Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Ultimage TR-606

via this cl post, via Kerry. I swear I've seen if not posted this before, but I can't find it. The ultimate TR-606.

"Measures 42" tall, 21" at base and 18" at its widest on the top and has 3 cord jacks... don't let this lil mutant guy (guys?!?!?) languish in artistic limbo, he needs to lay down some bomb beats with you today!"



  1. what the fuck!!!!?????

  2. only 5k, not a bad price

  3. I know I've seen this somewheres before also, had to of been on here.

    Very Gigeresque so I like it, but I'd not be able to sleep at night if I knew it was within 20 square blocks of me.

  4. Okay...maybe I could see some shmo in a goth industrisl metal band rocking this thing..

  5. I'd carefully cut out 606 and then shred this abomination to sub-atomic sized particles. The owner of this needs serious serious help, STAT!