Saturday, January 24, 2009

4th Brandenburg Concerto on the MoPho analog synthesizer

YouTube via syntesen
"After having realized other Bach pieces on very diverse gear, I decided to try and do a full scale electronic realization of a movement of a Brandenburg concerto on the Dave Smith Instruments MoPho analog synthesizer, in the style of Wendy Carlos.

This is the result - the third movement of the fourth concerto.

The MoPho was controlled by a Novation ReMOTE 61SL, and everything was recorded straight into Ableton Live 7 as audio (24-bit, 48 KHz) - no MIDI sequencing. Effects (mild phasing on some sounds, reverb and delay), equalization and mastering was also applied in Live.

All the patches were programmed by me, and there is a lot more timbral variation to the individual instrument voices than in my earlier realizations."


  1. beautiful, you can hear the wendy carlos in it...

    the mopho certainly is a lovely beast & the breadth of sounds is great...

    thankyou x