Monday, October 31, 2005

Seiko DS-250

I was poking around the Packrat's Dave's Music site and stumbled onto this. Intersting piece. Title link takes you to Dave's story on this including a sample.

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  1. kurtisthall6/7/07, 11:02 AM

    I have one of these and am seeking the add on units--DS 310 and DS 300? one was an additive synth module and the other a sequencer, Hen's teeth. Very limited synth, but nostalgia made me buy another. Had one in 1985 or 86. I used to run it through an ADA flanger and an electroharminix microsynth pedal

    Also have the DS 1000 sequencer. Real limited device, no memory, but for $10.00!
    The DS was lightly built. Power pack also would go bad-has a four pin plug.