Monday, April 14, 2008


"Welcome to my pages on Vintage synthesizer restoration. On these pages I aim to have information on synthesizer restoration, links to parts, manuals, schematics and so on. I have been reading electronics sporadically since way back in the 90´s and I always was the kid who fixed my neighbors TV set or VCR. So naturally I started to open up my synthesizers as well and started investigating how these machines worked and what parts they used and so on. My interest in restoring these machines does not stop at getting them back to life, I also like to cosmetically enhance these instruments either back to their original state or to do some custom work on them." You will find a ton of inside shots. Pictured here are a couple of shots of the rare PPG Wave 2. via PPG Wave 2.0

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  1. A lot of synth guts on his site. Cool.