The included CV Expander allows you to enter the endless realms of modular synthesis, where new connections can be made and original sounds are unlocked. Patching inputs and outputs together from the 12 jacks of the 3.5mm patch bay will reconfigure Werkstatt-01’s circuits to create new signal paths and empower new sonic explorations. The included CV Expander also makes it easy to connect Werkstatt-01 to other Moog semi-modular synthesizers, Eurorack systems, or drum machines, enhancing any configuration with powerful analog sound."

See the dealers on the right for availibility.

Modal Electronics Introduces New 8-Voice Extended Virtual-Analogue Synthesiser

And the blue synth is revealed. Meet Model Electronics new Cobalt 8. Priced at $749.99 USD, £579.99 GBP, and €649.99 Euro. See the dealers on the right for availibility.

1. Modal COBALT8 Intro Video
2. COBALT8 Overview
3. COBALT8 Preset Sound Demos

User demos:

1. Modal Cobalt 8 Sound Demo (no talking) - Limbic Bits
2. Modal Electronics Cobalt 8 Sound Demo (no talking) - Bonedo Synthesizers
3. COBALT8 review & comparison with Argon8 // Which synthesizer is right for you?! - BoBeats
4. Cobalt8 Modal Electronics - 1st Look - sonicstate

And the press release (hi-res pics below):

"Modal Electronics creatively kickstarts new synthesiser series with COBALT8

– 8-Voice Extended Virtual-Analogue Synthesiser –

Bristol, UK: leading British synthesiser manufacturer Modal Electronics is proud to announce availability of COBALT8 — an immensely powerful, eight-voice extended VA (Virtual-Analogue) synthesiser that brings traditional and entirely new analogue-style sound textures to modern music creation and production as an innovative, sophisticated synthesis concept comprising two oscillator groups with selectable algorithms in self-contained elements enabling multiple oscillator modulations, an all-new 4-pole morphable ladder filter with switchable configurations, an unparalleled modulation engine, and much more besides, extending far beyond the limits of its analogue forefathers — as of October 29…

Creatively kickstarting a new synthesiser series by building on the tradition of warm and punchy analogue-style synth sounds seeded by bygone legendary synthesisers, COBALT8 creatively unlocks the full potential of analogue waveforms with up to 64 high-resolution VA oscillators with extended drift — up to eight for each of its eight true polyphonic voices. The two independent and self-contained Osc (oscillator) groups include sine, pulse, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms alongside 34 unique algorithms allowing for complex analogue synthesis techniques, built-in cross-modulation (sync, ring modulation, and more), PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), smooth morphing between VA waves, bit crushing, and filtered noise — unlike any other VA synthesiser before it, increasing creative options for new-generation synth sounds. Speaking of which, Algorithm1 and Algorithm2 each have an associated simple-to- use pair of controls — A1 and B1, A2 and B2 — chosen to suit the particular algorithm or character, providing musicians with the power of traditionally complex oscillator modulations or processes spontaneously.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

New Norand Mono - Fully-Featured Analog Synthesizer

Norand Mono - Patch of the week #1 - Acid line
Norand Mono - PatchOfTheWeek #2
Norand Mono - Jam #1 w/ Akai Force
Norand Mono - Jam #2 w/ Eric Techno System, Squarp Pyramid ...
Norand - Mono demo - first jam - Reedale Rise


"Unique take on analog synthesis

Under the hood, Mono hosts a uniquely designed analog synthesis engine. Discover a wide palette of sounds in a minimalistic, two oscillator, one filter set-up.

Oscillator block

From soothing detuned sinewave to heavily modulated sawtooth, Mono’s sound source is versatile and full of character.

- Thru-zero analog frequency modulation
- Continuously variable waveform
- Fine-grained detune control
- Hard-Sync

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Moog Introduces a New Theremin - The Claravox Centennial

Claravox Centennial | “Clair de Lune” Performed by Grégoire Blanc & Orane Donnadieu
Moog Music Inc Moog Music Inc

"This year marks the 100th anniversary of the theremin’s invention. To celebrate the instrument that sparked a century of electronic music innovation, we present to you a new limited-edition Moog theremin: Claravox Centennial.

Set among the baroque architecture and expansive gardens of Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, French musician Grégoire Blanc channels theremin marvel Clara Rockmore in a stunning Claravox Centennial performance of Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” alongside pianist Orane Donnadieu. This tribute to the timeless classical duets of Rockmore and her sister, pianist Nadia Reisenberg, captures the beauty of the theremin’s distinct tone and personality—characteristics that will continue to captivate audiences into the next century."

