Saturday, April 04, 2009

Musikmesse: MESSE09: Teenage Engineering OP-1

be sure to see the write-up on Sonic State.


  1. Anyone else weirded out about the 'pay to play' beta testing thing they have going on? If there wasn't all the documentation (and appearance at a major music instrument trade conference no less), it'd look like a scam :|

    Least I haven't gotten a request for credit card yet. If I have to pay more than shipping and handling, I'm not in.

  2. it's not really pay to play, i don't think. they're friends with elektron (and some were former employees) and elektron always does the "first 100 units go to our friends for cheap" thing when they release something new. of course, the price is that the OS is often incomplete and you deal with some bugs they iron out before they make it a proper release.

  3. Sounds promising then. Given though that the estimated sale price is 700 euro (aka a lot more in dollars), I wonder how cheap will 'cheap' be.

    Also wonder if you can mess with the OS at all, though it's probably gonna be proprietary...