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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The Dirt Magnet Demo

video upload by Finegear

"Video of the Dirt Magnet demonstrating each effect separately.

The Dirt Magnet is the second of the Arkive_Effects_ series and it brings a different collection of classic sounding effects. Each module was analyzed, extended with expression and modulation features, and tweaked for creative misuse. And this time, they’re all stereo!

The Dirt Magnet contains the following modules and effects:

- 2 CV LFOs with MIDI sync,
- Noise generator with VC band-pass filter and VCA,
- VC crackle generator,
- Ring modulator,
- VC analog filter,
- Cassette tape-loop based analog tape delay.

Preorder at
Find out more at"

Finegear Modmix Demos

video uploads by Finegear

"Demo of the Modmix experimental console used as a feedback processor for a simple drum machine input, while a Dust Collector is connected to the sends.

Modmix is a CV-controlled 4-channel, 4-sends mixing console with stereo returns and send-to-channel switchable routing options for no-input mixing and feedback techniques.

Modmix contains the following features:
- 4 channels with mic/line inputs, preamp, equalizer, insert, 4sends, panning, volume, cue switch, signal and clipping LEDs,
- 4 send outputs,
- 4 stereo returns,
- phones output,
- chaining connectors,
- CV control for each channel’s 4 send amounts, panning and volume,
- routing switches for reinjecting each of the sends’ outputs into a channel and apply no-input/feedback techniques,
- phantom power,
- USB input for MIDI sync,
- 2 CV LFOs with MIDI sync,
- 2 Envelope followers,
- 2 analog vu-Meters.

Preorder at
Find out more at"

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Superbooth 2023: Finegear - Modmix - Dirt Magnet

video upload by sonicstate

"We spoke to Cristian from Finegear at Superbooth 2023, who introduced two new products, one of which is the Modmix, an experimental mixer with four channels that has simple EQ, preamp, and volume controls, four effect sends that can be rerouted back to each of the channels, and is also CV controllable. The mixer comes with two LFOs, which are digital and MIDI syncable, and two envelope followers. The four stereo returns can be used as returns or separate stereo channels. The mixer has mono inputs, mic, and line, with a combo input. Each of the channels has an insert, and there's also a phones output.

Finegear's also showed us the Dirt Magnet, a unique multi-effect box. It has a noise source with a modulatable bandpass filter, a crackle effect, a stutter effect, a genuine tape delay and a pitch shifter. It also has a stereo input and a stereo output.

Modmix and Dirt Magnet are on pre-order now and will be shipping in August.

Modmix Price: 1,300 Euros

Dirt Magnet Price: 1,200 Euros"

Friday, January 20, 2023

The Dust Collector + Omnichord 84

video upload by Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"Filmed on my iPhone, just a little bit of playful fun in the studio using the Omnichord 84 through The Dust Collector, which offers a gritty analogue edge to the already low fidelity music, by way of LFOs, tape saturation, a spring reverb, a delay and a phaser. Nothing spectacular, just a moment in the studio, nothing more, nothing less.

Apologies for the camera re-focusing but this isn't for broadcast, just documentation of a moment in time."

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Finegear - Dirtmagnet - Superbooth 2022

video upload by KlangDing

"#dustcollector #tapedealyfx #modularmixer #dubgear"

Check out the tape moving on bottom. One more video here.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Superbooth 22: Finegear - Dirt Magnet

video upload by sonicstate

"First their Dust Collector brought together a collection of analogue effects and noise shapers. Now Fine Gear continue their sonic experimentation with the Dirt Magnet, and it sets the dust flying.

Christian from Fine Gear gave us a view of the prototype Dirt Magnet which is built around a real tape delay with the preamp from the Space Echo, and modulation. On top of that, it gives us and MS-20 VCF, ring mod, crackle and noise sources, all modulatable with 2 digital syncable LFOs with symmetry and offset control, all through a stereo signal path. We also got an early glimpse of the Modmix, a 4 channel modulatable mixer with 2 LFOs and 2 envelope followers and feedback loops for extensive sound experimentation.

Dirt Magnet availability: end of summer. Price: estimated 1000 euros

Modmix availability: next year. Price: TBC"

Monday, March 28, 2022

Making a Complex Rhythm With Delay | Sound Recipes #24

video upload by

"We're using delay to make a simple rhythm more complex in this edition of #SoundRecipes. By matching the delay time and feedback amount to our kick drum, we're turning a single kick into a four-on-the-floor beat. And from there, we experiment with sending hats and snares in and out of the delay unit as well. Check out the gear used to get the full recipe and many others here."