Electric Storm: 100 Years of Theremin

Moog Music Inc Moog Music Inc

"Composer Dorit Chrysler and filmmaker Marie Losier bring the new Moog Claravox Centennial on a journey where no theremin has gone before: 30+ stories underground.

“It was a uniquely inspiring location,” Chrysler says of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which is home to the largest machine in the world: the Large Hadron Collider. “An international cathedral of science following no commercial purpose but pure creative experimenting on a scale so grand that I had never witnessed before. It immediately inspired the idea to set a film there…putting this location to sound and to celebrate the beginnings of electric music, a colossal moment of invention…the centennial of the theremin.”

“Electric Storm” translates the feel of metal, chaos, laboratories, and the sound of thousands of voltages used to help cool the colliders, a tiny industrial revolution within the factory, capturing conceiving the moment of an idea, finally ending in one pure note of the Claravox Centennial theremin."

"A Celebration of the Theremin's Past, Present, and Future.

Named after the original theremin virtuosa, Clara Rockmore, Claravox Centennial features the highest quality control and sound available in a theremin for deep artistic exploration. Offering both traditional 100% analog theremin operation and expanded modern performance, as well as an onboard analog delay, preset storage, and more, Claravox Centennial is an extraordinary instrument for creative expression.

Claravox Centennial is designed in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the invention of the theremin by Leon Theremin, and is only available for a limited time.

"The most versatile Moog Theremin in history.

Switchable Traditional and Modern performance modes select between classic heterodyne oscillators (for a genuine analog theremin experience) and multimode DSP oscillators (sine, triangle, saw, wavetable) with assignable scales, quantization, octave ranges, and response curves. An analog wave-shaping circuit (derived from the legendary Etherwave Pro) imbues ethereal sonic character and empowers rich sound sculpting possibilities, and the on-board analog BBD delay creates a wash of spiraling echoes and resounding warmth."

"The best feeling instrument that you’ll play without touching

An instrument designed with exceptional playability to satisfy the most skillful thereminist, Claravox Centennial invites access to multiple levels of calibration and control settings to create a custom fit between this unique instrument and each unique player. Front-panel Pitch and Volume knobs give quick and immediate control for dialing in to new playing environments, side-entry calibration ports create easy access for fine tune adjustments, and dedicated Response knobs allow for the creation of recallable custom antenna curves in Modern mode."

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Introducing the Novation AFX Station - Limited Edition Aphex Twin Collaboration

Limited edition Black Novation Bass Station II with AFX Mode for $439.99. As always see the dealers on the right for availability. Details follow:

"Introducing the Limited Edition Aphex Twin collaboration - AFX Station.

Following an exciting hunt for clues across the globe, gathered and documented by the press [on MATRIXSYNTH here and here] and public, the spotlight has been shining on Novation to reveal the mysterious Aphex Twin collaboration.

Novation is excited to finally announce AFX Station, an all-new, limited edition of their modern classic Bass Station II monosynth, designed in collaboration with electronic music legend Richard D James aka Aphex Twin.

AFX Station is a sound designer’s dream. It has the same powerful feature set that has made Bass Station II the go-to monosynth for countless music makers. In addition, it has AFX Mode pre-installed, which revolutionises the way the monosynth can be played and programmed. Perfect for sequencing and arpeggiation, with AFX Station, every key on the instrument can become a new patch, making it a powerful analogue drum module, a flexible sound design tool, or a killer bass or lead machine.

To check out the AFX Station visit our site from launch on Tuesday 20th October, 8AM PST.

Availability: Online and in-store, limited
Cost $439.99"

Thursday, October 08, 2020

R-MONO Lab Synth-Sennin S³-6R Version 6

ラズベリーパイ・シンセサイザーS³-6R Version 6(エスキューブ6R)Sound Preview

Update: One more demo:

RaspberryPi Synth S³-6R Version 6 Sneak Preview 12 by Synth-Sennin

via Synth-Sennin

High-Resolution (24bit/96kHz) 6-Voice Polyphonic Innovative RaspberryPi Synthesizer developed by The Synth-Sennin (Hermit Wizard of Synthesizer).

Version 6 Additional Functions
Bi-Wave Transmutator - Type F02, C02
Oscillator 2 waveforms “ddSaw Up“ / “ddSaw Down“
Version 5 Additional Functions
Bi-Wave Transmutator - Type F01, C01
Oscillator 2 waveforms “dsSaw Up“ / “dsSaw Down“
Version 4 Additional Functions
Oscillator 1 waveforms “BiPhase Oscillators“
Oscillator 1 waveforms “VS-Super Oscillators“
Oscillator 2 waveform “LSq-Triangle“
Filter Shape Mutator-X
Version 3 Additional Functions
Oscillator 2 waveform “LSd-Triangle”
Filter Shape Mutator
Stereo Cross Feedback Delay with Modulation
Version 2 Additional Functions
Oscillator types (including Noise)
Phase Mutator
Pre / Post Clipper

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Sequential Re-Introduces the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Synthesizers

"The new Prophet-5 is Dave Smith's return to the analog poly synth that changed the world. It embodies all three revisions of the legendary synth — Rev1, Rev2, Rev3 — and now, the Rev4. History never sounded better.

