Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Little Phatty Video on Sonic State

Title link takes you there.

Yep, it sounds like a Moog.


  1. It's tempting to say that I'm going to save to get one of these, but then I think that for about $500 more I can get a Voyager rack.

    Or, I could get this and then spend that extra $500 on a Moogerfooger Murf pedal.

    Ugh. If only we were all rich.

  2. Anybody want to buy a kidney?

    Going cheap, only $1475 USD plus shipping.

  3. Great. I hope this video shuts up those people who are comparing the Little Phatty to the MEK. The MEK can never sound like the Little Phatty, and the Little Phatty will never sound like an MEK. Period.

    Like I've said on other forums, saying the MEK is better than the Little Phatty is akin to saying that a French horn is better than a trumpet because the french horn has more tubing. People need to look less at specs and pay more attention to sound.

    That said, I want both the MEK and Little Phatty.