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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Red Bull Academy - Bob Moog

Update: Re-Published on Jul 14, 2017 Red Bull Music Academy

"Bob Moog changed the face of popular music by producing the first ever commercially available synthesizers. His journey began in 1954 when he enlisted the help of his father to start making theremins, which he spent ten years making for science fiction movies and avantgarde musicians. The first Moog Modular was knocked up for fun, as a project for his musician friend Herbert Deutsch. But pretty soon, after the first strains of success by (Walter, who became) Wendy Carlos, the Moog stole its way into the heart of rock and jazz fusion - appearing on the Beatles’ Abbey Road and the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds - and helped instigate all types of electronic music. At the end of 1977, Bob left Moog Music and founded Big Briar, teaching music technology courses at the University of North Carolina at Asheville from '89 to '92. Though he may have left us for a higher plane, he has left an enormous legacy behind, having irreversibly changed the sonic landscape of the world."
via Red Bull Academy. Also see Don Buchla and Tom Oberheim here and here.
Dave Smith and Roger Linn will be coming. You can find the full list of Red Bull Academy lectures here.
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  1. Who is the irritating and idiotic Scandinavian who thinks he's so clever and funny? I could really do without him. But wasn't Bob Moog amazing - imagine inventing all those things we now take for granted.

  2. It's sad to me that I'll never meet this great man.

  3. Red bull always has some hipster twat as the interviewer. I wonder if Bob ever cares when people pronounce his name wrong and like a cow.



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