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Wednesday, May 29, 2024


video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"The 4TOMS is a quad tom generator, ok.... Boring module ???
No ! A lot of parameters can be controlled by CV (yes !).

In this video, we will see how to add more CV inputs, with the AttV-4 or the Mult. modules.
And so, adding maximum expressiveness to the Tom.


Monday, May 27, 2024

SuperBooth 2024 - Larix Elektro

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"I reinstalled the setup of my booth in the studio, and invited Sedwig to test the system.
the video is a short moment from a long improvisation 'from scratch', which implements all the LE modules.
Here, all the sequences and sounds come from the LE modules:
With the introduction for the 1st time of the Dual Undula Oscillator which should be released after the summer.
- Ritournelle CV Generator and the Shift-R option
- Ritournelle TRIG Generator
- Ritournelle Time-Shifter
- Controle Attenuverter bank
- Audio 4TOMS
- Audio Dual Undula Oscillator

More info here:

Sedwig is a techno-oriented(?) project, which should release new things in the coming months.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

4toms - Larix Elektro : 4 Toms pour tous.

video upload by Audiorial

"Aujourd'hui, on découvre Atoms ou 4toms du français Larix Elektro, un générateur de percussion à 4 voies au format Eurorack.

Larix Elektro Atoms :"

Monday, May 06, 2024

LARIX-ELEKTRO Introduce 4TOMS Four Voice Eurorack Drum Module

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO


video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"New module from Larix-Elektro, out now:

It's a four voice of drum with a lot of CV controle, and a complete stereo mixer. With a lot of possibilites.
The sound can be gentle, or very dirty.

The perfect module to build drum, tom, clave, bell or even strange FX."


"I'm pleased to introduce you to a new module in the new AUDIO series, the 4TOMS.

The 4TOMS is a set of four fully analog percussive voices with a lot of CV control, and with a full stereo mixer. It can generate a lot of various drums, and even kick drums or rimshot.

But the module can go further:
- Bell like, or FX sounds with the CV controle.
- Gentle drums, or very dirty saturated sounds.

The launching price will be 340€.

The module was firstly presented at SynthFest Nantes, and will be presented at SuperBooth too with some other new modules."

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Beta testing a new module from LARIX-ELEKTRO

video upload by ALEQ Modular

"This is a new module from Larix-Elektro.
I'm testing the prototype.... For a Noise/Drone/Ambient/Indus like impro.

It's a dual oscillator based on sinus and wave folder.
With a strange mixer output that allows Mide-Side processing, or dual ring-mod kind of effect. ... and some more feature.

I'm using the module only: no others effects added, even during editing on the computer (no "mastering")

More at:

Monday, April 08, 2024

NEW Modules from Larix-Elektro Soon.

video upload by LARIX ELEK

"Two new modules will be presented soon.

See you at :
SynthFest France


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Buchla/TipTop Audio with Larix-Elektro modules.

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"A new video demonstrating how to use RITOURNELLE modules with other modules.
Here with the Sequencial Voltage Source 245t and the Source of Uncertainity 266t from Buchla/TipTop Audio.

How to combine the 245t and the ritournelles, both are made for sequencing.
How to use the 266t to add randomness, in various way.

Of course, Buchla/TipTop Audio modules are used for the audio part:
The 258t with the 292t.

More infoa about LE modules here:"

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Noise music - Full control

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"How to use the CONTROLE Attenuverter Bank to rule them all.

A bit of noise music improvisation.
With 3 oscillators, one VCF and an envelope. All controlled by the Attenuverter Bank.
Or how to build and play with a small eurorack setup.

Attenuverter Bank:

Other modules used:
ROSSUM Trident (VCO)
TIPTOP AUDIO Model 281t (function generator)

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Modular - complexe sequence

video upload by ALEQ Modular

"One way to build complexe sequences with modular:
- Multiple sequencers (here some Ritournelle CV Generator from LE)
- A Matrix mixer (the Attenuverter bank from LE too)
- Of course, some synth voices, here with the RYK Vector Wave.
- And to glue all together, a delay. The 4MS Dual Looping Delay

The goal is to route the sequences to the synth voices.
With the matrix, we can mix these sequences in real time. Inverting, adjusting the range etc.
And if all sequences have different clock division and number of steps, the result can be very complexe.
To stay in harmony, a quantizer is inserted between the matrix and the synth voices. here a Klavis CalTrans."

Processing sequences - using the Attenuverter Bank

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"How to use the CONTROLE Attenuverter Bank to route multiple sequences into multiple synth voices.

Here, the module is used as a Matrix, with 4 sequences from RITOURNELLE CV Generator, into the 4 voices of a RYK Vector Synth."

Tuesday, January 30, 2024


video upload by SOUNDMIT

"Anche @larix.elektro è per noi un nuovo espositore, lo avevamo conosciuto all'ultima edizione del @SynthFestFrance dove di solito i synth che ricevono la maggior attenzione sono quelli a tastiera e i vintage ma dove, come al @SOUNDMIT si fa sempre più presente la presenza di produttori 'local' di synth modulari.

