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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dub Sea Green - OP-Z Live set

video upload by tarekith

"This set was recorded live on June 14th, 2024 using only a Teenage Engineering OP-Z. Audio captured using a Centrance Mixerface. For more Tarekith live sets and studio tracks, please visit:"

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Buchla by TipTop // Buchla Serenade by the Lake

video upload by Dexba

"So I went out and bought a power bank capable of powering my modular system, and I sat by my favourite lake, duetting with the birds around, the Buchla system and my OP1 Field.

The system is fairly simple in its parts, but I am very proud of the deeper complexity I was able to reach in the texture of the patch.

A patch not repeating itself for a very, very long time, thanks to the integration with very interesting features on the Strymon Magneto.

I recorded it on my OP1 Field, improvising on top of it, and I am very pleased with the result.

This is exactly how I want my music to be: outside, in and with nature, programmed but also spontaneous. I hope you'll enjoy it too!"

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

SILHOUETTE SPORT is steppin out

video upload by Pit Przygodda

"The new portable audiovisual SILHOUETTE synthesizer "SPORT" is now leaving the workshop to be presented at Superbooth synth fair 24, Berlin, booth O405. It offers mobility (batterie), light-table-option, desktop-stand-option, touchscreen, 9-encoder-on-screen-controller, flexible camera, midi.

This is a prototype, serial production begin is estimated winter 2024/25.
More infos about Silhouette Synthesizers:

Superbooth booth O405:"

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Kabuki - live at SUPERBOOTH23

video upload by Superbooth Berlin

"Kabuki already played at the Superbooth in 2019. In 2023 he plays the beach stage on Saturday with an ambient set fitting for the first drink of the day. His album „No Maps for these Territories“ already gave a foretaste to the sound of his performance: somewhere between minimal music, jazz and electronica.


Thursday, April 18, 2024

Roland SP-404MKII - 23

video upload by Dan Devon

"He who is not bold enough to be stared at from across the abyss is not bold enough to stare into it himself.

#electronicmusic #ambientmusic #ambientmusic #sp404mk2 #sp404 #sp404mkii #experimentalmusic #darkambient #techno #darktechno #musicproducer #musician #dawless #synthesizer"

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

emergence and decay ... elektron digitone ... ambient

video upload by substan

"A performance on the Elektron Digitone
Recorded in one take into Zoom M4.
Mastered in post."

Friday, April 12, 2024

Music for Conca River #1 / outdoor livejam

video upload by VSMI - Vintage Synths Made in Italy

"A day in the Conca River with Gem DSK 100 (late 80's digital keyboard with custom sounds by waveform layering) Backtrack sequence with FougeMachine on iPad
Thx to my 16 years old son Alberto for all river's shots!
Zoom MS70CDR reverb delay effect"

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Daydreamin' With Ray Barbee by Exploredinary

video upload by ASM Ashun Sound Machines

"Travel with our friend the legendary pro skateboarder, photographer, and musician Ray Barbee. Explore a beautiful spring day in Long Beach California while day dreaming to the sounds of the Hydrasynth Explorer."

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Good morning :)#SynthVibes #novation #sampler #circuit #Synth #Music #Synthporn #Noise #Ambient

video upload by Noise Rambler

Saturday, March 09, 2024

Anamnesis (4/4) - The Temple

video upload by Hélène Vogelsinge

Follow-up to Anamnesis (4/4) - The Lake

"Anamnesis (3/4)

The Temple ⛪

At the top of the village stands the church, one of the remnants that has been most spared by time. Built in the 11th century, it is made of heavy stones. Within these stones, centuries of history have accumulated.

Centuries of faith and hope; the sustenance of the pilgrim; those that propel forward but do not eliminate obstacles and do not offer a definitive abode.

Although devastated, the village is not part of the past,
and there are still a few lineages to bear witness to its
past existence.The descendants of the last farmer live
among the ruins, and we can still hear the sound of life
in the distance.

✨ 👁️ ✨ 👁️ ✨

Anamnesis is a 4-episode series which
immerses us in an ancestral story.
A story about a village and its inhabitants.
A story of resistance and its inescapable faith.

‘All ideas about the past, the present and the
future were shaped and made meaningful by
beliefs and expectations related to the End Times.

The final battle between good and evil and
the down of a new, divine order to death,
divine judgment and eternal afterlife’.