Soundtrack exclusively by Prophet-5. Yes, even the drums."

Both models will be available in October. The Prophet-5 has a US MAP of $3,499. The Prophet-10 has a US MAP of $4,299. Note there is an additional video demo by INHALT further below.

And the press release (pics below):

"Sequential Reintroduces the Prophet®-5, the Synth that Revolutionized an Industry

San Francisco, CA—Oct 1, 2020—After months of clandestine development, Sequential today announced the reintroduction of its most famous and beloved instrument: the Prophet-5. Timed to coincide with founder Dave Smith’s 70th year, the instrument revisits a landmark era in American analog synthesizer design and marks an authentic and authoritative return to roots for the legendary pioneer of electronic instruments.

“It’s not often that you get to revisit your past, retrieve some of its magic, and give it new life,” said Dave Smith. “The Prophet-5 was one of the most exciting instruments to appear in an equally exciting time for music and technology. It’s gratifying to rediscover that its sound and aesthetics are just as appealing now as they were then.”

Faithful to the original, the new Prophet-5 features five voices with two multi-waveform analog oscillators, resonant analog low-pass filters and amplifiers, and a filter and amplifier envelope per voice. Modulation is provided by a multi-waveshape LFO and Poly Mod, a ground-breaking modulation scheme for its time that allowed the filter envelope and oscillator B to be routed to a variety of destinations including filter cutoff frequency, oscillator A frequency, and oscillator A pulse width.

The new Prophet-5 features original, genuine Curtis VCOs and filters as used in the Prophet-5 Rev3, as well as the Dave Rossum-designed SSI 2140 filter, the modern counterpart of the original SSM 2040 Rossum designed in the Prophet-5 Rev1 and Rev2. “We made the new Prophet-5 the best of all Prophets by embodying all three revisions of the original. We did this by adding a Rev switch to the front panel, so you can choose your preferred filter.”

Smith continued, “We also researched what made the original P-5 sound the way it did — organic and alive — and found that a lot of that desirable character was due to fluctuations and differences in the response times and frequencies of the individual oscillators, filters, and envelopes from voice to voice. So we also added a Vintage knob that loosens all of them up like they were in the old days. You can dial in progressively more vintage character as you go from a very stable “4,” as in Prophet-5 Rev4, all the way to “1,” as in Prophet-5 Rev1, which was the most temperamental of all Prophet-5s. We’ve even included the original factory sound set for the full vintage experience.”

Other modern enhancements include velocity sensitivity and aftertouch to increase expressiveness, as well as MIDI and USB connectivity. Control voltage and gate ins/outs are also present for connecting modular synths and other gear. The new Prophet-5 is housed in a collector-worthy, premium-quality, steel and hand-oiled sustainable black walnut heartwood body, with a full, five-octave, semi-weighted Fatar keybed.

Sequential is simultaneously offering the Prophet-10, a ten-voice version of the synthesizer with the same sound engine and collector-worthy design. “I originally designed the first Prophet in both five-voice and ten-voice versions. But the five-voice model was the one that achieved mass production. We thought it would be fun and fitting to reintroduce the ten-voice as well, to make the circle complete.” Sequential Circuits’ later product, the dual-manual, bi-timbral Prophet-10, was a different instrument in both concept and execution.

Both models will be available in October. The Prophet-5 has a US MAP of $3,499. The Prophet-10 has a US MAP of $4,299."

Sequential Prophet 5 Rev4 INHALT Sound Design of Factory Patches Demo

"There are few synthesizers that spark deep emotions and reverence. The Prophet 5 is one of them. Its history is marked by both the counter and the dominant cultural works; wether listening to the independent outings of New Musik and Skinny Puppy, the art of Japan and Sakamoto, the disco of Cowely, the soundtracks of Carpenter or the pop of McCartney and Madonna, it collectively becomes clear that the Prophet 5 is the great enabler of the modern musical expression. If the Model D is the left hand the Prophet 5 is the right. And rightly so, as its genius and genuineness transitioned the 5 from "tool of novelty" firmly into the place of an exuberant enabler of the creative expression. From decade to decade, its design and purity allowed it to slot into a music production unweathered and unbiased by whatever style is in vogue. Yet, it's always fashionable and it always sits right where it's supposed to. Put simply, it's a workhorse that inspires. Whatever the revision. And now, that story, that lineage continues with the Rev 4.