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Finegear The Dust Collector deeper Review (Christmas Special) - Drumbrute, Matrixbrute & Korg opsix

video upload by Knobs & Switches

"Deeper Review and Christmas Special about Finegears The Dust Collector with the help of Arturia`s Drumbrute Impact, Matrixbrute and the Korg opsix"

Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Dust Collector

video upload by Richard Devine

"@finegear_evolvinginstruments Alien Modular Crunk processed by The Dust Collector 👽"

See the Finegear label below for more.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Dust Collector.. is Dusty.. // Good or bad you decide.

video by Ricky Tinez

"Pre-Ordered this ages ago and completely forgot about it until it showed up! The Dust Collector is an All Analog Fx Box, Multi-effects unit, whatever you want to call it. It has an Analog Spring reverb, phaser, delay, you get the idea. Long story short, i love it and it bugs me all at the same time. It's not necessarily a Dust Collector review, but its the closest i could get to one. Hope you enjoy, if you want to hear even crazier sounds check out Hainbach's Video on it - [posted here]

00:00 Some Initial Thoughts
01:50 The Phaser is amazing
04:55 Skillshare
06:12 Dust Collector Cons
07:24 The Delay distorts too much
09:45 The Spring Reverb sounds weird?
11:03 The Tape Makes it worth it
14:58 Weird Issues with Bleed
16:08 Spring LFO Bleed?
17:14 I think i solved the issues
19:08 Playing Spring Reverb Manual
21:00 Patching Multiple Things at Once
22:22 LFOs are great
23:43 Final Thoughts and Jam"

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Egoless pushing it to the limit (The Dust Collector Artist Demonstration 1)

video by Finegear

"Any music making machine is nothing until it meets the hands and minds of musicians. In this case, electronic music producer Egoless takes a progressive look at The Dust Collector's sonic capabilities, starting with simple sine-waves and then goes ahead to set the vibe of a full blown tune."

Saturday, December 19, 2020

ESK - Finegear Dust Collector with Drumcomputer, Bass and Synth


"Playing around demo with the Finegear Dust Collector analog effect device.
1. with an Arturia Drumbrute, analog drumcomputer
- kick 1 with tape saturation 1
- zap with tape saturation 2
- snare with delay
- the rest with phaser and spring reverb
2. with a bass guitar
Bass goes fist through a preamp and then in the Dust Collector FX.
All effects are routed serially.
3. with an analog synth, a Teisco 100P monophonic 1 VCO synth
All effects are routed serially.
All distortion you hear in the beginning ist form the tape saturation.

Direct recording with limiter on the master."

Thursday, December 17, 2020

An analog multi-effect in 2020? | Finegear Dust Collector


'In which I review the Finegear Dust Collector, an almost all-analog multi-effect that is bold and beautiful."

See the Finegear label for more.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

ESK - Jam with SEM, OP-Z and Finegear Dust Collector FX


"Jam with a Tom Oberheim SEM analog synthesizer driven by the OP-Z.
The OP-Z does the drums and some synth sounds.
The output of the OP-Z goes through the Tape Saturation of the Dust Collector FX.
The SEM gets the Phaser, Delay and Spring Reverb FX of the Finegear Dust Collector.
Direct recording with mastering."

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Finegear's The Dust Collector


New maker and new synth w/ built-in reverb & light sensors (see the side panel below).

"The Dust Collector is the first of the Arkive_Effects_ series, aiming to honor and expand upon the history of experimentation in music, shaking some of the dust that has settled on the 1970’s.

It contains 2 VC LFOs, 2 tape saturations, a spring reverb, a delay and a phaser. However, this is not your average multi-effect box, as each module has been analysed and tweaked to support your creative process.

And experiment you can: insert an effect in the delay’s feedback loop, add modulation to the phaser (as well as to pretty much every effect), poke the three springy insides hiding behind the removable cover… You can even go further inside with several moddable features directly on the PCB.

With the Dust Collector, you’ll uncover unique sounds and new uses for effects you thought you knew: gritty, springy, phased magic dust that sticks to the tape and transforms your sound into a living, kicking and breathing organism – not necessarily pretty, but alive & authentic."

Removable Spring tank cover
Remove it to scratch, hit, rub, place various objects on the springs to feed the storm (and your music)!

You can find additional details at


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