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Monday, November 30, 2020

Anyma Phi - Physical Modeling Synthesizer by Aodyo

Details via the Kickstarter campaign:

"An affordable hybrid monophonic synthesizer that allows you to create new sound universes inspired from the real world, where objects collide, vibrate, and resonate

Anyma Phi blends the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modeling technology, allowing it to simulate acoustic sound sources, such as strings or reeds, as well as resonating structures, like wood, glass, or metal. Anyma Phi is compact enough to stand on your keyboard, or anywhere on your desk, and is compatible with any MIDI controller, such as keyboards, sequencers, or even wind controllers, including our own Sylphyo! [see posts here]

Whether you play live or record in the studio, design sounds or play presets, Anyma Phi will become an indispensable tool. It can even be used as a stand-alone effects processor, or as part of a guitar effects pedal setup.

The heart of the Anyma Phi is the matrix, which provides a quick and easy way to explore your sounds by following a physical metaphor, with four macros for each of the five stages of sound generation.

With its matrix, Anyma Phi offers a straightforward way to tweak, explore, and create sound universes. It also provides easy ways to make your sound react to your MIDI controllers with mapping shortcuts. But don't be fooled by the simplicity!

If you want to dive deeper, you can take control of the powerful semi-modular synth engine beyond the matrix, with oscillators covering a wide range of synthesis techniques, effects, and modulators.

By connecting those together, you can create any kind of sound, and control it any way you want.


Hybrid monophonic synthesizer

Stereo audio output:
- Two 1/4” mono line jack outputs
- One 1/4” stereo headphone jack output

Stereo audio input:
one 1/4” stereo input

MIDI inputs and outputs via USB and DIN ports

Powerful digital semi-modular synthesizer engine

- Memory: 63 patches

- 3 oscillator slots

- 5 effect slots + 1 mono reverb

- 2 audio buses for mixing and effect assignation

- 8 modulator slots, including DAHDSR envelope generators, LFOs, curves, interpolators, slew limiters, etc.

- 24 mapping slots, each allowing to control any synth parameter (including another mapping) using a modulator or a controller input, with a sidechain input.

*Technical specifications subject to change in order to improve reliability, function, or design."


  1. It appears to be the mind of a Technics SX-WSA1 in the body of a DSI Evolver. I must consider if this is worth the 349 Euro entry fee. I would rather have a WSA1 if I can discover if the poor source waveforms can be replaced with more appropriate refined ones; that is, if the sound library is in rewriteable chips.

  2. White text on a light blue background with grey lettering behind on a light grey surface - makes it VERY difficult to read and the repeating grey lettering makes it confusing. No matter how good it may sound, the stylistic choices would make it difficult for me to see/use so I wouldnt even initially consider it.

    1. Yes, one can go overboard with those final projects for industrial design class. Less is more.

  3. Standalone adaptation of MI ellement ?...


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