Sending you much Light

« And now these three remain: faith, hope
and love. But the greatest of these is love. »

Always with 📷 Chalisk Pito

Notes :

Monday, January 29, 2024

Hardware Jams Kebabs Challenge - Don't Steal Kebabs :-(

video upload by SynthAddict

"I fell asleep last night on Mulholland Drive and woke-up to sunlight - had to
rush this little guy out on my OP-Z. 🙂
It was a very busy few days at NAMM.

OP-Z track is dark and brooding to scare you into not stealing
that kebab!
Notice the use of the pitch bender that no OP-Z user seems to use.
Had some glitches but no time for a re-take."

Thursday, January 11, 2024

IN NATURE, part one. Live performance with modular synthesizer. Ambient music, Eurorack, relaxation.

video upload by Andrea Cichecki

"'In Nature' is a musical journey, where I record and play music live on location, around the area I live in. The idea of connecting nature with my music has been a long dream of mine and with this series, I want to show you the beauty nature has to offer and hope you will enjoy my music with it. In Part 1: Light, I composed a song that reminded me of sunlight coming through a forest. Enjoy!

Some nature and tree planting initiatives I support:


/ liquidskyproject27027

We’ve filmed this video with the uttermost care, on main paths, no nature was harmed, no animals were disturbed and people could walk around us at all times. No artificial lights were used, no sound played out, everything was recorded silently using headphones.

This video was part of the Hashiconf 2023 virtual event"


video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

Follow-up to MAKING SOUNDS ON LMNC's DIY SYNTHESIZER - Cloud Inversions

"A Live Jam i made on PORTAKOSMO (vid about the synth coming soon) at @lomondcampbell3615 Studio 'The Lengths' On A Residency.
If you'd like to see full videos of recording more songs real time! and also get loads of other things whilst supporting the project check out here! download this song as here mp3/wav :-
The second song with Portakosmo at The Lengths in Fort William last week. all in one take this one, im running out of ideas of what to film hahahaha. The idea with this one is i did this song on a morning that the frost had all but vanished, it was sunny and it felt like making a more uplifting but cold song.
Visit The Lengths:-"

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

PRKHDV - Wind | Roland SP404 mk2 + Novation Circuit Rithm | Mountains Jam | Chill-hop

video upload by PRKHDV

"Jam in the mountains from the last trip in 2023. It was very windy X(. Welcome to journey!)"

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Outdoor modular synth ambient jam | with new DIY travel case

video upload by HAGIWO

"I DIYed a new case for my modular synth—a travel case made from an attache case. Power is sourced from a USB mobile battery.

I used the Helical by sdkc instruments as the sound source. This module produces exceptional ambient sounds, which I'm quite fond of.

For details on my DIY travel case, please refer to the link. It might not be very helpful as I created it using materials available in Japan.

FX : FX aid by Happy Nerding
Modulation source : Marbles by Mutable instruments
Modulation source : SYNC MOD LFO by Modulove"

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

ROLAND s1 made new sequence on the sea

video upload by ShivaOm.DreamStream

"Play with my roland s1 , made some sequences for future tracks and just play for enjoy 🫠 #rolands1 #sounddesign #chillproduction #chilllive #chillvibes"

ROLAND s1 quickly simple sequence

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

natural park #3 / ambient mutable instrument in the wild

video upload by Tom Leclerc

recorded in Auvergne, France

// instagram //

no external processing

thanks for listening

Monday, November 13, 2023

Anamnesis (4/4) - The Lake

video upload by Hélène Vogelsinger

"A n a m n e s i s ( 4 / 4 )

The Lake

The creation of the lake, 73 years earlier,
led to the flooding of the agricultural land
of the village's inhabitants.

Thus pushing them to leave their home,
where many generations have succeeded
one another since the twelfth century.

The resistance fighters were expropriated;
sealing the fate of these centuries of history.

Although devastated, the village is not part of the past,
and there are still a few lineages to bear witness to its
past existence.The descendants of the last farmer live
among the ruins, and we can still hear the sound of life
in the distance.

✨ 👁️ ✨ 👁️ ✨

Thursday, November 09, 2023

#sounddesign #synthesizer #soundtracks #korg #hiphop #Bangkok ##วัดอรุณราชวราราม #แม่น้ำเจ้าพระยา

video upload by Love & Love SoundDesign

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

ELEKTRON Model:Cycles 47

video upload by Takeo Watanabe


Patch n Tweak
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