LARIX ELEKTRO su Soundmit:

"@larix.elektro is also a new exhibitor for us, we met them at the last edition of @SynthFestFrance where usually the keyboards and vintage synths receive the most attention, but where, as at @SOUNDMIT, the presence of 'local' modular synth manufacturers is increasingly noticeable.

@larix.elektro est également un nouvel exposant pour nous, nous les avions rencontrés lors de la dernière édition du @SynthFestFrance où les claviers et synthés vintage reçoivent généralement le plus d'attention, mais où, comme au @SOUNDMIT, la présence de fabricants de synthés modulaires 'locaux' se fait de plus en plus remarquer.

@larix.elektro también es un nuevo expositor para nosotros, los conocimos en la última edición de @SynthFestFrance donde normalmente los teclados y los sintetizadores vintage reciben la mayor atención, pero donde, como en @SOUNDMIT, la presencia de fabricantes 'locales' de sintetizadores modulares es cada vez más notable.

Si ringraziano per il video @pvmlab6423 - Max Esposito e Gabriele Guarnieri"

Monday, January 22, 2024

MS Processing in Eurorack - using the Attenuverter Bank

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"MS Processing is a way to manage the stereo image or to make some special FX, often used for mixing and mastering. The idea is to convert a stero signal (Left-Right) into 2 signals: Mid and Side. In that way, we can process differently the center and the side of the stereo. And after that, going back to a Left-Right signal.

This is something the new CONTROLE Attenuverter Bank can do very easly.
This is also an example of a complexe patch that the Attenuverter Bank can do.

Attenuverter Bank:

Other modules used:
DREADBOX Eudemonia
BEFACO Crush Delay"

Monday, January 08, 2024

LARIX-ELEKTRO Controle Attenuverter Bank

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"Here is the overview of the new LARIX-ELEKTRO module:
CONTROLE Attenuverter Bank contains four by four attenuverters.
But it can be used as 4 mixers, or 4 dispatcher, or a 4x4 matrix, ..or a mix of all these possibilities.

A center piece for managing CV and audio!"

LARIX-ELEKTRO Attenuverter Bank, DEMO

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"It can be a good center piece for managing CV and audio. That's what this video shows with 3 examples by ALEQ."

Thursday, December 14, 2023

December sketch - Technical details

video upload by ALEQ Modular

"In the last video, I used intensely the Ritournelle CV and TRIG Generator from LARIX-ELEKTRO.

Here some explanation of how I'm using them.
I'm also using the new (soon available) Attenuverter Bank: 4 by 4 attenuverter, freely configurable as mixer / dispatcher / matrix. Tha I use here to mix and dispatch the various CV from all the CV Generator modules.
This is a very simple use, that can be a good strating point to more complexe (and so rich in variation) sequences."

Tuesday, December 05, 2023


video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

Some new modules will be available soon:
- CONTROLE Attenuverter Bank
- RITOURNELLE Time Shifter

Monday, October 30, 2023

Ritournelles CV & TRIG, with Make Noise 0-Coast & 0-Ctrl

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"How to use the Ritournelle CV and TRIG with semi-modular engine.
First example with the Make Noise 0-Coast and the 0-Ctrl.

- Adding more depth to the sequence
- The 0-Ctrl as a preste bank for the Ritournelle modules."

Monday, October 09, 2023

September sketch

video upload by ALEQ Modular

"The third sketch.

The objective of this video, in addition to the image and music, was to test the Ritournelle modulesThe objective of this video, in addition to the image and music, was to test the Ritournelle CV and TRIG modules from Larix Elektro.


Ritournelles CV & TRI, use case #1 : Simple sequences

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"Maybe the last video was too complicated...
Here a more simple example of the use of Ritournelle CV and TRIG."

Monday, October 02, 2023

Ritournelles CV & TRI, use case #1 : Minimal

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"How to use the Ritournelle CV and TRIG to produce a sort of minimal techno track.

- Bass rhythm
- Toms rhythms, a bit more complexe
- Lead, with various way to use CV.

(Track made by Sedwig:"

Also see: LARIX-ELEKTRO aka LE - Eurorack Modules

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

LARIX-ELEKTRO aka LE - Eurorack Modules

video upload by LARIX ELEKTRO

"Here is a quick presentation of the first four modules from LARIX-ELEKTRO:

- RITOURNELLE Shift-R extension module

Additional info available here:

(Music by Sedwig:"

Larix-Elektro (Simply call it LE)
The CV Generator is devoted to the generation of CVs, in the form of sequences.
The TRIG generator is the counterpart of the CV generator, this time for Trig sequences.
The Shift-R is an extension, for now only for the CV Generator. It adds 8 Trigger outputs to it.
The AttV-4 is a simple bank of 4 attenutors, that is also a mixer and/or a dispatcher 1 to 4.


RITOURNELLE CV Generator - Overview
RITOURNELLE CV Generator - Advanced


RITOURNELLE TRIG Generator - Overview
RITOURNELLE TRIG Generator - Advanced



Pics and details of each for the archives:


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