It's with absolute honor, gratitude, and exhilaration that I accepted the offer to work on the factory patches for Sequential's latest chapter in the story of the Prophet 5. Sound designing alongside the superb voicing team has been a wonderful collaboration with a company I consider family and my way to give thanks for the career that the Prophet 5 has helped me build. Unlike other projects I've done in the past, part of my testing of the Rev 4 included putting it through an actual studio music production. I'm currently in the middle of producing two LP's (the artists Some Ember and Patriarchy) and the Rev 4 got used heavily on both. The main question I sought to answer: "does it handle the same as a vintage unit". What became abundantly clear: the Rev 4 isn't like a Prophet 5, isn't inspired by a Prophet 5, ins't referencing a Prophet 5; it is a Prophet 5. Through and through in every sense of the very defining characteristics of the 5. It's a Prophet 5. Period. And in many regards it's better. Why?

Rapid fire MIDI, Fatar keybed, both genuine SSM (SSI) filters and VCAs, genuine Curtis filters and oscillators, a perfectly tuned LFO and envelopes, the ability to actually save LFO amount settings, velocity, aftertouch, the same voice allocation as the original ... and zero repairs needed with no sacrifice to the soul of what makes the 5 the 5. It looks the same with minor additions that can be completely ignored if you choose. You can play it like the original and you can expect it to do exactly what the original does. Or you can take advantage of all of the modern facilities. I also made a set of patches that were the same sounds on both a vintage 5 and the Rev 4 and quickly cycling playing the same passage on the 2 instruments, for all in the room, it was impossible to tell what's what and who's who.

The amount of care, attention to detail, and workmanship that has gone into the Rev 4 is remarkable and I am honored to have been a part of the team putting it through the paces. Sequential is a special company. It's marked by integrity, friendship, care, and carries on a tradition of producing musical instruments from that platform. The Rev 4 is a Prophet 5 and ONLY Sequential can make that.

Please note, the Rev 4 in the video is a prototype unit and I recorded this with a beta firmware. As such, while the synth was largely done there are some changes both to the panel and to the OS that are in the final shipping version (obviously). The Prophet 5 was recorded straight into Pro Tools HD and no post processing or fx were added. What you're hearing is the raw Rev 4."

All the press pics:

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

New Sound Object BAC Bass Synth

*Тема из Терминатора* (Terminator Theme)Live(Живая запись)Аналоговые синтезаторы(Analog Synthesizer)


New to the site at least. This appears to be the first post to feature the BAC. See the Sound Object label for more. Previous synth to be featured was the N5 here.

"Записал в живую с одного дубля .Синтезаторы которые принимали участие ЗВУКОВОЙ ОБЪЕКТ БАС,WALDORF BLOFELD,BEHRINGER NEUTRON.его не видно но он фоном исполнял звук сирены уиу уиу :) Мелодия только от части оригинальная ,добавил много своего."


"Recorded live from one take. The synthesizers that took part SOUND OBJECT BASS, WALDORF BLOFELD, BEHRINGER NEUTRON. He is not visible but he played the siren sound in the background uyu uuu :) The melody is only partly original, he added a lot of his own."

Sunday, September 27, 2020

PikoPiko Factory's Prophet-Mini

via @PikopikoF

"This is PikoPiko Factory's first synth piece 'Prophet-mini'! The circuitry of a legendary synthesizer has been http://recreated.In addition, we reduced the size.

This Mock-ups will be displayed on the day of #MFTokyo2020 .
#synthesizer #synth #prophet #prophet5"

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Pin Electronics Introduces New MIASMA Mini Discrete Modular Analogue Suitcase Synthesizer

A new suitcase synth from Pin Electronics, makers of the EMS SYNTHI inspired Hornet and Portabella synths. Note the components listed below are modular in nature as the internal modules are electronically separated. This is a self contained mini modular synth.

Short demo below.

MIASMA by Pin Electronics
Discrete Analogue Modular Synthesiser with 10x10
Touch Pin Matrix & dig. Modules

1x OSC
2x LFO
SKB 3I-1209 CASE



Also on Instagram.

Friday, September 25, 2020

New Standalone Version of Nanoloop

nanoloop device digital : first jam - Masaki Takada

"A year and a half later, Nanoloop finally appeared! At first I was confused by the minimal interface, but once I got used to it, I could treat it like an existing cartridge version. I made an electro pattern.

enjoy! :)"

You might remember the Kickstarter back in March of 2019. Nanoloop has been a Nintendo Game Boy program up to this point. See the nanoloop label at the bottom of this post for more.

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