Sunday, January 24, 2010


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"SUIKO ST-10 is extremely rare and most strange japanese electronic musical instruments originally made for japanese traditinal music circa. 1980. left side has digital data cassette deck! and right side has internal speaker it has built in 2 way early digital sequencer,digital data cassette and internal memory SUIKO ST-10 is one of the most strange design model from the SUIKO line up.

ST-10 is monophonic instrument and has 2 rows of white square button keyboards. this keyboards specially designed for playing glissando easily like koto(japanese harp) front row of the keyboard is japanese scale,so just playing randomly you can easily get exotic japanese melody! three sounds are selectable,shakuhachi(japanese bamboo flute), koto (japanese harp) and pipe organ. sounds are very analog, warm and strange! there are various switches and knobs for special japanese tuning, sustain, volume, memory controls,etc.. back side panel has AUDIO OUT and AC cable. ST10 has 2 ways of recording memory section,digital data cassette memory and digital internal memory. cassette deck of left side is not a usual analog recorder,it's a digital data recorder such kind of digital data recorder often used with early personal computer in '80s but I have not ever seen used in electronic instruments usage is almost same as a usual cassette recoder but you can change the sound while playback(e.g. koto to shakuhachi) because it just records playing data like sequencer. other recording section is a digital internal memory it's a simple early digital sequencer you can record your play by realtime or note,timing separately"

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