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Monday, September 10, 2018

SynthMania Knobcon Videos

Published on Sep 9, 2018 SynthMania


1. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 1 - Hello, Knobcon
Going to Chicago for the KnobCon annual synthesizer convention
2. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 2 - Logan Soloman - Polyfusion
As I was walking in the hotel lobby I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Soloman and Jammie Logan, two great guys who are working with Ron Folkman to bring back a modern version of the mega-classic Polyfusion modular series 2000 - designed in the late '70s and early '80s by Ron Folkman and Alan Pearce (who also worked at Moog)
3. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 3 - Opening night
Venue vendors and performers setup, and Knobcon 2018 opening night reception party
4. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 4 - My live set
My live set at the Friday night opening party of Knobcon 2018:
00:26 Misty (Erroll Garner)
02:38 Control (SynthMania)
07:28 Drum Fairy (SynthMania)
13:13 Echoes (SynthMania)
18:52 Fruit Fly (SynthMania)
23:03 Decades (Joy Division)
28:23 Perfect Life (SynthMania)
34:07 To France (Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly)
5. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 5 - Suit & Tie Guy & Andre Cholmondeley live set
Mega-hypnotic live set by Suit & Tie Guy & Andre Cholmondeley at the Knobcon 2018 Friday night reception party
6. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 6 - Vendor hall walkthrough (G.A.S. inducing)
Saturday morning at Knobcon 2018 - a walkthrough of the large exhibitor room
7. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 7 - Moda Modular
Kevin of Moda Modular debuts the Castor & Pollux sequencer at Knobcon 2018
8. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 8 - Eurorack Modular Case
Brock from Eurorack Modular Case shows their portable cases for KnobCon 2018
9. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 9 - IK Multimedia
Daniel and Eric of IK Multimedia show us the brand new software editor for the UNO Synth - I plan to make a video using the editor very soon, as it further "unlocks" the sound capabilities of this great portable analog synthesizer
10. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 10 - Synthstrom
Synthstrom shows their Deluge portable synthesizer/sampler sequencer
11. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 11 - SYINSI
SYINSI shows their new modular tiles
12. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 12 - STEM Modular
13. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 13 - AKAI
The great sounding and portable AKAI MPC Live
Wesley of STEM Modular shows his upcoming modules
14. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 14 - Playing the Polyfusion
Incredible power, powerful and majestic sound... a wonderful synth!!! Toto's Polyfusion... big thanks to Jim, Jammie, and Ron for letting us experience this beautiful, classic machine!
15. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 15 - Vendor hall walkthrough 2 (more G.A.S.)
Another walkthrough on the main exhibition hall at Knobcon 2018
16. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 16 - Detroit Underground
Aaron shows their latest Arduino based diy module "shield", the DUIno
17. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 17 - Hammond organ workshop
An incredibly interesting Hammond workshop at Knobcon 2018. Featuring Suit & Tie Guy, Steven Eaklor, Ray Gerlich, Todd Phipps, and the best sounding Hammond I've ever had the pleasure to play - a 1963 B-3 with a 147(amp) + 122 (cab) owned and so kindly provided to Knobcon by Todd Phipps
18. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 18 - DIY build workshops
Knobcon 2018 featured DIY build workshops where you could build your own synthesizer modules
19. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 19 - Bug out bunker
KnobCon has a large dark room in the basement of the hotel called the "Bug Out Bunker" - where you can play modular synths, perform together and experience some really cool graphics being projected on the walls
20. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 20 - Ethereal Sun
Steve of Ethereal Sun shows some of their very cool eurorack cases at Knobcon 2018
21. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 21 - Behringer
I programmed some beats on the new Behringer RD-808 at Knobcon 2018. Really good sound. (sorry, 2nd part of the video got corrupted so I had to flip and crop).
22. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 22 - Vendor hall walkthrough 3 (G.A.S. again)
More exhibitors at Knobcon 2018
23. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 23 - Golden Knob banquet
Knobcon's Saturday evening banquet, featuring live music, raffle prizes, keynote speaker, and all-night jam session with classic and vintage synths and keyboards
24. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 24 - Gil Trythall keynote address
A wonderful, insightful, interesting, and very entertaining keynote address!! By Dr. Gil Trythall, electronic music pioneer, college professor of music, author of fantastic '70s Moog-based records like "Switched-On Nashville", "Nashville Gold", "Yakety Moog" and many other compositions
25. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 25 - Sat night jam session
After party all-night long jam session with lots of *excellent* players from all over the United States!! Lots of fun, with incredible vintage instruments like 1963 Hammond B-3, '70s Clavinet, Yamaha CS-50 and more. Everyone invited to join in and jam (I joined in later in the evening)
26. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 26 - Real Fake Knobs
Such a cool idea by Izzy! To spiff up your modular setup, grab his real fake knobs / panels
27. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 27 - Vinicius Electrik & Key Magic
Excellent modular synth company from Brazil and two great guys to boot - I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table as Vinicius and Fabio at Knobcon's dinner and we talked about synths and music extensively all evening. I bought a Lizard multi mode dual VCO from them as soon as I heard it right and there at Knobcon, it's that good (and versatile). They also produce a full system that includes other modules. Vinicius and Fabio produce these modules and distribute them all over the world - To listen to and buy their modules:
28. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 28 - Zeppelin Design Labs
Glenn showing some of their really cool products: a Theremin style MIDI controller, companion mini synth, amplifiers, pedals
29. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 29 - Therevox
Wonderful, wonderful instrument. Played it five minutes at the show. Ordered one right away.
30. KnobCon 7 (2018) part 30 - Vendor hall walkthrough 3 (G.A.S. galore)
More incredible gear presented at Knobcon 2018
31. Knobcon 2018 - That's a wrap
Until next year

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