Monday, May 10, 2010

Casio Casiotone MT-400v Synthesizer

YouTube via shandyweather — May 09, 2010 — "My Casio Synthesizer that is up on eBay. Item Number: 280504771859"

via this auction

"CASIO MT-400v Analog Synthesizer. Crazy little synth this one. And not that easy to come by. Essentially Casio took one of their MT keyboards and added an analog filter section to it. It sounds great. You can patch the tones, the rhythms or the accompaniment section through it or use it to generate a blast of filtered white noise (triggered on every kick drum beat). And you can find lots of information about the synth (along with its larger brother) here"


  1. hey, where did you bought the case for the casiotone and the speackers, please!

    Daniel Beteta. Lima Peru.

  2. I just recorded a song with mine that I found in the garbage!!!

  3. Great track! Popped it up here.

  4. Hi, not certain if this is allowed on this site but i have the following for sale, please delete if it is not allowed and accept my apologies.
    I have a Casiotone MT- 4000V, with speakers, psu, info book and original but slightly battared box, I am in England and looking to sell, if interested please email,