MATRIXSYNTH: Announcing the Plan B Model 28 Programmable Tap CLock

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Announcing the Plan B Model 28 Programmable Tap CLock

"Shipping in three weeks, the Plan B Model 28 Programmable Tap Clock is the second computer-based product in the Plan B line and addresses the need for an accurate tap input-based timing clock for analog synthesizers. Unlike other clocks, the Model 28 has no frequency pot -- it's tempo is determined by replicating an interval set by two successive depressions of the TAP INPUT button, or by syncing to it's PHASE LOCK input to an external clock. The M28 may be accurately programmed during a roll-off or three count in live performance - it is meant to be played and it's operation has been intelligently designed to support that in real time.

Along with the quarter note base duration, the M28 provides separate eighth note tuplet and eighth note triplet outputs and approaches these rhythms in the same manner musicians do -- by multiplying the tap tempo, not by dividing. The last tap interval read becomes its quarter note base, with the eighth-notes being base x2 and the triplets base x 3. All outputs are held at 50% duty cycle and tempo-accurate within 6 microseconds, with a playback range of a quarter note = 1 (1 beat per minute) to 2500 (2500 beats per minute).

Along with the three parallel event outputs, the M28 is equipped with a single SERIAL OUTPUT which allows the user to construct polyrythmic combinations of the three note values, determined by a voltage level present at the SELECT input.

The Model 28's musicality is further enhanced by a series of five ARTICULATION SWITCHES which introduce expression by either omitting (a rest) or dynamically accenting each degree of the eighth and triplet events (see figure 3). When an accent is selected, a second pulse is sent to independent ACCENT outputs which can be routed as a filter frequency chiff, or to the Velocity Input of a Model 25 VCA, or to the secondary VC Input of a Doepfer A-132, etc. The Accent Outputs are intentionally soft (gates are rounded at the corners) to avoid any pops caused by abrupt changes in amplitude.

Two expanders are planned for the M28. The 28A will add Triangle, inverted Triangle, Ramp and Inverted Ramp outputs to the quarter and eight note clock outputs. The 28A will begin shipping in June. The 28B will follow soon afterward and will provide for MIDI out of the M28 clock information.

For more information and complete functional description of the Model 28, go here:

Again, the Model 28 is scheduled to begin shipping in three weeks time."


  1. That is really *really* cool! Super nice work, Peter. It's intuitive and something new, too. Well, as far as I know----which may not mean anything. So, well just have to say that the enthusiastic-amateur crowd wholeheartedly, absolutely loves this!

  2. Great work Peter. I always look forward to what you will put out next, and you never dissapoint! Awesome

  3. wow this is bizarre to see comments without anyone slagging poor Peter off...I say great work I will order one :-)

  4. What a bullshit about "never disapoint"

  5. OK, we get it mono-poly, you had some problems with peter in the past. That doesn't mean that you should slag him and talk shit everytime that there is a post about plan B. Deal with that directly with him instead of making snide comments on every plan B post. It only makes you look like an ass.

  6. Do i post only negative stuff on every plan-b post here? May i be happy about some stuff i had with Peter in the past? Or can i only post my posstive feelings with plan-b (i do have those to). I just got a little iritated by the comment about never disapoint because i have been at some time. And i really would have wanted to take him down i woulde have gave him bullshit in each post like you metion witch ofcourse is not true at all. The only ass here is you who is posting ANOMYNOUS. BTW i have a 4 plan-b modules in eurorack format witch are a real pleasure to me.

  7. And yet you constantky bitch in public forums about the serge panel instead of taking it up with Peter. BTW, I said the comments make you come across as an ass, not that you were an ass. You were the one who stooped down to the level of directly calling me names.

  8. So i should not be disapointed about my panel with 6 vco's and 4 of them continiously crossmod each other, in other words a useless panel to me. I threw it in the corner 3 months a go and it is still there. I didn't want to go in details about it but since you are starting now. And i really don't wanna ship my panel back to Peter i will let another technican take it apart when he got time. So don't talk bullshit that try to take him down every post about plan-b stuf. Because that's just lies. And like i said beore i got a few nice eurorack modules from plan-b witch i am happy about. But please let me be unhappy about that fucked up vco panel!
    And next time use a name when you post something. I do that to! Peter good luck with your plan-b bussiness btw.

  9. Ooow let's post something on-topic to.
    I think it's a nice module and i guess i'll get one trough analogue haven when it will be avaible

  10. Arguing gets us nowhere, lets leave it at that. Oh, I used "a name" this time as you requested. ;)

  11. I'll probably get one too, I just think he gets a bad wrap sometimes. I didn't mean to direct it towards you. I apologize, it was out of line.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I want to make one thing very clear. Dennis Verschoor (monopoly) waited way too long for us to deliver his customized Serge. Any ill feelings he has about that are completely justified.

    That being said, Dennis - I've sent numerous posts to you since the system was delivered that were not returned. I had no idea his VCO panel was not working correctly until today - here - on this blog.

    On November 6th I sent letter stating "Yo D- how are the panels holding up? did you get one from Duval yet? You did not respond to that.

    I wrote you on three other occations (Nov. 15 and twice on Nov. 28) informing you that I think I may of had forgotten to send the Gentle Electric owners manual with your shipment as we still had one here. I did not hear back on those, either. btw - I still have it here if you want it.

    In any event, regarding your specific problem ou mention here:

    What you are experiencing is easily repaired and is caused by the daisy-chainied power supply cables used on Serge panels. Have your tech run separate ground lines from each VCO to the PSU which is powering the synth. If that doesn't do it, they need to either replace the 10uf filter caps (two on each M15) with a larger value, or simple tack solder another 10uf across each one without removing it. Mke sure they are 16 volts or above or you will have an intirely different problem.

    If any of you have a problem with anything I've made ir designed, even if it's not under warranty -- please feel free to contact us.

    - P

  15. I did send you a private email peter

  16. "I did send you a private email peter"

    Yes, you replied to the email I sent to you yesterday. This was the first time I had recevied a private email from you since Sept. 25 informing me that you had received the system.

    - P

  17. Dennis does not come across in any way as an ass in his postings. To claim that he does so while posting under an anonymous username is weak. Welcome to web 2.0, I guess.

    (this is N Fay from the UK, analogue heaven mail list regular, BTW)

    Peter, I hate to get at you again, but it is kind of super-irritating seeing you repeatedly wasting your time writing these long posts that will change nobody's mind about you one way or the other here in the comments section of this blog, when I have waited this long for my order. Maybe it makes you feel better, I don't know. I doubt it. It makes me feel annoyed with you.

    Dennis, learn what I have learned - that at this point emailing Peter is useless, and a complete waste of time. You _must_ phone him, and you must do so repeatedly.

    Peter, when are you ever going to sort your email problem out? People, including myself, have sent you repeated multiple emails from different addresses, and they are constantly and consistently blackholing. Mails which you have sent to more than one individual have not reached their recipients. This has been the case since I would say the middle of 2005, going on my experience. This problem is clearly at your end, and if you want to do something to protect/repair your reputation, fixing this communication problem would be #1 easily. You have got to make this a priority - you have no idea how infuriating and frustrating it is to read about this or that new product, orders sent out, systems built for NIN or G&R or WTFE, when you cannot get a reply about your order - which predates these other orders by a long way - without resorting to an expensive transatlantic phonecall.

    Did you get the package out yesterday, that we discussed last week, BTW?



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