Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Packrat - Bad JU JU

I'm sad to say that this could be the last Packrat strip for some time. This is the last strip for Keyboard magazine and David C. Lovelace plans to put the rat on hold for a bit while he focuses on other projects. Title link takes you to the rest of the Packrat toons. Make sure to track up to the root of David's site for more of his brilliant work. Thanks for some great Packrat toons David. I will definitely miss the sneaky little rat. Click image below for full size.


  1. I would actually attribute bad ju ju to any modern gear bearing the Roland logo...same goes for Korg and Yamaha.

  2. you like to stack your bad luck pretty high, there - dont ya?

    id rather stay in fortune's grace as much as possible myself

    to that effect, i wouldnt advise crossing the path of any ankh-born of the 9th circle.. black cats like to be left alone to their business

    you dont have to take my word for it tho.. do what you will!