Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 Yamaha Aftertouch Synthesizer Magazines 1986-1988

via this auction

"Five Aftertouch magazines: The official publication of the Yamaha Users Group.

* August 1986
* August 1987
* September 1987
* December 1987
* August 1988

Magazines feature editorials, tips, and articles about advance operation of Yamaha instruments and equipment (DX7, DX7 II, DX7 Centennial, DX11 System, DX21, CX5M, MSS1, QX3, MEP4, WX7, RX5, TX802, C1 Music Computer), including new patches for DX9, DX21, DX100, RX11, and TX81Z. Each issue is 20 pages long."

Update via the comments: "Scans of all Aftertouch issues are available here."


  1. That centennial edition has got to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen? Silver and gold paint? Glow-in-the-dark keys? It's like a 6-year-old's idea of "fancy."

  2. Yamaha knows you hate yourself for buying one for the glow in the dark keys Robbie. You'll get over it man.

  3. These remind me what life was like before the internet. I know these exact Aftertouch (and the recent late 80s Roland User Group auction) issues very, very well. Memories.

  4. Coolness. That is really neat to see a Yamaha QX-3/MSS1 issue. I have a QX-3 and still use it to this day, it works perfectly. I also have a Yamaha QX-1, is a huge sequencer with 8 MIDI outs and a big 5 1/4 floppy drive. Two awesome machines.
    :) TSF

  5. Scans of all Aftertouch issues are available here: